Before I came to Moldova, I was quite anxious because I really didn’t know what it would be like. I was quite worried about the food as I consider myself a very picky eater and I am a vegetarian which I know isn’t understood in many countries of Europe but all the food so far has been amazing – even things I usually hate! I was also concerned about the language barrier and how it would make communication difficult. This wasn’t a problem at all because everyone here is so friendly, kind and caring; the language difference doesn’t matter at all. However, I was very excited for the trip because I really liked the idea of helping people and this enabled me to do that as well as the different culture and a break from home after I had just finished my exams.
Earlier, we were preparing the land for building the fence around the houses for the families with disabled members. This involved, digging the holes around the circumference of the site in order to put the fence poles into as well as making sure the trench for the electricity wire was cleared out and filling it in with sand. We also cleared a few roots which was very important so that the site is accessible by disabled people. Later today, we are going to an elderly home in order to to entertain the men and women there; we have things lined up such as: a performance of Jesus and the 10 lepers; lots of singing including bible songs and ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’ and playing different games. I am really looking forward to it and some more lovely food at tea time!
God bless you,

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