We arrived at the youth camp on Monday and we were shown around the camp. We saw the building site that we will be working on and we also saw other things like the toilets and where we will be eating. Before we started to work on the building site Inga took us round the site. She talked about how the site will be used for disabled children. During the week, on the building site we have been clearing the ground around the house by digging up roots and a washing line pole. We have also been digging holes to put the fence posts in and then cementing the poles into the holes. We have also been filling a trench around the house with sand to protect the pipe that is around the house. This is where the fights with the wheelbarrow happened because the wheelbarrows tipped over and the sand fell out. However, I have enjoyed working on the building site and it is helped with the fact that it is going to a good course and the fact that it will help a lot of people. The food overall has also been very good, especially the cucumbers..!

on this week hear talks