is a lunch time club which runs for school year 1 on Wednesdays and school year 2 on Thursdays in Knowle CE Primary School.

Children have their lunch, and then come in to Jaffa club in an area of the school dedicated to their Jaffa year group.  Jaffa includes a Bible story and take home craft, and prayer together, and often games or songs as well depending on time.



is our lunch time club for those in school year 3 & 4, which runs on Tuesday.  KPOW stands for Knowle Primary One Worship – a name chosen by the children – and includes a Bible story and take home craft, prayer and games and time to chat.


Jaffa and KPOW both begin during the latter half of the Autumn term and run throughout the school terms, usually finishing early July.

Contact the school for an application form.

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