My life has been pretty rough since I left primary school. Firstly, I have not had a solid friend that I can trust since year 7 and bearing in mind I am now leaving year 11, it has been rather lonely. I never really followed the Christian faith but I did know it was a large community all over the globe. My mum and her 3 sisters were all Christians since birth but they were not large church fanatics. She grew up in a loving home until her father (my grandad) passed away when she was really young and they all turned away from God and their beliefs. As I became rather distant from everyone at school, Paul invited me to join the KPC youth group and I began to really enjoy the idea of becoming a Christian. Being invited to Soul survivor really inspired me to do so. Seeing all the Christians coming together from all around the globe was life changing and I loved how everyone cares for each other even though we all come from all different races and backgrounds, everyone was their to help and pray for each other. On Saturday 18th August 2018 I took a large step to becoming a Christian and I love all the seminars and what this religion has to offer. All of the songs and laughs that everyone shares really makes me feel like I am cared for and that I am not alone even though I may feel like I am.

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