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Some key events which take place in the summer and autumn usually include Mission Trips, Soul Survivor and Residentials.

Soul Survivor 2017

Printable version of Soul Survivor 2017                                        Consent form

SOUL SURVIVOR 2017 – for Year 9s and above

Soul Survivor is a Christian Summer Camp that people travel to from all around the world. Known for great worship, teaching and relaxed atmosphere it’s very popular with all our young people.

If you want more info speak to Julia Savage or Nick and Karen Humby at ….
Julia –
Nick –
Karen –

When you’re decided, complete the consent form and return it with the payment for your ticket (payable to Soul Survivor) to the Youth Office.

Dates: 28th July – 2nd August 2017
Soul Survivor finishes on 1st August, but we pack down and parents pick up on the 2nd early morning.

Same as last year, please could you make your own way there and back to Stafford.

How much does it cost?
Ticket (payable to Soul Survivor):
– £94 (if we have cheque by 25th January)
– £104 (by 26th April)
– £114 (any time after)
Food/Tents (payable to KPC YouthStuff):

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