Natasha: We thank you!


In January we were blessed to welcome Natasha Godfrey to the KPC Youth Team as the new part-time Youth Assistant worker.  Natasha has a wealth of experience in the performing arts and has been able to share many of her gifts with our team and young people through her support at Penny’s Youth Cafe, homegroup, Youth Alpha and our regular Youth Evening Services.  We are pleased to report that Natasha is going on to a full-time role in June so we are sadly wishing her well within her new step of faith and want to give her our thanks on behalf of the church, parents and young people to whom she has been such a blessing.  God bless you Natasha!


Summer plans discussed below


Youth Evening Services:


Thank you to everyone who has been watching our weekly services on YouTube.  We have been really blessed by the number of positive comments we have received and it is lovely to know that families are watching the services together.  We focused on Rediscovering Jesus in May and look forward to starting our new Rediscovering Church series in June which will continue to run everyone Sunday evening at 6.30pm (@ KPC Youth or Penny’s Youth Cafe).




Please email if you are keen to take part in any of the following weekly Zoom gatherings:

Monday: The Chosen (Years 9-13)
Tuesday: Breakaway (Year 7)
Wednesday: Year 8-10 Homegroup
Thursday: Youth Alpha (Year 7-13)


Well in the Wilderness:


We will continue to share a daily Bible study throughout the lock-down so as to maintain a consistent opportunity for young people to stay connected with us.  The current focus is the Early Church in Acts but we will start a new series in June which will follow a Bible App Reading Plan.  Please tune in to KPC Youth on Instagram at 8pm each day to hear our short reflections (these videos can also be found on YouTube @ KPC Youth).


Lit Residential update (August 22-26th 2020).

At the parent Zoom meeting this month we were able to discuss three different options for the ROCK UK visit planned for August.  The centre is currently closed and if it does not re-open in August we feel confident we will have our deposits returned.  If the centre is open we have been offered exclusive use of the whole centre with a minimum group size of 20 people so that we can still potentially go indoor rock climbing, gorge walking and visit The Big Pit as well as the beach, albeit in such a way that we maintain any social distancing guidelines which are still in place.  If anyone has already booked a place on the Lit Residential can you please let us know via email if you are happy for your son/daughter to attend.  If you wish to pull out then we can understand your concern but there could be a financial implication if we are unable to fill the space.    Further details can be found in the Youth News section of the website.



Thank you again for your continued support.

God bless you,

Paul, Henry & our awesome youth team


Extra resources

If you or your son or daughter are in need of any extra pastoral support then please let us know as we want to help in whatever ways we can.

Birmingham diocese have provided us with details of an online advice, support and counselling service available to all young people in Birmingham (11-25 years of age): is a free, safe, anonymous and non-stigmatised way for young people to receive counselling, advice and support online. Staffed by fully trained and qualified counsellors and available until 10pm each night, 365 days per year, it provides a much needed out of hours’ service for advice and support. As well as counselling, peer to peer support can also be accessed through our moderated message forums and online magazine. The following are links to the Kooth website and a short video about the service;    

Other resources recommended by the diocese include: 

Thinkuknow is a superb resource which has advice for children, parents and workers about keeping safe in the online world


 Parents Protect provides resources for families who want to go online safely


Childnet International has, amongst other things, has a toolkit for parents and carers;


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