Parish Office

The Parish Office is opposite the church entrance and to the left of St John’s Hall.
It is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 1pm.

The Office carries out  administrative and organisational tasks on behalf of the Clergy and the PCC and is often the first point of contact for church members and people in the community who need information or request a booking for, e.g. a wedding or funeral.

The Parish Office team
Gareth Roberts-Davies – Office Manager
Natalie Smith

Parish Office

1717 High Street, Knowle
Solihull, B93 0LN
01564 779123

Knowle PCC

The PCC is responsible, with the Clergy, for promoting the mission of the Church throughout the Knowle community.  The PCC members act as trustees of the Church’s finances, including maintenance of the Church buildings.

PCC meets 8 times a year and has 7 sub-committees which report to it, making recommendations for approval.
Members of the PCC are elected at the APCM held annually in March or April.

PCC members
Clergy: Geoff Lanham (Vicar), Matt Simpson (Associate Vicar). Ann Peachey (Curate)
Elected members:   Matt Baggott (Churchwarden),  Nick Brown,  Lynn Brown,  Roy Carr (Secretary),  Nick Humby,  Lindsay Melvin,  Margaret Johnson,  Steve Mort (Treasurer),  Julian Phillips,  Lucy Saunders,  Derek Sheldon,  Carol Street,  Kay Todman,   Liz Welton,  Zoe Wilbourne  and  Bill Wilson (Churchwarden).

Parish Office

Parochial Church Council

registered with the
Charity Commission
reg. no. 1127404

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