Prayer Focus

Prayer Gatherings

An evening of prayer on the first Wednesday of each month 8.00 pm – 9.15 pm in St John’s Hall.

Prayer: every Monday morning 8.30 am – 9.15 am in the Church (Soldiers’ Chapel).

Prayer in the Waiting Room: every Thursday morning 6.45 am – 7.30 am in St John’s Hall. Come to pray for the life of the Church. Tea, coffee and toast served 7.30am

Please pray for:

FRI 20.  Half term holidays begin today. Pray that families and teachers will enjoy a well-earned break over the next week.

SAT 21. “Enlightening Truths” is the topic of the sermon series this autumn with particular reference to 500 years since the Reformation. Pray that those attending the services will listen with an open heart and those preaching will be able to impart God’s word in a relevant way.

SUN 22. Friendship Club will be holding a Songs of Praise service today. Give thanks for all those involved in the Club and pray that this service will be a time of reflection and joy for all involved.

MON 23. Pray for those workers in the public sector unhappy about the lift of the cap on pay rises, which does not appear to reflect the work they are doing. Pray also for the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, as he endeavours to “balance the books”.

TUES 24.  Give thanks for the Church Flower Guild as they provide flowers in our Church week by week.

WED 25. Continue to pray for the ongoing situation in North Korea as further ballistic missiles have been fired over Japan. Pray particularly for diplomatic negotiations to be successful to diffuse the present threat.

THURS 26. Talks on Brexit still continue. Pray for an outcome which will be acceptable to all. Bitter division in our parliament is unhealthy. Pray that Christians within the House will make a difference to the general atmosphere and work ethic.

FRI 27. “Bumps and Babies” in the Guild House this morning. An event where mothers can get together, relax and chat over a cup of coffee. Thank God for the helpers who come week by week enabling this morning to be a haven for those attending.

SAT 28. As the clocks go back this weekend, pray for all those who will feel it keenly, especially for people who are perhaps less mobile and unable to go out. Closing the curtains in the mid afternoon can be very depressing. Pray for sunny winter days to make the cold months go quickly!

SUN 29. Pray today for Sarah Covington and the Children’s Team, especially asking that within the many groups there will be a sense of happiness and fun, while learning more about Jesus.

MON 30. Our friends Roger and Donna Vann moved from Knowle in the summer and are now settled in Lee on Solent.  Pray for them as they adjust to their new life and give thanks for all the Christian input they have had in Knowle throughout their time here, particularly with Roger’s work with Agape.

TUES 31. Christians have divided views on the merit of celebrating Halloween. Pray that young people especially would not get involved in seeking spirit experiences that may seriously damage their lives. Equally, pray that people would acknowledge the presence of a spirit world and recognise the security and power that can be ours through the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


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