Thy Kingdom Come

As a church, we are responding to the Archbishops’ call to #Pledge2Pray leading up to Pentecost on Sunday 20th May.  ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is a movement which has spread rapidly around the world and seen some amazing prayers answered – as we pray, we are asking for God’s ways to be known and our society transformed by God’s love.  And, in particular, we pray for our friends and colleagues and neighbours to know the love of God for themselves.

at Knowle Parish Church

Our response to this call to pray will include various prayer activities from 14th to 20th May.

  • St Ann’s Cottage will be open as a prayer space between 7am and 7pm all week.


  • There will also be a worship and prayer event on Wednesday May 16th May 7.30 – 9.00pm in St John’s Hall


Archbishop Justin talks about his faith, why he’s a Christian and why he is asking Christians around the world to join him in praying for more people to know Jesus Christ.

What do we mean when we pray Thy Kingdom Come?’ – Archbishop Justin Welby with Gavin Calver and Peter Martin

on this week hear talks