Please remember the Christian Aid Plant Sale next May. When tidying your gardens this autumn and splitting perennials keep one or two offcuts for the sale next May. Thank you.

Save the date

There will be another concert given by Rog Marshall and friends in church on Friday 22 November at 7.30pm in aid of Tearfund and LEADS. Tickets available soon.

Christmas Lunch

This year Knowle Parish Church will again be putting on a Christmas Day lunch in St John’s Hall for those who might otherwise be on their own. David and Annette Pickering will be heading up the team organising it. If you are able to help them on the day (or with...


As our new vicar Geoff Lanham gets to know us, it would be helpful if as many address book entries as possible included a photo. Our address book is a part of MyChurchSuite and users can see addresses of other users if they have given their permission. So if you are...

Sound Team

With the departure of George and Judith Adam there is a need for new people on the sound team, particularly for the 6pm service. Please contact Karen Humby on 07720 903672 or
on this week hear talks