Search 4000 records of burials and interments of cremated remains (a.k.a. ‘ashes’) in Knowle Churchyard since around 1900.
Quick Help
  1. If there are many names similar to the one you are searching for, consider changing the Show 10 entries box to 25, 50 or 100.
  2. Enter some or all of the name or word or number that you are looking for in the Search box. The results will appear as you type.
  3. Note the Sect(ion) and Plot number of your chosen result, e.g. 1/123.
  4. Note the second line of the same column, e.g. CY/AA11 or GR/ZZ99.
  5. Depending on the prefix CY or GR choose the appropriate plan below to locate your plot – MAP is an overall plan of the churchyard.
  6. Using the Letters (across) and Numbers (down) from (4) locate that cell and it should contain your required Plot Number from (3).

More detailed help can be found in the full printable User Guide.

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