KNOWLE PARISH CHURCH – we are here to help people become life-long followers of Jesus Christ

 At 10.00am in Church:  (numbers limited due to COVID 19) – see procedure for attending

On KPC YouTube:  Each Sunday’s service will ‘premiere’  at 10.00am and can then be watched and heard at any later time after it’s conclusion.

Questions for group discussion – or personal consideration – will be posted for each talk.

  1. DateSubjectbased onQuestions (to follow)
    13th September
    Gideon the fearfulJudges 6: 1-24click for questions (pdf)
    click for questions (Word)
    20th September
    Gideon the faithfulJudges 6: 25-35click for questions (pdf)
    click for questions (Word)
    27th September
    Harvest SundayPsalm 146
    4th October
    Lessons in resourcing Judges 7: 1-23
    11th October
    Thanksgiving for Life serviceIsaiah 61: 1-3
    Psalm 13
    18th October
    The ever present dangerJudges 8: 25-35
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