News Headlines

Message from the Vicar, Geoff Lanham

Dear friends, As we all find ourselves on a knife edge waiting to see if higher restrictions (or even a further lockdown) are to be imposed on our region, I think it’s true to say that many of us feel in worse shape this time round than compared to last March. We know...

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Next Church Prayer Meeting

The next Church prayer meeting (by Zoom) will be at 8pm on Wednesday 11th November. An invitation will follow at the beginning of next month.

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Message from the Children’s Team

Light Party! Thanks to all those who ordered a light party pack.  We hope you enjoy them! Part 2 of our light party is a Zoom gathering at 4pm on Saturday 31st October.  Joining info will be emailed out to all our families next week.  Contact Sarah for more...

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KPC Youth Corner

Penny’s  Penny’s Youth Cafe is closed Sunday to Thursday but open again on Saturday October 31st for a special Year 7 Light Party (7.30-9pm).  Please follow us on Instagram @pennysyouthcafe to stay updated on future events and potential future closures. Sunday Youth...

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Other News

Can you help?

The children’s team is looking for someone to help them create an animated/moving image video for a project they are working on! If you have done video making before or would like to know more, then please do get in touch.

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Parish Magazine

The November issue of the Parish Magazine is being delivered on Friday 30 October, a week later than usual, and will be distributed over the following few days.  If you would like a copy delivered or posted please let the Parish Office know.  You can pay when you are...

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Prayer Ministry Support

Our prayer teams are available to pray with you. You can either talk to someone by phone who will then pray regularly each day for you or you can arrange to meet 2 members of the team for prayer in St Anne’s Cottage. To arrange either, please contact the Parish Office...

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Christianity Explored – an update

Our Christianity Explored groups met again this week. The next meeting is on Tuesday 3rd November. We can thank God that some good connections and conversations are happening, all the tech for running four breakout groups, videos and powerpoint is working well. Please...

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Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box Christmas Appeal

Please contribute to this year's 'Samaritan's Purse Shoe Box Christmas Appeal' - you will delight a needy child and give them a glimpse of God's love. You can pick up a flat pack shoe box from the Parish Office or from Jan & Bill Wilson's (The Light House, B93...

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Remembrance Crosses

The British Legion has left with us some wooden Remembrance crosses. If you would like one they are available at the Parish Office, which is open from 9.30 – 1.15 on weekdays.

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A message from Glyn and Jane at Education for Life

Tumaini Timbwani opened its doors again for students to come back to school (in phases). In Primary, Grade 4 & Class 8 came back and in High School the examination class, Form 4. New taps have been installed outside the gates for hand washing, thermoguns for...

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