During one of our team devotionals this week I, shared a message. This message was me explaining how unimportant we are to God. We like to think ourselves as somewhat important because God has a plan for ME, God has appointed ME to do this, or even God worked through ME. Our emphasis of ourselves in God’s story shows our self importance. In reality it’s hard to hear but important to know that… we are not important in the grand scheme of God’s plan, God can use someone else for His plan, God can appoint someone else for a role, God can work through someone else. After all He is God. WE are not necessary.

With that said though… He does not choose anyone else. He has chosen you for a reason. This shows that even though God does not need us. He does want us. He wants, chooses, and desires YOU for His purposes. To me the fact that I am not necessary but instead God calls me to be a part of His plan in the way He uses me is just incredible.

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