‘Vacancy’ News & Prayer

View, download and/or print the KPC ‘Parish Profile’ – a description of our church for those interested in applying for the role as our new vicar.   
Also view CofE Birmingham vacancy advert  – posted 18th January; closing Date 11th February; interviews 6th & 7th March 2019. 
Further details and information about the post are available from from Ben Franks: BenF@cofebirmingham.com.


Since the end of September, there has been a ‘vacancy’ for a vicar at KPC . . . except that, at the very top, there is no vacancy, because Jesus is still on the throne and it is to Him we look for guidance as we continue, as a church, in our mission to help people become life-long followers of Him.

Our services and activities and events continue to focus on that mission.  We have our ongoing clergy team of Matt Simpson and Ann Peachey, our readers, children’s, youth and music ministers and our churchwardens – Matt Baggott and Bill Wilson – as well as other staff and a vast number of committed volunteers.

Our consultation evenings

A big thank you to everyone who helped and came along to the consultation evenings on 3rd and 19th October about the appointment process for our new Vicar. Nearly two hundred people were able to join together to thank God for the many blessings we already have, to think and pray about our strengths and opportunities and consider the needs of the community. Thank you also to those who have taken the time to send their own personal reflections and thoughts. All of this is much appreciated.

Four main themes have emerged from the discussions which will now start to shape the church profile, the document that will go out to prospective candidates when we advertise in the early January. These are:

Unity: Although we are a church that enjoys a diversity of worship styles and services we are still a family and our unity and confidence in each other needs to grow further. We must be generous and humble enough to accept difference and look for opportunities to show God’s love by coming together more frequently.

Relevance: We have many connections into the community to demonstrate and speak of the reality and love of Jesus and this should be the ultimate focus of our activities. There was much written about the breadth of all that takes place but also a heavy emphasis upon focussing more on the lonely and vulnerable. Church should be inviting and some services comfortable and understandable to people who are not familiar with our customs and ways.

Growing in Faith: This is a time to deepen our prayer-life, individually and as a congregation, so that when people come into church they are aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit amongst us. We must challenge ourselves to seek God and not be dependent upon our own strengths and resources. We must reach out to other churches and not be isolated.

Being Ready: God will bring us the person to lead when we are ready and not before. This is a time of listening, discernment and refinement so that we can deal with the challenges of an expanding village and be a beacon to the community. We must build our church on a firm foundation of Christ and invest in the things that are precious to Him.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) has met in October and November and made important progress towards the process of advertising for a new vicar, including the Parish Profile.  There are also sub-committees who meet to deal with particular areas in the life of the church.  Please will you pray that all involved have God given wisdom and discernment as we move forward together over the next months.

Matt Baggott and Bill Wilson

Prayer for our ‘Vacancy’

God our Father, help us to put our trust in you to send your chosen person to lead us on to where you would have us be.

We ask that this person builds up and equips the body of the church that we might better witness to Jesus Christ and proclaim the Gospel in the world.

We particularly pray that:

  • we continue as a community that worships you with a diversity of styles but with a common purpose bound to each other in love;
  • we recommit to being an inviting church where strangers are made to feel welcome and the vulnerable secure;
  • we grow as community of faith and prayer emboldened by the power of the Holy Spirit, and
  • we gain in confidence in proclaiming the Gospel throughout the parish and especially to those who are new to the area.

We pray for all members of the congregation that, in their varied callings, they may advance your Kingdom and bear witness to your love, shown in your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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