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Upcoming Events


On Friday the 22nd of February we will be walking 13 miles into Birmingham and then walking the same distance back, a 26 mile walked marathon! There will be a kayak in case people want to swap for a bit of walking. We will be starting at 8am at KPCY youth room. We will get to Pizza Hut in the bullring for midday and we will be back at KPC for 6pm. This is to raise money for our Moldova Mission trip, so please donate generously.

Heart of Worship – Beyond

Heart of Worship… BUT DIFFERENT! This time it will be an overnight event. Running from 7pm on the 22nd of February to 8am on the 23rd. Come along to learn about the God who has created universes and unimaginable things beyond what we can see, and learn how we can go beyond being an ordinary Christian. Not only that but a movie marathon running through the night. We will also provide breakfast in the morning! So, come along for a great time is to be had by all.


Fierce is a new event for young women aged 13-18 where you get to explore what it means to live out your faith! There will be opportunities to worship, pray and talk as you all learn together how to fiercely follow God in your communities, schools, colleges and workplaces. This will be happening on Sunday the 16th from 10am- 7pm at Gas Street Church. Tickets are £15. For more information speak to Anna.

Homegroup Reminders

Monday for Year 11-13 running from 7:30-9PM, Wednesday for Years 7-10 running from 7:30-9PM. Unless it is the first week of the month in which case it is movie week and we start at 7:00 ending at 9:00PM

Youth Alpha

Youth Alpha is an interactive series over a 6 week course exploring the basics of the Christian faith, designed specifically for young people to help ask the big questions. Join us as we will be delving deeper into big questions, scripture and the Christian faith in a fun and friendly way.

Starting January 30th in Guildhouse. Running from 7-9pm. Food provided.

Moldova Mission fundraiser dinner and barn dance

This will be happening on Saturday on February the 9th in St John’s Hall. 7-9.30pm. Tickets cost £10 per person, available to buy from the mission trip team. Families welcome!

Soul Survivor 2019

Soul Survivor 2019 will be the biggest, best and sadly final Soul Survivor ever. It will be an incredible experience. Keep the dates free from the 23rd to the 27th of August 2019 as we will be going to Week C together. We will hopefully be joined by other churches in the local area, so we can make new friends along the way!

Now taking bookings…email for the newssheet. “If you pay and let me know before the end of January I am able to buy your ticket at a cheaper price, saving you money.” -Henry

Methods of Communication

New Mailchimp, Instagram and WhatsApp groups for parents and youth: Please speak with Henry/Paul for more details.

KPC Youth News

Henry’s favourite verse

Hey Guys, today I'd like to share with you my favourite verse in the bible and mention a little about why its my favourite. So my favourite verse if John 14: 6, in my bible it says "Jesus answered, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father...

Reputation Vs Character

Growing your character is more important than growing your reputation...according to Tim Hawkins in his excellent book "Awesome on the Inside".  Reputation is "what other people think you're like.  Your character is what you're really like.  Your reputation is what is...

Not necessary, just wanted

During one of our team devotionals this week I, shared a message. This message was me explaining how unimportant we are to God. We like to think ourselves as somewhat important because God has a plan for ME, God has appointed ME to do this, or even God worked through...

So proud!

Sunday evening’s 6.30 service was such a surprise blessing...and judging from all the positive feedback I have received on behalf of the youth team it would appear that I wasn’t the only person blown away by how confidently our Mexico Mission Trip Team shared their...

Paul’s Personal Verses

Each week Henry and I plan on sharing a short devotion both within the team time we have together and then as part of a here's yesterday's.... Youth MIssion Impossible: By the end of the academic year for each young person to claim 5 Bible verses that they...

Happy New Year New Events!

New youth events kick off again next week... Wednesday 5th: Young Leader’s meeting at 6pm in Youth Room  followed by... 7-9pm: Wonder movie with Pizza & Popcorn in Guildhouse. Thursday 6th: 8pm: Uni-leaver’s leaving do for Sixth Formers at Aroma restaurant in...

Henry’s Top Soul Survivor Moments

From my perspective Soul Survivor was absolutely incredible, i loved every day of it, and would love to share some of my favourite moments with you. I loved the main meetings where a huge group of us coming from three different churches would sit together and hang out...

Dan J Blog

So far in my life In faith I have grown up a Christian but have more recently fully realised what that means prompting my confirmation earlier this year. Soul Survivor has really helped me to both strengthen my faith and think over my life at the current time and...

Enrique’s SS Experience

I'm coming from Sunderland (a city not far from Newcastle). I've grown up in a Christian household and became a Christian myself in 2013. This year has been an exciting but extremely tiring and in the end of it all, I have been blessed enough to get accepted into...

Brandon’s Blog

My life has been pretty rough since I left primary school. Firstly, I have not had a solid friend that I can trust since year 7 and bearing in mind I am now leaving year 11, it has been rather lonely. I never really followed the Christian faith but I did know it was a...

Paul’s Pilavachi Post

The penultimate Soul Survivor (which finishes next year) has gotten off to an amazing start.  God continues to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine starting with an awesome Pre-SS Park Games and Info Night on Friday which was brilliantly led by Henry and Chloe...

Daniel’s difficult children Blog

I was one of the youth who helped out with the boulder gang team working with children at the end of primary school age. Being on the young team under the age of 17 I wasn’t given a group of children to myself but helped leaders out when they found certain children...

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