APCM 2017 – Our Mission

At the KPC annual meeting on 29th March, we gave thanks for what God has enabled us to do over the last year and looked forward to progressing our mission in this year and next.

Our statement of purpose – or ‘vision’ – agreed in 2015:

We are here to help people become life-long followers of Jesus Christ

Since then, we have focused on prayer, discipleship, sharing our faith and using our gifting.
Particular initiatives in 2016 were days of prayer and the autumn outreach with special events, as well as our substantial on-going programme for children, youth and adults.


Our emphasis for 2017 – in line with the vision:

A Community of Grace

We recognise God’s love and grace to us, and so show love and grace to others

Other areas which we will address and develop this year and beyond:

  • Leadership: we are guided by effective leaders
  • Discipleship: we are a fruitful community, built on the foundations of Prayer, the Word and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, continually growing in faith and in our relationship with God
  • Sharing Faith: we are committed and confident in sharing faith in everyday life and through church initiatives
  • Gifting: each member of the church family is using their personal resources to serve God
  • Resources: we continuously review and evaluate the use of our resources and activities to better progress toward our vision

Annual Report
The audited annual report and accounts and reports on other aspects of church life and business were presented and received.

Jenny Welby-Everard and Bill Wilson were elected as Churchwardens and PCC members for a further period of one year.
Nick Brown, Roy Carr, Nick Humby, Margaret Johnson, Lindsay Melvin, Julian Phillips, Lucy Saunders, Derek Sheldon and Mary Thorne were elected as PCC members for a period of three years.
The other continuing lay members of PCC are Steve Mort, Kay Todman, Liz Welton and Zoe Wilbourne.
Clergy members: Revd Canon Michael Parker, Revd Sue Ashton and Revd Matt Simpson.

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