Women’s Day

Thank you to all of you who joined us for Women’s Day on 8th September.  I hope you agree that there was a really special atmosphere on the day.  It was a great opportunity to relax, catch up with old friends and make some new ones.  Ann and I were so inspired by you all that we have decided to run another one! So please keep an eye on this page for future events.

On this page you will also find reference lists from each of our brilliant speakers, these maybe websites or books for further reading.  There is a recipe for Maryann’s beautiful courgette cake and, for those of you who felt inspired to take up Pilates, I have included Gaynor’s contact details.

God Bless x


Sharon’s talkMariann’s talkRecipeGaynor


Future Events:

Women’s Breakfast        1 December 2018
Wreath Making               6 December 2018
Women’s Day                 March 2019

LORD, thank You for weaving me into the girl that I was, the young woman I have been, the woman that I am today, and the one I shall be in the remainder of my days here on earth. As You complete this woven woman, LORD, make me complete in You. One day I shall meet You face-to-face and be Your woven masterpiece. I am grateful. I love You, LORD. Amen.

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