APCM & Church Roll

Our APCM* will be held on Wednesday 25th March 2020 at 8pm in St John’s Hall.  Among other matters, we will be electing 10 members of the PCC.

To be able to participate in the election, you need to be on the Church Roll.  Some of you – who regularly attend services and participate in activities at KPC – did not register last year or you may have come to the church recently.  You can register on the Roll and in our church directory now.  Go to www.kpc.org.uk – click on the ‘Church Roll’ link on the homepage and complete and submit the form online.  Alternatively, use a paper form from the stand at the back of church and return it to the Parish Office.  Do one of these by 9th March at the latest to be on time for the APCM.

*Annual Parochial Church Meeting

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