From 9th to 11th February, 315 of us from KPC were at our Weekend Away at Staverton Park.

As well as considering God’s truth and purpose for our lives, and praying and worshipping him, we enjoyed time together over meals, in the bar and lounge and using the hotels facilities.

We started on Friday evening and concluded on Sunday by all worshipping together.

There were engaging activities and groups for children and teenagers.

Three teaching sessions (one on each day) were led by our main speaker Jonathan Clarke and a second session on Saturday morning by Mark Greene of LICC. Outlines of these are set out below and you can listen to edited recordings.

There were five seminars all on the ‘Making life count’ theme: … within your social, work and family circles; … in the family; … in quiet reflection; … in having confidence in God; … in embracing retirement.


MAKING LIFE COUNT – Learning from David

3 sessions by Jonathan Clarke

David summed up
‘God testified concerning him: ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.
Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed.  But the one whom God raised from the dead did not see decay’ Acts 13.22, 36-37

Jesus and David
‘I am the Root and the Offspring of David’ Revelation 22.16

1. RELATED   2 Samuel 5

Successful or fruitful?
‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit’ John 15.5

David becomes king over Israel
1)   David is presented as successful

David conquers Jerusalem
2)   David was properly related to God
.      v10 David grew
.      v12 God has a purpose

David defeats the Philistines
3)    As King, David continued to seek God

2. REAL  David & the PSALMS

‘David was greatly distressed … But David found strength in the Lord his God’ 1 Samuel 30.6


1)   David was honest Ps 62
.      v8 ‘pour out your heart before him’
v1 ‘For God alone my soul waits in silence’ (ESV)
    Starting points

2)   David connected with God. Ps 57
.      Journey … Wonder

3)   David spoke in his own voice. Ps 18
.      Refuge … Shield … Enemies

4)   David knew the LORD is holy.
.      Ps 12  shares outrage
.      Ps 15, Ps 32   sensitive

5)   David knew that God knows him Ps 139

6)   David invites us all Ps 20, Ps 34
So … write your own Psalm; go on a journey

3. READY    1 Samuel 25

Ready… for the unexpected
David, Nabal and Abigail

Abigail was ready to act – to speak out
.    v32, 33 Godly diplomatic skills

David was ready to listen

Nabal was not ready

(The hidden) GOD is the hero

  • Find Him – not the ‘hero’ in ourselves.
  • Be ready for action – watch and wait for opportunities.
  • Be ready to stop – wrong way; reconsider.
  • See new opportunities in the same situation. (Abigail saw.)
  • Pray for Godly leadership … that sees and acts … peacemakers
  • We need Jesus, the only Saviour – his kingdom of peace and justice

Keeping it Whole … KPC Together … Wherever We Are

By Mark Greene – author of Fruitfulness on the Frontline

First Thoughts

Confessions of an adman – God can work through anyone, anywhere

What John Stott saw – Christians properly briefed, trained, resourced, supported, commissioned.

The 120o (Frontline) Interview 1
Where are the main places you spend time in an average week/month?
Home .. Work .. Shopping .. Commuting .. Coffee shop .. Friends’ houses .. Gym/sport/fishing .. Walking .. Volunteering .. Caring for grandchildren/parents .. Other(s)

Which is the main one outside the home for you? .. Who’s there?
Two things you like about it ………… One thing you dislike:

A Tale of Two Women – [You need to listen to the recording – inspiring!]

Section 1: The Bigger Gospel – why it matters

The 98% for the 95% – 98% of Christians spend 95% outside of church.

Two-cog or three-cog churches – our frontlines are the cog in the middle between church and the community.

Banking on doctrine – God is interested in ALL of our lives.

The Curious Case of Dorothy Sayers and the One-Tenth Gospel – Why be interested in a religion which seems to have no concern for nine-tenths of life?

he Wondrous Scope of the Good News: Colossians 1:15-20 – Everything is made by God – and through the Son there is reconciliation.

Section 2: Keeping it going

‘Evangelism is an invitation to join a movement to change the world.’ – Tony Campolo

A. Fresh eyes to see what God has been doing
Curt & the carbine: [Listen to the recording]
Curiosity & the power of a question
You & your frontline
Reading each other’s lives through Biblical lenses

The 120o (Frontline) Interview 2
Your frontline: Something you’d like to change:
Someone you’re concerned about:

B. New Conversations

C. New Encouragement
Hebrews 10:24-25   ‘Now let us consider how we may spur one another on …… ‘

D. New Praying
Pressure point praying … or … Frontline opportunity praying

The 120o (Frontline) Interview 3
What struck you?
What can we pray for you?

on this week hear talks