I’m coming from Sunderland (a city not far from Newcastle). I’ve grown up in a Christian household and became a Christian myself in 2013. This year has been an exciting but extremely tiring and in the end of it all, I have been blessed enough to get accepted into university.
In the build up to leaving to study, I spoke to many students about their experience with faith when leaving home and quite frankly, it scared me. I was told in such an environment in this day and age, with so much sin around us, it can be hard to remember our identity in Christ and who we are as Christians. This soul survivor trip has been important to me in preparing spiritually for the journey of life and I feel it has done that already. I think it is vital to ensure my faith is secure and strong before I begin this journey of life. It has been amazing so far and I feel closer to Jesus than I’ve ever been.
Also I’d like to thank the whole youth group for being so kind and welcoming me into their squad. They have all been so, so sweet and I appreciate that.

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