KPC – a church rooted in prayer

It’s wonderful that there is so much prayer happening every week already at KPC-in home groups and a lot of other groups throughout the week.

Following the fantastic ‘Thy Kingdom come’ prayer weeks’ and a few other prayer events at St Anne’s cottage, we feel that God is calling us to move into a new season of prayer.  Someone shared a picture with us recently of ‘Jesus being at the centre of everything we do at KPC’.  What better way of doing that than spending more time in the presence of Jesus!

What’s happening?

At St Anne’s cottage (next to the Guild house, 1713 High Street), there are lots of creative and active ways to pray, or to be just quiet and listen.  A lot of people have said that they find it very helpful to go into St Anne’s and set aside some time to pray there without the usual distractions.  We hope that you will also find it encouraging to be part of a wider prayer community.

How can I get involved?

Anyone is very welcome to use St Anne’s cottage to pray.  All you need to do is:

  • Use this link to book an hour slot, or more slots, to pray.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information (e.g. key…).
  • You will also receive an email reminder Save & Exit 24 hours before your prayer slot.

Using the link to book your slot will help others to see who is praying when and also whether St Anne’s might be booked at a certain time by the youth or a small group. However, please feel free to just pop into St Anne’s and spend some time in prayer there without signing up especially.

If you want to speak to anyone about prayer please contact Wendy Thompson or Alex Simpson via the Parish Office: 01564 779123

Just Pray
Prayer is for everyone

What do we mean when we pray Thy Kingdom Come?’ – Archbishop Justin Welby with Gavin Calver and Peter Martin

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