A series of eight informal sessions that help explain what Christianity is all about and what it means to be a Christian.


In the upstairs function room in the Red Lion on Knowle High Street.


On Wednesday evenings from 9th October to 27th November (not on 30th Oct – half-term.), plus a daytime session on Saturday 23rd November.

The first two evenings are ‘taster’ sessions for those who would just like to see what goes on.

Each evening runs from 7.45 – 9.30pm. We will start with some light refreshments, with the the group beginning at 8.00pm.

What will happen?

At each session, there is a DVD which considers some aspect of the Christian faith and the person behind it all – Jesus Christ. 

This is followed by an opportunity for discussion and to ask any questions you may have, or just to listen if that is more your style.

Want to come? … or need more info?

You can just turn up, but it would really help us to have an idea of numbers, so if you can let us know beforehand then either:
–  Text ‘Explore’ to 07714 694000 and we will make contact with you … or
–  Email nick@houghtons.net.


Christianity Explored – Autumn 2019
at The Red Lion, Knowle, B93 0LY
Organised by Knowle Parish Church

Some good reasons to join the sessions

It helps answer questions –
It may be friends, children, colleagues at work, or questions you have yourself.  It’s good think to about such issues as – where are we heading and for what purpose? – why is the world full of pain and suffering? – what if there is a God? – why Christianity? – what makes Jesus important? – why do Christians believe Jesus came back from the dead?

Others have enjoyed it –
We’ve run these sessions for the last few years.  Each time people have said they have enjoyed it and appreciated the opportunity to look at these issues in more depth than you get normally.  You can see some of their comments here.

It’s only eight sessions! –
That may seem a lot, but most people get to the end and wish it would go on longer!  Also, the first two evenings can be attended as stand-alone sessions – there is no pressure to come back for more!

Over the past seven years almost two hundred people have attended Christianity Explored sessions in Knowle.

Here are a few of their comments

‘Anyone who has a curious mind about life & Christianity could benefit and be amazed!’

‘I chose to join the Christianity Explored course to help answer the questions my grandchildren keep asking me. It helped a lot, showing me where the evidence is.’

‘It helped me understand who Jesus is.’

‘It was so good I’ve done it twice! Plenty of thought provoking material in a relaxed environment.’

‘It was great to get a fresh perspective from the DVD, group leaders and my fellow participants.’

‘The worst thing about the course was that it finished…..!’

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