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Email: pennysyouthcafe@gmail.com
KPCYouth: 07484 537147
Penny’s Youth Café: 07942 758290


Satellites – Tuesday August 9th – Sunday14th new Youth Camping Festival

Penny’s on tour 1 – Monday August 22nd 1-3pm – Knowle Park team games- meet at Penny’s.

Penny’s on tour 2 – Tuesday August 23rd 1-3pm – Knowle Park team games- meet at Penny’s.

Penny’s Last Supper – Wednesday August 24th 1-3pm – meal at Penny’s Youth Café.

Wave Waterpark – Thursday August 25th 12.20-5.45pm – Coventry trip

Family BBQ – Thursday August 25th 6.30-8.30pm All ages welcome

Penny’s Toby Breakfast– Sunday September 4th 9-10.30am – Toby Carvery – £7 per person.


For Youth Satellites trip click here.
For Waterpark trip click here. 


If you haven’t been to Penny’s Youth Café before, we’re in the Tesco precinct in Knowle ( 5 St John’s Way B93 0LE)

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