What is Alpha?

Alpha is a national programme, run by local churches for over 20 years, which aims to provide answers to some of the big questions about life from a Christian perspective.

We focus on the person of Jesus Christ—what he did, what he said, and why that is important for our lives today in the 21st Century.

The course allows you to explore his message for yourself in an open and relaxed atmosphere. There is no pressure whatsoever for you to make any particular choices.

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is for anyone with questions about life
Is there more to life than this?
Is there a greater ‘purpose’ to my life?
Does God exist?
and is open to anyone of any level of faith, doubt or unbelief.

What’s the format?

Each Alpha session will start with a video focusing on the topic for the evening.

This will be followed by a facilitated group discussion where you will have the opportunity to discuss issues that are on your mind or simply just listen to the thoughts of others in your group.

This combination of some input from a talk combined with the chance to engage in group discussion provides a good environment for you to evaluate things for yourself.


Our evening sessions will all be held in the function room at the Greswolde Hotel on Knowle High Street.


Thursday evenings starting on 25th January 2018 (with a break for half term on 22nd February).
There are seven evening sessions plus an optional away day on Saturday 17th March at the Old School, Lapworth just five miles from Knowle.


You are welcome to join us in the Greswolde Hotel from 7.30pm for coffee and cakes. The sessions start at 8pm and we finish by 9.45pm.

How much is it?

There is no charge for the course. Coffee/tea and cakes for the evenings are all on us, and full catering is provided for our Saturday away day.


More information or sign-up?

If you are interested in coming to our 2018 Alpha course, please either:
text your name to: 07546 887202 or e-mail alpha@kpc.org.uk

What have others said about Alpha?

  • “I was able to relate the talks to aspects of my own life.”
  • “The talks were great – I especially liked the “own life” experience shared by the speakers.”
  • “Alpha has opened up a few doors by helping me address some of the challenges and pre-conceptions I had in regards to faith.”
  • “I really enjoyed meeting new people and hearing other people’s journeys and experience of God.”
  • “I thought Alpha might help me find the answers I needed. It did!”


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