Prayer Focus

Prayer Gatherings

An evening of prayer on the first Wednesday of each month 8.00 pm – 9.15 pm in St John’s Hall.

Prayer: every Monday morning 8.30 am – 9.15 am in the Church (Soldiers’ Chapel).

Prayer in the Waiting Room: every Thursday morning 6.45 am – 7.30 am in St John’s Hall. Come to pray for the life of the Church. Tea, coffee and toast served 7.30am

Please pray for:


Pray for the Children’s Team and all the activities which will be going on throughout this month, particularly for the party on 7th December and the Jaffa and KPOW party on 8TH December. Pray that, in amongst the fun, as the Christmas story is told at these events, the children will hear more of God’s love for them.

A great deal of preparation goes into the Crib Services on Christmas Eve. Please pray for those who are planning these services and for those who attend, asking that in the excitement of Christmas Eve the birth of the Christ child will become a reality and an affirmation of God’s love for us.

Throughout December many volunteers give their time freely. Give thanks for all those who help in many different ways.
MU will be holding a meeting this month. Please pray for an enjoyable and rewarding afternoon and continue to give thanks for the work of MU worldwide.

Pray for those involved in Yellow Ribbon, helping ex-offenders and particularly ask that there would be a regular flow of clients and compassion and resilience as mentoring begins.

As this month unfolds there will be many opportunities for our community to come into Church for services. Please pray that we will be a congregation of welcome and ask that those attending will feel God’s presence.

May we all experience the Christmas story as if for the first time, being inspired and humbled by the wonder of the new born King.
A team is being formed for a Ski Venture in Easter 2018. Please pray for the right combination of leaders to be available for this week and encourage young people from Knowle to sign up for this great holiday.

Pray for those for whom Christmas will be a difficult time, either through illness, loneliness or the loss of a loved one.


Pray for the 100 mainly Christian girls who had been kidnapped from their school in Nigeria by Boko Haram in 2014. They have recently been released but traumatised. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to heal them from their terrible ordeal. Over 100 girls are still held by Boko Haram. Pray for their swift release.

Ask our Lord to bless all followers who cannot gather together to worship in safety, many of whom are forbidden by law from any form of Christian gathering. Ask for strength in their perseverance and courage to continue to uphold the one true God.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in our local Churches. Give thanks that through “Churches Together” we experience different services, but still recognise Jesus Christ as Lord.

As we approach Christmas let us remember those children who will not be celebrating. Pray for the ongoing work of Tearfund’s No Child Taken campaign. Let us not give up on our prayers for them. Our prayers may be all that they will receive this Christmas. Pray for their release from their oppressors that, through education and self-help groups for the families, there will be an end to this evil trade.

Pray for our Archbishop of Canterbury and all who hold a position on General Synod, asking that discussions and decisions be pleasing to God.
Last month at least 26 people were killed in a shooting at a Texas Church. Pray for the congregation there and those affected.

Pray for Christians who are being brutally attacked for their faith. “Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”.


As this year draws to a close continue to give thanks for our natural resources. In this country we take the seasons for granted but in other areas throughout the world drought and famine is a continuing struggle for existence. Pray that where there is famine and hardship rains may come to ease the situation. Give thanks for aid agencies working in difficult conditions.

Pray for the people of Zimbabwe following the overthrow of President Mugabe. Pray for stability in the country and an end to oppression.
The refugee crisis has not diminished during 2017. Pray for those being forced from their homes due to famine, war and ethnic cleansing.

Brexit negotiations continue. Pray for our government and our European neighbours, asking that talks and decisions would be beneficial and conducted in a way that would be pleasing to God.

Pray for the homeless, especially at this time of year. We see people sleeping on the streets close to our homes. Pray that we may be generous in our giving to enable them to have a hot meal and a warm place to stay over the Christmas period and beyond.

Although figures for those unemployed have dropped this year, there are still over 1 million people in this country without jobs. Pray for them, asking that they will find suitable work and be encouraged and sustained.

Food Banks have become normality in our country and beyond. Pray for families struggling to make ends meet, which often brings tensions in relationships.

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