KPC Kids is online!

Our Children’s Ministry still looks a different from what used to be ‘normal’ because of all the restrictions in place, but we want to keep our families connected to God and to each other and so we have an exciting programme coming up over the next few weeks as we worship together online.

We are running a mix of live zoom sessions, pre-recorded YouTube sessions and packs sent home for you to look at together on a 3-week cycle, and we hope that within that mix there is something for everyone!

The schedule for April – May

28th March – Resources sent home.
4th April – Easter Day – Live zoom @ 9:30.
11th April – Resources sent home (Easter holidays).
18th April – Resources sent home (Easter holidays).
25th April – Live zoom @ 9:30

2nd May – Pre-recorded YouTube service.
9th May – Resources sent home.
16th May – Live zoom @ 9:30
23rd May – Pre-recorded YouTube service.
30th May – Resources sent home.

For Year 5&6:  ’10 Minute check-in’ runs every week on Sundays at 9:15 on zoom.

In this season, where meeting together isn’t possible, we are working to help you nurture the faith of your children at home!

We share resources and various ideas of things you can do at home through our closed Facebook group (Family Faith @ KPC),
a WhatsApp group or on email, depending on your preferred method of communication.

Contact Sarah on to be linked in to any of these.

Watch this space for further information!

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