APCM 2021 & Vision

Our APCM on 28th April 2021 – held on Zoom – was attended by 138 people.

We gave thanks for God’s provision over a difficult year in which church services, homegroups, pastoral care and our children and youth ministries all continued to happen by a variety of means to cope with varying levels of Covid restrictions.

Reports and Elections
The KPC Annual Report and Accounts were presented along with reports on other matters.
The two Churchwardens and four PCC members who had been nominated for vacant positions were duly elected.
Details are in the grey box below.

Looking forward
Our vicar Geoff Lanham reported on progress in discerning the future vision for KPC – in which the PCC had been engaged since January. Since then 2 consultation meetings with the church congregation have been held; feedback received at, and subsequent to, these has been considered. As a result the proposed goals were refined and subsequenty approved by PCC.

The various elements of the vision ‘structure’ are described in the mauve box immediately below, starting from our existing Mission Statement as embraced at the APCM 6 years ago.  The Vision statement and gaoals are in the blue box.   You can also download a printable version.

Elements of vision ‘structure’

Mission Statement
This describes  what we do as an organisation,  It states why we exist and describes the business our church is in.  It is both outward and inward facing, in that it communicates to those both outside and inside the church.

This answers a different question: ‘What future are we trying to create with God?’  Vision  is about clarifying our ambition and articulating this desired future. As such it is inward facing, designed to motivate church members.

The goals below have come out of our Vision statement.

How to realise the goals. [still to be addressed]

Mission Statement

We are here to help people become life-long followers of Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement

Knowle Parish Church: Letting our light shine at the village centre as
A house of God’s light for all peoples and generations
(Matthew 5: 14-16)
A beating heart of worship to God;
generously serving Knowle, the deanery and wider world,
to help transform lives and neighbourhoods for Jesus.


WORSHIPOur vision is that we are a church community who worship Jesus with passion, vibrancy and expectancy, providing opportunities for encounter with God through the power of the Spirit.

  • Becoming more focussed in praying for the moving of God’s Spirit in services.
  • Training and recruiting musicians and singers to lead worship.
  • Simplifying our corporate worship pattern, investing in fewer, yet richer services.

DISCIPLESHIPOur vision is that we are Biblically grounded disciples excited to grow and resource ourselves, serving God with our unique gifts and skills throughout the week.

  • Developing and mentoring new leaders, particularly new home group and discovery group leaders.
  • Training a new cohort of younger leaders and welcoming their contributions.
  • Creating an expectation of spiritual growth through service.
  • Creating a culture of engagement with issues of social injustice domestically and internationally.

EVANGELISM Our vision is for a church that is growing once more and can give our resources away to build God’s kingdom wherever he leads us.

  • Praying and working towards seeing 100 people (particularly under 45) becoming Christians and active disciples in the next five years.
  • Training people to grow in confidence in sharing their faith.
  • Enhancing our worship offering making it relevant and compelling at times to a younger generation.
  • Improving the way people are welcomed into our community so that everyone is valued and responsibility for welcoming is shared by all.

MISSIONOur vision is to be people who generously demonstrate the good news of God’s Kingdom in all its aspects to the wider community.

  • Developing the interior of our building to become more flexible, welcoming and hospitable.
  • Planting a new congregation or helping revitalise a church in another area of the deanery within five years.
  • Working towards becoming a bronze eco-church with A Rocha UK over the next three years.
  • Elevating the importance of global mission to help all see that they have a part to play.

PCC members

Geoff Lanham

Matt Baggott*
Liz Welton*

Elected members
Nick Brown
Lynn Brown*
Roy Carr (Secretary)
Sarah Chapman*
Nick Houghton

Victor Hu*
Nick Humby
Carol Kay
Steve Mort (Treasurer)
Benjamin Neudorfer

Julian Phillips
David Pickering
Anne Smith
Rod Street*
Kay Todman

* (re-)elected this year

Reports to view or print

Annual Report and Accounts 2020
(shortened version)

For full document, email office@kpc.org.uk

Financial summary

Reports – Fabric, Church Roll and Deanery Synod

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