Our first activity on Saturday was to play with some of the disabled children our project may help in the future. After a 15 minute minibus journey, we met in the park in the city of Balti with a variety of outdoor games to play and enjoy. We met a group of handicapped children (both mentally and physically handicapped) and it was really rewarding to see their faces light up as we sang Christian songs to them. Parachute games followed and then we played with the children individually, choosing games that were suitable for them – I really enjoyed playing frisbee with Layla, a girl who had a chronic illness.
In the afternoon we visited a monastery on the Ukraine border, it was a very beautiful place, with an icy pool that we took a small paddle in, which was very refreshing in the heat. We then went to a castle in Soroca and were able to see the beautiful surrounding landscape from the top before the rain started. We then quickly went to the supermarket to get dinner which we ate by a monument called “the candle” overlooking the river and the Ukraine border on the far side. Then we set off on the two hour journey back.

on this week hear talks