Giving to Knowle Parish Church

We are very grateful to everyone who gives so generously to support the work of our church – we could not deliver everything that we do without you.  To allow us to continue our work, we would ask you to consider prayerfully how you can help – scroll down to see about the church’s needs as we move forward.

If you would like to give, or change the amount you give, we would appreciate it if you could let us know by completing the online Giving Response form.  You can also complete the Gift Aid form, if you have not done one before for Knowle PCC.  This gives us an additional 25% from the government at no additional expense to you, provided you pay Income Tax.

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What are we called to do?

As Christians, we are called to support God’s work with our time and money – our giving is part of our response to God’s generosity to us.  It is for each person or family to pray through and decide how much to give and where to – many give to a combination of their home church and other Christian charities.  This information is designed to help you to give to KPC in the best possible way.

KPC has to support itself financially.

KPC’s work costs about £600k in a typical year:
Mission here in Knowle               £330k
Gifts supporting wider mission    £80k
Buildings and churchyard           £110k
Administration and overheads     £80k

… and almost of all this has to be met from our own resources.  We pay for the buildings, the salaries of our staff and, through our Common Fund contribution to the Diocese of Birmingham, for clergy stipends and housing.  The vast majority of our income comes from the generous giving of our church members – thank you!

During the time of Covid restrictions since March 2020, we have been grateful to our members for their continuing and generous financial support.

As we emerge from lockdown and seek to move forward, we will face increasing financial needs in implementing our renewed vision and goals.

We hope all those in our church will join in helping to meet this challenge.

Need more help or advice?

If you would like to pray through your giving to KPC or more widely, then please contact the prayer team in the Soldiers Chapel after services or speak to a member of the clergy.

If you have any questions about giving to the Church, please e-mail Ian Kay at .

How can I give?

Many givers find a regular pattern of giving, either via standing order or the envelope scheme, helps them plan and give consistently.

If you bank online, you can set up a standing order to Knowle Parochial Church Council General Fund Acc  using Sort Code 40-26-22, Account Number 90508306 and a reference of your house number and postcode – e.g. “42B930NP”.   It helps to make the payment on the 10th or 24th day of the month.

For a one-off payment  given online from a bank account, also use the bank account details above and a reference of your house number and postcode – e.g. 42B930NP.  This is to allow us to identify that the gift is from you, which is essential if Gift Aid is being claimed. If you want to use a reference that informs your records, such as “Gift to KPC”, please do both.  For example “42B930NP gift to KPC”.

If you’d prefer to give cash, please consider ticking the “Envelope” option on the online form and we will arrange for a box of weekly envelopes to be sent to you so that you can put these in the collection in church.  Cheques should be payable to Knowle Parochial Church Council.

Gift Aid

Where the money you are giving by any of these means has been taxed, then the Government encourages donors to “gift aid” their contributions.  If you can do this, it increases the value of your gift to KPC by 25% at no extra cost to you, so we do encourage you to use the facility.

This is easy to do, by filling in the online Gift Aid form.

Alternatively, organisations like Stewardship offer giving schemes where they manage the gift aid for you.

Note that, either way, if you pay higher rate tax, you can personally get back the extra tax on your donation (via your tax return).


If you would like to remember us in your will, this would be greatly appreciated.  For this purpose, our legal name is “The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Knowle, Solihull”.

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