Churchyard Burial Register

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In the Date column B=Burial, C=interment of Cremated Remains and ?=unspecified (death, burial or interment) date

Abbott, Allan Dereck3/264 GR/AN662 Copt Heath Drive, Knowle33C-30 Mar 1994Dow
Abbott, Douglas3/264 GR/AN662 Copt Heath Drive, Knowle67C-10 May 2002Leach
Abbott, Margaret Jean3/525 GR/AM6Nursing Home in Castle Bromwich80C-19 Sep 2014TretheweyFormerly of Copt Heath Drive, Knowle.
Abrahall, Frances Edna2/578 CY/BD19Bablake House, Meriden78C-19 Jan 1996Richards
Abrahall, Raymond Leslie2/578 CY/BD191443 Warwick Road, Coft Heath?-01 Oct 1945
Abrahall, Robert Leslie2/578 CY/BD1971 Helen Street, Maddington53C-06 Nov 1999Russell
Abrahall, Sandra Maureen2/578 CY/BD1961 Hobs Moat Road, Solihull19B-16 Mar 1963
Adams, Alfred Oscar2/307 CY/AB10Groveleigh (?), Dorridge?-19 Jan 1938
Adams, Bryan5/7 MAP/5?-1898First name only. Row 11
Adams, Charles Edward2/424 CY/BJ15Middlefield Hall, Knowle?-22 Jul 1952
Adams, Emily Louise1/389 CY/T21Knowle?-15 Mar 1920[Index name possibly looks like Louisa.]
Adams, Gertrude2/307 CY/AB10Dorridge?-23 Jun 1923
Adams, Harriett1/371 CY/F20Knowle?-09 Feb 1905
Adams, John6/2 MAP/6?-1832First name only
Adams, Mary Elizabeth3/50 GR/C19140 Station Road, Knowle72C-22 Apr 1976RusherNew Row 4th.
Adams, Richard William1/227A CY/R148 Montsford Close, Knowle34B-30 May 2006Leach
Adams, Thomas5/2 MAP/5?-1912First name only. Row 10
Adams, William1/371 CY/F20Knowle?-21 Jun 1905
Adams, William Thomas Henry1/464 CY/F25MCI (Midland Counties Institution), Knowle?-09 Mar 1904
Adcock, Christopher David3/288 GR/BH128 Whateley Hall Road, Knowle22C-04 Aug 1995Richards
Adderley, Mary Ursula3/197 GR/AB9143 Longdon Road, Knowle64C-22 Jun 1989
Ades, Alice Margaret3/84 GR/AW11St Andrews Hospital, Northampton82C-19 Sep 1978Habberton
Adkins, Dorothy Elizabeth1/273 CY/P16KnowleB-29 Mar 1918[Dates differ.]
Adkins, John1/78 CY/J7Station Road, Knowle?-10 Feb 1905
Adkins, Sarah1/78 CY/J7Station Road, Knowle?-28 Feb 1930
Aignell, Archibald Frederick1/439 CY/AA23MCI (Midland Counties Institution), Knowle?-28 Feb 1924
Ainsworth, Joanna3/387 GR/BW20Cresta Lodge, Bungay Road90C-13 Jul 2013Hamley
Ainsworth, Patrick Hume3/387 GR/BW2039 Landor Road, Knowle81C-05 Mar 2003Hamley
Airey, Mary Catherine Prendergast3/182 GR/N128 Paterson Court, KnowleC-17 Sep 1987NorrisDied at Carryfort, Mont Shier, St. Brelade, Jersey, CI whilst a house guest. Age not stated on certificate.
Aitchison, Malcolm Brooks3/365 GR/BU171 Moorgrove Avenue, Knowle68C-21 Sep 2000Dewes
Akehurst, Michael John Archie2/685A CY/AH22Durlaston, Jacobean Lane52?-03 Oct 1989Double Plot
Akehurst, Richard John Archie3/118 GR/G1531 Jacobean Lane, Knowle69C-17 Oct 1981Rusher
Alcock, Percy Alfred Oughton2/762 CY/AL24119 Widney Road, Knowle?-04 Jan 1957Grave for one only.
Alder, Arthur Edmund3/75 GR/AV958 Colebrook Road, Shirley71C-17 Apr 1978Aveyard
Alder, Evelyn Annie3/75 GR/AV958 Colebrook Road, Shirley82C-20 Sep 1989? (Curate
Alderton, Audrey3/449 GR/V445 Copt Heath Drive, Knowle82C-09 Oct 2020Ashton
Alderton, Edward Peter3/449 GR/V445 Copt Heath Drive, Knowle76C-05 Nov 2008Trethewey
Aldington, Anne1/152 CY/G10West Hill, Dorridge78B-22 Jul 1918[Entry incorrectly says Ann. Gravestone says Anne. Date confusion.]
Aldington, Edward John2/235 CY/AC9Solihull?-23 Nov 1925
Aldington, George4/4 MAP/4?-1880First name only. Row 07 (nearest hedge)
Aldington, John1/152 CY/G10Dorridge73B-29 Aug 1904[Entry incorrectly says Alldington. Gravestone and record 7 say Aldington.]
Aldington, Lucy2/235 CY/AC96 Gladstone Road, Dorridge100?-18 Apr 1973
Aldworth, Ernest Rowland2/88 CY/BG5184 Tilehouse Green Lane, Bentley Heath?-16 Feb 1950
Aldworth, Lizzie2/88 CY/BG5Berrow Homes, High Street79?-30 Dec 1967[Written as 'Beddows Home']
Alexander, Edith2/1041 CY/AU3136 Purnells Way, Knowle52?-28 Oct 1975
Alexander, George Robert2/1041 CY/AU316a Kingsburgh Gardens, East Linton?-12 Jan 1990After cremation.
Allan, Brenda Jean3/262 GR/AP921 Kenilworth Road, Knowle79C-17 Dec 2002Leach
Allan, Edith Ruth1/532 CY/V2824 Norgrave Road, Solihull85?-28 Feb 1990
Allan, George Douglas3/262 GR/AP921 Kenilworth Road, Knowle72C-11 Mar 1994Richards
Allard, Beatrice Jessie2/225 CY/AH8Bentley Heath?-28 Feb 1930
Allday, Edmund2/73 CY/AG4Leamington SpaB-17 Oct 1935
Allday, Esca Joseph3/339 GR/BS716 Crabmill Close, Knowle83C-27 May 1999Parker
Allday, John10/11 MAP/10?-1842First name only
Allday, Julia Emma2/73 CY/AG4Leam Terrace, Leamington Spa?-03 Feb 1936
Allday, Winifred Sylvia3/339 GR/BS7St Bernards Lodge, 76 St Bernards Road90C-27 Nov 2003Parker
Allen, Alison2/692A CY/AQ2238 Montrose Avenue, Lillington42?-15 May 1992
Allen, Amelia Millicent2/951 CY/BA292 Downing Close, Grove Road46?-03 Dec 1965
Allen, Ann Selinn2/522 CY/AK17Knowle?-03 Jan 1934[Uncertain second forename in both registers - possibly Selwyn/Selwin or Selina?]
Allen, Clive3/488 GR/E91463 Warwick Road, Knowle47C-02 Sep 2011Trethewey
Allen, Donald Dyfed2/951 CY/BA297 Palmvale Croft, Sheldon73C-28 Jun 2017AshtonAshes poured centre-top by headstone. [Registers both said Court not Croft.]
Allen, Florence May2/984 CY/AY30Wilsons Road, Knowle85?-29 Jul 1985Died at East Birmingham Hospital. Wilson Road in Burial Register.
Allen, Frederick Edward2/522 CY/AK17Knowle?-23 May 1930
Allen, Henry Nelson3/464 GR/K315 Fletcher Grove, Knowle79C-27 Jan 2010TretheweyHarry.
Allen, Horace Frederick2/984 CY/AY3019 Wilsons Road, Knowle70?-13 May 1971
Allen, Jack2/729 CY/BA23Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-25 Aug 1945
Allen, James9/9 MAP/9?-1866First name only
Allen, Joan2/973 CY/AC2973 Hanbury Road, Dorridge33B-20 May 1967Single grave.
Allen, Lilian Gertrude2/707 CY/BF2258 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle?-23 Jan 1948
Allen, Ralph Henry Smith1/532 CY/V28Kenilworth Road, Knowle62?-05 Nov 1964
Allen, Thomas9/8 MAP/9?-1859First name only
Allen, William6/3 MAP/6?-1825First name only
Allett, Martha Mary2/501 CY/BG17117 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle?-21 Aug 1948
Allington, Constance Mary3/226 GR/V6Sunhaven Residential Home, Solihull Lodge87C-20 Oct 2010Tsipouras
Allington, Ethel2/1044 CY/AR31St Johns Close, Knowle89?-02 Jan 1976Single Grave.
Allington, Thomas George3/226 GR/V6142, Mill Lane, Dorridge69C-13 Apr 1991Reynolds
Allwood, Sarah1/28 CY/V4Knowle?-08 Jan 1920
Allwood, Sarah Elizabeth1/28 CY/V4East Birmingham Hospital88?-25 Jul 1973
Alston, Robert Watson2/462 CY/AG161463 Warwick Road, Knowle37?-13 Feb 1987
Anderson, Christopher Edgar2/282 CY/BC10No address85?-02 Apr 1980At foot of grave.
Anderson, Constance Mabel3/204 GR/N9229 Station Road, Knowle93C-20 Oct 1989Dow
Anderson, Joyce Elizabeth Mary2/282 CY/BC10No address93?-02 Apr 1992At head of grave
Andrews, Ann Elizabeth1/121 CY/K918 Binfield Road, Clapham Road?-13 Jan 1914
Andrews, Douglas Roy2/749 CY/AE2321 Barcheston Road, Knowle64?-23 Jan 1987Died at Aston Street, Gosta Green. Single Grave.
Andrews, Frederick May1/121 CY/K9Westmoors, Knowle?-07 Dec 1909
Andrews, Jean Unita2/38 CY/BN3Coppice Wood Farm, Norton Green Lane88B-26 Apr 2012Trethewey
Andrews, Jonathan Alexander1/11A CY/N3270 Station Road, Knowle?-12 May 1982Side of plot 11. Child's grave. Age 11 weeks.
Andrews, Susan Margaret3/315 GR/BO1726 Barnbrook Road, Knowle51C-05 Sep 1997Dow
Ansbro, Margaret Jane2/368A CY/AQ13108 Poplar Road, Dorridge70?-05 Jul 1991RC
Ansbro, Thomas Patrick2/368A CY/AQ13108 Poplar Road, Dorridge79B-15 Jun 1994Maguire
Ansell, Eileen Evelyn1/548 CY/E28Knowle?-26 Feb 1936
Arbuthnot, Vera3/217 GR/M8Jobs Close, Knowle86C-30 Oct 2001Stevens
Arbuthnot, Walter3/217 GR/M811 St Johns Close, Knowle77C-11 Sep 1990Dow
Arch, Edward1/271 CY/S16Knowle?-18 Mar 1929
Arch, Mary Ann1/271 CY/S16Knowle?-26 Sep 1918
Archer, Ada Maude3/257 GR/AM1384 Widney Manor Road, Solihull81C-19 Sep 1993Richards
Archer, Edith Mary2/672 CY/AI21Simpsfield, Knowle Wood Road?-28 Oct 1953
Archer, Florence Anne2/96 CY/AX519A St Marys Terrace, Leamington82?-16 May 1960
Archer, Florence May2/14 CY/AO3New Road, Solihull?-11 May 1950
Archer, Henry William2/14 CY/AO3Merton, Waste Lane?-31 Mar 1937
Archer, John Alfred2/96 CY/AX5Mill Lane, Knowle?-05 Jan 1942
Archer, Joseph Alfred3/257 GR/AM13Jobs Close, Lodge Road85C-01 May 1994Dow
Argent, Charles Frederick1/75 CY/G7Knowle?-31 May 1902
Argent, Hannah1/75 CY/G71 Western Road, Birmingham?-21 Feb 1941
Arkinstall, Beatrice May2/127 CY/BF61 Frederick Road, Sparkhill80B-04 Feb 1961
Arkinstall, Charles2/127 CY/BF61198 Warwick Road, Knowle?-08 May 1947
Arnott, Betty Frances3/233 GR/AI1555a Kenilworth Road, Knowle84C-24 Jan 1992Dow
Arnott, Francis George3/233 GR/AI1555a Kenilworth Road, Knowle88C-18 Jul 1992Dow[Not entered in the Alphabetical Index]
Arrowsmith, Victor2/665 CY/AP21Tile House Farm?-03 Sep 1935
Ashen, Mabel3/450 GR/T4The Priory Nursing Home, Monkspath92C-21 Apr 2009HamleyFormerly St Johns Close.
Ashen, Sidney George Nelson3/450 GR/T425 St Johns Close, Knowle95C-25 Nov 2008Hamley
Ashley-Smith, Elizabeth00 #N/A?-02 Apr 1974[Ashes scattered but not stated where, therefore no section or plot record.]
Ashmore, Ann Esther2/535 CY/AF18Knowle?-28 Dec 1926
Ashmore, Barbara Joyce1/253 CY/O15Longmore Nursing Home, 118 Longmore Road83C-07 May 2008DutschPreviously Longdon Road, Knowle. Alphabetical Index says 7 May 2010.
Ashmore, Edith2/327 CY/AV12Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-10 Jun 1939
Ashmore, Ernest George2/805 CY/AY251 Grimshaw Villas, Hampton Road72?-30 Nov 1977After cremation.
Ashmore, Frederick George1/253 CY/O15Longmore Nursing Home87C-15 Jul 2008DutschPreviously of Longdon Road.
Ashmore, James2/327 CY/AV1268 Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-05 Apr 1950
Ashmore, John Heny1/499 CY/J26Golden End, Knowle?-22 Feb 1915
Ashmore, Mary2/805 CY/AY25The Willows, 38/39 Westminster Road86?-13 Mar 1992After cremation.
Ashmore, Percy Owen2/44 CY/BL4141 Longdon Road, Knowle49?-30 Nov 1956
Ashmore, Raymond George William2/805 CY/AY25Grimshaw Villas, Hampton Road?-04 Mar 1952
Ashton, James2/61 CY/AT44 Milverton Road, Knowle?-23 Nov 1939
Ashton, Jane2/61 CY/AT4Stafford Street, Oakengates?-08 Apr 1953
Askew, John5/4 MAP/5?-1895First name only. Row 05
Aslin, Ellen Susannah2/191 CY/BK777 St Johns Close, Knowle68?-24 Feb 1965
Aslin, Reginald2/191 CY/BK7Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle?-27 May 1954
Assinder, William1/422 CY/H23Birmingham General Hospital?-02 Nov 1906
Astbury, Robert Howard1/447 CY/S24MCI (Midland Counties Institution), Knowle?-27 Mar 1915
Astley, Maria Louise2/184 CY/BD711 George Road, Solihull?-30 Apr 1948
Astley, William Henry2/184 CY/BD71 George Road, Solihull?-28 Dec 1946
Atherton, Ernest1/173 CY/U667 Longdon Road, Knowle72?-05 Jan 1983
Atkins, Winifred Elsie2/172 CY/AQ7126 Damson Lane, Solihull82C-24 Feb 1999Upton[Cremation presumed, not stated.]
Aucote, Albert Edward2/133 CY/AY6Parklands, Callow Hill88B-28 Jan 1993Hamley
Aucote, Amy Freda2/348 CY/BL13Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-03 May 1955
Aucote, Elizabeth2/341 CY/BJ121599 Warwick Road, Knowle?-01 Mar 1955
Aucote, Joseph Henry2/348 CY/BL13Warwick Road, Knowle82?-07 Jul 1958Died Selly Oak, Hospital.
Aucote, Sarah2/133 CY/AY61619 Warwick Road, Knowle?-21 Feb 1980
Aucote, William Henry2/341 CY/BJ12238 Elmay Road, Sheldon88B-14 May 1996Hamley
Austin, Alexander Geoffrey3/58 GR/S1933 Ravenscroft Road, Solihull56C-28 Sep 1976Rusher
Austin, Catherine Murphy Riddick3/58 GR/S19Yardley Grange, 465 Church Street95C-13 May 2018AshtonCatharine in the Plot Register, Catherine in the Burial Register. Formerly of 33 Ravenscroft Road, Solihull.
Averiss, Joyce2/816 CY/AM25121 Widney Road, Knowle62?-13 Sep 1984
Axe, Charles2/770 CY/AU2423 St. Johns Close, Knowle74?-04 Jan 1984
Axe, Margaret2/770 CY/AU24Flat 8 Maple Dene Residential Home, 10-14 St Agnes Road90B-06 Jul 2001Hamley
Ayles, Leslie George3/548 GR/BM5Gracewell of Knowle Gate, 1331 Warwick Road88C-15 Sep 2016Parker
Ayres, Blanche Emily2/179 CY/AX7Station Road, Dorridge?-02 Aug 1944
Ayres, Ellen2/313 CY/AF12Knowle?-15 May 1926
Ayres, Sarah Annie1/206 CY/L13Lodge Road, Knowle?-13 May 1911
Ayres, William1/206 CY/L13Lodge Road, Knowle?-17 Jan 1948
Ayres, William Henry2/179 CY/AX7Station Road, Dorridge?-07 Dec 1941
Ayto, John Edward3/1052 GR/CG257 Crabmill Close, Knowle84C-24 Jul 2021Lanham
Bache, David Ernest3/278 GR/AQ353 Lady Byron Lane, Knowle69C-24 Feb 1995RichardsDuplicate Date Order Register entry number.
Bache, Doreen Elizabeth3/278 GR/AQ3Birchmere Care Home, 1270 Warwick Road88C-21 Oct 2017Ashton
Badland, Harry Stanley1/126A CY/Q924 Stourton Close, Knowle84B-28 Mar 2001Parker[Not entered in Burial Register.]
Badland, Vera May1/126A CY/Q924 Stourton C|lose, Knowle80B-14 Jan 2000Parker
Baggaley, Alice2/544 CY/AP18Knowle?-16 Feb 1935Died at Mental Asylum, Hatton. [Spelling as per gravestone - Burial Register shows Bagley.]
Baggaley, Ellen2/261 CY/BE9Grove Road, Knowle?-03 May 1949[Burial Register shows LL but gravestone shows only one L in the surname and age 65.]
Baggaley, Fanny2/542 CY/AN18Knowle?-26 May 1932[Burial register spells it as Bagley.]
Baggaley, George Henry2/542 CY/AN18Knowle?-26 Apr 1933[Burial register spells it as Bagley.]
Baggaley, Maria2/544 CY/AP18Grove Road, Knowle?-18 Oct 1943[Spelling as per gravestone. Burial Register and Alphabetical Index show Baggely.]
Baggley, Alice1/320 CY/M18Knowle?-10 Jun 1918
Baggley, William1/320 CY/M18Knowle?-08 Feb 1917
Bagshaw, Jeffrey Hugh2/284 CY/AZ1037 Winster Avenue, Dorridge86C-04 Oct 2006Hamley
Bagshaw, Mary Dorothy2/284 CY/AZ10The Paddock, Bentley Heath?-04 May 1944
Bailey, Charles2/387 CY/AF14Highfield Cottage, Knowle?-30 Apr 1926
Bailey, Derek Brian3/429 GR/N286 Alveston Grove, Knowle76C-03 Apr 2011Tsipouras
Bailey, Harold Keir3/116 GR/AX10125 St Johns Close, Knowle74?-21 Jun 1981Rusher
Bailey, Jill Valerie3/429 GR/N286 Alveston Grove, Knowle69C-16 Nov 2006Trethewey
Bailey, Joan1/519 CY/Q2764 Longdon Road, Knowle69?-12 Aug 1988Joan could be Jean.
Bailey, Kathleen Margery3/76 GR/AX932 Whitacre Road, Knowle70?-22 Apr 1978Aveyard
Bailey, Monica Madeleine2/155 CY/AB6Willow Grange, 119 St Bernards Road99B-04 Feb 2015McHugh
Bailey, Richard Henry2/155 CY/AB6225 Station Road, Knowle61?-11 Jul 1979
Bailey, Thomas John Henry (Harry)1/519 CY/Q2764 Longdon Road, Knowle73?-03 Sep 1990
Baines, Hannah Claire1/11A CY/N3210 Longdon Road, Knowle0?-06 Aug 1982Child's grave at rear (west) of Jonathan's grave - 40 minutes old.
Baines, Marjorie1/11A CY/N33 Tibberton Close, Solihull69C-28 Apr 2007JonesChild's grave at rear (west) of Jonathan Andrews' grave.
Baker, Dorothy May2/444 CY/AO15Knowle?-09 Mar 1934
Baker, Gerald Anthony3/287A GR/AR27 Patterson Court, Kenilworth Road67C-27 Oct 2010Hamley
Baker, Heather Susan3/202 GR/R9Flat 12 Woolacoombe Court, South Street0?-15 Sep 1989GanjaviBaby, 22 days. Usual residence 7 Sylvia Close, Basingstoke, Hampshire.
Baker, Kathlyn2/811A CY/AR2519 Paterson Court, Knowle77B-12 Apr 1994RichardsAshes at foot of grave - centre.
Baker, Leslie2/811A CY/AR25Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham83B-08 Sep 1995RichardsAshes at foot of grave - centre. Paterson Court, Knowle
Baker, Peter8/5 MAP/8?-1843First name only
Baker, Robert Joseph2/811A CY/AR2596 Kenilworth Road, Knowle45?-22 Jul 1992Double Grave. No date in Burial Register, only in Alphabetical Index.
Baker, Samuel Philip James3/1053 GR/CG313 Michael Blanning House, Wake Green Park24C-10 Sep 2021Ashton
Baker, Sidney2/444 CY/AO1526 Egerton Road, Bishopton71?-11 Apr 1967
Baker, William1/461 CY/D24Midland Counties Institute (MCI), Knowle?-01 Jun 1916
Balchin, Allan Edgar3/126 GR/S152 Louise Court, Widney Lane79?-11 Jun 1982Rusher
Balchin, Daisy Wyatt3/373 GR/BW573 Mockley Wood Road, Knowle92C-06 Jul 2001Hamley
Balchin, Lewis Gordon3/373 GR/BW573 Mockley Wood Road, Knowle86C-06 Nov 2003Russell
Balchin, Winifred Marion3/131 GR/S162 Louise Court, Widney Lane76?-05 Nov 1982MoberlyWest of and adjoining Plot 126.
Balden, Edith Mary2/305 CY/AD102 Greenfield Crescent, Birmingham?-07 Dec 1954
Balden, Edward Howard2/305 CY/AD10139 Hagley Road, Edgbaston?-29 Jul 1925
Balfry, Eric Charles Stephenson3/498 GR/D241 Broadfern Road, Knowle99C-10 Jun 2012Parker
Balfry, Nellie3/498 GR/D24Sunrise Senior Living, 1 Worcester Way97C-07 Apr 2013Parker
Ball, Annie Elizabeth1/200 CY/F13Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-10 May 1950
Ball, Annie Goode1/201 CY/G13Knowle?-11 May 1922[Both Register and Index ambiguous about Bull/Ball but gravestone is clear as Ball.]
Ball, Edith Mary2/902 CY/AB2816 Kenilworth Road, Knowle93?-18 Jan 1963
Ball, Jessie2/174 CY/AS7Heronfield, Knowle?-10 Dec 1938
Ball, June Heather2/174 CY/AS71A Raddlebarn Road, Selly Oak?-13 Jun 1947
Ball, Margaret Emma2/573 CY/BI19The Crofts Nursing Home, Abbots Bromley83C-15 Aug 1997HamleyCremated remains on right-hand side.
Ball, Margaret Sophia2/573 CY/BI1930 Ardenvale Road, Knowle83?-08 May 1970
Ball, Samuel1/201 CY/G13Knowle?-13 Nov 1911[Both Register and Index ambiguous about Bull/Ball but gravestone is clear as Ball.]
Ball, William Henry2/573 CY/BI1930 Ardenvale Road, Knowle?-14 Feb 1951
Ball, William Herbert2/781 CY/BF242141 Warwick Road, Knowle?-06 Dec 1950[Also shown as Herbert William.]
Ballard, Sarah2/910 CY/AL28Friendly Inn, Gloucester Way83C-19 Feb 2004Tillett
Bampton, Beatrice Mary3/292 GR/BK21Bablake House, Meriden93C-13 Apr 2007Hamley
Bampton, Ernest3/292 GR/BK2134 Chantry Heath Crescent, Knowle83C-04 Oct 1995Dow
Band, Alfred James2/954 CY/AX29190 Station Road, Knowle93?-24 Mar 1966James Alfred in Alphabetical Index.
Band, Ethel2/954 CY/AX2915 Beddington Gardens, Wallington105C-29 Apr 2009Hill-BrownCasket with ashes in centre of plot.
Bannister, Martha1/358 CY/T20Knowle?-12 Dec 1918
Bannocks, Archie3/545 GR/BM11Mockley Manor Nursing Home, Fordhall Lane85C-07 Aug 2016Parker
Bannocks, Violet Joan Lilian3/545 GR/BM11Apartment 5, Catherine Place94?-01 Apr 2020Lanham[Section and Grave assumed]
Barber, Alfred George2/562 CY/BJ1886 Grange Road, Packwood?-15 Nov 1950
Barber, Annie2/562 CY/BJ18Hall Farm, Kenilworth Road86?-25 Oct 1967
Barber, Micheal2/655 CY/BA2120 Brookvale Road, Olton?-22 Jan 1944Spelling of Micheal (sic) in both Burial Register and Alphabetical Index.
Barbieri, Antonio1/571 CY/AA307 Crabmill Close, Knowle85B-14 Aug 2020McHugh
Barker, Douglas Henry2/1016 CY/BH321322 Warwick Road, Knowle46?-25 May 1976
Barker, Jean Hilda2/1016 CY/BH325 Bablake Croft, Olton77C-20 Jul 2005Leach
Barlow, Albert2/116 CY/AC5Bakers Lane, Knowle?-03 Dec 1927
Barlow, Arthur2/972 CY/AD29258 Bakers Lane, Knowle80?-12 Jan 1973Single grave.
Barlow, Beryl Mary2/117 CY/AB5Knowle?-21 May 1927
Barlow, Betty Olive2/117 CY/AB5Heronfield, Knowle?-16 May 1927
Barlow, David Nigel2/870 CY/BH2710 Milton Close, Bentley Heath79C-23 Jul 2017AshtonAshes centre front.
Barlow, Elizabeth2/116 CY/AC5Bakers Lane, Knowle?-18 Dec 1935
Barlow, Florence2/189 CY/BI7258 Bakers Lane, Knowle?-10 Jan 1952
Barlow, Ida Isobel2/870 CY/BH27Station Road, Knowle87?-07 Aug 1985Died at Arden Lodge, East Birmingham Hospital.
Barlow, Percy Albert2/870 CY/BH27The Black Boy, Heronfield62?-04 Jan 1958
Barlow, Sydney Charles2/189 CY/BI7Bakers Lane, Knowle22?-08 Jan 1957Died at Little Bromwich Hospital.
Barlow, Victor Chadwick2/118 CY/AA5Bakers Lane, Knowle?-30 Oct 1926
Barlow, Violet2/971 CY/AE29258 Bakers Lane69?-13 May 1967Single grave.
Barnes, Frank Henry2/188 CY/BH7Stratford-upon-Avon HospitalB-08 Jan 1970Alphabetical Index says Barns.
Barns, Margaret2/188 CY/BH71292 Warwick Road, Copt Heath?-08 Dec 1949
Barnsley, Louisa Eliza2/782 CY/BG2447 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-26 Sep 1949
Barnsley, William Richard2/782 CY/BG2447 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-22 Jun 1950
Barr, Charles James3/240 GR/AL1614 Paterson Court, Knowle84C-22 Jun 1995ThorpeIncorrectly stated at Patterson.
Barr, Doris Mary3/240 GR/AL1614 Paterson Court, Knowle79?-10 Jul 1992Pitkeathly
Barr, Edith Annie2/689 CY/AM2213 New Cottages, Shottery Road69?-03 Oct 1984Ashes of.
Barr, Francis Alice1/401 CY/U22Temple Balsall Hospital, Temple Balsall?-21 Sep 1942
Barr, Sarah Celia2/388 CY/AG14Knowle?-06 Jul 1935
Barr, Thomas2/388 CY/AG14Knowle?-01 Nov 1926
Barrows, Helen2/927 CY/BD28Jobs Close78?-11 Oct 1960
Bartlett, Alfred2/911 CY/AM28Poplar Road, Dorridge72?-09 Mar 1979
Bartlett, Charlotte Lavinia2/911 CY/AM28Poplar Road, Dorridge80?-29 Mar 1962
Batchelor, Arter Frank1/551 CY/X29200 Kenilworth Road, Knowle56?-10 Nov 1967Alphabetical Index says Bachelor.
Batchelor, Arthur Henry2/878 CY/AZ27Swallow Meadow Home, Shirley87?-20 Jun 1966Alphabetical Index says Bachelor.
Batchelor, Charles Edward2/147 CY/AK692 Widney Road, Bentley Heath76?-13 Aug 1980
Batchelor, Edith Lucy2/878 CY/AZ27Summerfield Buildings, Warwick Road80?-20 May 1958
Batchelor, Greville2/8 CY/AI3Yew Tree Cottage, Mill Lane?-02 Jun 1936
Batchelor, Millicent Mary2/147 CY/AK692 Widney Road, Bentley Heath78?-12 Aug 1986
Bateman, John William3/363 GR/BU13210 Station Road, Knowle49C-30 Aug 2000Dewes
Bateman, Olive Agnes3/193 GR/M1149 Ardenvale Road, Knowle82?-30 Sep 1988Dow
Bateman, Paul Stephen1/218A CY/Y13144 Station Road, Knowle65B-21 Aug 2000DewesIncorrectly stated in Alphabetical Index as being in Section II not Section I.
Bateman, Stephen Norman3/193 GR/M11Jobs Close, Knowle96C-08 Jun 2000Dewes
Bateman, Walter1/367 CY/J20Workhouse, Solihull?-12 Mar 1909
Bates, Florence Rhoda Mary2/745 CY/AJ23Knowle?-27 Nov 1933
Bates, Harry2/888 CY/AN27279 Widney Road, Bentley Heath75?-30 Dec 1958
Bates, Mary Ann1/188 CY/N12Knowle?-25 Jun 1916
Bates, Violet Irene3/351 GR/BT1147 Hampton Road, Knowle82C-26 Oct 2005Hamley
Bates, William1/188 CY/N12Knowle?-19 May 1934
Batsford, Albert2/432 CY/BB15Station Road, Knowle?-20 Aug 1943
Batsford, Albert William2/193 CY/BM7157 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle63?-06 May 1963Alphabetical Index says 7 May.
Batsford, Alice Maud2/432 CY/BB15Station Road, Knowle?-06 Oct 1950
Batsford, Beatrice May1/259 CY/V15Station Road, Knowle?-05 Nov 1919
Batsford, Phyllis Alberta2/193 CY/BM7157 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle90?-02 Sep 1992Died at Brookvale, 111 Warwick Road, Knowle.
Baughan, Beatrice May1/465 CY/G25Midland Counties Institute (MCI), Knowle?-30 Jul 1904Uncertain spelling of surname.
Baulcombe, Frederick2/103 CY/AQ5Browns Lane, Bentley Heath?-08 Feb 1938
Baulcombe, Helena Frances2/985 CY/AZ3010 Dassett Road, Bentley Heath85?-20 Mar 1986Ganjavi
Baulcombe, Henry2/985 CY/AZ3041 Four Ashes Road, Bentley Heath78?-25 Mar 1971
Baulcombe, Selina2/103 CY/AQ5Browns Lane, Bentley Heath?-14 Oct 1939
Baxter, Alfred Christopher (Jim)1/542 CY/K28Broadoak House, Chessetts Wood Road78?-11 Aug 1989
Baxter, Ellen Mary1/542 CY/K28Broadoaks House, Chessetts Wood Road90C-16 Sep 1997Russell
Baxter, Ernest Edward2/964 CY/AN291A Winchcombe Road, Solihull81?-26 Jan 1967
Baxter, Maud1/542 CY/K28Tile Cross House, Bentley Heath?-05 Jun 1954
Baxter, William Alfred1/542 CY/K28Tile Cross House, bentley Heath?-10 Nov 1936
Baxter, William Marston1/542 CY/K28The Rickyard, Barston Lane72?-09 Jun 1977
Baylay, Georgina Fanny2/232 CY/AA8Foremark, Knowle?-22 Nov 1924
Bayley, James10/13 MAP/10?-1859First name only
Bayley, Lewis10/18 MAP/10?-1898First name only
Bayley, Samuel10/16 MAP/10?-1864First name only
Bayliss, Ellen1/411 CY/J22Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-31 Jan 1924
Bayliss, Frederick (Jack)3/369 GR/BW2Swallows Meadow Nursing Home, Shirley94C-11 Dec 2005Leach
Bayliss, Ida Emily2/570 CY/BL191553 Warwick Road, Knowle75?-19 Apr 1985
Bayliss, John Frederick2/570 CY/BL191553 Warwick Road, Knowle85?-13 Jun 1968Alphabetical Index says Frederick John. Ashes in centre of grave.
Bayliss, Kathleen Maud3/335 GR/BQ3Penderells Nursing Home, Meriden87C-03 Feb 1999Dewes
Bayliss, Maud Emma2/401 CY/AV1426 Wilsons Road, Knowle80?-14 Feb 1963
Bayliss, Phyllis Maud3/369 GR/BW21555 Warwick Road, Knowle85C-06 Apr 2001Parker
Bayliss, Sarah Ann2/570 CY/BL19Knowle?-28 May 1953[Date also marked as 1955 but unlikely.]
Bazan, Antonio1/397A CY/Y22208 Longdon Road, Knowle56B-15 Nov 2002LeachFormerly Antonio Bazan? Encimas ?
Beach, Joanetta2/31 CY/BG34 Church Walk, Lubenham92B-16 May 2018Dimes
Beach, Wilfred Clifford2/31 CY/BG3Kixley Lane, Knowle52?-10 Mar 1972Died at Solihull Hospital. [Note in space for 2nd interment - Double grave but in bad state of collapse, not fit for second interment for ? Years.]
Beale, Cecily Muriel Reynolds1/262 CY/Z15Knowle?-26 Oct 1934
Beames, Annie2/368 CY/AR13Lodge Road, Knowle?-07 Feb 1936Died at 1 Lode lane, Solihull.
Beames, Edith2/368 CY/AR1320 Dudley Park Road, Birmingham 2779?-01 Dec 1960
Beasley, Elizabeth5/6 MAP/5?-1897First name only. Row 11
Beasley, John Henry1/175 CY/W61 The Green, Solihull97B-20 Feb 2013Tompkins
Beasley, Marjorie Lucy3/359 GR/BU576 Ardenvale Road, Knowle84C-13 Apr 2000Russell
Beasley, Roger John (Michael)1/175 CY/W672 Ardenvale Road, Knowle41?-29 Dec 1982
Beasley, Thomas1/315 CY/S18Knowle?-26 Nov 1918
Beaufoy, Lily Gertrude1/54 CY/K519 Piddock Street, Birmingham?-17 Sep 1906
Beaufoy, Sarah1/303 CY/V1758 Widney Road, Bentley Heath?-25 Mar 1954
Beaufoy, Sarah5/2 MAP/5?-1861First name only. Row 11
Beazley, Hilda Mary3/120 GR/K1591 Longdon Road, Knowle90?-24 Apr 1987Thorpe
Beazley, William James3/120 GR/K1591 Longdon Road, Knowle73?-10 Dec 1981Rusher
Bebb, Clara2/412 CY/BG1419 Lodge Road, Knowle77?-19 Jul 1956
Bebb, Robert2/412 CY/BG1419 Lodge Road, Knowle?-08 Jul 1948
Bedward, Paul Kenneth3/177 GR/X126 Bridge Meadow Drive, Knowle6?-28 May 1986Ganjavi
Beech, Richard1/316 CY/Q18Knowle?-19 Jun 1918Beech in Burial Register but Beach in Alphabetical Index.
Beech, Vera Mary2/1038 CY/AX31104 Redlands Road, Solihull53?-27 Jun 1975
Beer, Clarice Freda2/275 CY/BJ1032 Broadfern Road, Knowle60?-21 Nov 1963
Beer, John Frederick2/275 CY/BJ104 Cyprus Road, Exmouth83?-28 Jul 1972
Beer, John Michael2/275 CY/BJ10Santa Clara, California49?-09 Oct 1982Middle of grave.
Beere, Mary Elizabeth2/437 CY/AW15187 Tilehouse Green Lane, Bentley heath?-24 Aug 1940
Beesley, Arthur2/872 CY/BF2721 Redlands Road, Solihull80C-17 May 1994RichardsAlphabetical Index says 17 May.
Beesley, Benjamin2/872 CY/BF2798 Lodge Road, Knowle80?-15 Feb 1958Died in Solihull Hospital. Alphabetical Index says January not February.
Beesley, Benjamin Harold3/307 GR/BN11Swallows Meadow, Shirley88C-05 Feb 1997Russell
Beesley, Constance May3/307 GR/BN11Swallows Meadow Nursing Home, Shirley95C-09 Mar 2006Bradford
Beesley, David3/350 GR/BT796 Alexandra House, Hillborough Road79C-08 Dec 1999HamleyPreviously Hampton Road, Knowle.
Beesley, Dorothy Emma2/644 CY/BL211439 Warwick Road, Knowle81?-16 Jan 1986Single Grave. Daughter of Benjamin and Mary.
Beesley, Florence Rose3/166 GR/S137 Milton Road, Bentley Heath?-15 May 1990DowAge not stated.
Register 7 Mitton Road
Beesley, Henry2/447 CY/AL15Knowle?-21 Nov 1930
Beesley, Kathleen Imelda2/872 CY/BF2721 Redlands Close, Solihull94C-17 Apr 2009BradfordRegisters differ, one says Redlands Close one says Redlands Road.
Beesley, Lillian2/447 CY/AL1511 Hampton Road, Knowle76?-20 Apr 1957Mrs.
Beesley, Mary Elizabeth2/872 CY/BF271439 Warwick Road, Knowle?-11 Dec 1961
Beesley, Thomas3/166 GR/S13134 Lodge Road, Knowle74?-23 Oct 1984Moberly
Bell, Florence May3/448 GR/X4Swallows Meadow Nursing Home97C-08 Jan 2016AshtonFormerly at 3 Stourton Close, Knowle B93 9NP.
Bell, John Trevor3/448 GR/X43 Stourton Close, Knowle91C-28 Oct 2008Hamley
Bellamy, Anne1/541 CY/L2827 Lodge Road, Knowle?-29 May 1941
Bellamy, Ernest John1/407 CY/N22Dorridge?-13 Apr 1927
Bemand, Wendy Joy2/842A CY/AR2627 Knightcote Drive, Monkspath44?-13 Aug 1992Double grave.
Benjamin, Rita1/566 CY/H2940 St Lawrence Close, Knowle57B-18 Feb 2011Parker
Bennett, Rose2/943 CY/BI29Mill Lane, Bentley Heath58?-09 Mar 1965
Bennison, Vera3/376 GR/BW910 St Anne's Grove, Knowle85C-16 Feb 2002Hamley
Bennitt, William Herbert1/240 CY/E14140 Station Road, Knowle?-07 Feb 1947
Bensa, Harry Romeril1/536 CY/Q28Rosslyn, Chessetts Wood Road?-15 Sep 1945
Benson, Dorothea2/300 CY/AI1010 Amesbury Road, Moseley?-24 Jan 1950After cremation.
Benson, Dorothy2/300 CY/AI10Moseley, Birmingham?-27 Jun 1934
Benson, Frederick William2/300 CY/AI1094 Alcester Road, Moseley?-11 May 1938After cremation.
Benson, Mildred2/300 CY/AI1010 Amesbury Road, Moseley79?-14 Jan 1964After cremation.
Benson, William Joseph2/300 CY/AI10Moseley?-01 Feb 1930
Bentley, Hugo Leonard2/244 CY/AL9Knowle?-10 Jan 1933
Bentley, Mary Jane2/244 CY/AL9Knowle?-23 Oct 1933
Berry, Annie Marie2/478 CY/AY1696 Waste Lane, Knowle?-19 Mar 1942[Renamed Longdon Road]
Berry, Douglas Harry3/462 GR/O331 Easenhall Close, Knowle81C-23 Dec 2009Parker
Berry, George Herbert1/428 CY/N23Dorridge?-07 Feb 1911
Berry, Winifred Annie1/428 CY/N23Dorridge Cottages, Knowle?-27 Aug 1910
Betson, Gertrude Mary1/21 CY/X31300 Warwick Road, Knowle?-05 Mar 1942
Betson, Lucy1/21 CY/X313 Warwick Road, Knowle?-24 Sep 19411300 not 13?
Bettesworth, Dennis Victor Rodney3/553 GR/BL920 Purnell Way, Knowle90C-09 Jun 2021Ashton
Bettesworth, Marian3/553 GR/BL920 Purnells Way, Knowle84C-30 Oct 2016ParkerNo death date stated.
Betts, Charles Stanley2/645 CY/BK21Solihull Hospital, Solihull?-20 May 1954
Bevis, George Thomas2/11 CY/AL3Croft Cottage, Bakers Lane?-17 Mar 1937
Bewley, Sarah1/386 CY/P21Knowle?-12 Oct 1916
Bicknell, George Henry2/57 CY/AX415 Holland Avenue, Knowle68?-16 Dec 1981
Biddle, Sarah10/40 MAP/10?-1848First name only
Bigsworth, Emily Rebecca2/476 CY/AW16Jobs Close, Lodge Road?-07 Dec 1972After cremation, bottom half of grave.
Bigsworth, Harold2/476 CY/AW1690 Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-26 Jun 1956
Bigsworth, Jane2/476 CY/AW1682 Station Road, Knowle?-20 Jan 1941
Billingham, Hilda Olive3/191 GR/Q1119 Hollyhock Road, Hall Green75?-07 Jul 1988Dow
Billington, A A1/511 CY/I27[No address]17?-08 Apr 1932
Billington, Leslie Joseph2/903 CY/AC28?-21 Dec 1990Entry omitted from Burial Register, assumed to be second interment in this plot. Address not stated.
Billington, William Howard2/903 CY/AC28Grimshaw Villas, Hampton Road76?-11 Jan 1963
Billsom, Thomas2/600 CY/AF19Knowle?-21 Jun 1927
Billson, Clarice Charlotte2/713 CY/BL22Lodge Road, Knowle?-09 Jun 1978No date in Burial Register, only in Alphabetical Index.
Billson, Herbert Stanley3/45 GR/X1893 Lodge Road, Knowle71C-07 Jan 1976Rusher
Birchinall, Alfred Charles2/205 CY/BD83 Milverton Road, Knowle?-05 Feb 1947
Birchley, Mollie Irene2/134 CY/AX636 Widney Road, Knowle78B-12 Aug 2015Parker
Bird, Diana Margaret2/202 CY/BG8171 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle69C-13 Jun 2013UptonAshes casket in centre. Plot register says 11 June not 13 June. Register incorrectly states Officiating Minister as Dr J Upton.
Bird, George3/260 GR/AN11171 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle84?-23 Dec 1993BatesWooden casket.
Bird, Harry2/618 CY/AP20Knowle?-20 Jun 1935
Bird, Ida Margaret3/260 GR/AN11Jobs Close Home, Lodge Road99C-21 May 2014UptonWooden casket.
Bird, Joan Harrison3/557 GR/BK3Berry Hill Park Care Centre, Berry Hill Lane84C-04 Nov 2018Ashton
Bird, John Clement3/557 GR/BK34 Holland Avenue, Knowle83C-05 Feb 2017Parker
Bird, Sarah2/164 CY/AH7Sarehole Road, Hall Green90?-12 Sep 1967
Bird, Sarah Ann1/54 CY/K5Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-11 Apr 1918
Birks, Edna Violet2/831 CY/AF2621 Ardenvale Road, Knowle78?-22 Sep 1987
Bishop, Ada Annie1/261 CY/X15Knowle?-19 May 1928
Bishop, Charles1/256 CY/S15Highfield Military Hospital, Notting Ash?-26 May 1917
Bishop, Emma1/39 CY/K4Hampton Lane, Knowle?-27 Aug 1906
Bishop, Fanny1/256 CY/S15163 Tilehouse Green Lane, Bentley Heath?-11 Mar 1950
Bishop, John2/454 CY/AD15Knowle?-01 Feb 1924
Bishop, Samuel1/39 CY/K4Knowle?-05 May 1916
Bishop, Walter2/654 CY/BB21Station Road, Knowle?-13 Mar 1944
Black, Elizabeth Dewar3/573 GR/BH649 St Johns Close, Knowle96C-13 May 2018Peachey
Blackshaw, Elizabeth1/52 CY/I5Lodge Road, Knowle?-16 Dec 1903
Blakeman, Catherine5/4 MAP/5?-1927First name only. Row 04
Blatch, Amy Gertrude1/612 CY/O3014 Geoffrey Road, Shirley87?-22 Oct 1968Alphabetical Index says Alma, not Amy. Old burial ground. Far right hand side near junction with Section I.
Blatch, William5/6 MAP/5?-1900First name only. Row 16
Blizzard, Marjorie Pauline1/350A CY/Y1920 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle53B-30 Jul 2001DewesKnown as Pauline.
Blizzard, Sarah Ann2/629 CY/BB20Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-07 Jul 1952
Blizzard, William2/629 CY/BB20Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-06 Mar 1944
Blood, Joseph Robert Udale3/173 GR/AG1387 Fallowfield Road, Solihull65?-08 Jan 1986Seamer
Bloore, Peter Michael2/591A CY/AQ1976 Barcheston Road, Knowle?-27 Feb 1992Double Grave. Alphabetical Index says 17 February.
Bloxham, Madeline Suy1/388 CY/S21Midland Counties Institute (MCI), Knowle?-07 Nov 1918
Bluck, Maurice3/1003 GR/BY2063 Landor Road, Knowle94C-15 Dec 2019Ashton
Blundell, Achsah2/430 CY/BD15343 Widney Road, Bentley Heath95?-13 Dec 1956
Blundell, Ann Eliza2/548 CY/AU18Station Road, Knowle?-24 Feb 1950
Blundell, Annie Elizabeth2/548 CY/AU18Station Road, Knowle?-13 Jul 1939
Blundell, Elizabeth Ann Stanley1/276 CY/M16Knowle?-20 Jan 1931
Blundell, Emma2/485 CY/BF16High Street, Knowle?-26 Apr 1949
Blundell, Frances1/196 CY/F12Knowle?-17 Aug 1904
Blundell, Francis2/415 CY/BJ1433 Avenue Road, Dorridge84?-04 Mar 1965
Blundell, George Edward2/402 CY/AW1484 Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-13 Mar 1940
Blundell, Henry3/65 GR/AU765 Longdon Road, Knowle82C-26 Jan 1977Rusher
Blundell, John2/349 CY/BK13High Street, Knowle?-14 Aug 1951
Blundell, John Charles Richard2/221 CY/AL8Knowle?-02 Sep 1935
Blundell, John Fletcher1/313 CY/U18Sparkbrook?-12 Jun 1920
Blundell, John Fletcher1/276 CY/M16Knowle?-22 Mar 1913
Blundell, Mary Ann2/485 CY/BF16High Street, Knowle?-09 Jul 1947
Blundell, Mary Ann2/415 CY/BJ1433 Avenue Road, Dorridge?-17 May 1951
Blundell, Richard2/557 CY/BE1816 Station Road, Knowle?-16 Aug 1945
Blundell, Sarah Lucy3/65 GR/AU765 Longdon Road, Knowle77C-26 Jan 1977Rusher
Blundell, Sophia1/325 CY/H18Lodge Road, Knowle?-30 Oct 1914
Blundell, William2/430 CY/BD15Station Road, Knowle?-01 Dec 1945
Blunt, Dorothy Sybil2/783 CY/BH24Penlee Nursing Home, Uphill Road North88?-12 Feb 1991After cremation. Casket under South side of grave.
Blunt, Stanley George2/783 CY/BH24Blyth, Station Road?-07 Jul 1950
Blythe, David Anthony2/950 CY/BB29Attree Lodge, Dingle Lane17B-27 Nov 1965
Blythe, Jean Elisabeth2/950 CY/BB29Russet Cottage, The Orchard92C-21 Oct 2009Hamley
Blythe, Matthew Clark2/950 CY/BB29Tiddington Fields, Main Street75C-13 Jan 1988HowardSingle Grave.
Boddington, Walter1/9 CY/L2Station Road, Knowle?-16 Jun 1903
Boffey, Peter David3/415 GR/S23The Coach House, Birchinsale Farm66C-10 Mar 2005Hamley
Bolding, Amelia Lucas2/293 CY/AQ10Bentley Heath, Solihull?-26 Feb 1936
Bolding, John Frederick2/293 CY/AQ10Bentley Heath, Solihull?-23 Nov 1935
Boldry, Ellen2/970 CY/AF2948 Station Road, Knowle79?-09 Mar 1967Single grave.
Boldry, Horace Henry2/840 CY/AO2667 Hampton Road, Knowle78?-26 Jan 1956Single Grave.
Boldry, Jane Elizabeth1/247 CY/I15Llandudno?-10 Oct 1933
Boldry, Richard1/247 CY/I15Bentley Heath, Solihull?-15 Mar 1910
Boldry, Sarah Jane1/247 CY/I1534 Sisters Avenue, London47?-27 Feb 1971
Bond, Peter2/1050 CY/AJ3046 Starbold Crescent, Knowle79B-02 Jul 2015Edgerton
Bonnett, Henry John2/671 CY/AJ21Coleshill?-13 May 1933Burial Register omits John, only shown in the Alphabetical Index.
Bonnick, John Bryan2/541 CY/AM18Knowle?-07 Nov 1931
Booth, Karen3/268 GR/AP5Rubery Hill Lane, Rubery28C-27 Jul 1994Dow
Booth, Samuel4/9 MAP/4?-1898First name only. Row 02
Booth, Samuel Tertius1/417 CY/D22London Road, Worcester?-08 Nov 1922
Boston, Dionysius10/30 MAP/10?-1862First name only
Boston, John1/382 CY/L21Workhouse Infirmary, Solihull?-21 Aug 1910
Boston, Martha10/31 MAP/10?-1890First name only
Boston, Mary10/35 MAP/10?-1802First name only
Boston, Thomas9/11 MAP/9?-1831First name only
Boston, William7/10 MAP/7?-1815First name only
Boswell, Larance7/3 MAP/7?-1815First name only
Bott, Josiah1/523 CY/V2716 Wilsons Road, Knowle55?-28 Feb 1964
Bott, Lillian Fanny1/523 CY/V27384 Tessall Lane, Northfield94?-20 Nov 1975
Boucher, Garry3/1015 GR/CF922 Crabmill Close, Knowle78C-26 Nov 2021Ashton
Bowcott, Rosemary3/528 GR/AK419 Beaminster Road, Solihull82C-18 Aug 2019Ashton
Bowcott, Roy Price3/528 GR/AK419 Beaminster Road, Solihull83C-28 Nov 2014Hamley
Bowden, Elsie Joyce3/107 GR/K2118 Maryvale Court, Lichfield88C-17 Apr 2016ParkerOfficiating Minister also Revd S Ashton.
Bowden, William Turner3/107 GR/K2124 Copt Heath Drive, Solihull54?-07 Oct 1980Hollingworth
Bower, Clara1/244 CY/F1539 Clarendon Avenue, Leamington?-30 Aug 1917
Bower, Edward5/6 MAP/5?-First name only. Date ? Row 08
Bower, Edward5/7 MAP/5?-1895First name only. Row 08
Bower, Ethel May1/244 CY/F15Leamington Spa?-14 Mar 1962
Bower, Gertrude Lucy2/306 CY/AC10Craigie Lea, Knowle?-30 Jul 1923
Bower, James Noble2/306 CY/AC10Craigie Lea, Knowle?-13 Feb 1926
Bower, John Wilkes1/243 CY/E1589 Rugby Road, Leamington?-19 Oct 1904
Bower, Margaret Gertrude2/306 CY/AC10B-20 May 1964Shown as Margaret E but known as Marjorie
Address not stated.
Formerly of Knowle House, 89 Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham.
Bower, Margery Joan2/306 CY/AC1022 Lightwood Close, Knowle87C-16 Feb 2005LeachTop Right of grave. Interment incorrectly shown in Alphabetical Index as 19 Feb.
Bower, Ronald James2/306 CY/AC1022 Lightwood Close, Knowle86C-08 May 2005ParkerTop Left
Duplicate Register number 104.
Bower, Stanley Hatton1/243 CY/E15The Old Cottage, Blackdown?-08 Sep 1943
Bower, Vernon5/5 MAP/5?-1910First name only. Row 05
Bowie, Kathleen Emily2/130 CY/BC6Hollies Farm, Bakers Lane?-03 Dec 1946
Boyd, John2/672A CY/AH21118 St John's Close, Knowle?-26 Jun 1992
Boyd, Lily3/207 GR/H9Flat 15, Paterson Court86?-11 Dec 1989Spicer
Boyd, Margaret Beryl2/672A CY/AH2173 Grove Road, Knowle52?-20 Apr 1990Died at Warren Pearl Nursing Home.
Boys, Doris Ada3/215 GR/Q8Jobs Close Residential Home, Lodge Road94C-27 Apr 2007Parker
Boys, Henry3/215 GR/Q816 Spinney Close, Pelsall68C-16 Aug 1990DowDied 4 Mar 1976.
Boys, Henry John2/598A CY/AH1959 Broadfern Road, Knowle48?-01 Nov 1990
Bradley, Dorothy May3/284 GR/AR69 Paterson Court, Knowle79C-23 May 1995Thorpe
Bradley, John3/1013 GR/CF742 Broadfern Road, Knowle92C-16 Sep 2021Ashton
Bradnock, Phyllis Elsie3/160 GR/AH14Bablake House, Old Birmingham Road92C-29 May 2003Hamley
Bradnock, Victor Thomas3/160 GR/AH1427 Crabmill Close, Knowle78?-16 Apr 1984Seamer
Bradstock, Abigail Ann1/485 CY/Z26Station Road, Knowle?-24 Jul 1944
Brain, Francis3/247 GR/AN151545 Warwick Road, Knowle89?-19 Dec 1992Honeysett
Brain, Hilda Mary3/247 GR/AN15Bablake House, Birmingham Road90C-24 Dec 1996Cornfield
Brambleby, Clara Kathleen3/399 GR/BX9Kineton Lodge Nursing Home, 64 St Bernards Road91C-30 Jan 2004Ball
Brampton, Alice Maud1/42 CY/H4Garthowen, Old Colwyn?-22 Jun 1927
Brampton, Walter1/42 CY/H4Dorridge?-27 Nov 1902
Brassington, Albert Henry2/822 CY/AF2553 Kixley Lane, Knowle92C-30 Apr 1994HamleyAshes top centre. Died at Roden Hall, Roden, Wrekin.
Brassington, Hilda2/822 CY/AF2553 Kixley Lane, Knowle84?-01 May 1986
Bray, William McGrades1/390 CY/U21Midland Counties Institute (MCI), Knowle?-18 Feb 1919
Brazier, Ann2/7 CY/AH31620 High Street, Knowle?-10 Jul 1943
Brazier, Arthur John2/7 CY/AH3Knowle?-01 Jan 1936
Brazier, Caroline2/846 CY/AW26Stratford-upon-Avon Hospital?-27 Oct 1955
Brazier, Frank Albert2/846 CY/AW26Grove Farm, Grove Road81?-17 May 1965
Brazier, Thomas Frederick2/846 CY/AW2652 Station Road, Knowle90C-11 Apr 2006Jones
Brewin, Iris Edna3/451 GR/R415 Crabmill Close, Knowle90C-04 Mar 2014Hamley
Brewin, Peter John3/451 GR/R415 Crabmill Close, Knowle85C-21 Jan 2009HamleyPete in Burial Register and Alphabetical Register but Peter in newer Alphabetical Index.
Brewster, Sarah Morgan1/291 CY/I17Norton Green, Knowle?-11 May 1908
Bridgwater, Alan3/127 GR/U1515 Abbots Close, Knowle75C-21 Jun 2005LeachAlso spelled as Bridgewater in the Alphabetical Index.
Bridgwater, Elizabeth Ann2/670 CY/AK21Solihull?-16 May 1933
Bridgwater, Jean May3/127 GR/U1515 Abbots Close, Knowle52?-16 Jul 1982Rusher
Bridgwater, Richard Aaron2/670 CY/AK211 Lode Lane, Solihull?-19 May 1938
Brierley, Samuel4/9 MAP/4?-1894First name only. Row 07 (nearest hedge)
Brighton, Arthur1/443 CY/W24Midland Counties Institute (MCI), Knowle?-23 Oct 1915
Brimble, Frances1/126 CY/P910 Burnham Meadow, Hall Green80C-10 Dec 1999WilcoxCentre top of grave.
Brinkler, Henry2/299 CY/AJ10Highfield, Knowle?-22 Oct 1930
Brisker, Charles2/711 CY/BJ22Station Road, Knowle?-11 Jun 1951
Brisker, Clara Kate Emma2/75 CY/AE42 Packwood Cottages, Packwood?-26 Jun 1948
Brisker, Clement1/17 CY/T3Knowle?-10 Aug 1922
Brisker, Eliza1/24 CY/Z4Knowle?-19 Dec 1922
Brisker, Esther Maria1/17 CY/T3Knowle?-27 Apr 1914
Brisker, Hubert2/75 CY/AE42 Packwood Cottages, Packwood?-03 Jan 1956Ashes only after cremation.
Brisker, Isabella2/711 CY/BJ22Jobs Close, Knowle89?-26 Feb 1959
Brisker, Minnie Louise1/17 CY/T3Hockley Heath?-16 Jun 1952
Britt6/4 MAP/6?-First name only. Date ?.
Britt, Albert Sidney3/249 GR/AP1379 Slater Road, Bentley Heath77?-23 Dec 1992Reynolds
Britt, Betty Margaret2/736 CY/AT23Dorridge?-25 May 1944Baby.
Brittain, Harriet1/321 CY/L18Lady Leveson's Hospital, Temple Balsall?-03 Sep 1916Alphabetical index says Harriett, register spells surname as Brittian, address as Leversons.
Broadway, Louisa1/363 CY/N20Bakers Lane, Knowle?-30 Oct 1915
Bromwich, Sarah2/411 CY/BF141560 High Street, Knowle?-04 Dec 1954
Bromwich, William Henry2/411 CY/BF141650 High Street, Knowle?-06 May 1947
Brook, Jack Burgess3/379 GR/BW1221 Langfield Road, Knowle81C-25 Apr 2002Dewes
Brooker, Caroline Sarah2/259 CY/BC9139 Longdon Road, Knowle?-23 Nov 1946
Brookes, John4/1 MAP/4?-1979First name only. Row 06
Brooks, Freda Ethel3/537 GR/AI5Solihull Hospital78C-23 Jan 2016AshtonFormerly at 1 Catherine Place, 240 Station Road, Knowle, Solihull.
Broome, Mary Elizabeth2/748 CY/AF23117 Longdon Road, Knowle?-10 Sep 1959Died Solihull Hospital. Plot full.
Brotherton, Charles Alfred2/832 CY/AG2618 Filton Croft, Castle Vale89?-03 Jan 1991
Brotherton, Rosina2/832 CY/AG2616 Milton Road, Bentley Heath60?-14 Jan 1957
Brown, Alfred2/576 CY/BF19116 Lady Byron Lane, Knowle?-07 Jan 1948
Brown, Bertha2/858 CY/BI26Jobs Close, Lodge Road94C-12 Dec 1991After cremation, Alphabetical Index says interred 15 December.
Brown, Bertram Raymond2/744 CY/AK23Midland Counties Institute (MCI), Knowle?-16 Jan 1943
Brown, Edward 3/485 GR/E155 Walcot Green, Dorridge88C-22 May 2011Hamley
Brown, Ellen Marie2/30A CY/BF232 Hayes Croft, Kings Norton57C-01 Feb 2008HamleyRear of No. 30 against west hedge. Interment of ashes. Also of 42 Landor Road, Knowle.
Child's grave for one only.
Brown, Ernest1/164 CY/L618 Copt Heath Drive, Knowle88?-17 Jun 1985
Brown, Francis2/858 CY/BI26186 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle89?-28 Aug 1957
Brown, Harry5/3 MAP/5?-First name only. Date ? Row 05
Brown, John2/576 CY/BF19116 Lady Byron Lane, Knowle?-07 Mar 1953
Brown, John2/51 CY/BE4Station Road, Knowle?-17 Mar 1951Baby.
Brown, Leonard Charles2/858 CY/BI2677?-After cremation. 1982, no day and month stated. Omitted from Alphabetical Index.
Brown, Ronald Giles3/303 GR/BN1968 Ardenvale Road, Knowle56C-17 Oct 1996Russell
Brown, Sarah Ann2/858 CY/BI26186 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle96?-09 Apr 1972Alphabetical Index says 7 April.
Brown, William Turner2/677 CY/AC21Midland Counties Institute (MCI), Knowle?-30 May 1923
Brown, Winifred Ada1/164 CY/L618 Copt Heath Drive, Knowle86?-17 Aug 1983
Bruce, May Elsie Isobel2/132 CY/AZ61304 Warwick Road, Copt Heath85?-22 Nov 1979
Bryant, Ebenezer John2/646 CY/BJ21Norton Green Lane, Knowle?-15 Nov 1952
Bryant, Ivy Maud2/646 CY/BJ21Norton Green Lane, Knowle84?-05 Jan 1973Died at Edgbaston Nursing Home. At foot of grave.
Bryant, Richard Henry1/26 CY/X4Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-06 Oct 1938
Bryson, Barbara Jean2/246A CY/AN9146 Pool Farm Road, Hall Green38B-29 May 1997Dow
Bryson, Coral Sylvia2/830 CY/AE2635 Lodge Road, Knowle84C-10 Jul 2011ParkerCentre plot.
Bryson, Rosemary Elsie3/333 GR/BQ555 Barcheston Road, Knowle46C-31 Dec 1998Parker
Bryson, Simon Leonard2/830 CY/AE26147 Mapledene Road, Sheldon53C-06 Aug 2017ParkerAshes.
Bryson, Thomas Sydney2/830 CY/AE2635 Lodge Road, Knowle82C-25 Nov 2007Trethewey
Buckenham, Arthur George2/781 CY/BF24Pear Tree Farm, Knowle?-17 May 1949One other casket in grave.
Buckey, Alexander Alfred3/444 GR/E529 Trehern Close, Knowle82C-29 Apr 2008Ashton
Buckey, Joyce Evelyn3/444 GR/E5Royal Star and Garter Nursing Home, Solihull85C-10 Aug 2012Ashton
Buckland, Emily2/384 CY/AC14Knowle?-12 Nov 1929
Bucknall, Grace Marie1/93 CY/Z867 St Johns Close, Knowle69?-05 Jun 1961After cremation.
Budd, Edward2/228 CY/AE8Knowle?-06 Apr 1927
Buddles, Jane2/516 CY/AR17Poplar Road, Dorridge?-03 Nov 1949Died at Solihull Hospital.
Buddles, John Hall2/516 CY/AR17Arden Road, Dorridge?-04 Jun 1936
Buddles, Margaret Falla1/305 CY/X17Poplar Road, Dorridge?-05 Mar 1921
Bukland, Hubert Peter2/384 CY/AC14Knowle?-15 Jun 1922
Bullows, Richard5/5 MAP/5?-1888First name only. Row 03
Bunn, Betty Jean3/490 GR/C64 Patterson Court, Kenilworth Road90C-13 Oct 2011Hamley
Burbidge, Alfred John1/327 CY/F18Knowle?-18 Jan 1912
Burchinall, Edward Charles2/205 CY/BD8103 Monton Road, Eccles59?-17 Jun 1961
Burchinall, Emma2/205 CY/BD83 Milverton Road, Knowle?-18 Sep 1947
Burford, Mary1/505 CY/D2651 Herbert Road, Small Heath?-28 Nov 1908Incorrectly shown as Hubert Road.
Burford, Mildred Fanny1/505 CY/D26Midland Counties Institute (MCI), Knowle?-23 Sep 1918
Burke, Mary2/110 CY/AJ5Knowle?-19 Dec 1934
Burke, William2/110 CY/AJ5High Street, Knowle?-05 Nov 1937
Burn, Albert1/444 CY/V24Midland Counties Institute (MCI), Knowle?-09 Aug 1915
Burn, Arthur Ernest2/227 CY/AF8Hillside, Dorridge?-17 Sep 1927
Burn, George Austin2/227 CY/AF830 Temple Road, Dorridge95C-09 Jan 1997StevensCasket top L/H side of grave. [Date Order Register incorrectly states Section 3.]
Burn, Joan Alice3/18 GR/G17Tapster Manor, Lapworth78C-17 Jul 1998Wilmot
Burn, Leslie Arthur3/18 GR/G17Tapster Manor, Lapworth70C-07 Nov 1972Rusher
Burn, Marjorie Gwynne2/227 CY/AF816 Dovehouse Court, Grange Road98C-23 Jul 2008HamleyBannocks arranged interment.
Burridge, Valerie Patricia3/80 GR/BB929 Clifford Road, Bentley Heath51?-22 Jun 1978Rusher
Burton, Edith Gertrude2/183 CY/BC728 Station Road, Knowle?-27 Nov 1946
Burton, Elizabeth4/8 MAP/4?-1899First name only. Row 07 (nearest hedge)
Burton, Sidney John3/57 GR/Q1930 Station Road, Knowle59C-13 Aug 1976Rusher
Burton, Thomas1/224 CY/V14Balsall Heath?-10 Dec 1924
Busby, Annie5/9A MAP/5Central Hospital, Hatton83?-22 Oct 1955Old burial ground near path separate from Section I. With George Busby. Assumed to be Section 5 Row 9. Also under Section 1 Plot 604. Also shown as 17 Oct 1955 (possibly death date). Row 09
Busby, George5/9A MAP/5?-Section 5 and Row 9 assumed. Before 1901. Near Section I Grave/Plot 242. Shown in Section I Grave/Plot 604. Row 09
Busby, Sarah5/2 MAP/5?-1895First name only. Row 09
Busby, Thomas5/1 MAP/5?-1900First name only. Row 09
Bushell, Arthur James2/705 CY/BD222 Mapleleaf Drive, Marston Green78C-16 Jul 1993ShawCentre foot of grave.
Bushell, Edwin Theodore2/705 CY/BD222 Mapledene, St Agnes Road93B-25 Aug 2001Barber
Bushell, Elsie Louise2/705 CY/BD22Brookvale Care Home, Warwick Road90C-26 Nov 2004JonesNo date in Burial Register.
Bushell, Esther6/6 MAP/6?-1767First name only
Bushell, Evaline2/705 CY/BD22462 Station Road, Dorridge89?-12 Sep 196712 September 1967 in Burial Register and 11 September 1967 in Alphabetical Index.
Bushell, Frederick2/705 CY/BD22462 Station Road, Dorridge?-06 Apr 1946Date not stated in Burial Register, only in Alphabetical Index.
Bushell, Nathan6/5 MAP/6?-1788First name only
Butler, Betty Patricia2/479 CY/AZ1624 Spinney Road, Redlands61C-13 Nov 1999DewesAshes of. Bottom half of grave.
Butler, Charles Hale1/445 CY/U24Midland Counties Institute (MCI), Knowle?-24 Jun 1915
Butler, Elizabeth1/277 CY/L16Poplar Road, Dorridge?-03 May 1910
Butler, Irene Betty2/511 CY/AW17Rose Cottage, Bakers Lane?-05 Feb 1941
Butler, Rose Hannah1/277 CY/L16Poplar Road, Dorridge?-08 Jul 1936
Butlin, Barbara Victoria1/438 CY/Z232 Danielle Court, Manor Road71?-23 Feb 1988
Butlin, John Robert1/438A CY/Y23117 St John's Close, Knowle51B-30 Mar 2001Hamley
Butlin, Leonard Alfred1/438 CY/Z23The Knoll, 116 Kenilworth Road87B-17 Jun 2004Hamley
Button, Emily Ann1/285 CY/D16DorridgeB-27 May 1902Burial Register date could be 22 May.
Button, Frank1/284 CY/E16Dorridge?-23 May 1903
Butts, Florence2/1040 CY/AV31119 Longdon Road, Knowle76?-22 Oct 1975
Butts, Mary2/1040 CY/AV31Sherbourne Road Nursing Home, Acocks Green63C-20 Apr 1994Instrell
Butts, Sidney Graham Anthony2/1040 CY/AV31381 Yardley Green Road, Bordesley Green42?-20 Jan 1981Rusher
Bygrave, John Henry1/530 CY/X28Bearwood Nursing Home, Birmingham82?-25 Nov 1988
Bygrave, Ruth Ellen1/530 CY/X28147 St Johns Close, Knowle57?-17 May 1964Burial Register says Bygraves and gives date as 23 May.
Cain, Edward3/457 GR/Y318 Downing Close, Knowle97C-07 Oct 2009Parker
Cain, Ida Beatrice3/457 GR/Y3c/o The Grove Residential Home, 48 Lode Lane99C-04 Feb 2016Parker
Cains, Agnes Lillian2/22 CY/AW3"Arende", Avenue RoadB-20 Aug 1942
Cains, Frederick Alfred2/22 CY/AW317 Avenue Road, DorridgeB-30 Dec 1949
Calder, Forbes Henderson2/630 CY/BC20"Hollyhurst", Gladstone RoadB-16 Feb 1945
Callaway, Samual John2/509 CY/AY17Nortons (sic) Green, KnowleB-07 Feb 1942Burial Record has a feint 7 for the day but looks like 9.
Samual in both records.
Callow, Brian3/576 GR/BH9186 Kenilworth Road, Knowle84C-17 Jun 2018Simpson
Callow, Joseph1/549 CY/Z2964 Mill Lane, Dorridge68B-25 Sep 1967
Cammack, Edith Mary1/186 CY/P12PlymouthB-05 Mar 1918
Campbell, Aurelia Le Dee1/118 CY/H9Haldon, Station RoadB-30 Mar 1904Alphabetical entry say Le Bell
Canning, Beverly Susan3/259 GR/AN123 Queen Eleanors Drive, Knowle32C-23 Nov 1993Richards
Cantrell, Marie Gwendoline2/621 CY/AT20Dorridge Road, DorridgeB-04 Jan 1941
Cantrill, Samuel Percy Harold2/621 CY/AT20Dorridge Road, Dorridge79B-28 Sep 1957Died Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Capers, Walter4/6 MAP/4?-1898First name only. Row 06
Carlier, Edward William Wace2/301 CY/AH10"Morningside", Granville RoadB-06 Sep 1940
Carlier, Hannah2/301 CY/AH10Dorridge, KnowleB-28 Jun 1929
Carlier, Stuart Edmund W2/301 CY/AH10157 Court Oak Road, HarborneB-08 Dec 1962Burial record says '& Burial'. It also gives a Burial date of 12th but Alphabetical record says 8th.
Carmichael, Helen Kirk3/388 GR/BU226 Newton Road, Knowle86C-31 Mar 2006Leach
Carmichael, John Dugald3/388 GR/BU226 Newton Road, Knowle84C-28 Mar 2003Leach
Carr, Elaine Phyllis2/895 CY/AG271369 Warwick Road, Copt Heath54B-17 Oct 1959Phyllis has been added BEFORE Elaine in the Burial Register but comes AFTER Elaine in the Alphabetical Index.
Carter, Alice May2/394 CY/AN14Bentley HeathB-05 Apr 1933
Carter, Doreen Dorothy3/168 GR/W1331 Station Road, Knowle56C-26 Feb 1985Moberly
Carter, Harry2/710 CY/BI226 Norton Green Lane, KnowleB-13 Mar 1951
Carter, John4/5 MAP/4?-1876First name only. Row 06
Carter, Mary Elizabeth2/710 CY/BI22Flat 1, 22 Ivor Road86B-12 Feb 1985Ashes at top of grave.
Carter, Mary Kathleen1/261 CY/X15KnowleB-14 Mar 1919
Carter, Sarah Elizabeth1/270 CY/T16South Lodge, Lapworth HallB-14 Mar 1919
Carter, William James2/440 CY/AT15Tilhouse Lane, SolihullB-01 Oct 1938Road looks doubtful.
Cashmore, Albert2/315 CY/AI12DorridgeB-06 Mar 1929
Cashmore, Sidney3/358 GR/BU311 School Road, Shirley72C-12 Apr 2000Hamley
Cattell, Catherine1/34 CY/P4Knowle?-11 Sep 1913
Cattell, Edwin2/12 CY/AM3144 Station Road, Knowle80B-08 Mar 1956Alphabetical and Burial Registers differ on the month. Assume March is correct.
Cattell, Elizabeth10/9 MAP/10?-1918First name only
Cattell, Frederick5/4 MAP/5?-1897First name only. Row 02
Cattell, George9/1 MAP/9?-1871First name only
Cattell, Jane Ann1/264 CY/AA16Lodge Road, KnowleB-19 Aug 1927
Cattell, John10/1 MAP/10?-1865First name only
Cattell, John Henry2/12 CY/AM3Nortons (sic) Green Road (sic, KnowleB-24 Mar 1937Norton Green Lane
Cattell, John Thomas2/374 CY/AK13Fen End, Temple BalsallB-03 Feb 1930Alphabetical Index and Burial Register differ in year. 1930 is most likely looking at the spouse death and record order.
Cattell, Mary Elizabeth2/374 CY/AK13B-25 Jun 1930[No address stated.]
Cattell, Samuel1/85 CY/R7Infirmary, SolihullB-31 Mar 1914
Cattell, Thomas1/264 CY/AA16Lodge Road, KnowleB-31 Aug 1921
Cawse, George Ernest3/117 GR/AG1545 Broomfields Avenue, Solihull74C-03 Sep 1981RusherBuried in error east of No, 15. Should have begun new line east of 213.
Chadd, Catherine2/524 CY/AI17KnowleB-20 Mar 1929
Chaloner, John Frederick3/1000 GR/BB1331 Kenilworth Road, Knowle88C-18 Aug 2019Ashton
Chamberlain, Annie2/21 CY/AV3Queen Elizabeth Hospital, BirminghamB-18 Jul 1942
Chamberlain, Eleanor2/85 CY/BJ51597 Warwick Road, Knowle87B-12 Jun 1970
Chamberlain, Frank2/122 CY/BK6Wilsons Road, KnowleB-03 Jun 1954
Chamberlain, Ivy2/757 CY/AF241723 Warwick Road, Knowle84B-14 Apr 1998Dewes
Chamberlain, John2/85 CY/BJ51595 Warwick Road, SolihullB-01 Apr 1953
Chamberlain, John Ernest2/695 CY/AT22Station Road, KnowleB-17 Oct 1941
Chamberlain, Mary Ann1/2 CY/E2Knowle?-11 Sep 1901
Chamberlain, Mary Elizabeth2/21 CY/AV33 Earlswood Road, Dorridge93B-17 Dec 1970
Chamberlain, Sarah Jane3/181 GR/P1243 Kixley Lane, Knowle85C-12 Apr 1994Hamley
Chamberlain, Sidney3/181 GR/P1243 Kixley Lane, Knowle82C-17 Sep 1987GanjaviBrother of Bill.
Chamberlain, William2/90 CY/BE5Hampton Road, KnowleB-14 Apr 1949
Chamberlain, William Austin2/757 CY/AF24Berrow Homes, Knowle76B-08 Sep 1987Bill. Late of Wilsons Road.
Chambers, Barbara Anne3/583 GR/BG6Knowle Gate Care Home83C-06 Jan 2019SimpsonFormerly 95 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath B93 8NN.
Chambers, Margaret2/364 CY/AV13Station Road, KnowleB-31 Oct 1951
Chambers, Mary Grace2/364 CY/AV13Station Road, KnowleB-04 Dec 1939
Chambers, William1/506 CY/D27Lode Lane, SolihullB-16 Feb 1920
Chance, Alice2/356 CY/BD1319 Bentley Hearh Cottages, KnowleB-07 Jan 1956
Chance, Annie Elizabeth2/857 CY/BH26Knowle51B-06 Aug 1957Died at 1959 Bristol Road South, Rubery
Chance, William Henry2/356 CY/BD13The Cottage, Nortons (sic) Green Road (sic)B-02 Oct 1945Norton Green Lane
Chantril, Edith Sproston1/467 CY/I25MCI, KnowleB-05 Jul 1905Midland Counties Institution.
Alphabetical Register 19 ??? 1904. Assume that the Burial Reister is correct because of date sequence.
Chaplin, Audrey Jennett2/1058 CY/AE304 Whateley Hall Road, Knowle81B-07 Jul 2017ParkerBurial assumed.
Chappell, Charles2/261 CY/BE9M.C.I., KnowleB-10 Mar 1947Midland Counties Institution.
Charles, Winifred Grace3/254 GR/AM1425 Crabmill Close, Knowle68C-30 Jul 1993Dow
Charters, Andrew5/1 MAP/5?-1857First name only. Row 06
Chatterley, Dorcas1/278 CY/K16KnowleB-02 Jul 1909
Chatterley, John1/278 CY/K161 Lode Lane, SolihullB-21 Jun 1926
Cheal, George2/302 CY/AG10KnowleB-03 Sep 1928
Cheatham, Jane5/1 MAP/5?-1896First name only. Row 14
Checkley, William5/7 MAP/5?-1900First name only. Row 16
Chedham, Ford Oscar2/885 CY/AS27179 Chessetts Wood Road, Lapworth81B-30 Apr 1969Ford and Oscar are reversed in the Alphabetical Register.
Grave full.
Chedham, Gertrude Jennie2/885 CY/AS27179 Chessetts Wood Road, Hockley Heath68B-17 Oct 1958
Chester, Ellen1/165 CY/M6153 Poplar Road, DorridgeB-21 Feb 1990Eleanor?
Chester, Kieran Patrick1/165 CY/M6153 Poplar Road, Dorridge24B-13 Jun 1983RC [Roman Catholic]
Chidley, Peter2/53 CY/BC4Bentley Heath, KnowleB-14 Dec 1950
Chinn, Elizabeth Susan Ann1/219 CY/AA13KnowleB-09 Nov 1921
Chinn, Frank Morton3/96 GR/J20St Andrews Hospital, Northampton87C-27 Sep 1979Habberton
Chinn, Harriet2/546 CY/AS1859 School Road, Hall GreenB-17 Jan 1945
Chinn, John1/219 CY/AA13KnowleB-27 Aug 1925
Chinn, Mary Harriet1/57 CY/N5100 Dolobran Road, Birmingham?-20 Nov 1909
Chinn, Rose Matilda2/298 CY/AK10Station Road, KnowleB-14 Apr 1944
Chinn, Thomas Morton2/546 CY/AS1819 Coppice Road, Mosely (sic)B-28 Nov 1937Moseley
Chinn, William2/298 CY/AK10KnowleB-31 Jan 1931
Chippendale, Bill3/303A GR/BM15?-[No register gives a day and month but there is a note in the Alphabetical Index saying 1992-1996, suggesting perhaps a re-interment in 1996.]
Chippendale, Connie3/303A GR/BM15?-[No register gives a day and month but there is a note in the Alphabetical Index saying 1992-1996, suggesting perhaps a re-interment in 1996.]
Choyce, Fanny2/545 CY/AR18Penrhyn, Station RoadB-23 Jul 1937
Choyce, James4/5 MAP/4?-1905First name only. Row 02
Christie, Florence Phyllis3/273 GR/AQ810 Stourton Close, Knowle85C-22 Dec 1994Dow
Christopherson, John5/6 MAP/5?-1894First name only. Row 05
Church, David Andrew3/245 GR/AN1761 Broadfern Road, Knowle25C-19 Nov 1992Dow
Church, Derek2/622 CY/AU2027 Hampton Road, KnowleB-18 Feb 1941Alphabetical Index and Burial Rgister differ on day. Burial Register is very unclear. [Incorrectly states Hampton Lane]
Church, Frederick2/638 CY/BK2046 Hampton Road, Knowle86B-21 Jul 1983
Church, Isabella2/638 CY/BK20Hampton Road, KnowleB-15 Apr 1954
Clapton, Nellie2/802 CY/BB2514 The Croft, Copt HeathB-16 Feb 1952
Clark, Samuel Richard2/185 CY/BE715 The Croft, KnowleB-25 Feb 1947
Clark, William Arthur2/483 CY/BD161445 Warwick Road, KnowleB-29 Mar 1952
Clarke, Agnes1/338 CY/L19KnowleB-18 Dec 1911
Clarke, Alfred James2/186 CY/BF7Jacobean Lane, KnowleB-18 Feb 1949
Clarke, Alice Hilda2/890 CY/AL2717 Darley Green Road, Knowle72B-03 Dec 1969
Clarke, Amelia Ann2/186 CY/BF749 Jacobean Lane, Knowle86B-17 Dec 1960
Clarke, Andrew1/260 CY/W15Highfield Cottage, KnowleB-30 Apr 1920
Clarke, Beatrice Mary2/980 CY/AU305a Wilson (sic) Road, Knowle75B-14 Jun 1982Wilsons Road.
Clarke, Bertha Esther2/928 CY/BE284 Priory Cottages, Rising Lane83B-03 Sep 1960
Clarke, Catherine9/2 MAP/9?-1856First name only
Clarke, Charles Leslie2/834 CY/AI2626 Hampton Lane (sic), Knowle43B-19 Dec 1956Hampton Road.
Clarke, Charles Thomas2/297 CY/AL10KnowleB-20 Jun 1931
Clarke, Dorothy Eva2/1049 CY/AK3028 Wilsons Road68B-20 Mar 1974
Clarke, Elizabeth2/157 CY/AA7KnowleB-08 Jul 1924
Clarke, Elsie2/483 CY/BD16Hampton Road, KnowleB-03 Sep 1945
Clarke, Frederick Allen2/733 CY/AW23M.C.I., KnowleB-27 Sep 1944Midland Counties Institution.
Clarke, Frederick Thomas2/919 CY/AV28Lyndon Croft, Ulleries Road66B-13 Oct 1976
Clarke, Gwendolyn Annie2/812 CY/AQ25248 Henwood Lane, Catherine de Barnes95C-19 Aug 2002Hamley
Clarke, Hannah Hillyer1/263 CY/AA15KnowleB-20 Jun 1922
Clarke, Henry2/357 CY/BC13Solihull Hospital, SolihullB-01 Nov 1944
Clarke, Henry2/69 CY/AK4Acocks GreenB-17 Apr 1936Died at Dudley Road Birmngham.
Clarke, Hilda Lucy2/919 CY/AV281445 Warwick Road, Copt Heath68B-05 Oct 1961
Clarke, Howard Alfred Roy2/812 CY/AQ25248, Henwood Lane78B-10 May 1984
Clarke, James1/180 CY/W12KnowleB-11 Apr 1919
Clarke, Jane Caroline1/260 CY/W15Highfield Cottage, KnowleB-27 Apr 1920
Clarke, John7/8 MAP/7?-1870First name only
Clarke, John Douglas3/99 GR/AG1712 Rising Lane, Baddesley Clinton75C-10 Jan 1980HollingworthAdjacent to No.49 and in front (West) of No.78. [No tablet visible.]
Clarke, June Marion1/548A CY/D2812 Chantry Heath Crescent, Knowle73B-20 Dec 2011Edgerton
Clarke, Leslie3/78 GR/AG1828 Wilsons Road, Knowle63C-05 Jun 1978AveyardNext to and south of No.49. [No tablet visible.]
Clarke, Louisa1/300 CY/S17Chessetts Wood Road?, Chessetts WoodB-06 Jul 1915
Clarke, Lucy2/68 CY/AL4Copt Heath, KnowleB-18 Jul 1942
Clarke, Marjorie2/602 CY/AD19Darley Green, Knowle?-04 Jan 1926Alphabetical Index shows Marjory.
Alphabetical Index and Burial Record months differ.
Died at Dudly (sic) Road Hospital.
Clarke, Minnie Janet2/357 CY/BC13133 Chesstts Wood Road, Knowle78B-04 Jan 1956
Clarke, Oliver Wilfred2/980 CY/AU3047 Jacobean Lane, Copt Heath66B-26 Sep 1971Alphabetical Index and Burial Register differ on the day.
Clarke, Raymond2/469 CY/AO16KnowleB-05 Oct 1933
Clarke, Ruth2/297 CY/AL10C-28 Jan 1962[No address stated]
Clarke, Samuel Arthur2/68 CY/AL4Copt Heath, SolihullB-20 Feb 1937
Clarke, Sarah Grewcock2/611 CY/AI20KnowleB-27 Apr 1929
Clarke, Wilfred James1/527 CY/AA2749 Jacobean Lane, Cot Heath56B-01 Feb 1963
Clarke, Wilfred John1/527 CY/AA279 St Johns Close, Knowle79B-21 Jun 2016Parker
Clarke, William1/181 CY/V121 Lode Lane, SolihullB-13 Jul 1926
Clarke, William1/338 CY/L19KnowleB-14 Oct 1915
Clarke, William Harley2/890 CY/AL27Accident Hospital, Birmingham59B-24 Feb 1959
Clayson, Kenneth Hubert3/386 GR/BW1953 Crabmill Close, Knowle83C-02 Oct 2003Russell
Clayson, Winifred Betty3/386 GR/BW1953 Crabmill Close, Knowle81C-05 Mar 2003Hamley
Clayton, Cyril Norman1/267 CY/W16Chadwick End, Temple BalsallB-06 Aug 1920
Clayton, Harry2/636 CY/BI20Lodge Road, KnowleB-23 Feb 1951
Clayton, Kate2/636 CY/BI20Chad Viilas, Warwick Road89B-15 Nov 1973
Cleaver, Ellen Mary1/258 CY/U15Poplar Road, Dorridge?-15 Jan 1919
Cleaver, Henry1/223 CY/W14KnowleB-22 Jun 1920
Cleaver, Mary1/223 CY/W14KnowleB-29 Jun 1920
Clements, Colin Frank2/831 CY/AF26The Coach House, Barons Court59B-19 Apr 2006TillettClements formally (sic) [formerly] Birks.
Clements, Mary Evelyn2/385 CY/AD14Station Road, KnowleB-28 Mar 1944
Clements, William Mortimer2/385 CY/AD14KnowleB-09 May 1924
Cleverly, Dorothy Eliza1/359 CY/S20Infirmary, SolihullB-26 Nov 1918
Cleverly, Jane2/589 CY/AS191589 Warwick Road, KnowleB-27 Feb 1943
Cleverly, William2/589 CY/AS19Birmingham Road, KnowleB-24 Dec 1937
Clews, Edith Isabella2/955 CY/AW2951 Kenilworth Road85B-07 Nov 1966
Clews, Frank2/955 CY/AW2951 Kenilworth Road86B-21 Apr 1966
Cliff, Kathleen Myra1/354 CY/X20KnowleB-20 Jul 1921
Clinnick, Julie Ann3/239 GR/AI199 Everitt Drive, Knowle20C-05 Jun 1992Sykes
Close, Elizabeth Ann3/489 GR/E823 Broadfern Road, Knowle79C-08 May 2012Tsipouras
Close, Robert Joseph3/489 GR/E8Royal Star & Garter, Tudor Coppice80C-10 Oct 2011TsipourasAlso 33 Purnell Way, Knowle, Solihull B93 9JN.
Clutterbuck, Reginald5/5 MAP/5?-1894First name only. Row 02
Clutton, Edwin2/502 CY/BF17Kenilworth Road, KnowleB-16 Jul 1947
Clutton, Florence3/296 GR/BL21The Red House Residential Home, 236 Dunchurch Road96C-28 May 2002Dewes
Clutton, Mary Ann2/502 CY/BF17Kenilworth Road, KnowleB-16 Jul 1950Alphabetical Index and Burial Register differ on day and month. 26 September is more likely as the 16 July date happens to be the same date as her husband's death three years earlier.
Clutton, Ruth Violet2/502 CY/BF17115 Longdon Road, Knowle93C-02 Dec 1996DowBurial after cremation.
Coates, Rosa2/371 CY/AN13KnowleB-29 Oct 1932
Cockayne, Betty Edna2/855 CY/BF2678 Ardenvale Road, Knowle78C-28 Sep 2001LeachCremated remains.
Cockayne, Jean1/80 CY/L7Damson Lane, Elmdon HeathB-18 Feb 1948
Cockayne, Lily Elizabeth1/80 CY/L793 Alston Road, SolihullB-30 Oct 1961
Cockayne, Molly1/80 CY/L73 Shaftesbury Court, London Road93C-07 May 2014AshtonCentre of plot.
Cockbill, Martha Louisa2/464 CY/AJ16KnowleB-02 Jan 1932
Cocker, Elizabeth2/982 CY/AW3062 Kenilworth Road85B-23 Jun 1971Single grave.
Cogbill, Anne5/3 MAP/5?-1866First name only. Row 03
Coldwell, Mark Crispin1/570 CY/D29Room 24, 140 Leopold Street49B-30 Sep 2011ParkerHeadstone says Crispen.
Cole, Ernest John2/828 CY/AC2674 Longdon Road, Knowle77B-02 May 1956
Coleman, Angela Grace3/2 GR/F16Royal Star and Garter90C-08 Apr 2014ParkerFormerly of 18 Longdon Croft, Knowle.
Coleman, Francis Daniel3/2 GR/F1612 Newton Road, Knowle70C-29 Nov 1966Burial Register says Frances which is normally a girl's name.
Ashes near School.
Alphabetical Index crosses out 29th and makes it 28th.
Collett, Doris Irene3/382 GR/BW15Jobs Close, Knowle97C-30 Sep 2002DewesAlphabetical Index and Burial Register dates differ.
Collier, Agnes Elizabeth1/237 CY/H14Cottage Homes, KnowleB-15 Apr 1908
Collier, Mary Ann1/237 CY/H14Cottage Homes, KnowleB-09 Apr 1912
Collins, Andrew Nicholas3/377 GR/BW10169 Station Road, Knowle53C-05 Apr 2002Hamley
Collins, Elizabeth3/431A GR/AG518 Copt Heath Manor, 1300 Warwick Road78C-14 Apr 2014Hamley
Collins, Eva Mary Grace3/32 GR/AE1826 Whitacre Road, Knowle83C-20 Sep 1974RusherBut in front of Section 3 No. 30.
Alphabetical Index and Burial Register differ on day.
Collins, Frederick Anzac Thomas Bernard3/79 GR/AE1626 Whitacre Road, Knowle61C-15 Jun 1978Aveyard
Collins, Linda Anne3/30 GR/AE1726 Whitacre Road, Knowle25C-05 Apr 1974RusherAnd in front: Eva Mary Grace Collins, see [Section 3] No.32
Collins, Nora3/32A GR/AE1926 Whitacre Road, Knowle98C-20 Nov 2021Ashton
Collodi, Bruno2/137 CY/AU615 Edstone Close, Dorridge48B-22 May 1981R.C. [Roman Catholic]
Collow, James2/406 CY/BA14Springfield Gardens, KnowleB-23 Jun 1943
Commiskey, Irene Gladys Morrison3/275 GR/AQ629 Knowle Wood Road, Dorridge78C-31 Jan 1995DowSurname Morrison also Commiskey.
Commiskey, William George Ian3/275 GR/AQ629 Knowle Wood Road, Dorridge92C-01 May 2005HamleyIan is unclear in both registers.
Duplicate Register number 105.
Compton, Fanny2/217 CY/AQ83 Drury Lane, SolihullB-16 Apr 1937
Compton, Robert Charles2/217 CY/AQ83 Drury Lane, SolihullB-28 Jan 1942
Connally, Margaret Ellen3/423 GR/Q2528 Spiers Close, Knowle65C-21 Mar 2006Parker
Cook, Albert Edward2/552 CY/AZ18Grove Road, KnowleB-29 Jan 1942Brick grave. [Cooke in Alphabetical Index]
Cook, Albert Edward2/699 CY/AX22Poplar Road, DorridgeB-01 Jun 1953
Cook, Alice1/313 CY/U18KnowleB-23 Jul 1934Cooke in Burial Register but Cook in Alphabetical Index.
Cook, Audrey Beatrice3/142 GR/S2173 Slater Road, Bentley Heath59C-18 Feb 1983Moberly
Cook, Beatrice2/351 CY/BI1379 Longdon Road, Knowle84B-14 Mar 1957
Cook, David Stuart3/112 GR/S20201A Honor Oak Road, Forest Hill24C-07 Mar 1981Rusher
Cook, Eva2/552 CY/AZ1837 Hobbmoor Road, Birmingham 1090B-22 May 1975
Cook, Hilda2/219A CY/AN861 Newton Road, Knowle91B-29 Nov 1995Rusher
Cook, Jack Reginald2/219A CY/AN861 Newton Road, Knowle94B-24 Feb 2000Leach
Cook, Jonathan1/10 CY/M248 Milverton Road, Knowle?-13 Nov 1957Record struck out in Burial Register. Died 12th November 1957 Aged 3 days.
Cook, Lucy Esther2/699 CY/AX2240 Poplar Road, DorridgeB-25 May 1943
Cook, Nelson2/351 CY/BI13Longdon Raod, KnowleB-09 Jan 1951
Cook, Philip David1/10 CY/M248 Milverton Road, KnowleB-03 May 1956Died at Children's Hospital Egbaston aged 2 years
Cook, William Thomas2/442 CY/AR1511 Poplar Road, DorridgeB-15 Apr 1936
Cooke, Miranda Louise1/161 CY/I6366 Station Road, Knowle25B-04 Nov 1983
Cooke, Robert Seymour1/161 CY/I6Broomfield Cottage, Tapster Lane86C-10 Jun 2010WarbrickOak casket in centre of plot.
Cookes, Elizabeth2/598 CY/AI19KnowleB-23 Apr 1934Shown as Cooks in the Buruial Register but Cookes in the Alphabetical Index]
Cookes, John Edward2/598 CY/AI19KnowleB-27 Mar 1929
Coombs, Clifford Keith3/467 GR/V2Stripes Hill House, Warwick Road82C-05 May 2010Parker
Cooper, Agnes Gertrude2/989 CY/BD30Job's Close88B-20 Nov 1969Single grave.
Cooper, Alfred1/500 CY/I26Workhouse Infirmary, SolihullB-02 Dec 1914
Cooper, Arthur2/603 CY/AC19Poplar Road, DorridgeB-01 Jul 1925Died at General Hospital Birmingham
Cooper, David John3/435 GR/W529 Longdon Croft, Warwick Road75C-15 Aug 2007Hamley
Cooper, Edith Hannah1/516 CY/N2765 Hampton Road, KnowleB-09 Feb 1949
Cooper, Eliza1/334 CY/H19Lady Leversons (sic) Hospital, Temple BalsallB-28 Mar 1924
Cooper, George2/909 CY/AK281587 Warwick Road80B-14 Mar 1963
Cooper, George Frederick2/108 CY/AL5KnowleB-26 Oct 1935
Cooper, Grahame Valentine3/355 GR/BT1972 Chantry Heath Cescent, Knowle58C-12 Feb 2000Thorpe
Cooper, John1/498 CY/K26KnowleB-10 Mar 1916
Cooper, John1/493 CY/P26KnowleB-17 Jun 1918
Cooper, Julia Elizabeth2/108 CY/AL524 Hampton Road, KnowleB-14 Oct 1943
Cooper, Mary Ann1/516 CY/N27KnowleB-12 Feb 1929
Cooper, Mary Ann2/909 CY/AK281587 Warwick Road75B-17 May 1962
Cooper, Reginald2/786 CY/BK24Gulson Hospital, Coventry74B-27 Mar 1985Reg. Grave full.
Cooper, Ruth Violet2/786 CY/BK24159 Tilehouse Green Lane, KnowleB-10 Apr 1979This plot believed to be vacant following D K Thornley's survey of churchyard in 1978 but unidentified coffin found and now lying beneath this body.
Cooper, Samuel1/334 CY/H19Birmingham Road, KnowleB-22 Jun 1908
Cooper, Walter William Charles2/722 CY/BH23Kixly Road (sic), KnowleB-08 Jun 1950Kixley Lane.
Cope, Charles4/3 MAP/4?-1869First name only. Row 06
Corbett, Anne5/2 MAP/5?-1880First name only. Row 12
Corbett, Edith5/7 MAP/5?-1896First name only. Row 12
Corbett, Fanny1/217 CY/X13Barwood House, GloucesterB-03 Dec 1920Corbet in Alphabetical Index.
Corbett, Frederick5/1 MAP/5?-1885First name only. Row 12
Corbett, Frederick5/3 MAP/5?-1861First name only. Row 12
Corbett, Frederick5/2 MAP/5?-First name only. Date ? Row 13
Corbett, Harriet1/193 CY/I12Station Road, KnowleB-27 Sep 1907Corbet in Alphabetical Index.
Corbett, Henry10/8 MAP/10?-1885First name only
Corbett, John5/4 MAP/5?-1875First name only. Row 12
Corbett, John1/192 CY/J12KnowleB-23 Feb 1924Corbet in Alphabetical Index.
Corbett, William1/193 CY/I12KnowleB-22 Nov 1912Corbet in Alphabetical Index.
Corkhill, Angela Elizabeth2/182A CY/BA72 Easenhall Close, Knowle59B-05 Feb 2003Parker
Corkhill, David Lionel2/182A CY/BA719 Clyde Road, DorridgeB-11 Nov 1994Dow
Cornfield, Graham Hugh3/579 GR/AN18Marie Curie Hospice, Solihull72C-17 Sep 2018ParkerFormerly of 8 Beausale Drive, Knowle.
Cortenay, Kathleen3/1014 GR/CF86 Hallcroft Way, Knowle73C-20 Nov 2021#Func![Officiating Minister was a visitor]
Coton, Alfred John3/35 GR/F1865 Lodge Road, Knowle61C-18 Feb 1975Rusher
Coton, Barbara Evelyn3/111 NO PLOT77 Slater Road, Bentley Heath59C-23 Dec 1986Ganjavi
Coton, Daniel Paul1/41 CY/I4Copt Heath Drive, Knowle0B-02 Dec 1977Aged 17 weeks
Child's grave.
Coton, Marion Doreen3/35 GR/F1865 Lodge Road, Knowle80C-17 Jan 2004Hamley
Cotterell, Annie Maria2/294 CY/AP10Rotten Row, KnowleB-08 Nov 1937
Cotterell, Catherine8/2 MAP/8?-1818First name only
Cotterell, Edward2/459 CY/AD16Chessetts Wood, KnowleB-13 Jan 1937
Cotterell, Eliza8/3 MAP/8?-1865First name only
Cotterell, Elizabeth2/459 CY/AD16Chessetts Wood, KnowleB-21 Mar 1924Burial Register spells Cotterell with two 'R's
Cotterell, Elizabeth Ellen1/336 CY/J19Moseley, BirminghamB-28 Aug 1925The Burial Register spells the name Cotterel but the Alphabetical Index (more likely correct) has two Ls.
Cotterell, John Featherstone2/294 CY/AP10Rotten Row, KnowleB-24 Aug 1935
Cotterell, Joseph10/22 MAP/10?-1890First name only
Cotterell, Leonard Joseph2/807 CY/AW2553 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath84B-11 Feb 1963
Cotterell, Mary8/4 MAP/8?-1882First name only
Cotterell, Mary Ann2/807 CY/AW252105 Warwick Road, HeronfieldB-07 Aug 1952
Cotterell, Robert1/336 CY/J19Harboroug House, KingswoodB-19 Mar 1909Alphabetical Index says 1905 but the Burial Register is written on the day of burial and its next entry is also 1909.
Cotterell, William8/1 MAP/8?-1829First name only
Cotterrell, Hugh Robert2/507 CY/BA17B-30 Jul 1943Reconnaisance Corps. [No address stated]
Cottrell, Beatrice Martha3/14 GR/AF16217 Station Road, Knowle91C-16 Dec 1971StaplesMemorial Garden.
Couch, Walter Courcy2/892 CY/AJ27Queen Elizabeth Hospital70B-10 Apr 1959
Court, Catherine Ellen2/470A CY/AQ1664B-15 Nov 1991Date of death 9 Nov 1991.
Court, Catherine Elsie2/1043 CY/AS3181 Station Road75B-06 Mar 1979
Court, Elizabeth1/326 CY/G18KnowleB-30 Oct 1912
Court, Elsie May2/470A CY/AQ16Hollyfields Nursing Home, Habberley Road75B-29 May 2001Dewes
Court, Ernest Henry2/1043 CY/AS3181 Station Road81B-11 Dec 1975
Court, Grietje1/328 CY/E18Jobs Close Residential Home, Lodge Road95B-27 Apr 2016AshtonKnown as Greta.
Court, Hannah2/247 CY/AP926 Temple Road, Dorridge84B-29 May 1970
Court, John1/326 CY/G18KnowleB-18 Aug 1924
Court, John James2/247 CY/AP9KnowleB-13 Nov 1935
Court, Ronald James1/328 CY/E1811 Arrow Close, Knowle88B-16 Jun 2003Hamley
Cousins, Florence Beatrice2/43 CY/BM4166 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath70B-23 Feb 1957
Cousins, William John2/43 CY/BM4154 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle75B-09 Feb 1959
Cove, Anthony Lloyd3/501 GR/C2131 Copt Heath Drive, Knowle58C-30 Jul 2012Trethewey
Cox, Alice Mary1/63 CY/T5Copt Heath, SolihullB-22 Mar 1917
Cox, Arthur Russell1/135 CY/Z10"Kozel", Dorridge RoadB-22 Apr 1922
Cox, Ethel Frances1/136 CY/Y10General Hospital, Hatton79B-06 Feb 1958
Cox, Evelyn Russell1/135 CY/Z10NorthamptonB-03 Jun 1929
Cox, John1/99 CY/S8Poplar Road, KnowleB-25 Oct 1915
Cox, Joyce Miriam2/610A CY/AH20105 Hampton Road, Road62B-07 Jun 1990Double grave.
Cox, Laura Caroline2/734 CY/AV23Formerly of Grange Road, Dorridge85B-04 Feb 1956
Cox, Maria June1/136 CY/Y10Dorridge, KnowleB-14 Dec 1921
Cox, Marianne Alice3/210 GR/AA84 Alveston Grove, Knowle86C-27 Aug 1997DowAlphabetical Index and Burial Register differ on year of death. The Burial Register date is probably correct.
Cox, Matilda1/99 CY/S8Dorridge, KnowleB-30 Jun 1922
Cox, Richard George3/210 GR/AA84 Alveston Grove, Knowle86C-10 Apr 1990Linley
Cox, Sidney1/456 CY/I24MCI, KnowleB-14 Apr 1906Alphabetical Register says Sydney.
Midland Counties Institution.
Alphabetical Register says 1904 but the sequence of burials in the Burial Register makes 1906 correct.
Cox, William1/63 CY/T5Manot Farm, Morton Bagott (sic)B-19 Oct 1939Date of Death overwitten later as 1929.
Cox, William Arthur2/610A CY/AH20105 Hampton Road, Knowle75B-13 May 2004Hamley
Cox, William Edward2/734 CY/AV2384 Grange Road, DorridgeB-04 Sep 1944
Cragg, Elsie1/221A CY/Y14The Cedars, 21 Downing Close91B-17 Aug 2001DowTriple grave.
Cragg, Ruth Elizabeth1/221A CY/Y14Conway Road, Leamington Spa61B-26 Jan 2001Dow
Crawford, Ann Armstrong1/15 CY/R3Knowle?-15 Feb 1917
Crawford, Catherine Sarah1/13 CY/P3Bron Dra, Llanwrst?-17 Jul 1912
Crawford, Jane Elizabeth1/15 CY/R31 Lode lane, Solihull?-17 Oct 1923
Crawford, Mary Ann Frances1/13 CY/P3Milverton Villas, Knowle?-23 Oct 1914
Crews, Clarissa3/82 GR/BG931 Landor Road, Knowle85C-11 Jul 2006Hamley
Crews, Wilfrid George Mervyn3/82 GR/BG931 Landor Road, Knowle63C-21 Jul 1978Gardner
Crisp, Dora Charlotte2/62 CY/AS4Hampton Road, KnowleB-28 Dec 1961
Crisp, William George2/62 CY/AS47 Meadow Road, WarwickB-11 Oct 1939
Critchley, Kenneth3/478 GR/H20149 Longdon Road, Knowle90C-16 Dec 2010Hamley
Croft, George Edward2/601 CY/AE19KnowleB-19 May 1926
Croft, Harry2/591 CY/AP19BanburyB-11 Jun 1935
Crooke, Arthur William Henry2/362 CY/AX13?-21 Mar 1975After cremation - ashed buried in middle of grave.
No date or address in Burial Register.
Crooke, Charles Henry2/362 CY/AX1347 Lodge Road, KnowleB-02 Sep 1940
Crooke, Mary Ann2/362 CY/AX1347 Lodge Road, KnowleB-10 Nov 1942
Crooks, Ann1/103 CY/N8Kings Arms Inn, KnowleB-07 Nov 1911
Cross, John Edward1/392 CY/W21MCI, KnowleB-20 Apr 1916Midland Counties Institution.
Cross, John Owen1/392 CY/W21M.C.I., KnowleB-16 Feb 1920
Cross, Sidney Robert1/392 CY/W21MCI, KnowleB-05 Jun 1912Midland Counties Institution.
Crouch, Elsie2/892 CY/AJ2739 Lady Byron Lane, Copt HeathB-24 Dec 1962
Crowther, Brenda3/1054 GR/CG45 Broadfern Road, Knowle93C-16 Sep 2021Ashton
Crowther, Philip Aubrey Thornton3/1054 GR/CG45 Broadfern Road, Knowle87C-16 Sep 2021Ashton
Cruickshank, Edith Emily3/362 GR/BU11Ardenlea Court Nursing Home, Lode Lane97C-05 Nov 2008Hamley
Cruickshank, Lewis Gordon3/362 GR/BU1132 Chantry Heath Crescent, Knowle87C-13 Jul 2000Leach
Cudlip, Ian Martin3/561 GR/BK112 Stourton Close, Knowle40C-28 May 2017Ashton
Cufiner, Mary Ellen1/291 CY/I17Henwood Lane, Solihull?-02 May 1914
Cull, Adam Robert Calver3/271 GR/AQ1121 Hampton Road, Knowle21C-11 Nov 1994Dow
Cull, Mary Joyce2/540 CY/AL1816 Hampton Road, Knowle85C-28 Dec 2011Ashton
Cummings , Peter Alan3/546 GR/BM9Jobs Close Residential Home, Lodge Road87C-10 Aug 2016Ashton
Cummings, Eliza2/669 CY/AL21KnowleB-15 Mar 1932Grave details need to be checked in original record.
Curtis, George1/177 CY/AA12KnowleB-23 Nov 1921
Curtis, George Frederick2/289 CY/AU1047 Lodge Road, Knowle86C-06 Apr 2007ParkerCremated remains right side centre.
Curtis, John Joseph2/289 CY/AU101644 High Street, Knowle64B-30 Sep 1987Of Curtis Bakery.
After cremation - ashes buried at head of grave.
Curtis, Lillian2/289 CY/AU10High Street, KnowleB-20 Apr 1939
Cutler, Florence Marjorie3/317 GR/BO1324 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle85C-13 Nov 1997Hamley
Cutler, Jill Carole3/317 GR/BO132/37 Leam Terrace, Leamington Spa51C-11 Mar 1999Hamley
Daglish, Doreen Alice3/195 GR/I11Bablake House, Birmingham Road90C-16 Sep 2003Parker
Daglish, Peter John3/195 GR/I1110 Broadfern Road, Knowle71C-04 May 1989No Officating Monister stated.
Dainty, Phoebe Rosannah2/450A CY/AH15Penderells Nursing Home, Shewell Lane101?-22 Mar 1991Single grave.
Dale, Isabella10/2 MAP/10?-1885First name only
Dale, Norman Brodie2/593 CY/AN19DorridgeB-30 Jun 1932
Dallison, Louie Marion2/624 CY/AW20Selly Oak Hospital69B-24 May 1959
Daniel, Francis Gerard2/768A CY/AS24East Birmigham Hospital89B-27 Sep 1984R.C. (Roman Catholic)
Who died at the East Birmingham Hospital on September 23rd 1984.
Daniel, Kathleen Neville Gertrude2/768A CY/AS24Moseley Hall Hospital84B-26 Jan 1984R.C. (Roman Catholic)
Died 21 Jan 1984.
Alphabetical Index says 769A but her husband grave was corrected from 769A to 768A.
Dann, Thomas2/481 CY/BB1693 Hampton Lane, KnowleB-29 Sep 1943[Hampton Road is in Knowle, Hampton Lane is in Solihull.]
Davey, Andrew John3/269 GR/AP41 Brightwell Crescent, Dorridge32C-18 Oct 1994Stevens
Davey, Eliza2/223 CY/AJ8KnowleB-20 Feb 1931There is some ambiguity about the day in the Burial Register, 20 or 21.
Davey, John Ewart2/413 CY/BH14Knowle Wood Road, DorridgeB-30 Apr 1949
Davey, Joseph Walter James2/292 CY/AR10Lodge Road, KnowleB-29 Jul 1937
Davey, Mary Ann2/292 CY/AR10Lodge Road, KnowleB-07 Jan 1960
Davey, Mary Jane2/326 CY/AU12Station Road, KnowleB-21 Apr 1939
Davie, Elizabeth1/137 CY/W10DorridgeB-16 Jul 1927
Davie, Herbert Noel Huntley1/137 CY/W10Westfield, DorridgeB-26 Feb 1920
Davies, Betsy June2/170A CY/AN7Royal Stoke University Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent88B-20 Feb 2019AshtonFormerly of 31 Purnells Way, Knowle, Solihull.
Davies, David Oliver2/486 CY/BH16Kenilworth Road, KnowleB-29 Jul 1948
Davies, Ethel Maisie3/19 GR/I1745 Lady Byron Lane, Knowle76C-09 Jan 1973LowrieAfter Cremation
Davies, Henry5/2 MAP/5?-1879First name only. Row 06
Davies, Howard Raymond3/19 GR/I1745 Lady Byron Lane, Knowle77C-09 Jan 1973LowrieDouble Plot. After Cremation
Davies, John Alun2/170A CY/AN7The Poplars, High Street83B-25 Aug 2021Ashton
Davies, John Leslie3/383 GR/BW1624 Trehern Close, Knowle68C-17 Nov 2002Hamley
Davies, Leonard Cliffe1/157 CY/E77 Beausale Drive, Knowle75B-23 Dec 1986
Davies, Leslie2/142 CY/AP64 Manor Court, Manor Road70B-03 Mar 1981
Davies, Lily Caroline2/262 CY/BF9155 Longdon Road, KnowleB-21 Feb 1948Buried in the same plot as George DAVIS. The Burial Register suggests 1948 but the Alphabetical Index is clearly 1949.
Davies, Marjorie2/142 CY/AP6The Elms Nursing Home, Tangesbury90B-27 Dec 2000Dewes
Davies, Mary Caroline2/866 CY/BL2720 St. Johns. Close, Knowle60B-04 Jan 1979
Davies, Raymond3/216 GR/O861 Lodge Road, Knowle62C-20 Aug 1990Pitkeathly[Royal] British Legion Chaplain.
Davies, Rhoda1/539 CY/N28124 Station Road, KnowleB-03 Dec 1943
Davies, Winifred Grace3/216 GR/O861 Lodge Road, Knowle83C-08 Nov 2005Fowler
Davis, Ann5/1 MAP/5?-1896First name only. Row 10
Davis, Ann1/351 CY/AA19KnowleB-26 Apr 1923
Davis, Charles2/79 CY/AA41 Lode Lane, SolihullB-26 Feb 1926
Davis, Emma Graham2/978 CY/AS30155 Longdon Road88B-04 Jan 1972
Davis, Eric Norman2/605 CY/AB20M.C.I., KnowleB-14 Feb 1924Midland Counties Institution.
Davis, Ernest Edward2/772 CY/AW2425 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath78B-06 Jan 1961
Davis, Esther2/772 CY/AW24Mill Lane, Bentley HeathB-26 Apr 1952
Davis, George1/47 CY/D5KnowleB-02 Sep 1910
Davis, George2/262 CY/BF9155 Longdon Road, Knowle77B-30 Mar 1972Ashes interred in centre of grave.
Buried in the same plot as Lily Caroline DAVIES
Davis, Ida Marion2/608 CY/AE20Brunch Sanatorium, BulkingtonB-07 May 1926
Davis, Kathleen Dorothy3/5 GR/L16The Moat, Four Ashes Road53C-19 Apr 1968After Cremation Ashes Near Old School.
The Burial Register says day was 19, the Alphabetical Register says it was 18.
Davis, Lowenna Gené Ethel3/458 GR/W3100 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle81C-30 Oct 2009HamleyAlphabetical Index says Davies.
Davis, Rosalinda2/676 CY/AD21KnowleB-25 Feb 1928The Alphabetical Index says Roselinda.
Davis, William2/79 CY/AA425 Flora Road, Hay MillsB-01 Aug 1924
Davis, William Henry1/485 CY/Z26Clifton Villa, Station RoadB-15 Oct 1936
Davy, Alfred2/76 CY/AD451 Kenilworth Road, Knowle76B-19 Mar 1970
Davy, Dorothy2/76 CY/AD451 Kenilworth Road, Knowle83B-10 Dec 1982
Davy, Elizabeth Gardner1/601 CY/D30Kenilworth Manor Nursing Home90?-12 Mar 1991After cremation, at head of grave.
Davy, James Wilfred2/77 CY/AC4Grove Croft, Grove Road91?-06 May 1970After Cremation.
Date omitted from Burial Register.
Davy, Margaret Elizabeth2/77 CY/AC4Milverton Crescent, KnowleB-29 Apr 1950
Davy, Ronald Harrington2/76 CY/AD4KnowleB-23 Nov 1934
Davy, Samuel2/77 CY/AC4Milverton Crescent, KnowleB-14 Jan 1956
Davy, Sylvia June3/538 GR/AI6Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Edgbaston83C-11 Feb 2016Wilkin
Dawes, Frances1/214 CY/U13KnowleB-11 Dec 1918
Day, Alfred Thomas1/311 CY/W18Chessetts Wood, KnowleB-10 Jan 1933
Day, Eliza Jane2/673 CY/AG21KnowleB-24 May 1928The Burial Register and the Alphabetical Index both have ambiguous writing and it could be June or Jane.
Day, Harriett1/311 CY/W18Chessetts Wood, KnowleB-03 Dec 1920
Day, John2/673 CY/AG21Knowle Institute, KnowleB-13 Dec 1928
De La Mare, Jane2/125 CY/BH619 The Croft, Coft HeathB-17 Mar 1952Both Alphabetical Index and Burial Register say the less likely Larr rather than La (De Larr Mare).
Dealtry, David John3/196 GR/AD9136 Station Roasd, Knowle42C-09 May 1989
Dean, George2/751 CY/AC23M.C.I., KnowleB-07 Jul 1927Midland Counties Institution.
Dearn, Doris3/220 GR/AG6204 Station Road, Knowle81C-22 Jun 1995Hamley
Dearn, Jack Thomas3/220 GR/AG6204 Station Road, Knowle76C-11 Oct 1990Dow
Deer, Doris3/1005 GR/BI18 Starbold Court, Knowle90C-17 Dec 2019SimpsonRegister says Dorris.
Deer, Jack3/1005 GR/BI18 Starbold Court, Knowle91C-17 Dec 2019Simpson
Delaney, Arthur Francis2/922 CY/AY28120 Darley Green Road52B-09 Mar 1961The Burial Register says date was 9th, the Alphabetical Register says 8th.
Delaney, Graham Arthur2/524A CY/AH17Saltways Cheshire Home, Webheath47B-16 Mar 1989Home: 126 Darley Green Road, Knowle.
Delaney, Irene Isabel2/922 CY/AY2882 St Johns Close, Knowle73?-21 Aug 1990Dow
Delany, Winifred Emily2/529 CY/AC17KnowleB-31 Mar 1924
Denkin, Thomas Ruben2/314 CY/AG121 Lode Lane SolihullB-04 Dec 1926Lived in Knowle.
Dennison, Lee1/607 CY/J30"The Owl House", Tavern Lane43B-26 May 1965Along North Side next to Mr Sharpe and adjacent to No.606.
Alphabethical Index day is unclear: 21, 24, 29?
Dent, Betty Jean3/479 GR/G13142 Starbold Crescent, Knowle83C-15 Dec 2010Tsipouras
Dent, Kenneth3/479 GR/G13Ludlow Care Home89C-10 Dec 2019Simpson
Dester, Hannah5/2 MAP/5?-1899First name only. Row 14
Dicken, Frances Jane1/534 CY/T28Grove Farm, Copt Heath87B-11 Apr 1961
Dicken, John1/534 CY/T28Grove Farm, Copt HeathB-02 Feb 1949
Dickens , Henry David1/477 CY/T25M.C.I., KnowleB-20 Apr 1915Midland Counties Institution
Dickin, Friedé Mary2/443A CY/AQ1575B-27 Sep 1991Address not stated.
Dickin, John Henry2/443A CY/AQ15Grove Farm, Jacobean Lane87B-26 Feb 2001Dewes[Duplicate number in Date Order Register.]
Didlick, Vera1/184A CY/R123 Abbots Close, Knowle81B-05 Sep 2003Parker
Diggines, Ann Tempest3/21 GR/M1727 Knowle Wood Raod, Dorridge57C-17 Jul 1979RusherAfter Cremation
Dillby, Harold William1/552 CY/W2925 Elms Close, Solihull78B-18 Jan 1968The Alphabetical Index says William Harold.
Dilley , Daisy2/369 CY/AP13KnowleB-24 Aug 1934
Dilley, Jack2/901 CY/AA282 Heath Road, Solihull68B-25 Sep 1987Boynes
Dilley, Mary Kathleen2/901 CY/AA282 Heath Road, Elmdon Heath71?-19 Feb 1991Sykes
Dilley, Terence2/901 CY/AA28C-22 Apr 2021Ashton
Dingley, Ann4/2 MAP/4?-1866First name only. Row 02
Dingley, Joseph4/4 MAP/4?-1882First name only. Row 02
Dingley, Marie4/3 MAP/4?-1873First name only. Row 02
Diplock, Susan Patricia3/313 GR/BO216 Blackdown Road, Knowle39C-26 Jul 1997Dow
Ditchfield, Gilbert1/167 CY/O641 Hadley Close, Wythall83B-09 Jun 1983Plot 166 reserved for John and Sue Ditchfield. [However John was interred in plot 167 on 1 September 2017.]
Ditchfield, John Anthony1/166 CY/N655 Newton Road, Knowle81B-01 Sep 2017DowOfficiating Minister also Julian Phillips.
Ditchfield, Phillipa Heidi Hathaway1/39A CY/K355 Newton Road, Knowle0B-04 Oct 1977Next To No.40
Child grave - 2 days old.
Dodwell, Mary Wynn1/146 CY/M10Grove Farm, KnowleB-24 Jun 1911
Dodwell, Thomas Frederick1/474 CY/P25M.C.I., KnowleB-22 Sep 1913Midland Counties Institution
Dolphin, Jennifer Nancye3/385 GR/BW189 Gilberry Close, Knowle55C-05 Dec 2002Hamley
Donnison, Mabel Alice1/391 CY/V21M.C.I., KnowleB-02 Dec 1919Midland Counties Institution
Donohoe, Jessie Agnes2/268 CY/BL964 Brackleys Way, Solihull76?-18 Sep 1990
Donohoe, Lawrence2/268 CY/BL9138 Arlescote Road, Solihull58B-16 Mar 1967
Donohoe, Michael Edward2/268 CY/BL9138 Lodge Road, Knowle26B-19 Jul 1963
Douglas , Mildred Edith1/514 CY/L27Poplar Road, DorridgeB-02 Feb 1926
Douglas, Ada2/634 CY/BG20Old People Home, Jobs Close75B-30 Aug 1968Ashes only in husband's grave.
Alphabetical Index says 31st not 30th.
Douglas, Eliza2/726 CY/BD2323 Poplar Road, DorridgeB-23 Aug 1947
Douglas, Harry Eli2/726 CY/BD2344 Grange Road, DorridgeB-17 Dec 1965Both Burial Register and Alphabetical Index state Dougles; assumed to be a mistake because of Douglas interred in same plot earlier. Alphabetical Index states Eli Harry.
Douglas, John Richard1/514 CY/L27Poplar Road, DorridgeB-14 Sep 1934
Douglas, Rueben Bernard2/634 CY/BG2053 Hampton Road, KnowleB-23 Apr 1949Alphabetical Index says Ruben.
Douglas, Verity Ann2/514 CY/AT17Hampton Road, KnowleB-20 Mar 1941
Dove, Hannah Elizabeth2/363 CY/AW13High Street, KnowleB-21 Dec 1939
Dove, James Arthur 3/551 GR/BL5128 Starbold Crescent, Knowle71C-18 Sep 2016Hill-Brown
Dowler, Donald Allen3/466 GR/X2Sunrise Senior Living, 1270 Warwick Road87C-29 Apr 2010Trethewey
Downing, Ellen10/5 MAP/10?-1875First name only
Downing, Thomas5/1 MAP/5?-1932First name only. Row 08
Downing, Ursula2/32A CY/BH276 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle4B-22 Nov 1979Rear of of No.32 against West hedge.
Downing, Wynter Edward2/32A CY/BH215 Brooksby Grove, Dorridge85C-18 Jun 2007Ashes top left. Rear of No. 32 against west hedge. Child's grave, one only.
Dowson, David Robert3/497 GR/E2130 Purnells Way, Knowle84C-28 Apr 2012Hamley
Dowson, Joan Margaret3/497 GR/E2130 Purnells Way, Knowle84C-06 Dec 2014Hamley
Dransfield, Lesley Jennifer3/567 GR/BI638A Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle67C-19 Oct 2017Ashton
Draper, Christine Alberta2/662 CY/AT2191 Longdon Road, KnowleB-30 Apr 1941
Draycott, Ernest3/494 GR/D111699 High Street, Knowle88C-07 Jan 2012Trethewey
Drew, Edwin2/15 CY/AP3Poplar Road, DorridgeB-21 Oct 1937
Drinkwater, Clive2/779 CY/BD2415 Wake Green Road, Moseley0B-30 Aug 1958Aged 7 hours.
Buried at side of main grave. Room for adult burial.
Drinkwater, Joseph Walter2/779 CY/BD24Poplar Road, DorridgeB-09 Mar 1948
Dryden, Constance Harriet3/194 GR/K11Jobs Close, Lodge Road84C-27 Oct 1988DowAfter Cremation
Duckett, George Herbert1/129 CY/T9Poplar Road, DorridgeB-07 Sep 1916
Dudley, Matthew William James3/470 GR/P211 Harborough Drive, Castle Bromwich41C-21 Jul 2010Trethewey
Duffel, Norman Haynes3/61 GR/Y1987 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle84C-31 Mar 1987RusherAfter Cremation
Wife's name is shown as Duffell
Duffell, Marjorie3/61 GR/Y1987 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle69C-15 Oct 1976After Cremation
Husband's name is shown as Duffel
Dugher, Septimus Nuttall3/98 GR/N2054 Clarendon Road, HinckleyC-10 Nov 1979HollingworthAfter Cremation
No age - Not stated Reg Cert. No. 468522 Hinckley Sub-District.
Dunmore, Ellen Mary2/551 CY/AY18Grove Cottage, Knowle Wood RoadB-20 Oct 1941
Dunmore, Elsie Margaret2/810 CY/AT25148 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath90B-07 Aug 2009Ashton
Dunmore, Ronald Edward2/810 CY/AT25148 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath75B-15 Mar 1988
Dunnicliffe, Laura3/125 GR/Q1528 Hanbury Road, Dorridge67C-26 May 1982RusherAfter Cremation
Durden, Ann5/3 MAP/5?-1874First name only. Row 04
Durden, William1/6 CY/I2Hatton AsylumB-11 Jun 1902
Dyke, Ann Selina1/510 CY/H27KnowleB-04 Mar 1925
Dyke, John1/509 CY/G27KnowleB-21 Feb 1924
Dyke, Samuel1/510 CY/H27KnowleB-09 May 1924
Eades, Lilian Florence2/809 CY/AU2566 Riverside Drive, Solihull79?-04 Nov 1992Otherwise Florence Lilian. After cremation. In centre of grave.
Eades, Wilfred Thomas2/809 CY/AU2566 Riverside Drive, Solihull78?-26 Feb 1988
Eagles, Elsie Vera2/373 CY/AL13?-11 Mar 1970After cremation. No address stated.
Eagles, Harriet1/93 CY/Z8Temple Balsall Alms Houses?-01 Sep 1923
Eagles, Mary Ann2/373 CY/AL1321 Grove Road, Solihull?-01 May 1945
Eagles, Thomas4/3 MAP/4?-1888First name only. Row 07 (nearest hedge)
Eagles, Walter2/373 CY/AL13Solihull?-22 Jul 1930
Eardley, John Anthony Wilmot3/214 GR/S868 Hanbury Road, Dorridge43C-10 Aug 1990Sykes
Eaton, Henry Thomas2/1011 CY/BC31Rear of 2141 Warwick Road, Heronfield63?-15 Oct 1974
Eaton, Owen Henry2/991 CY/BF302141 Warwick Road, Heronfield90?-11 Apr 1969Single grave.
Eden, Constance Marion3/378 GR/BW11Stratford Bentley Nursing Home, Saffron Meadow92C-07 Apr 2004Hamley
Eden, John Edward3/378 GR/BW11Roxborough House Residential Home, Kineton87C-17 Apr 2002Hamley"Ted"
Edgar, Henry Adam2/697 CY/AV22Lodge Road, Knowle?-05 Dec 1942
Edgar, Josaphine Ann2/585 CY/AW1911 Kixley Road, Knowle?-26 Feb 1941Josaphine as spelled. [Should be Kixley Lane.]
Edgar, Richard Norman2/697 CY/AV22Lodge Road, Knowle?-14 Feb 1942
Edgington, Alfred3/238 GR/AI175 Needhill Close, Bentley Heath84C-12 Jun 2010Trethewey
Edgington, Alfred2/17 CY/AR3Copt Heath, Knowle?-27 Nov 1939
Edgington, Ann2/17 CY/AR31447 Warwick Road, Copt Heath?-18 Oct 1955
Edgington, Brian2/17 CY/AR31447 Warwick Road, Knowle?-31 May 1963Ashes after cremation in same grave.
Edgington, Doris2/17 CY/AR31447 Warwick Road, Knowle74?-18 Jan 1973After cremation.
Edgington, Ellen2/428 CY/BF151 Western Road, Birmingham84?-26 Feb 1961Late of Knowle
Edgington, Emily1/266 CY/X1652 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-27 Sep 1950
Edgington, Florence Gladys2/34 CY/BJ31306 Warwick Road, Knowle?-24 Jan 1972
Edgington, George2/428 CY/BF15Copt Heath Croft, Knowle?-14 Jun 1947
Edgington, Iris3/238 GR/AI175 Needhill Close, Knowle63C-10 May 1992Dow
Edgington, John2/17 CY/AR3Jobs Close Old People's Home, Knowle78?-27 Mar 1990After cremation.
Edgington, John Thomas1/266 CY/X16Poplar Road, Dorridge?-26 Feb 1921
Edginton, Margaret Mary1/317 CY/P1815 Newlands Road, Bentley Heath88C-04 Oct 2017McHughAshes middle centre.
Edginton, Thomas3/1011 GR/CF11The Grove, 48 Lode Lane91C-03 Jul 2020Ashton
Edman, Alice Gertrude2/333 CY/BB12Copt Heath, Knowle?-02 Jun 1944
Edmondson, Edward4/5 MAP/4?-1900First name only. Row 04
Edmunds, Dorthy May1/394 CY/Z21MCI, Knowle?-28 Nov 1918Midland Counties Institution
Edwards, Albert George3/42 GR/R1877 Hampton Road, Knowle75C-14 Nov 1975Rusher
Edwards, Lewis Charles3/471 GR/N2Berrow Cottage Homes, 1725 High Street87C-20 Sep 2010Parker
Edwards, Lucy Kezia1/343 CY/Q19Knowle?-24 May 1917
Edwards, Marian3/471 GR/N2Glenfield Nursing Home, Wythall85C-11 Mar 2013Parker
Edwards, Reginald George1/172 CY/T677 Hampton Road, Knowle73B-20 Jun 2000Russell
Egan, Betty3/187 GR/Y11117 Widney Road, Bentley Heath92C-12 Aug 2005Leach
Egan, Horace Bertram James3/187 GR/Y11117 Widney Road, Knowle79C-29 Feb 1988Ganjavi
Element, John Lambert3/311 GR/BN584 Kenilworth Road, Knowle69C-14 Jun 1997Russell[Date Order Register incorrectly states Burial.]
Elkin, Helen1/463 CY/E25MCI, Knowle?-05 Mar 1904Midland Counties Institution.
Ellenthorpe, Edmund John1/608 CY/K3047 Hanbury Road, Dorridge61?-29 Jul 1965After cremation.
Near hedge by Guild House garden gate.
Elliot, Harry Albert2/877 CY/BA274 The Avenue, Rowington77?-19 Nov 1988After cremation - casket at head of grave. Died in Warwick Hospital.
[Note spelling of 1st interment surname has two t's.]
Elliott, Ruby Georgina2/877 CY/BA272 Holland Avenue, Knowle45?-03 May 1958Died at Solihull Hospital.
[Note spelling of 2nd interment surname has one t.]
Ellison, Ivy2/416 CY/BK14Batts Hill, Knowle?-06 Mar 1952
Elmes, Joan Kathleen Ada3/484 GR/G212 Byron Court, Longdon Road87C-30 Apr 2017Phillips
Elmes, Kenneth Howard3/484 GR/G212 Byron Court, Longdon Road88C-11 May 2011Phillips
Emms, Graeme Steven3/476 GR/H2266 Ullenhall Road, Knowle37C-21 Nov 2010HamleyAlphabetical Index says 21 October.
Emms, Maud Maria2/397 CY/AR14Golden End, Knowle?-20 Feb 1936
Emms, Thomas Edmund1/460 CY/E24MCI, Knowle?-04 May 1905Midland Counties Institution.
Emms, Walter2/397 CY/AR1480 Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-12 May 1945
Emsden, Adrian3/575 GR/BH842 Widney Road, Knowle85C-09 Jun 2018Bellingham
Endall, Ellen1/441 CY/Z24Knowle?-28 Mar 1929Died at Solihull.
Endall, Richard1/441 CY/Z24Raddlebarn Road, Selly Oak?-09 May 1944
English, Bertram Mansfield2/758 CY/AG24321 Lode Lane, Solihull69?-03 Feb 1964
English, Henry Drew2/758 CY/AG24Limpsfield, Dorridge?-27 May 1941
Ensor, Ada1/475 CY/Q25MCI, Knowle?-22 Jul 1914Midland Counties Institution.
Eržen, Anton Milan3/347 GR/BT117 Crabmill Close, Knowle77C-13 Oct 1999Maguire
Etchells, Brian3/565 GR/BI415 Whitacre Road, Knowle88C-23 Jul 2017Simpson
Etches, Arthur Hutchinson2/308 CY/AA10Knowle?-15 Nov 1922
Evans, Alan Dudley3/13 GR/AD1730 Milverton Road, Knowle23C-28 Mar 1973RusherIn front.
Brother of Gillian.
Evans, Catherine10/34 MAP/10?-1810First name only
Evans, Charles Frederick2/693 CY/AR22M.C.I., Knowle?-16 Nov 1937Midland Counties Institution.
Evans, Coralie Winifred3/37 GR/AD1530 Milverton Road, Knowle56C-02 Apr 1975RusherBehind No. 13.
Evans, Edna Mary2/902 CY/AB2825 Dudsbury Road, Ferndown73?-27 Jan 1987Ganjavi
Evans, Gillian Margaret3/13 GR/AD1730 The Orchard, Kings Langley25C-02 Nov 1971Rusher
Evans, Helen Irene3/129 GR/Y15Bowood Court, Hellwell Road83C-21 Jun 2005Parker
Evans, Henry3/250 GR/AO179 Wilsons Road, Knowle78C-22 Jan 1993Dow
Evans, Hilda2/100 CY/AT5Rotten Row Cottage, Knowle0?-17 Mar 1943Baby
Evans, James Hugh2/902 CY/AB28"Dudsbury House", 25 Dudsbury Road83C-28 Nov 1995Thorpe
Evans, Jennie Ursula1/563 CY/K2922 Wilsons Road, Knowle90B-05 Jan 2018Ashton
Evans, Margaret Diane3/536 GR/AI43 Deer Park Way, Solihull80C-14 Jan 2016Parker
Evans, Martha Annie1/344 CY/S19368 Station Road, Knowle?-12 Apr 1945Should be Dorridge not Knowle.
Evans, Nigel Dudley3/37 GR/AD1579 St Lawrence Close, Knowle99C-16 Oct 2016Ashton
Evans, Nora Millicent1/344 CY/S19Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-09 Dec 1918
Evans, Norman Howard3/186 GR/AA1190 Saint John's Close, Knowle72C-11 Feb 1988Ganjavi
Evans, Raymond William3/129 GR/Y15120 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle61C-30 Sep 1982Moberly
Evans, William Leonard1/451 CY/N24MCI, Knowle?-20 Apr 1916Midland Counties Institution.
Everitt, George7/1 MAP/7?-1905First name only
Everton, Arthur1/344 CY/S19368 Station Road, DorridgeC-08 May 1963After cremation.
Everton, Hilda Martha1/344 CY/S1990?-23 Sep 1985No address stated. After cremation.
Fabery, Elizabeth1/153 CY/F10Knowle?-07 Oct 1903
Fairey, Albert Edward1/37 CY/M4Dorridge Cottages, Dorridge?-19 Feb 1907
Fairfield, William5/8 MAP/5?-1895First name only. Row 03
Fairfield, William1/229 CY/P14Knowle?-02 Mar 1918
Fairless, Christina5/5 MAP/5?-1897First name only. Row 04
Falk, Eugenie Beatrice2/761 CY/AK24The Farner Home, Tilbury Place73?-17 Jul 1956Ashes only, after cremation. Should probably be The Tarner Home.
Farmer, Emma1/133 CY/Y9Knowle?-26 Mar 1921
Farmer, Robert George3/370 GR/BW352 Kenilworth Road, Knowle88C-19 Sep 2021Ashton[Duplicate Date Order Register entries: 579 showed interment 2 Jan 2020. Later entry (notionally 599) shows 19 Sep 2021.]
Farmer, Valerie Anne3/370 GR/BW37 Gainsborough Crescent, Knowle67C-29 Apr 2001Russell
Farmer, William1/133 CY/Y9Station Road, Dorridge?-17 Mar 1937
Farr, Kathleen3/27 GR/Y172 Packwood Close, Bentley Heath92C-15 Mar 2000Stevens
Farr, Sidney3/27 GR/Y172 Packwood Close, Bentley Heath63C-26 Mar 1974Maines
Farrell, Rubie2/37 CY/BM3Lady Byron Lane, Solihull?-27 Jan 1972At 22 Somerset Road Edgbaston.
Farrer, Catherine Sophia Marks1/431 CY/Q23Knowle?-17 Aug 1915
Faulkner, Ada1/213 CY/T13General Hospital, Birmingham?-16 Nov 1918
Faulkner, Alfred2/78 CY/AB4Knowle?-05 Dec 1935
Faulkner, Alice1/213 CY/T13Bristol?-28 Apr 1950After cremation
Faulkner, George1/213 CY/T13School House, Knowle?-24 Feb 1940After cremation
Faulkner, John2/33 CY/BI324 Mockley Wood Road, Knowle74B-28 May 1997Russell
Faulkner, Rebecca2/33 CY/BI3Grey Gables Residential Care Home, Fox Hollies Road93B-22 Jan 2015Parker[Register incorrectly states Gray]
Fell, Beatrice3/252 GR/AQ1211 Manor Court, DorridgeC-02 Jun 1993ReynoldsAge not stated.
Fell, Fanny Rebba1/304 CY/W17Knowle?-29 Nov 1924
Fell, Harry James1/304 CY/W17Knowle?-04 Feb 1921
Fell, Stephen Henry2/512 CY/AV171 Lode Lane, Solihull?-21 Feb 1940
Felthouse, Mary2/377 CY/AG13Cottage Homes, Knowle?-20 Nov 1926
Ferriman, Alice Beatrice2/197 CY/BL8Poplar Road, Dorridge?-27 Jan 1955
Ferriman, Frederick3/338 GR/BS546 Station Road, Knowle85C-25 May 1999Parker
Fetherston-Gordon, Eric1/441A CY/Y2422 Crabmill Close, Knowle93B-29 Nov 2002Hamley
Fetherston-Gordon, Jean Hilda Irene1/441A CY/Y24Penderells Nursing Home, Meriden80C-29 Nov 2002HamleyCremated remains in coffin.
Few, Frank1/450 CY/O24MCI, Knowle?-23 Apr 1915Midland Counties Institution.
Few, Walter1/450 CY/O24MCI, Knowle?-01 Aug 1913Midland Counties Institution.
Fidoe, Alfred3/71 GR/BG870 Heath Gardens, Solihull72C-01 Dec 1977Comber
Fidoe, Ernest2/451 CY/AG15Knowle?-21 Aug 1926Died at Bramcote Sanitorium.
Fidoe, Harriet Annie3/71 GR/BG8Brookvale, 111 Warwick Road82C-03 Oct 1984Jackson
Field, Brian2/473 CY/AT16Poplar Road, Dorridge?-31 Dec 1938
Field, Doris1/427 CY/M23Dorridge?-23 May 1910
Field, Henry1/383 CY/M21Knowle?-30 Oct 1913
Field, Jessie2/187 CY/BG713 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-23 Apr 1949
Field, Jessie1/427 CY/M23?-17 Jun 1910No address stated.
Field, John Jeffrey2/187 CY/BG711 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-03 Sep 1963
Field, Linda Rosemary3/431 GR/AE543 Barcheston Road, Knowle51C-22 Feb 2007Parker
Field, Mary Elizabeth1/347 CY/V19Knowle?-23 Mar 1920
Field, Norman2/860 CY/BK26The Ards, Dorridge Road55?-17 Sep 1957
Field, Thomas1/408 CY/M22Knowle?-01 Feb 1924
Figgis, Anthony John Samuel2/740 CY/AO23The Croft, Copt Heath?-13 Mar 1943
Fildes, Alice Muriel2/1048 CY/AL3077 Woodchester Road, Dorridge92?-05 Jan 1981ManionR.C.
Fildes, Richard2/1048 CY/AL3077 Woodchester Road, Dorridge44?-10 Jan 1974R.C.
Finch, Caroline2/934 CY/BK28188 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle94?-26 Apr 1974
Finch, Edith May3/183A GR/J12114 Station Road, Knowle83C-15 Jan 1997Dewes
Finch, Thomas Henry3/183A GR/J12114 Station Road, Knowle73C-16 Oct 1987GanjaviDied General Hospital, Werston-Super-Mare.
Finch, William2/934 CY/BK28188 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle82?-08 Feb 1960
Findon, Frederick1/333 CY/G19Knowle?-04 Dec 1915
Findon, Mary Ellen1/333 CY/G19Lodge Road, Knowle?-24 Nov 1906
Finlay, William Robert2/446 CY/AM15Solihull?-04 May 1933
Finley, Elizabeth2/446 CY/AM15Solihull?-11 Nov 1931
Fish, Mary3/33 GR/B1821 Brocksby Grove, Dorridge79C-28 Nov 1992Honeysett
Fisher, Rachel Kathryn3/165 GR/Q1331 Ebourne Close, Kenilworth25C-28 Sep 1984Seamer
Fitter, Edith Margaret2/849 CY/AZ26115 Tanyard Close, Tile HileB-30 Dec 1985No age stated. At Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry.
Fitter, Edwin James2/159 CY/AC7122 Cranmore Boulevard, Shirley?-01 May 1954
Fitter, Elizabeth1/92 CY/Z7Blue Lake, Knowle?-23 Oct 1922
Fitter, Harry2/849 CY/AZ2625 Darley Green Road, Knowle?-03 Sep 1955
Fitter, Minnie Alice1/215 CY/V13Darley Green, Knowle?-21 Jan 1919
Fitter, Selina2/156 CY/AA6122 Cranmore Boulevard, Shirley82?-27 Dec 1956Died Solihull Hospital.
Fitter, William2/159 CY/AC7Poplar Road, Dorridge?-25 Jun 1925
Fitter, William1/92 CY/Z7Blue Lake, Knowle?-22 Dec 1927
Fitzimmonds, Nicole Rita2/986 CY/BA30South Africa65C-03 Apr 2016AshtonNo address stated, c/o Helen Ripley (sister) 54 Harrowdene Gardens, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 0DJ.
Fleming, Clarence1/565 CY/I2977 Longdon Road, Knowle77?-15 Nov 1968
Fleming, Florence Maud1/565 CY/I29123 Station Road, Kirby Muxloe80?-11 Jul 1969
Fleming, John Harry3/526 GR/AM5Yew Tree Farm, Kixley Lane84C-11 Nov 2014Trethewey
Fleming, Louisa1/466 CY/H25MCI, Knowle?-19 Oct 1904Midland Counties Institution.
Fleming, Stephanie Katharine3/526 GR/AM5Yew Tree Farm, Kixley Lane87C-15 Jun 2016Ashton
Fletcher, Alice3/236 GR/AK1531 Hampton Road, Knowle82C-22 Aug 1998Hamley
Fletcher, Barry Frederick3/433 GR/AA54 Langfield Road, Knowle73C-17 Jul 2007Hamley
Fletcher, John Bernard3/368 GR/BW1114 Kenilworth Road, Knowle67C-28 Mar 2001Parker
Fletcher, Kenneth Williams1/381 CY/K21Knowle?-15 Apr 1935
Fletcher, Richie3/349 GR/BT522 Netherfield Gardens, Acocks Green24C-17 Nov 1999Hamley
Fletcher, Rita3 4 Langfield Road, Knowle85C-12 Dec 2021Lanham
Fletcher, Sarah1/381 CY/K21Childrens Hospital, Birmingham?-07 May 1909
Fletcher, William Arthur3/236 GR/AK1531 Hampton Road, Knowle85C-23 Mar 1992Pitkeathly
Florence, Dorothea Ellen2/254 CY/AW91665 High Street, Knowle?-24 Dec 1940
Florence, John2/254 CY/AW911 Lyncroft Gardens, London56?-22 Jun 1960
Floyd, Charles Henry Elijah2/488 CY/BJ16216 Warwick Road, Knowle?-27 Jul 1950
Fogarty, Johanna3/277 GR/AQ4Hillside Residential Home, Hollywood87C-31 Jan 1995McRayeDuplicate Date Order Register entry number.
Foote, John3/106 GR/E21136 Lodge Road, Knowle84C-02 Sep 1980HollingworthEast of and adjacent to No. 51.
Foote, Mary Lilian3/51 GR/E19136 Lodge Road, Knowle73C-27 Apr 1976Rusher
Forbes, Catherine Mary3/506 GR/B168 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle78C-10 Feb 2013Tsipouras
Forsythe, Annie Elizabeth2/125 CY/BH6The Croft, Copt Heath?-19 Nov 1949
Foster, David11/1 MAP/1122 Richmond Road, Harrogate77C-09 Mar 2011[Section and Plot assumed]
Foster, Donald Abbotts11/1 MAP/11?-28 Mar 1981First name only. [Former Vicar of Knowle]
Foster, Edith Norah11/1 MAPWestfield Nursing Home, Ripon Road97C-21 Jan 2000Parker[Section and Plot assumed]
Foster, Eileen Elizabeth1/609 CY/L3036 Crabmill Close, Knowle87C-22 Sep 1995DowAfter cremation.
Foster, Irene Collinson1/245 CY/G15Claverdon, Nr Warwick?-02 Nov 1906
Foster, John Sproston1/609 CY/L3036 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle62?-02 Sep 1966After cremation.
Near hedge by Guild House garden gate.
Fowler, Annie Meagher1/212A CY/R132 Copt Heath Wharf, Barston Lane0B-09 Sep 2005Tillett
Fox, Antony Frederick3/200 GR/V9264 Paxton Drive, Marlpool Gardens33C-28 Jul 1989Dow
Fox, Charles Edward1/80 CY/L7Golden End, Knowle?-02 Nov 1909Date very confused.
Francis, Arthur Ferdinand1/143A CY/Q1078 Station Road, Knowle80B-21 Jan 2000Parker
Francis, Joan1/143A CY/Q1078 Station Road, Knowle88B-18 Jul 2008Hamley
Franklin, George William1/251 CY/M15Kixley Road?-26 Jun 1913Should be Kixley Lane.
Franklin, Graham Donald1/251 CY/M15Slater Road, Bentley Heath?-05 Feb 1938Full up.
Franklin, Mary1/41 CY/I426 Ulleries Road, Olton?-25 Mar 1939
Fraser, Cynthia Audrie3/325A GR/BR19Apartment 4, Arden Grange76C-05 Sep 2021Cornfield
Freeman, Arthur William1/210 CY/P13?-15 Apr 1931No address stated
Freeman, Brian Antony3/248 GR/AP1235 Barcheston Road, Knowle55C-22 Dec 1992Richards
Freeman, Cecil John2/540 CY/AL18Knowle?-06 Feb 1931
Freeman, Daphne Lilian3/319 GR/BO920 St Annes Grove, Knowle69C-18 Mar 2008ParkerLilian appears not to be Lillian.
Freeman, Edith Emily2/686 CY/AJ2239 Hampton Road, Knowle81?-17 Mar 1956
Freeman, Helen Maud1/185 CY/Q12Ashlawn, Knowle?-26 Jun 1915
Freeman, Lavinia Annie2/540 CY/AL1820 Hampton Road, Knowle76?-26 Apr 1978After cremation.
Freeman, Mary Slade1/210 CY/P13The Clough, Knowle?-12 May 1925
Freeman, Muriel Ann3/248 GR/AP1235 Barcheston Road, [Knowle]66C-03 Dec 2004Hamley
Freeman, Neville3/319 GR/BO920 St Annes Grove, Knowle62C-16 Dec 1997Dewes
Freeman, Reginald Guy Earle1/185 CY/Q123 Widney Road, Bentley Heath?-30 Nov 1948
Freeman, William Charles2/686 CY/AJ22Knowle?-01 Aug 1933
Freeman, William George2/540 CY/AL1820 Hampton Road, Knowle72?-30 Dec 1974After cremation - at foot of grave.
French, Ada Maria2/46 CY/BJ4192 Tilehouse Green Lane, Bentley Heath91?-10 Aug 1973
French, Clara Rosina2/667 CY/AN21Knowle?-01 Nov 1933
French, Robert2/46 CY/BJ4192 Tilehouse Green Lane, Bentley Heath?-22 Sep 1954
Frewin, Ellen Janetta2/352 CY/BH1384 Station Road, Knowle?-23 Mar 1949
Frewin, Ernest George2/352 CY/BH1384 Station Road, Knowle79?-26 Jan 1957
Frewin, Marjorie Ruth3/116 GR/AX1025 Steep Ridings, Brockholes47C-25 Oct 1985SeamerDaughter of Harold Keir Bailey.
Frost, Walter Leonard Frank3/327 GR/K2320 Lady Byron Lane, Knowle80C-05 Sep 1998Dewes
Fulford, Kate3/41 GR/P17111 St Johns Close, Knowle83C-31 Oct 1975Rusher
Fulford, Trevor James3/41 GR/P1715 Moray Road, London N430C-16 Feb 1997Dow
Furber, Helen Randle2/48 CY/BH419 Avenue Road, Dorridge?-14 Mar 1977After cremation.
Furber, Janet2/48 CY/BH419 Avenue Road, Dorridge?-04 May 1955After cremation.
Furber, Robert Arthur2/48 CY/BH419 Avenue Road, Dorridge?-04 Oct 1961After cremation.
Furness-Huson , Alan3/481 GR/G1159 Longdon Road, Knowle75C-08 Mar 2011Hamley
Gallacher, Heather Margaret3/570 GR/BH3Jobs Close Residential Home, Lodge Road90C-26 Nov 2017Ashton
Galloway, Francis10/4 MAP/10?-1891First name only
Galloway, George1/281 CY/H16Station Road, Knowle?-11 Jun 1908
Galloway, George Henry1/148 CY/K10Knowle?-09 Jun 1923
Galloway, John Edwin1/289 CY/G17Union Workhouse, Solihull?-22 Aug 1906
Galloway, Lucy1/123 CY/M9Knowle?-08 Jan 1930Died at Women's Hospital.
Galloway, Mary1/281 CY/H16Station Road, Knowle?-01 May 1911
Galloway, Mary Sarah2/104 CY/AP5Chestnut Nursing Home, 45 Windford Road81C-28 Nov 2001Woodward
Galloway, Sophia1/148 CY/K10Lodge Road, Knowle?-23 Jul 1909
Gardiner, Gloria Dorothy3/26 GR/W1671 Slater Road, Bentley Heath23C-20 Mar 1974Staples
Gardiner, Hedley Oliver3/138 GR/W1771 Slater Road, Bentley Heath61C-14 Jan 1983Sanders
Gardiner, Joseph Henry3/459 GR/U3Flat 18, Patterson Court79C-18 Nov 2009Turner
Gardner, Clara Ann1/253 CY/O1564 Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield?-13 Jun 1941
Gardner, Herbert Traer2/566 CY/BN186 Old Warwick Court, Old Warwick Road72?-17 Oct 1977Traer shown with an alternative Tracer.
Gardner, Lilian Ruth2/566 CY/BN18Neville Williams House, 8 Greenland Road90?-20 Jun 1990
Gardner, Phyllis May2/571 CY/BK19Lane House Nursing Home, Lichfield Road85C-12 May 2004HamleyOtherwise Smith.
Gardner, Sam1/253 CY/O15Knowle?-08 Jan 1917
Gardner, Winifred1/253 CY/O15Olton?-30 Jul 1948Cremated
Garland, Agnes2/152 CY/AE6"Wroxton", 3 St Bernards Road95?-20 Nov 1979R.C.
Garrett, Irene Kathleen3/522 GR/AM114 Whateley Hall Close, Knowle82C-11 Jun 2014Ashton[Burial Register incorrectly says Whatley.]
Gask, Barbara Jean Elizabeth3/265 GR/AN514 Norton Green Lane, Knowle65C-08 Apr 1994Dow
Gask, Robert Charles3/265 GR/AN514 Norton Green Lane, Knowle75C-11 Sep 2001Leach
Gathercole, Edward William Augustus1/45 CY/E4Dorridge?-06 Dec 1906
Gathercole, Elizabeth1/45 CY/E4Knowle?-26 Nov 1901
Gaukroger, Mary Rachel3/36 GR/H1894 Kenilworth Road, Knowle50C-14 Mar 1975Rusher
Gaukroger, Robert3/36 GR/H181706 Warwick Road, Knowle87C-03 Sep 2002Wilcox
Gee, Catherine1/51 CY/H5Workhouse Infirmary, Solihull?-20 Nov 1913
Gee, Ralph1/51 CY/H5Lodge Road, Knowle?-07 Oct 1903
George, Albert2/124 CY/BI6Station Road, Knowle?-13 Nov 1951
George, David John Rex3/502 GR/A2674 Chantry Heath Crescent, Knowle77C-15 Aug 2012Edgerton
Gibbs, Caroline2/258 CY/BB9Golden End, Knowle?-02 Dec 1944
Gibbs, Charles1/50 CY/G5Golden End, Knowle?-31 May 1907
Gibbs, George1/50 CY/G5Golden End, Knowle?-20 Dec 1902
Gibbs, Harry2/730 CY/AZ23Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-09 Aug 1945
Gibbs, James1/44 CY/F431 Croydon Road, Bournebrook?-27 Feb 1913Should be Bournbrook.
Gibbs, Jessie Sarah2/623 CY/AV201290 Copt Heath, Knowle?-30 Apr 1941
Gibbs, John1/62 CY/S5Golden End, Knowle?-05 Sep 1916
Gibbs, Martha1/44 CY/F4Knowle?-01 Feb 1902
Gibson, Mary10/32 MAP/10?-1891First name only
Gilbert, Bernard2/710 CY/BI2225 Greenslade Road, Solihull Lodge66C-20 Oct 1976Ashes at foot of grave. Died at East Birmingham Hospital.
Gilbert, George10/37 MAP/10?-1879First name only
Gilbert, Joyce Pattie Lilian3/60 GR/W1963 St Lawrence Close, Knowle87C-08 Dec 2009Hamley
Gilbert, Patricia Emily Elizabeth2/710 CY/BI22?-
Gilbert, Wilfrid John Oliver3/60 GR/W196 Avenue Close, Dorridge61C-14 Oct 1976Rusher
Giles, Georgina Ann1/426 CY/L23Knowle?-05 Nov 1934
Gill, Edmund James3/1058 GR/CG841 Chantry Heath Crescent, Knowle85C-29 Nov 2021Ashton
Gill, George Derek Carson3/185 GR/AC1146 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle59C-31 Dec 1987Ganjavi
Gillooly, Dennis Alder3/434 GR/Y513 Leafy Lane, Whiteley90C-24 Apr 2016Parker
Gillooly, Josephine3/434 GR/Y583 Hampton Road, Knowle86C-27 Jul 2007Hamley
Gimes, Clara Alice3/374 GR/BW635A Hampton Road, Knowle82C-14 Jul 2001Hamley
Gimes, John Henry3/374 GR/BW635A Hampton Road, Knowle82C-04 Apr 2004Hamley
Gisbourne, Harry1/299A CY/R17C-23 Mar 2009HamleyNo address stated. No age stated.
Re-interred ashes from Yardley cemetery. Casket in centre on top of coffin.
Gisbourne, Lillian Georgina1/299A CY/R1717 Cook Close, Knowle91B-23 Mar 2009Hamley
Gittens, Jane1/366 CY/K20Infirmary, Solihull?-24 Jan 1917
Gittens, Richard1/366 CY/K20Golden End, Knowle?-26 Jun 1909
Glover, Dennis Howard2/531 CY/AB18Knowle?-14 Feb 1923
Glover, Derek2/704 CY/BC22Warwick Road, Copt Heath?-08 Nov 1945
Glover, Earnest Harry1/184 CY/S12717 Coventry Road, Smallheath?-23 Apr 1917
Glover, Edwin Harvey2/50 CY/BF4Heronfield, Knowle?-15 Jan 1952
Glover, Florence Ada2/310 CY/AC12116 Station Road, Knowle?-17 Jun 1948
Glover, Frank Melville2/1004 CY/BJ3188 Station Road, Knowle72?-06 May 1970
Glover, Frederick William2/310 CY/AC12Knowle?-18 Oct 1924
Glover, Helen9/5 MAP/9?-1868First name only
Glover, Henry1/183 CY/T12717 Waverley Road, Smallheath?-25 Oct 1921
Glover, John Percy2/554 CY/BB18Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-14 Jul 1943
Glover, Margeret Hannah1/183 CY/T12717 Coventry Road, Smallheath?-29 Dec 1926
Glover, Maria10/24 MAP/10?-1892First name only
Glover, Pamela Susan3/410 GR/BX2038 Crabmill Close, Knowle63C-22 Dec 2004Leach
Glover, Raymond Melville1/402 CY/T22Knowle?-24 Mar 1927
Glover, Susie Dorothy Josephine2/1004 CY/BJ3188 Station Road, Knowle94?-05 Jun 1989RusherDied at Day Hill Rest Home, Tonbridge
Glover, Thomas10/23 MAP/10?-1887First name only
Glover, Thomas Frances John2/553 CY/BA18Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-10 Mar 1943
Glover, Vera Louisa1/248 CY/J15Station Road, Knowle?-19 May 1910
Glover, William5/2 MAP/5?-1843First name only. Row 01 (nearest path)
Godderidge, Audrey Emma3/298 GR/BL171587 Warwick Road, Knowle85C-13 Feb 1996Richards
Godfrey, Mary Louise1/482 CY/Z25?-09 Aug 1937No address stated. Formerly of Norton Grange, Knowle
Godfrey, Norman William1/482 CY/Z25Norton Grange, Knowle?-30 Jul 1934
Goodall, George Albert3/81 GR/BD916 St Johns Close, Knowle72C-20 Jul 1978Rusher
Goodban, Frank1/372 CY/E20Milverton Farmhouse, Knowle?-14 Jun 1905
Goodban, Lillian1/372 CY/E20?-15 Sep 1906No address stated.
Goodban, Thomas Edward1/372 CY/E20Milverton Farmhouse, Knowle?-05 Jan 1905
Goode, Agnes Mary2/920 CY/AW2823 Packwood Close, Bentley Heath62?-11 Sep 1961
Goode, Cyril John2/918 CY/AU28Earlswood Grove, Earlswood Road64?-10 Nov 1961
Goode, Emma1/109 CY/H8Infirmary, Solihull?-07 Jan 1918
Goode, Henry John2/918 CY/AU28104 St Johns Close, Knowle73C-06 Oct 1995ThorpeAshes at foot of grave.
Goode, James1/109 CY/H8Heronfield, Knowle?-25 Jan 1904
Goode, John7/9 MAP/7?-1852First name only
Goode, John Thomas2/100 CY/AT5Rotten Row, Knowle?-16 Aug 1939
Goode, Joseph4/1 MAP/4?-1874First name only. Row 01 (nearest path)
Goode, Nita2/918 CY/AU28104 St Johns Close, Knowle73C-03 Nov 1995Thorpe
Goode, Sarah Ann2/100 CY/AT5Rotten Row Cottage, Knowle?-24 Jun 1953
Goode, Winifred2/918 CY/AU28Swallows Meadow Home, Shirley85?-28 Jan 1982
Goodger, Violet3/224 GR/Z630 Hampton Road, Knowle70C-19 Mar 1991Sykes
Goodger, Wifred James3/224 GR/Z630 Hampton Road, Knowle74C-05 Oct 1993Dow
Goodwin, Emma Elizabeth2/32 CY/BH3"Roundmead", Crabtree Drive91?-11 Aug 1977
Goodwin, William Henry2/32 CY/BH3384 Tessall Lane, Northfield84?-09 Feb 1972
Goodyear, Louisa2/296 CY/AM10432 Station Road, Knowle?-04 Feb 1946
Goodyear, William Henry2/296 CY/AM10Dorridge, Solihull?-24 Jul 1931
Gordon, Muriel Joan3/384 GR/BW17Broad Oaks House, Chessetts Wood Road93C-26 Nov 2002Hamley
Gorton, Percival Mervyn3/189 GR/U111494 Warwick Road, Knowle84C-22 Apr 1988Ganjavi
Gorton, Sylvia Mabel3/189 GR/U1127 St Lawrence Close, Knowle82C-22 Feb 1994Dow
Goudie, John3/500 GR/C2397 Hampton Road, Knowle79C-13 Jul 2012Fisher
Grace, Alan Charles3/564 GR/BI363 Woodrow Crescent, Knowle83C-30 Jul 2017Simpson
Graddon, Sian1/526A CY/Y2710 Chetland Croft, Solihull55C-15 Jul 2017Simpson
Graham, Hilda3/179 GR/T1273 Purnells Way, Knowle58C-06 Nov 1986Ganjavi
Graham, John Ronald3/179 GR/T1273 Purnells Way, Knowle90C-15 Apr 2018Ashton
Granger Smith, Frances Annie2/575 CY/BG19"The Winnats", Avenue Road?-13 Nov 1948
Granger Smith, Francis Mildred2/575 CY/BG196 Avenue Road, Dorridge68?-06 Apr 1958
Grant, Dennis Leslie2/907A CY/AG28Stripes Hill House, 1752 Warwick Road52B-15 Jun 2010ParkerThis burial is not recorded in the Section II burial register.
Grant, Hilda2/144 CY/AN6147 Dorridge Road, Dorridge81B-03 Apr 2007Hill-Brown
Grant, Mary1/374 CY/D21Station Road?-19 Jan 1904
Grant, Russell2/144 CY/AN620 Hurst Green Road, Bentley Heath54?-13 Feb 1981[Lane not Road] (Of St Philips, Dorridge) This grave reopened by Thomas Bragg & Sons without prior consultation. First two burials abut No. 169. Russell Grant laid at head and alongside. No date stated.
Gray, Agnes Gertrude2/833 CY/AH2636 Lodge Road, Knowle89?-23 May 1989
Gray, Emerios Victor1/501 CY/H26Knowle?-05 Sep 1914
Gray, Joseph1/395 CY/AA21MCI, Knowle?-05 Apr 1923Midland Counties Institution
Greaves, Annetta2/279 CY/BF10"Helens", Station Road?-04 Jun 1952Cremation.
Greaves, George Hudson2/279 CY/BF10370 Station Road, Knowle86?-14 Apr 1958Cremation.
Green, Amelia Marjorie3/104 GR/X209 Sherwood Close, Solihull65C-16 Jun 1980Hollingworth
Green, Barry Anthony1/569 CY/E2953 Starbold Crescent, Knowle68B-19 Apr 2011Maguire
Green, Charles1/398 CY/X22Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-22 Dec 1927
Green, Charles Edward1/194 CY/H12Red Lion Inn, Knowle?-03 May 1907
Green, Donald3/440 GR/M588 Barcheston Road, Knowle79C-10 Oct 2007Hamley
Green, Dorothy Winifred2/904 CY/AD2850 Station Road, Knowle91B-08 Jun 1994Hamley
Green, Edward George Frederick3/93 GR/BG1221 Longdon Road, Knowle77C-17 Aug 1979Hollingworth
Green, Edwin William1/14 CY/Q3Copt Heath?-30 Aug 1910In the Parish of Solihull.
Green, Eliza1/23 CY/Z31 Lode Lane, Solihull?-14 Mar 1929
Green, Elsie3/134 GR/BG1221 Longdon Road, Knowle87C-24 Dec 1982MoberlyIn grave No. 93.
Green, Elsie3/93 GR/BG1221 Longdon Road, KnowleC-17 Aug 1979Hollingworth[See record for Plot 134 - says in Grave 93, presumed to be Garden of Remembrance].
Green, Ernest Anthony3/104 GR/X209 Sherwood Close, Olton88C-08 May 2005WilcoxDuplicate Register number 106.
Green, Ernest James2/727 CY/BC231359 Warwick Road, Copt Heath?-14 May 1946
Green, Florence2/565 CY/BM188 Bluebell Lane, Solihull?-12 Apr 1955
Green, Florence2/727 CY/BC239 Sherwood Close, Olton?-24 Mar 1952
Green, Freddie1/297 CY/O177?-18 Apr 1917No address stated.
Green, Frederick Donald2/813 CY/AP2533 Kixley Lane, Knowle85B-15 Feb 2008Hamley
Green, George2/164 CY/AH7Knowle?-06 Jan 1930
Green, George1/23 CY/Z3Knowle?-04 Apr 1923
Green, Ida Lillian3/1001 GR/BG13Berrow Homes, Knowle90C-05 Nov 2019Simpson[Appears to be in same plot as 3/93]
Green, Joseph2/565 CY/BM187 Poplar Road, Dorridge86?-12 May 1958
Green, Margaret Ellen2/925 CY/BB2877 Lodge Road74?-26 Oct 1960
Green, Margaret Ellen2/813 CY/AP2533 Kixley Lane, Knowle63?-04 Jul 1984
Green, Margaret Nicoll3/395 GR/BX568 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle75C-07 Nov 2003Greenstreet
Green, Mary Jane1/440 CY/AA24Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-20 Apr 1929
Green, Nancy Winifed2/958 CY/AT29Heartlands Hospital, Bordesley Green88B-15 Apr 1993Hamley
Green, Richard Hugh2/130 CY/BC68 Nortons Green Lane, Knowle?-14 Mar 1953[Burial Register incorrectly says Road]
Green, Rosa1/194 CY/H12Red Lion Inn, Knowle?-03 Jul 1908
Green, William2/958 CY/AT2949 Grove Road, Solihull64?-13 May 1966
Green, William Joseph2/904 CY/AD2877 Lodge Road, Knowle78?-08 Jan 1963
Greenhill, Thomas4/2 MAP/4?-1889First name only. Row 04
Greenland, Georgina2/288 CY/AV1079 Lodge Road, Knowle?-28 Mar 1942
Greenland, Thomas2/288 CY/AV1079 Lodge Road, Knowle?-21 Feb 1940
Greensill, Tom Marston3/301 GR/BM1923 Longdon Croft, Warwick Road80C-12 Jun 1996Dow
Greensmith, Clarence Tom2/624 CY/AW20Queens (sic) Elizabeth Hospital?-24 May 1941
Greenway, Lawrence3/95 GR/BA1377 St Johns Close, Knowle76C-13 Sep 1979Rusher
Gregory, Barbara3/550 GR/BL3Berrow Homes, 1725 High Street84C-18 Sep 2016Ashton
Gregory, Tessa1/37A CY/M319 Oldway Drive, Solihull?-22 May 1972Childs (sic) grave.
Age 9 days.
Greswold, Alan2/814 CY/AO2514 Glaisdale Road, Hall Green86B-08 Sep 2006Law
Greswold, Dorothy Margaret2/814 CY/AO25Ivy House Farm, Needlers End Lane67?-02 Aug 1984
Greswolde, Jane Elizabeth1/111 CY/F8Lady Leveson Hospital, Temple Balsall?-21 Aug 1912
Greswolde, Thomas1/111 CY/F8Hampton Road, Knowle?-16 Dec 1902Burial Register says Hampton Lane which is in Solihull.
Greves, Violet5/5 MAP/5?-1895First name only. Row 11
Grew, Jane1/189 CY/M1210 Amesbury Road, Moseley?-30 Dec 1935
Grew, Sarah1/189 CY/M12Barnfield, Knowle?-23 Oct 1912
Grew, William Charles1/189 CY/M12Barnfield, Knowle?-14 Aug 1913
Grey, Margaret2/207 CY/BB8Hampton Lane, Knowle?-29 Nov 1944Should be Hampton Road.
Griffen, Amelia1/296 CY/N17Knowle?-18 Feb 1914
Griffen, Edwin1/296 CY/N17Ullenhall, Knowle?-02 Jun 1916
Griffeths, Mary Elizabeth2/694 CY/AS22Lodge Road, Knowle?-05 Jul 1940[Griffeths as written]
Griffin, Royston William3/128 GR/W1516 Woodrow Crescent, Solihull35C-18 Sep 1982ReddishRoyston Wm. In record.
Should be Knowle not Solihull.
Griffiths, Annie2/517 CY/AP17Knowle?-27 Jul 1935All other interments in this plot are spelled Griffiths but this plot was spelled Griffeths.
Griffiths, Dianne Margaret1/259 CY/V151A Raddlebarn Road, Selley Oak?-27 Apr 1936Selley (sic)
Griffiths, Eleanor Sarah2/465 CY/AK16"Lyndon Croft", Ulleries Road?-25 Sep 1969Ashes scattered after cremation.
Griffiths, Evelyn Ann2/517 CY/AP1781 Lodge Road, Knowle68?-06 Apr 1977After cremation
Griffiths, John2/517 CY/AP1781 Lodge Road, Knowle?-12 Nov 1955
Griffiths, John Frederick2/517 CY/AP178 Hillfield Road, Solihull85C-08 Jul 2005Hamley
Griffiths, Marian2/517 CY/AP178 Hillfield Road, Solihull89C-15 Dec 2008HamleyAfter cremation.
Griffiths, William2/465 CY/AK16Knowle?-10 Apr 1930
Groom, Christine1/476A CY/R2523 Hawkshead Drive, Knowle70B-16 Jan 2013Ashton
Grosvenor, Beatrice Rose2/666 CY/AO21Lodge Road, Knowle?-18 Dec 1940
Grosvenor, Benjamin2/350 CY/BJ13142 Lodge Road, Knowle?-21 Feb 1953
Grosvenor, Benjamin Thomas2/674 CY/AF21Knowle?-12 Sep 1928
Grosvenor, Elizabeth2/674 CY/AF211585 Warwick Road, Knowle?-27 Dec 1944
Grosvenor, Eric Leslie2/640 CY/BM20126 St John's Close, Knowle51?-23 Mar 1978
Grosvenor, Florence2/350 CY/BJ13142 Lodge Road, Knowle?-20 May 1951
Grosvenor, George Edward2/674 CY/AF21?-13 Apr 1931No adddress stated.
Grosvenor, Helena2/674 CY/AF21Knowle?-08 Oct 1928
Grosvenor, James Benjamin2/666 CY/AO21Knowle?-23 Jul 1934
Grosvenor, Mary Alexandra Edwards1/369 CY/H20Knowle?-03 Mar 1906
Grosvenor, Thomas5/8 MAP/5?-First name only. Date ? Row 12
Grove, Charles John2/239 CY/AG9Station Road, Dorridge?-03 Feb 1937
Grove, Eleanor Eliza2/239 CY/AG9384 Tessall Lane, Birmingham 3193?-24 Aug 1982After cremation.
Grove, Frances Elizabeth3/34 GR/D188 Dassett Road, Bentley Heah74C-13 Feb 1975Lowrie
Grove, Mary Ann2/239 CY/AG9Knowle?-08 Sep 1928
Grove, Winifred Mary2/257 CY/AZ927 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-06 Apr 1944
Groves, Bertha Annie2/251 CY/AT95 Maror Road, Dorridge?-14 Feb 1950
Groves, Derek John2/252 CY/AU9Station Road, Knowle?-12 Apr 1939
Groves, Horace Charles2/251 CY/AT9Manor Road, Dorridge?-01 Oct 1938
Grundy, John Daffern2/99 CY/AU5Yew Tree Farm, Knowle?-27 Jun 1940
Grundy, Mary Ann2/99 CY/AU5Kixley Farm, Knowle?-11 Sep 1939
Guida, Alfred William3/426 GR/P2615 Four Ashes Road, Bentley Heath76C-09 Jul 2006Leach
Guida, Minnie McKay3/426 GR/P2625 Sainfoin Road, Tooting79C-06 Apr 2008TretheweyOriginally from 15 Four Ashes Road, Bentley Heath.
Gundley, Ernest George2/733 CY/AW23M.C.I., Knowle?-11 Jan 1945Midland Counties Institution.
Gunnel, Elizabeth Mary1/341 CY/O19Knowle?-09 Sep 1916
Gurley, Arthur2/448 CY/AK15Knowle?-19 Mar 1930Day unclear in Burial Register but 19 in Alphabetical Index.
Gwilliam, Alvis Jeannette3/530 GR/AK6Ardenlea Grove Care Home, 19-21 Lode Lane90C-20 Jan 2019Ashton
Gwilliam, John3/530 GR/AK61428 Warwick Road, Knowle84C-03 Mar 2015Ashton
Gwilliam, Richard Antony3/100 GR/P201428 Warwick Road, Knowle15C-31 Jan 1980Rusher
Gwinnett, Eliza Ann2/245 CY/AM9The Moat, Knowle?-02 May 1940
Gwinnett, Evelyn Millicent2/245 CY/AM9Jobs Close, Knowle?-06 Oct 1971After cremation.
Gwinnett, Roland2/245 CY/AM9The Moat, Knowle?-02 Feb 1949After cremation.
Gynne, Sidney Arthur2/1035 CY/BA31Swallows Meadow Home, Shirley86?-16 Dec 1974
Gywnne, Phyllis Muriel2/1035 CY/BA31Swallows Meadow Home, Shirley83?-02 Jan 1975
Hacket, Mary10/21 MAP/10?-First name only. Date ?.
Hacking, John Harold3/279 GR/AR1377 Langfield Road, Knowle71C-10 Mar 1995HamleyDuplicate Date Order Register entry number.
Hacking, Queenie Newman3/279 GR/AR1377 Langfield Road, Knowle73C-26 Sep 1998Hamley
Hadley, Alfred2/702 CY/BA22Wilsons Road, Knowle?-12 Feb 1944
Hadley, William2/1 CY/AA3Knowle?-09 Oct 1926
Hadlon, Frances Kathleen3/397 GR/BX744 Dovehurst Court, Grange Road91C-06 Jul 2009Hamley
Hadlon, John Henry3/397 GR/BX712 Milverton Road, Knowle79C-10 Dec 2003HamleyOne register states officiating minister is V. Hamley, another states E. Russell.
Hague, Ly??h2/213 CY/AU8The Hollies, Bakers Lane?-06 Sep 1939Forename is different and unreadable in both Burial and Alphabetical Registers. Alphabetical Register was changed from Haigh to Hague. Bakers Lane is also uncertain.
Hague, Maud2/213 CY/AU8Fernbank, Beausale93?-25 Feb 1963Spelled Beausall.
Hague, Sarah2/536 CY/AG18Dorridge?-18 Aug 1928
Haines, Albert1/365 CY/L20Knowle?-23 Nov 1918
Haines, Albert Edwin2/596 CY/AK19Knowle?-23 May 1931
Haines, Charles1/356 CY/V20University War Hospital, Southampton?-13 Mar 1919
Haines, Edwin2/609 CY/AF20Birmingham?-19 Jun 1928
Haines, Eleanor2/105 CY/AO5Wilbraham Nursing Home, Woodway Road82?-03 Oct 1981After cremation. Register says Teingmouth.
Haines, Elizabeth Sarah Florence2/609 CY/AF20Infirmary, Solihull?-17 May 1926
Haines, Ellen1/365 CY/L20Knowle?-19 Apr 1911
Haines, Florence May2/596 CY/AK1910 Packwood Close, Bentley Heath73C-25 Sep 1970After cremation.
Haines, Harry2/105 CY/AO5Bentley Heath, Solihull?-27 Feb 1937
Haines, Patrick Maxwell2/105 CY/AO5Copt Heath Golf House, Copt Heath?-03 Sep 1942
Haines, William Edward2/596 CY/AK197 Grosvenor Crescent, Hillingdon76C-29 Jun 2004HamleyAfter cremation.
Hale, Millicent2/506 CY/BB1798 Longdon Road, Knowle69C-23 May 1968After cremation, ashes near headstone of William Hale. Burial Register says Millie, Alphabetical Index says Millicent.
Hale, William Thomas2/506 CY/BB17Longdon Road, Knowle?-18 Aug 1943
Halford, John2/503 CY/BE1796 Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-27 Feb 1946
Halford, Sarah2/503 CY/BE1796 Kenilworth Road, Knowle83?-31 Mar 1959
Hall Pearson, Emma Edith2/203 CY/BF83 Milverton Road, Knowle?-30 Nov 1948Shown under P for Pearson in the Alphabetical Index.
Hall, Albert Edward3/241 GR/AM154 Newton Road, Knowle80C-09 Jul 1992Honeysett
Hall, Alfred2/456 CY/AB15Knowle?-08 Jul 1922
Hall, Charles1/144 CY/O101 Union Road, Erdington?-08 Mar 1920
Hall, Charles Edward1/67 CY/X5165 Icknield Port Road, Birmingham?-13 Mar 1935
Hall, Elizabeth1/144 CY/O10Station Road, Knowle?-08 Oct 1912
Hall, Elizabeth1/67 CY/X5165 Icknield Port Road, Birmingham?-03 Jan 1934
Hall, Florence Clara3/108 GR/M21Court of Lady Katherine Leveson, Temple Balsall96C-13 Feb 2006Woodward
Hall, Gordon Harry1/101A CY/Q81 Newton Road, Knowle58B-07 Oct 1999Dewes
Hall, Harriet1/216 CY/W13Knowle?-31 Dec 1919
Hall, Harry James2/495 CY/BM1767 Hansell Drive, Dorridge47?-26 Sep 1977
Hall, Henry Alfred3/108 GR/M2141 Kixley Lane, Knowle77C-24 Oct 1980Hollingworth
Hall, Lily Beatrice2/759A CY/AH2482 Kenilworth Road, Knowle91?-06 Apr 1989Single grave in space of original grass path.
Hall, Malcolm William2/759A CY/AH2482 Kenilworth Road, Knowle77B-10 Jul 2014Parker
Hall, Sarah4/1 MAP/4?-1889First name only. Row 04
Hall, Sarah Hannah2/456 CY/AB1552 Station Road, Knowle?-03 Aug 1939
Hall, William1/208 CY/N13The Infirmary, Solihull?-14 Jan 1914
Halliday, Pamela Elizabeth2/10 CY/AK370 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-24 Feb 1945
Hall-Pearson, Herbert Joseph Edwin2/203 CY/BF838 Milton Road, Bentley Heath?-01 Dec 1971
Hamilton, Peter1/256A CY/R151198A Warwick Road, Knowle82B-02 Aug 2006Tillett
Hamilton, Richard Raymond2/33A CY/BI2The Bank Hotel, Knowle5?-25 Jun 1975Rear of No. 33 against west hedge. Child's grave for one only.
Hamley, Peter Graham3/10 GR/X1625 Blackdown Road, Knowle41C-24 Jul 1970Bryant
Hamm, Sarah Jane2/224 CY/AI8Leicester?-25 Apr 1930
Hammond, Alice2/633 CY/BF20Longdon Road, Knowle?-12 May 1948
Hammond, Anna Helena2/1039 CY/AW31168 Kenilworth Road, Knowle82?-23 Sep 1975
Hammond, Eva Beatrice2/6 CY/AF3Knowle?-23 Jul 1935
Hammond, James1/423 CY/I23Heronfield, Knowle?-03 Jan 1907
Hampton, Albert2/776 CY/BA24Hampton Road, Knowle?-23 Jun 1948
Hampton, Susan2/776 CY/BA2461 Hampton Road, Knowle?-05 Dec 1950
Hancox6/1 MAP/6?-1872First name only
Hancox, Edith Ellen3/86 GR/BB114 Kenilworth Road, Knowle88C-07 Dec 1978Aveyard"Hank"
Hands, Beatrice Augusta2/434 CY/AZ152082 Warwick Road, Heronfields?-28 Jun 1968Heronfields (sic.)
Hands, Bertram Joseph2/434 CY/AZ15Heronfield, Knowle?-11 Feb 1943
Hands, Doris Beatrice Catherine2/536A CY/AH182082 Warwick Road, Heronfield87?-03 Jul 1990Single grave.
Hanlin, David Timothy3/439 GR/O534 Crabmill Close, Knowle42C-11 Jun 2013Trethewey
Hanlin, John Wells3/439 GR/O534 Crabmill Close, Knowle66C-04 Oct 2007Trethewey
Hanson, Hugh Reginald2/376A CY/AH1326 Paterson Court, Kenilworth Road90B-10 Dec 1993RichardsDouble grave. Incorrectly spelled Patterson.
Hansor, Anna Maria2/400 CY/AU143 Dorridge Road, Dorridge?-04 Apr 1939
Harbon, David Ronald3/452 GR/P46 Holland Avenue, Knowle79C-03 Feb 2009Warbrick
Harbon, Margaret Annie3/452 GR/P4The Brambles Care Home, Birchfield Road87C-18 May 2018Ashton
Harding, Agnes Winifred3/20 GR/K17Court of Lady Katherine Leveson, Fen End83C-23 Feb 2004Woodward
Harding, Alison Mary2/1060 CY/AC3059 Bourne Estate, Brimscombe81B-20 Mar 2020Dewing
Harding, Audrey Mary2/226 CY/AG8Knowle?-12 Dec 1925
Harding, Brian Charles1/40 CY/J4Knowle?-28 Aug 1912
Harding, Frederick Charles1/40 CY/J4Poplar Road, Knowle?-02 Dec 1905
Harding, Grace5/2 MAP/5?-1893First name only. Row 07
Harding, Louisa Jane2/237 CY/AE9Milverton House, Knowle?-05 Apr 1944
Harding, Mary Ann1/29 CY/U4Knowle?-19 Feb 1921
Harding, Sydney Harold3/20 GR/K1737 Kixley Lane, Knowle58C-07 Sep 1973Rusher
Harding, William Charles2/237 CY/AE9Knowle?-09 Jul 1927
Harding, William Charles1/29 CY/U4Knowle?-21 Jun 1919
Hardwick, Agnes2/1007 CY/BG31102 St John's Close, Knowle87?-23 May 1974
Harper, Ernest George2/285 CY/AY10Dorridge?-03 Jun 1943After cremation.
Harper, Ernest John3/33 GR/B18White Lodge, Grove Road73C-13 Dec 1974Maines
Harper, Jane Insley2/285 CY/AY1034 Grange Road, Dorridge86?-21 May 1961After cremation.
Harper, John Wilfred2/66 CY/AO4Station Road, Knowle?-05 May 1937
Harriman, George5/4 MAP/5?-1973First name only.
Probably the same as Section 1, Plot 613. Row 07
Harriman, George W.1/613 CY/P30The Dial House, Heronfield65?-06 Jun 1973North side of church, adjacent to No. 610.
Harriman, Stella Ida1/613 CY/P30Arden Lea Court Nursing Home, Lode Lane94B-11 Jul 2001SharpNo date or age stated. Della in Burial Register. Alphabetical Register says Stella aka Selma, also says 'Old Burial Ground south of and adjacent to Section 1 No. 613' but she is already in 613.]
Harrington, William Charles Preston2/746 CY/AI23M.C.I., Knowle?-22 Nov 1933Midland Counties Institution.
Harris, Beatrice Flora2/829 CY/AD2623 Kenilworth Road, Knowle74?-21 Jun 1957
Harris, Charles1/86 CY/S7Knowle?-23 Mar 1916
Harris, Charles Henry2/395 CY/AO14Knowle?-12 Aug 1933
Harris, Clare2/279 CY/BF10"Helens", Station Road?-23 Feb 1950Cremation.
Harris, David2/741 CY/AN23M.C.I., Knowle?-25 Aug 1943Midland Counties Institution.
Harris, Emma1/299 CY/Q17Knowle?-10 Jul 1918
Harris, Florence Gertrude1/233 CY/L14Station Road, Knowle?-10 Mar 1954
Harris, Frederick John1/299 CY/Q17Solihull?-21 Nov 1953Accidentally killed at Knowle.
Harris, Herbert Ernest3/318 GR/BO114 Hintons Coppice, Bentley Heath84C-16 Nov 1997Hamley
Harris, James1/226 CY/T14Knowle?-20 Nov 1918
Harris, Joseph7/4 MAP/7?-1821First name only
Harris, Joseph1/299 CY/Q17Knowle?-27 Apr 1928
Harris, Keziah1/86 CY/S7Knowle?-02 Sep 1920
Harris, Lavinia2/396 CY/AP14Wilsons Road, Knowle?-21 Jan 1955
Harris, Ralph Thomas2/829 CY/AD2623 Kenilworth Road, Knowle76?-26 Apr 1984
Harris, Rebecca Louise2/921 CY/AX2817 Old Warwick Road, Olton20C-06 Nov 2002Jones
Harris, Sarah1/104 CY/M8Station Road, Knowle?-10 Jun 1911
Harris, Sarah Ann1/226 CY/T14Station Road, Knowle?-01 Aug 1953
Harris, Sarah Ruth3/318 GR/BO114 Hintons Coppice, Dorridge94C-22 Jan 2007Parker
Harris, Thomas2/1012 CY/BD32"Sunnymount", Kenilworth Road31?-05 Nov 1976Single grave.
Harris, William1/104 CY/M8Knowle?-04 Jun 1920
Harrison, Annie3/137 GR/P22138 Lodge Road, Knowle93C-08 Jan 1992Sykes
Harrison, Edward Ernest1/158 CY/F671 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle66?-17 Dec 1986At Moseley Hall.
Harrison, Edward Thomas3/137 GR/P22138 Lodge Road, Knowle86C-08 Jan 1983Moberly
Harrison, Elizabeth Grace3/341 GR/BS1110A Kenilworth Road, Knowle85C-01 Jul 1999Dewes
Harrison, Gladys Ethel1/158 CY/F671 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle86C-12 Jun 2008Parker(Midge)
Harrison, Michael Anthony Ransom3/325 GR/BQ19?-Memorial stone only, ashes scattered.
No address, date of burial, age or oficiating minister.
Harrison, Walter Ernest2/255 CY/AX9Milverton Road, Knowle?-24 Feb 1942
Hart, Jean3/280A GR/AU13Knowle Gate Care Home, 1331 Warwick Road80C-31 Mar 2019Peachey
Harthill, Alice Louisa1/20 CY/W3"Keymede", Copt Heath?-11 Oct 1937
Harthill, Florence Anne1/19 CY/V3Copt Heath, Solihull?-27 Jul 1932
Harthill, John Harry1/19 CY/V3Gaydon Copt Heath, Knowle?-27 Jan 1916Unclear address.
Jan or Jun?
Hartland, Elizabeth2/510 CY/AX17Elvers Green Lane, Knowle?-22 Mar 1941
Hartland, John2/510 CY/AX17The Cottage, Elvers Green Lane?-02 Aug 1941
Hartwell, Albert2/595 CY/AL19Knowle?-04 Jul 1931
Harvey, Lizzie2/887 CY/AO2728 Dassetts Road, Bentley Heath92?-17 Oct 1979After cremation. Towards foot of grave.
Harvey, William2/887 CY/AO2737 Poplar Road, Dorridge74?-25 Dec 1958
Harwood, Dorothy1/266 CY/X1652 Poplar Road, Dorridge95C-11 Oct 2020AshtonDate also noted as 27 February 2020 - probably a pre-Covid interment date.
Harwood, Ellen2/399 CY/AT14Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-22 Nov 1938
Harwood, Ernest2/81 CY/BN5Jobs Close, Knowle66?-02 Sep 1969
Harwood, James2/399 CY/AT14Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-25 Jan 1947
Harwood, James2/392 CY/AL14Knowle?-01 Nov 1930
Harwood, Maria1/332 CY/F19Wilsons Row, Knowle?-09 Mar 1905Should be Road not Row.
Harwood, Millicent Anne2/81 CY/BN535 Station Road, Dorridge62?-20 Jun 1967
Harwood, Priscilla2/549 CY/AV18Widney Road, Knowle?-17 Apr 1962
Harwood, Richard William2/549 CY/AV1837 Poplar Road, Knowle?-06 May 1940
Harwood, Thomas1/332 CY/F19Wilsons Row, Knowle?-26 Dec 1904Should be Road not Row.
Haseler, Philip3/44 GR/V1884 Kenilworth Road, Knowle82C-13 Dec 1975Aveyard
Hasluck, Caroline Lilian1/140 CY/T10Jobs Close, Knowle?-01 Mar 1919
Hasluck, Harold1/139 CY/U10Knowle?-23 Jun 1917
Hassett, David2/143 CY/AO640 Ullenhall Road, Knowle69?-18 Feb 1981
Hassett, Margaret Josephine2/143 CY/AO640 Ullenhall Road, Knowle70?-17 Apr 1986
Hastings, James William2/472 CY/AS1624 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-19 Mar 1942
Hastings, Sarah2/472 CY/AS1652 Station Road, KnowleC-30 Jun 1965Cremated remains on side of grave.
Hatcher, Elsie3/354 GR/BT1746 Crabmill Close, Knowle83C-06 Feb 2000Parker
Hatcher, Lawrence3/354 GR/BT17Abbeyfields Nursing Home89C-25 Jul 2006Hamley
Hathaway, Martin Edward1/346 CY/U19Knowle?-13 Nov 1919
Hatton, Peter1/434 CY/U23MCI, Knowle?-02 Jan 1942Midland Counties Institution.
Hawker, Alfred2/295A CY/AN1034 Hampton Road, Knowle73B-16 Sep 1997DewesNo age stated.
Hawker, Hannah2/218 CY/AP834 Hampton Road, Knowle85?-21 Dec 1968Grave full.
Hawker, Hilda Florence2/295A CY/AN10[Care Home]88C-24 Jul 2015AshtonFormerly of 34 Hampton Road, Knowle.
Hawker, Thomas Edward2/910 CY/AL28Hampton Road, Knowle44?-27 Apr 1962
Hawker, William Alfred2/218 CY/AP8Hampton Lane, Knowle?-21 Mar 1936Should be Hampton Road. Died at 1 Lode Lane, Solihull.
Hawkes, Dora1/383 CY/M21178 Widney Road, Bentley Heath?-26 Aug 1941
Hawkes, Frederick2/639 CY/BL20Widney Road, Knowle?-06 Jan 1955
Hawkesford, Francis William2/286 CY/AX101288 Warwick Road, Knowle?-07 Apr 1942
Hawkesford, Gladys Ellen1/298 CY/P1730 Station Road, Knowle49?-28 Sep 1956Died in Solihull Hospital.
Hawkesford, Sarah Ellen2/286 CY/AX101 Copt Heath, Knowle?-06 Feb 1946House number unclear.
Hawkings, Diane Florence2/821 CY/AG2516 Austrey Close, Knowle40?-15 Apr 1986
Hawkins, Annie May3/146 GR/J141298 Warwick Road, Knowle67C-27 May 1983Pitkeathly
Hawkins, Bernard Lloyd3/146 GR/J141 Shenstone House, Lodge Road75C-13 Mar 1990Pitkeathly
Hawkins, Charlotte1/364 CY/M20Birmingham Road, Knowle?-08 Sep 1911
Hawley, Victor Owen3/480 GR/G12Sunrise Homes, Warwick Road94C-26 Dec 2010Trethewey
Hawnt, Beatrice Jennie2/214 CY/AT8"Ivanhoe", Wynford Road100?-15 Sep 1981
Hawnt, Frederick Montague2/214 CY/AT8Coton Hill Hospital, Stafford?-19 Dec 1938
Hawnt, Hubert Corbett2/56 CY/AY450 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle85?-05 Dec 1988East Birmingham Hospital
Hawnt, Kathleen Mary2/56 CY/AY450 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle89B-27 Jan 1998Hamley
Hawthorn, Caroline2/250 CY/AS930 Forest Road, Dorridge?-15 Dec 1962
Hawthorn, Charles Henry2/250 CY/AS9Forest Road, Dorridge?-19 Jul 1938
Haycock, Charles2/850 CY/BA268 St John's Close, Knowle90?-23 Dec 1970
Haycock, Henry1/25 CY/Y4Knowle?-08 Oct 1928
Haycock, Jessie Jemima2/92 CY/BC5Bakers Lane, Heronfield?-09 Oct 1948Address as written in Burial Register.
Haycock, John Henry2/92 CY/BC5120 Marcot Road, Solihull94?-08 Jul 1971
Haycock, Mary Ann2/850 CY/BA2668 Station Road, Knowle76?-04 Aug 1955
Haycock, Matilda1/25 CY/Y4Chessets Wood, Knowle?-24 Aug 1920
Hayes, Albert Edwin2/773 CY/AX24Kixley Road, Knowle?-19 Dec 1950Should be Kixley Lane.
Hayes, Alfred Edwards2/787 CY/BL2468 Station Road, Knowle65?-10 Oct 1978
Hayes, Beryl Una2/388A CY/AH141579 Warwick Road, Knowle87C-26 Nov 2001Hamley
Hayes, Dorothy May2/55 CY/AZ415 Kixley Lane, Knowle76B-12 Jun 1997Dewes
Hayes, Edwin1/61 CY/R5Westmoors, Knowle?-08 Aug 1916
Hayes, Esther2/732 CY/AX2315 Kixley Road, Knowle?-02 Dec 1944Should be Kixley Lane.
Hayes, Florence Elizabeth2/787 CY/BL2468 Station Road, Knowle81B-17 Apr 1997Dewes
Hayes, Kenneth James2/55 CY/AZ415 Kixley Lane, Knowle80B-27 Mar 2001Hamley
Hayes, Mary8/7 MAP/8?-First name only. Date ?.
Hayes, Mary3/305 GR/BN15Swallows Meadow, Shirley81C-31 Oct 1996Hamley
Hayes, William2/388A CY/AH14?-1991No address stated and incomplete date.
Hayes, William Henry2/165 CY/AI7Rednal?-03 Jan 1931
Haynes, Alfred William Barlow1/3 CY/F2Station Road, Knowle?-25 May 1945
Haynes, Emma Lucy1/3 CY/F2Coventry?-27 Mar 1952
Haynes, Georgina Mary2/917 CY/AT28173 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle48?-24 Nov 1961
Haynes, James Edward1/4 CY/G2108 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-03 Feb 1940
Haynes, Jane1/3 CY/F2Knowle?-28 Feb 1916
Haynes, Lily Maud Mary2/730 CY/AZ23Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-08 Mar 1947
Haynes, Mabel1/4 CY/G2Sunhaven Old People's Home, Solihull Lodge?-04 Jan 1978
Haynes, Thomas William1/3 CY/F2Knowle?-07 Nov 1901
Haynes, William George James2/917 CY/AT2821 Woodloes Road, Shirley77C-27 Oct 1989ThorpeGeore (sic) in Burial Register. After cremation.
Haysom, Ernest William3/48 GR/AD18168 Station Road, Knowle72C-27 Feb 1976Rusher
Haysom, Margaret Helen Jane3/48 GR/AD18Jobs Close, Knowle92C-13 Nov 1997Hamley
Hayward, Annie Elizabeth2/953 CY/AY29115 St Johns Close, Knowle85?-09 Mar 1966
Hayward, John5/3 MAP/5?-1893First name only. Row 02
Hayward, Joseph2/953 CY/AY29115 St Johns Close, Knowle90?-30 Dec 1971
Haywood, Dorothy1/550 CY/AA2967 Mill Lane, Dorridge85C-22 Jan 1997RobertsCentre top. [Death incorrectly stated as 1997 in Date Order Register.]
Haywood, Frederick1/550 CY/AA29Ardenlea Court Nursing Home, Bucknell Close91C-02 Jun 2000RoBbertsCentre middle.
Haywood, Gladys Mildred1/550 CY/AA29Mill Lane, Bentley Heath55?-10 Aug 1967
Hazzard, Frederick Harold3/321 GR/BO544 Crabmill Close, Knowle78C-08 Jan 1998Russell
Hazzard, Winifred May3/321 GR/BO544 Crabmill Close, Knowle93C-08 Sep 2010TretheweyDate order register says 20 September 2010.
Heal, Nancy1/211 CY/Q13Knowle?-27 Feb 1917
Heard, Ethel May3/296 GR/BL2141 St Lawrence Close, Knowle90C-11 Nov 1995Spicer
Heath, Henry10/28 MAP/10?-1882First name only
Heckford, Michael George Nathaniel3/390 GR/BX12 Golden End Drive, Knowle78C-09 Jul 2003Hamley
Hedges, John Robert3/509 GR/B1288 Ullenhall Road, Knowle68C-24 Mar 2013TsipourasAlphabethical Index says April not March.
Heinrich, Eugen2/518 CY/AO17Dorridge, Knowle?-12 Mar 1934
Heinrich, Mary Alice2/518 CY/AO17Dorridge?-23 Sep 1936Died at Barnwood House, Barnwoood (sic), Gloucestershire.
Helen, Catherine2/1051 CY/AI305 Abbots Close, Knowle90B-03 Apr 2017McHugh
Henderson, Edith2/410 CY/BE1414 North Side, Hutton Rudby83?-16 Jun 1982After cremation. In centre of grave.
Henry, Alice2/337 CY/BF12112 Station Road, Knowle?-10 Oct 1946
Henry, William2/337 CY/BF12112 Station Road, Knowle?-25 Feb 1954
Hensley, David3/422 GR/O2516 Ullenhall Road, Knowle61C-23 Feb 2006Leach
Hensley, Patricia3/422 GR/O2516 Ullenhall Road, Knowle75C-11 Feb 2020Ashton
Henstone, Gertrude Mary3/302 GR/BN21167 Longdon Road, Knowle84C-19 May 2000Hamley
Henstone, Leslie Harvey3/302 GR/BN21167 Longdon Road, Knowle80C-23 Aug 1996Hamley
Henton, David Laurence2/824 CY/AD25Chadwick Manor Hotel, Balsall?-16 Jun 1938
Herbert, Hilda Winifred2/794 CY/BJ2510 Winterdene, 275 Kenilworth Road76?-25 Nov 1992After cremation.
Herbert, Kathleen3/150 GR/C2012 Rising Lane, Baddesley Clinton66C-16 Aug 1983Moberly[No visible tablet.]
Herbert, Ronald William3/109 GR/O2112 Rising Lane, Baddesley Clinton27C-05 Nov 1980Hollingworth
Herbert, Thomas Jenkins2/794 CY/BJ25Paterson Court, Knowle86C-04 May 2004HamleyNo age or minister stated. Assumed but not stated to be cremation.
Heron, Margaret Elsie1/163 CY/K687 Mill Lane, Dorridge66?-23 Jun 1983
Hetherington, Rebecca1/378 CY/H212 Cottage Homes, Knowle?-27 Jan 1908
Hewett, Harriet2/93 CY/BB5Labernum Cottage, Snitterfield?-31 May 1962
Hewett, William Joseph2/93 CY/BB5Four Ashes Road, Dorridge?-01 Jun 1946
Hewitt, Kieth3/563 GR/BK155 Minster Close, Knowle69C-25 Jun 2017Simpson[All registers spell the name as Kieth]
Hewitt, Marguerite Anne3/123 GR/L22204 Station Road, Knowle89C-15 Jun 2021Hill-Brown
Hewitt, Michael George3/56 GR/O1911 Gilberry Close, Knowle37C-07 Aug 1976Rusher
Hewlett, Florence May3/97 GR/L20Glenfield Nursing Home, Wythall98C-07 Feb 2008Parker
Hewlett, Kate2/543 CY/AO1885 Longdon Road, Knowle96?-10 May 1967
Hewlett, Richard Cyril2/543 CY/AO18Knowle?-16 Apr 1934Spelled Cryil in Burial Register.
Hewlett, William Herbert3/97 GR/L20188 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle76C-02 Oct 1979Rusher
Heydemann, Eva Carcilie Helene2/206 CY/BC893 Longdon Road, Knowle?-26 Nov 1946
Heywood, Nellie2/319 CY/AM12Acocks Green?-06 Jan 1931
Heywood, Samuel Geoffrey2/319 CY/AM1212 Lugtrout Lane, Solihull64?-20 Nov 1958
Hicken, Ann2/455 CY/AC15Knowle?-15 Apr 1929
Hicken, Emma4/10 MAP/4?-1896First name only. Row 07 (nearest hedge)
Hicken, Gladys Muriel2/114 CY/AE516 Shustoke Road, Solihull90C-04 Nov 2008HamleyAshes of.
Hicken, Henry2/114 CY/AE5Knowle?-28 Nov 1929
Hicken, Hilda Frances2/977 CY/AR3033 Avenue Road, Dorridge92C-28 Mar 1998Stevens
Hicken, Howard Henry1/53 CY/J596 Great Hampton Row, Birmingham?-19 Aug 1908
Hicken, Hubert Blackham2/977 CY/AR3033 Avenue Road, Dorridge68?-24 Nov 1972
Hicken, Julia Sophia2/455 CY/AC15Knowle?-27 Apr 1923
Hicken, Louisa Emma2/114 CY/AE5Station Road, Knowle?-09 Sep 1954Formerly of.
Hicken, Margery Margeret1/53 CY/J5Station Road, Knowle?-09 Aug 1904Margeret (sic)
Hicklin, Barbara Olive Norah3/414 GR/Q23Stone House Care Home, Union Street95C-01 Aug 2018AshtonFormerly of Tilehouse Green Lane.
Hicklin, Gordon Wright3/414 GR/Q23213 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle80C-30 Jan 2005Parker
Hickman, Henry1/507 CY/E27Kenilworth?-06 May 1921
Hickman, John Albert Joseph1/84A CY/Q7Yardley Grange, 465 Church Road88C-16 Jul 2002Hamley
Hickman, Lilian Annie1/84A CY/Q72 Swallows Meadow, Shirley86B-30 Jul 1999HamleyNancy.
Higgins, Brian Antony1/447A CY/R241414 Warwick Road, Knowle74B-20 Nov 2014Edgerton
Higginson, Dorothy Susan3/493 GR/D127 Patterson Court, Knowle77C-02 Nov 2011Caddy
Higgs, Joseph William3/274 GR/AQ74 Milton Road, Bentley Heath85C-11 Jan 1995DowDate Order Record incorrectly states Section 4.
Higgs, Renee3/274 GR/AQ7Wells Court Nursing Home, Salcombe93C-20 Jun 2008HamleyFormerly 4 Milton Road, Bentley Heath.
Higham, Richard1/252 CY/N15Poplar Road, Knowle?-27 Apr 1915
Higham, Sarah Ann1/252 CY/N15Poplar Road, Knowle?-06 May 1915
Higton, Albert Ernest1/429 CY/O23Lodge Road, Knowle?-13 Sep 1911
Higton, Emily Florence Elsie2/172 CY/AQ71312 Warwick Road, Copt Heath71?-14 Oct 1957Died in Solihull Hospital.
Higton, Sidney2/172 CY/AQ7Copt Heath, Solihull?-05 Nov 1937
Hilditch, Aileen3/491 GR/C1537 Mockley Wood Road, Knowle86C-14 Oct 2011Parker
Hill, Daniel Shenton2/523 CY/AJ17Knowle?-15 Oct 1929
Hill, Dorothy Eleanor2/523 CY/AJ17Station Road, Knowle?-27 Jul 1949
Hill, Eleanor4/6 MAP/4?-1891First name only. Row 02
Hill, Ellen Lavinia2/330 CY/AY12West View, Station Road?-12 Sep 1945
Hill, Francis3/438 GR/Q579 Longdon Road, Knowle89C-29 Sep 2007Trethewey
Hill, William Oliver2/330 CY/AY12West View, Station Road?-28 Mar 1942
Hinchcliffe, William3/1055 GR/CG5Royal Star and Garter, Monkspath Hall Road97C-30 Oct 2021Ashton
Hind, Christopher Mark William3/572 GR/BH5192 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle55C-29 Apr 2018Simpson
Hinks, Gertrude Ellen1/187 CY/O1258 Station Road, Knowle75?-17 Jan 1992
Hinks, Rosie Janet1/187 CY/O1258 Station Road, Knowle82C-21 Jul 1994Hamley
Hinman, Joseph7/6 MAP/7?-1849First name only
Hinton, John Lawrence2/731 CY/AY23Norton Green, Knowle?-18 Apr 1945
Hipkiss, Violet2/742 CY/AM23Nortons Green, Knowle?-31 Jul 1934
Hitches, Audrey3/539 GR/AI714 Deerhurst Court, George Road86C-16 Mar 2016Ashton[At some point an additional name Jennett was added during transcription but not recorded in any formal register and is assumed to be an error.]
Hitchman, Alice2/365 CY/AU13Warwick Road, Knowle?-12 May 1939
Hoad, Clara Adeline2/534 CY/AE18Bakers Lane, Knowle?-29 Apr 1926
Hoad, John Heath1/128 CY/S9Dorridge?-08 Dec 1915
Hobbs, Tomlin Hicken Maud1/309 CY/Z18166 Haslucks Green Road, Shirley83?-20 Mar 1969Grave full.
Hobday, Harriet2/84 CY/BK5Selly Oak Hospital73?-12 Dec 1956Resided Hampton Road, Knowle.
Hobday, John Harry2/84 CY/BK5Hampton Road, Knowle?-08 May 1954
Hobday, John Leonard2/85 CY/BJ516 St Johns Close, Knowle90C-27 Jul 2009HamleyAshes of.
Hobday, Joseph2/102 CY/AR51 Lode Lane, Solihull?-04 Feb 1939
Hobday, Martha1/204 CY/J13The Hospital, Temple Balsall?-27 Nov 1911
Hobday, Mary Helena2/85 CY/BJ516 St Johns Close, Knowle88C-18 Nov 2008HamleyAshes of.
Hobday, Thomas1/204 CY/J13Darley Greeen, Knowle?-29 Jun 1909
Hobson, Guy Anthony3/24 GR/S1736 Grange Road, Dorridge54C-21 Feb 1974StaplesEdgbaston Nursing Home, 22 Somerset Road.
Hobson, Jacqueline Denise3/24 GR/S1736 Grange Road, Dorridge80C-04 Jul 2007Wilcox
Hodges, Brenda Elizabeth2/957 CY/AU29St Bernards Nursing Home, 76 St Bernards Road80C-15 Aug 2007Ashton
Hodges, Clarence John2/957 CY/AU29185 Station Lane, Lapworth68C-01 Dec 1995WillmontDied in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa.
Hodges, Elizabeth Ann1/69 CY/Z5Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-01 Jan 1926
Hodges, Kyrle Frederick John2/957 CY/AU29Rosemary Cottage, Station Road16?-09 May 1966
Hodges, Marie2/930 CY/BG28Chapel Lane, Chessets Wood51?-04 Aug 1960
Hodgetts, Ann4/3 MAP/4?-1898First name only. Row 01 (nearest path)
Hodgetts, Emma1/55 CY/L5Bentley Heath, Solihull?-10 Jan 1907
Hodgetts, Silas1/55 CY/L5General Hospital, Birmingham?-02 Oct 1923
Hodgkinson, Sarah1/324 CY/I18Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-09 Feb 1915
Hogg, Ian Gilbert Pitcairn3/256 GR/AN145 Golden End Drive, Knowle75C-11 Sep 1993Richards
Hogg, Valerie3/256 GR/AN1439 Riverside Drive, Solihull89C-17 Aug 2013Edgerton
Holland, Albert Charles2/679 CY/AB22M.C.I., Knowle?-15 Jun 1928Midland Counties Institution.
Holland, Charles William2/340 CY/BI12Warwick Road, Knowle?-23 Jan 1954
Holland, Dorothy2/209 CY/AY8209 Station Road, Knowle67?-21 Aug 1973General Hospital, Birmingham.
Holland, Edith Kathleen1/63 CY/T52 Cherry Way, Kenilworth83?-26 Jun 1979
Holland, Ian Robert2/153 CY/AD6209 Station Road, Knowle73?-30 Oct 1979Single grave.
Holland, Margaret June2/19 CY/AT31308 Warwick Road, Copt Heath?-05 Jun 1942
Holland, Minnie2/340 CY/BI12"The Ferrers", Warwick Road?-15 Jun 1951
Hollely, Christine Janet3/517 GR/A121451 Warwick Road, Knowle65C-03 Dec 2013Edgerton
Hollick, John Osyth1/414 CY/G22Arden Road, Knowle?-22 Nov 1924
Hollins, Jeffrey William3/405 GR/BX1577 Longdon Road, Knowle77C-04 Jul 2004Parker
Hollis, Frederick Leonard2/354 CY/BF13Swallows Meadow Home, 2 Swallows Meadow84C-29 Jan 2002ParkerAlso cremated remains of. [Two burials in same plot 354 named Holliss]
Hollis, Henry2/5 CY/AE3Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-19 Apr 1932
Holliss, Gertrude2/354 CY/BF13Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-07 Oct 1953[One burial in same plot 354 named Hollis]
Holliss, William John2/354 CY/BF1382 Station Road, Knowle75?-09 Nov 1963Otherwise John William. [One burial in same plot 354 named Hollis]
Holman, Florence Louise2/360 CY/AZ1364 Longdon Road, Knowle?-14 Nov 1942
Holmes, Amelia2/477 CY/AX16Forest Road, Dorridge?-15 Mar 1941
Holmes, Nancy Maud Gladys3/92 GR/BE1245 Knowle Wood Road, Dorridge65C-07 Aug 1979Rusher
Holt, James Frederick2/97 CY/AW5"Blythehurst", Warwick Road?-22 Mar 1947
Holt, Joanna Elizabeth1/12A CY/O3217 Widney Road, Bentley Heath?-27 Jun 1990Rear of 35.
Age 5 weeks and 2 days.
Holt, Margaret Mary1/160 CY/H651 Jacobean Lane, Knowle72?-14 Nov 1983R.C.
Died at East Birmingham Hospital, 7 November 1983.
Holt, Reginald William Cecil2/521 CY/AL17Henwood Lane, Solihull?-19 Sep 1930
Holt, Sybil2/97 CY/AW5"Blythehurst", Warwick Road?-28 Apr 1941
Holtom, Charles2/25 CY/AZ390A Kenilworth Road, Knowle84?-19 Nov 1973
Holtom, Charlotte Elizabeth2/25 CY/AZ37 Kixley Lane, Knowle85?-23 Dec 1977
Holweger, Jane1/568 CY/F2941 Newton Road, Knowle67B-01 Mar 2011Parker
Holyoak, Kate Elisabeth2/325 CY/AT1294 Station Road, Knowle89?-12 Nov 1958
Homan, Martha1/310 CY/X18Knowle?-06 May 1921
Hopkins, Fanny2/792 CY/BL2563 Elizabeth Grove, Shirley93?-10 Nov 1978
Hopkins, Joseph2/792 CY/BL25St Johns Close, Knowle85?-21 May 1987At Warren Pearl Nursing Home.
Horlington, Elizabeth2/436 CY/AX15Brueton Avenue, Solihull?-16 Jan 1941
Horlington, Frank2/436 CY/AX15Queen Elizabeth Hospital64?-19 Oct 1958
Horlington, May2/436 CY/AX15152 Old Dover Road, Canterbury?-01 Aug 1968At foot of old grave after cremation.
Horne, Edmund2/291 CY/AS10Post Office, Dorridge?-15 Dec 1937Could be Edward.
Horton, Freddie1/555 CY/T2996 Station Road, Knowle82?-24 Jul 1989Died at East Birmingham Hospital 15 July 1989.
Horton, Katie Gwendoline1/555 CY/T2996 Station Road, Knowle55?-08 Feb 1968
Hossell, Vivian2/691 CY/AO22Knowle?-28 Jun 1934
Hotchkiss, Charlotte2/280 CY/BE10250 Station Road, Knowle86?-24 Oct 1974
Hotchkiss, Frederick Joseph2/280 CY/BE10"The Red Lion Hotel", Knowle?-19 Jan 1948
Houghton, Charles Arthur1/105 CY/L8Bentley Heath, Solihull?-28 Jul 1909
Houghton, James1/97 CY/U8Knowle?-30 Apr 1918
Houghton, Joseph10/41 MAP/10?-1827First name only
Houghton, Kate Caroline2/98 CY/AV550 Station Road, Knowle?-01 Jul 1948
Houghton, Marjorie Eileen1/561 CY/M2994 Longdon Road, Knowle64?-31 Aug 1968
Houghton, Philip Gerald1/561 CY/M2994 Longdon Road, Knowle70?-02 Jun 1971
Houghton, Ruth Elizabeth2/242 CY/AJ9Knowle?-05 Feb 1931
Houghton, William2/98 CY/AV5Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-08 Feb 1941
Houlston, Arthur Sydney2/914 CY/AP28101 Lodge Road, Knowle56?-09 Jan 1962
Houlston, Kathleen Margaret2/914 CY/AP28101 Lodge Road, Knowle92?-26 Nov 1991
Houson, Horace Edwin1/124 CY/N9Lyncroft, Knowle?-03 Apr 1911
Houson, Julia1/124 CY/N9129 College Road, Birmingham 13?-28 Mar 1949
Howard, Mary Ann2/158 CY/AB7Knowle?-23 Dec 1924
Howard, Thomas William2/158 CY/AB7Lodg[e] Road, Knowle?-21 Jul 1948
Howe, Charlotte5/2 MAP/5?-1894First name only. Row 08
Howe, Effie Beatrice2/167 CY/AK7Leamington?-15 Sep 1932
Howe, John5/3 MAP/5?-1885First name only. Row 08
Howe, Martha1/350 CY/Z19Knowle?-20 Mar 1923
Howell, Arthur2/798 CY/BF25347 Station Road, Knowle?-13 Jul 1950
Howell, Kenneth William2/1015 CY/BG32120 Lodge Road, Knowle50?-07 Jul 1976
Howell, Marion2/798 CY/BF25347 Station Road, Knowle?-21 Feb 1953
Howes, Jane1/349 CY/X19Heronfield, Knowle?-26 Sep 1921
Howes, William1/349 CY/X19Heronfield, Knowle?-07 Jul 1921
Howlands, William Clarke1/481 CY/X25MCI, Knowle?-23 Jun 1916Midland Counties Institution.
Howle, Martha1/200 CY/F133 Blenheim Road, Moseley?-04 Jul 1907
Hudson, Ann2/452 CY/AF15Bentley Heath?-09 Jun 1926Died at Nursing Home, Dorridge.
Hudson, Hannah1/249 CY/K15Ilfracombe?-10 Dec 1953Formerly Knowle.
Hudson, John Frank2/452 CY/AF1518 Slater Road, Knowle90?-13 May 1956
Hughes1/91 CY/Y779 Mill Lane, Knowle?-06 Jun 1952No forenames stated.
Year unclear in Burial Register but clear in Alphabetical Index.
Hughes, Agnes Edith2/743 CY/AL23Station Road, Knowle80?-25 Feb 1964Burial Register & Alphabetical Index omit e of Hughes used in earlier burlal in this plot.
Hughes, Charles Henry2/579 CY/BC19Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-11 Jan 1952
Hughes, David Emrys2/151 CY/AF65 Forest Road, Dorridge70?-23 Nov 1979R.C.
Hughes, Harold Edwin2/580 CY/BB19Selbourne, Temple Road?-08 Feb 1944
Hughes, Harriett Elizabeth3/167 GR/U1319 Frankton Close, Solihull71C-09 Dec 1984Thorpe
Hughes, John David3/167 GR/U1319 Frankton Close, Solihull73C-27 Feb 1986Seamer
Hughes, Mary Ellen2/579 CY/BC19The Cottage, Chessetts Wood?-08 Feb 1945
Hughes, Peter Robert3/578 GR/BG26B Berrow Homes, Kenilworth Road74C-27 Jun 2018Ashton
Hughes, Rex3/353 GR/BT1570 Ardenvale Road, Knowle72C-30 Jan 2000Parker
Hughes, Theresa Esme3/578 GR/BG2Berrow Homes, Knowle82C-21 Sep 2020Ashton
Hughes, Walter2/743 CY/AL231 Lode Lane, Solihull?-28 Jan 1934
Hughes, William1/91 CY/Y779 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-29 Nov 1941
Hull, Amy2/366 CY/AT13Bakers Lane, Knowle?-03 Mar 1939
Hull, Charles William2/617 CY/AO20Knowle?-28 Jul 1934
Hull, Phillip1/449 CY/P24MCI, Knowle?-18 Jun 1914Midland Counties Institution.
Hull, Sarah Louisa2/617 CY/AO20The Lodge, Bakers Lane?-20 Nov 1946
Hull, William Thomas2/366 CY/AT137 Endsleigh Road, Hall Green94?-19 Dec 1963After cremation.
Hulme, Marjorie Mary3/568 GR/BG1Birchmere Care Home, 1270 Warwick Road97C-22 Oct 2017Ashton
Humphries, Ronald Ralph3/542 GR/AI115 Beausale Drive, Knowle76C-01 Jun 2016Ashton
Hunt, Benjamin1/7 CY/J2Blue Lake, Knowle?-07 Aug 1902
Hunt, David Ronald3/512 GR/B610 Alveston Grove, Knowle76C-10 May 2013Russell
Hunt, Mary Ann1/7 CY/J2Asylum Farm, Rubery?-10 Nov 1904
Hurley, Raymond John1/566 CY/H29180 Solihull Road, Shirley91C-18 Jun 2017ParkerAshes centre top by headstone.
Hurst, James9/3 MAP/9?-1812First name only
Hurt, Arthur3/178 GR/V1218 Montford Close, Knowle68C-10 Aug 1986Ganjavi
Hurt, Maud3/178 GR/V123 Maplebeck Court, Lode Lane92C-14 Dec 2013Bradford
Hutchings, Matilda2/785 CY/BJ24Station Road, Dorridge?-10 Oct 1951
Hutchings, Thomas2/785 CY/BJ24Jobs Close, Lodge Road?-03 May 1962
Hyams, Eileen2/1054 CY/AN3115 Besbury Close, Dorridge45?-04 Mar 1976
Hyatt, Elizabeth1/207 CY/M13Kixley Lane, Knowle?-06 Nov 1914
Hyatt, William1/207 CY/M13Kixley Lane, Knowle?-13 Jan 1914
Hyde, Jemma Louise2/30A CY/BF242 Landor Road, Knowle0?-02 Jan 199011 days. Rear of No. 30 against west hedge.
Hyde, John Anthony Albion3/154 GR/V14122 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle61C-13 Jan 1984Moberly
Hyde, Malcolm Kenneth3/184 GR/AE116 Milverton Road, Knowle36C-09 Oct 1987Spicer
Hyde, Mary3/154 GR/V14Flat 12 Rosemont House, 15A Poplar Road91C-08 Jul 2020Simpson
Ibbotson, Ada1/147 CY/L10The Hawthorns, Knowle?-28 Jan 1910
Ibbotson, Robert1/147 CY/L10The Hawthorns, Knowle?-15 May 1924
Iles, Charles Samuel2/564 CY/BL18462 Station Road, Dorridge?-03 Sep 1953
Ilott, Janet Rosalie3/9 GR/V1657 Manor Rd, Dorridge15C-17 Jul 1970MoseleyQueen elizabeth hospital (sic). Also shown in Alphabetical Index as being in Section III Plot 9 with a date of 10 Dec 2010.
Impey, Frank2/329 CY/AX12Copt Heath House?-23 Feb 1940Surname spelling unclear.
Ince1/300 CY/S17Middlefield Hall, Knowle?-19 Mar 1954No forenames stated.
Inge, John Harwood2/335 CY/BD12Milverton Road, Knowle?-14 Jun 1945
Ingerthorp, Harriet1/191 CY/K12Lodge Road, Knowle?-09 Jul 1911
Ingerthorpe, John10/3 MAP/10?-1886First name only
Ingerthorpe, John Robert2/312 CY/AE12Knowle?-01 Apr 1925
Ingram, Cyril Guy2/209 CY/AY8209 Station Road, Knowle?-29 Oct 1942
Ingram, Frank Oswald2/664 CY/AR21Middlefield Hall, Knowle?-20 Feb 1953
Ingram, Frederick1/476 CY/S25MCI, Knowle?-15 Mar 1915Midland Counties Institution.
Ingram, John Caldwell3/227 GR/T668 Barcheston Road, Knowle54C-16 May 1991Stevens
Ingram, Olive Rose2/322A CY/AQ1227 St Lawrence Close, Knowle82?-31 May 1991Double grave.
Ingram, Rex William3/398 GR/BX823 Alveston Grove, Knowle71C-30 Jan 2004LeachRegisters differ over age, 71 and 73.
Ingram, Ronald William Edwin2/322A CY/AQ12Riverside, Nethy Bridge84B-10 May 1994DowFormerly of 27 St Lawrence Close, Knowle.
Ingram, Stuart James1/265A CY/Y1617 Lightwood Close, Knowle25B-28 Mar 2001Russell
Ingram, Valerie Joan3/398 GR/BX823 Alveston Grove, Knowle74C-10 Dec 2010Russell
Inkster, Lesley Patricia Hellwood3/53 GR/I194 Golden End Drive, Knowle51C-12 May 1976Aveyard
Insley, Elizabeth2/801 CY/BC25Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle?-11 Oct 1947
Insley, Ernest William2/801 CY/BC25170 Tilehouse Green Lane, Bentley Heath91?-29 Feb 1956
Irwin, Rebecca Eleanor1/13 CY/P3Sligo House, Knowle?-20 Jan 1910
Isham, Gertrude Mary1/522 CY/U27Solihull Hospital60?-14 Mar 1964Beddows Homes
Jackson, Edith Jones2/325 CY/AT1294 Station Road, Knowle?-11 Jan 1939
Jackson, Edward Patchett2/995 CY/BJ3052 Packwood Close, Bentley Heath62?-18 Nov 1970
Jackson, Freda May2/995 CY/BJ3020 Darley Mead Court, Hampton Lane60?-17 Dec 1968
Jackson, George2/693 CY/AR22M.C.I., Knowle?-05 Dec 1941Midland Counties Institution.
Jackson, Neville3/403 GR/BX131 Stourton Close, Knowle87C-21 Apr 2004Hamley
Jackson, Peter John3/460 GR/S374 Copt Heath Drive, Knowle62C-06 Dec 2009Hamley
Jager, Alan Frank3/1057 GR/CG7145 St John's Close, Knowle86C-14 Oct 2021Ashton
Jakeman, Thomas William2/550 CY/AX18Lodge Road, Knowle?-12 Feb 1941
James, Arthur2/404 CY/AY14Solihull Hospital, Solihull?-05 Sep 1950
James, Charles Henry2/200 CY/BI8336 Sheldon Heath Road, Sheldon85?-14 Apr 1961Late of Dorridge.
James, Colin3/290A GR/BG111 Minster Close, Knowle79C-07 Jul 2019Simpson
James, Elizabeth2/404 CY/AY1432 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-23 Jan 1942
James, Ellen2/200 CY/BI832 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-07 May 1952
James, Gladys Winifred Mary2/841 CY/AP2638 Broad Oaks Road, Solihull75?-30 Dec 1955
James, John Jesse2/747 CY/AG23Dorridge?-15 Nov 1935
James, Louisa Ann2/747 CY/AG23Lynton-on-Wharf, Yorkshire?-19 Nov 1937
James, Seward2/841 CY/AP26Kingsland, Leominster?-07 Nov 1962
James, Torquil Edward Walter2/885A CY/AR2726 Bence Road, Preston23B-09 Apr 1993Dow
James, Veronica Dorothy3/535 GR/AK13Swallows Meadow Court71C-02 Nov 2015Trethewey51 Ardenvale Road, Knowle.
Jaques, Christine Louise2/347 CY/BM1380 Purnells Way, Knowle72B-10 Apr 2012Ashton
Jarman, Stella Eleanor3/204 GR/N9The Old Rectory Nursing Home, School Lane92C-22 Nov 2018HamleyFormerly of 10 Purnells Way Knowle B93 9JN.
Jarman, William1/473 CY/O25MCI, Knowle?-05 Aug 1913Midland Counties Institution.
Jarvis, Brenda Ivy Dorothy Noreen2/500 CY/BH171541 Warwick Road, Knowle?-09 May 1951
Jarvis, Edith Victoria2/500 CY/BH171541 Warwick Road, Knowle?-02 Aug 1949
Jay, Kay Sonia2/750 CY/AD2378 Poplar Road, Dorridge43?-18 Mar 1987Died at M25 motorway Brentwood, Essex.
Jefferies, Alfred5/1 MAP/5?-1902First name only. Row 19
Jeffs, Hilda Eunice1/289 CY/G17140 Station Road, Knowle67?-25 Feb 1959Died Solihull Hospital.
Jenking, Eric Edward2/317 CY/AK12Acocks Green?-08 Jan 1930
Jenking, Olive May2/317 CY/AK1246 Slater Road, Bentley Heath?-06 Nov 1946
Jenkins, Ada Kate1/483 CY/AA25Holly Cottage, Chessetts Wood?-22 Aug 1934
Jenkins, Edward Richard2/410 CY/BE141706 Warwick Road, Knowle?-19 Jan 1946
Jenkins, Ernest1/483 CY/AA25Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-10 Aug 1935
Jenkins, Fanny5/2 MAP/5?-1902First name only. Row 19
Jenkins, Glyndwy James3/55 GR/M1969 Lady Byron Lane, Knowle52C-07 Jul 1976Aveyard
Jenkins, Joyce1/348 CY/W19Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-02 Mar 1921
Jennings, Horace Frank3/352 GR/BT137 Whateley Hall Road, Knowle82C-27 Jan 2000Hamley
Jennings, Ivy3/352 GR/BT133 Mockley Wood Road, Knowle92C-25 Sep 2011Tsipouras
Jesson, Arthur Garnet1/272 CY/Q16Knowle?-16 Aug 1918
Jesson, Isabel1/272 CY/Q16"Elmleigh", Station Road?-03 Mar 1939
Jeyes, Gladys Elizabeth2/544A CY/AQ18Maypole Nursing Home, 1028-1030 Alcester Road73B-21 Dec 1999Parker
Jeyes, Thomas Henry2/544A CY/AQ1871?-27 Nov 1991No address stated.
Jickells, Adrian3/1006 GR/BP139 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle66C-06 Sep 2020LanhamRegister incorrectly states interment 2 September 2020.
Johnson, Agnes Francis2/54A CY/BA440 Barcheston Road, Knowle77?-03 Sep 1992Triple grave.
Johnson, Alfred Joseph2/246 CY/AO9Heronfield House, Knowle?-09 Jan 1936After cremation.
Johnson, Elinor Lucy2/664 CY/AR21Berrow Homes, Knowle?-16 Nov 1937
Johnson, Elizabeth Sarah2/219 CY/AO8Rose Cottage, High Street?-06 Sep 1945
Johnson, Enid Elizabeth2/492 CY/BN1625 Station Road, Knowle84?-17 Jun 1977
Johnson, Ethel3/475 GR/I231373 Warwick Road, Knowle89C-12 Nov 2010Parker
Johnson, Florence Amy1/241 CY/D14"Aberfeldie", Gladstone Road?-17 Apr 1947
Johnson, Frederick John2/492 CY/BN16Jobs Close, Lodge Road89?-06 Aug 1985Formerly of Station Road, Knowle, (founder of Johnson's Garage)
Johnson, George Barry3/475 GR/I231373 Warwick Road, Knowle88C-06 Dec 2010Parker
Johnson, George Ernest William1/421 CY/G23976 Warwick Road, Solihull77?-28 Feb 1963
Johnson, Henry Cecil1/89 CY/V7Westbourne, Knowle?-28 Feb 1919
Johnson, Joseph 3/421 GR/M252 Longdon Road, Knowle98C-28 Sep 2012Parker
Johnson, Joyce3/421 GR/M252 Longdon Road, Knowle85C-29 Dec 2005Parker
Johnson, Leo Benjamin2/54A CY/BA4"Willow Grange", 119 St Bernards Road83B-20 Jun 1996Maguire
Johnson, Muriel June3/346 GR/BS21124 Darley Green Road, Knowle63C-22 Sep 1999HamleyAge not stated.
Johnson, Neville Robert3/346 GR/BS21124 Darley Green Road, Knowle82C-19 Feb 2016Ashton
Johnson, Raymond Ivor2/134 CY/AX6Rotten Row Farm, Knowle67?-16 Oct 1981
Johnson, Sarah1/90 CY/W7Westbourne, Knowle?-02 Dec 1919
Johnson, William Kirk1/90 CY/W7Copt Heath, Solihull?-23 Nov 1935
Johnston, Leslie Charles2/700 CY/AY22Hether Broome, Lady Byron Lane?-05 Jun 1943[Johnstone in both Burial Register and Alphabetical Index.]
Joiner, Donald Harry3/357 GR/BT2119 Hampton Road, Knowle75C-05 Apr 2000Russell
Jones, Ada Miriam2/290 CY/AT1035 Lodge Road, Knowle?-19 Jan 1939
Jones, Albert3/4 GR/J1642 Avenue Rd, Dorridge52C-10 May 1967
Jones, Albert Edward2/290 CY/AT1035 Lodge Road, Knowle?-06 Sep 1941
Jones, Alice May1/469 CY/K25MCI, Knowle?-22 Nov 1906Midland Counties Institution.
Jones, Alice Rebecca2/581 CY/BA19Gladstone Road, Dorridge?-17 Aug 1943
Jones, Ann1/360 CY/Q20Knowle?-04 May 1918
Jones, Annie Elizabeth2/381 CY/AC13Golden End, Knowle?-18 May 1943
Jones, Annie Elizabeth2/905 CY/AE28Copt Heath Golf Club, Warwick Road61?-24 Dec 1962
Jones, Arnold2/66A CY/AN4Marie Curie Hospice, Marsh Lane84B-16 Jun 2015Parker
Jones, Catherine5/2 MAP/5?-1892First name only. Row 02
Jones, Charles Henry2/169 CY/AM7High Street, Knowle?-08 Jun 1953
Jones, Christina2/556 CY/BD18Kixley Lane, Knowle?-13 Jan 1945
Jones, Daisy Lillian2/290 CY/AT1025 St Johns Close, Knowle?-09 Jul 1977After cremation. No age stated.
Jones, David Trevor3/1009 GR/CF387 Purnells Way, Knowle85C-18 Mar 2021Ashton
Jones, Dorothy Annie3/4 GR/J1615 Holbirch Close, Shoreham By Sea79C-13 Jul 1996#Func!
Jones, Dorothy Leonora2/169 CY/AM7Knowle?-24 May 1933
Jones, Douglas Frank3/253 GR/AK14Brookvale Nursing Home, 11 Warwick Road84C-19 Sep 2001Leach69 Longdon Road, Knowle.
Jones, Edgar Thomas2/845 CY/AV2638 Lighthorne Road, Solihull80C-05 Aug 1993WilcoxFoot of grave on right. [Assumed to be cremation.]
Jones, Edgar Waters2/845 CY/AV26Solihull Hospital72?-06 Dec 1955Of 29 Poplar Road, Dorridge.
Jones, Elsie May1/356 CY/V20Knowle?-10 Aug 1921
Jones, Esme Jane2/169 CY/AM78 St Johns Close, Knowle90C-07 Jan 2000ParkerNow full.
Jones, Ethel Margery3/253 GR/AK1469 Longdon Road, Knowle77C-20 Jul 1993Wilcox
Jones, Florence Mary2/290 CY/AT10Luton?-23 Jun 1986After cremation. Ashed not in container. No age given on certificate.
Jones, Garth Harry2/845 CY/AV264 Packwood Close, Bentley Heath75C-01 Feb 1993ReynoldsFoot of grave on left. [Assumed to be cremation.]
Jones, George Herbert2/169 CY/AM781?-19 Dec 1991No address stated. After cremation, at foot of grave.
Jones, George Herbert2/144 CY/AN61628 High Street, Knowle81?-22 Jan 1959
Jones, Gwendoline Nellie2/905 CY/AE2837 Alderwood Place, Princes Way68?-22 Jun 1990DowAfter cremation.
Jones, Harold2/290 CY/AT10131 Montrose Avenue, Luton?-29 Jan 1970After cremation. No age stated.
Jones, Henrietta2/764 CY/AN241721 High Street, Knowle84?-12 Jan 1960Died Solihull Hospital.
Jones, Jesse2/905 CY/AE281316 Warwick Road, Knowle82?-11 Jan 1985Moberly
Jones, Jesse Donald2/905 CY/AE2862 Willowbank Road, Knowle66?-27 May 1988GanjaviAfter cremation.
Jones, John5/4 MAP/5?-1873First name only. Row 03
Jones, June Dinah2/66A CY/AN417 Langfield Road, Knowle69B-03 Feb 1999Parker
Jones, Mabel Charlotte2/845 CY/AV2638 Lightorne Road, Solihull84B-03 Jan 1970
Jones, Margaret Elizabeth Mary3/411 GR/BX217 Needhill Close, Knowle80C-21 Jan 2005Hamley
Jones, Margaret Winifred3/163 GR/M13C-10 May 2020SimpsonAddress, Age and Date of Death not stated.
Jones, Pauline Mary3/527 GR/AM450 Barcheston Road, Knowle68C-21 Nov 2014Parker
Jones, Roy Stanley3/163 GR/M1348 Widney Road, Bentley Heath66C-30 May 1984MooreDouble (DEEP) Plot.
Jones, Sarah Ann West2/144 CY/AN61628 High Street, Knowle88?-12 Jan 1959
Jones, Sidney Glendin1/469 CY/K25MCI, Knowle?-16 May 1917Midland Counties Institution.
Jones, Sonia1/256A CY/R15Swallows Meadow Court, 33 Swallows Meadow44B-12 Feb 2021Lanham
Jones, William2/381 CY/AC1374 Golden End, Knowle?-24 Oct 1941
Jones, William Joseph2/382 CY/AB13Knowle?-07 Jan 1922
Jones, William Robert2/556 CY/BD1827 Kixley Lane, Knowle?-06 Feb 1947
Juby, Ann Margeret1/234 CY/K14Cottage Homes, Knowle?-28 Jul 1909
Judge, Brendon2/940 CY/BL29Hartropp Nursing Home, 26 Hartropp Road84?-04 Jun 1991Maguire
Judge, Theresa Mary Josephine2/940 CY/BL295 Dassett Road, Bentley Heath66?-07 Mar 1979
Jukes, Beatrice Elizabeth2/1006 CY/BH31Warwick Road, Knowle72?-02 Jan 1985Seamer
Jukes, Samuel Charles Edward2/1006 CY/BH3187 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle63?-05 Aug 1971
Julian, Raymond Trevor3/477 GR/I2127 Ardenvale Road, Knowle85C-18 Nov 2010Bradford
Kay, Peggy Freda2/6 CY/AF315 Whitley Avenue, Solihull91C-03 Nov 2017ParkerAshes top end.
Kedge, Janet Alice3/372 GR/BM3Priory Nursing Home, 1 Shelly Crescent80C-04 May 2001Parker
Kedge, Robert William Marwick3/334 GR/BM15 Beconsfield Close, Dorridge78C-02 Feb 1999Parker
Keel, Charlotte1/340 CY/N19Knowle?-16 Nov 1922
Keel, Henry2/626 CY/AY2023 Lodge Road, Knowle?-07 Jul 1942
Keel, Marion2/626 CY/AY20913 Warwick Road, Solihull64?-20 May 1970After cremation.
Keel, Theresa Elizabeth2/533 CY/AD18Dorridge?-01 Aug 1934
Keel, William2/533 CY/AD18Dorridge, Knowle?-19 Nov 1925
Keen, Dennis James2/45 CY/BK430 Wheeley Road, Solihull84C-27 Jul 2009HamleyAshes interment.
Keen, Elizabeth Anne2/45 CY/BK430 Wheeley Road, Solihull83C-29 Jul 2013AshtonAshes poured in centre. Plot register shows Ann.
Keen, Florence Edith2/45 CY/BK4141 Longdon Road, Knowle86?-16 Dec 1988At Arden Lodge, East Birmingham Hospital.
Keen, Jennifer Margaret2/45 CY/BK48 Winterdene, Kenilworth Road77C-10 Jan 2012Bradford
Keen, John Thomas2/45 CY/BK4Longdon Road, Knowle?-20 Nov 1954
Kelly, Annie3/316 GR/BO159 Kenilworth Road, Knowle72C-08 Nov 1997Russell
Kelly, Francis Gerard3/316 GR/BO159 Kenilworth Road, Knowle83C-19 Jan 2012TretheweyPlot Register says Gerald.
Kelly, Janice3/513 GR/A1759 Jacobean Lane, Knowle65C-23 May 2013Ashton
Kelly, Michael1/156 CY/D61585 Warwick Road, Knowle69?-25 Oct 1983
Kelly, Winifred Edith1/156 CY/D6The Orchards Nursing Home, 164 Shard End Crescent89B-11 Jan 2006McHugh
Kemble, Florence2/263 CY/BG9Ravenshaw Hall, Solihull?-10 Apr 1953
Kemp, George Harry2/855 CY/BF266 Grove Cottages, Knowle?-20 May 1953
Kemp, Ida2/855 CY/BF2632 Lodge Road, Knowle74?-14 Jul 1977
Kendall, Beatrice Kate3/152 GR/R1416 Fleetwood Grove, Yardley89C-25 Oct 1983MoberlyGrandmother of Richard A William Plot 100.
Kendall, Catherine1/225 CY/U14Knowle?-16 Apr 1919
Kendall, George1/225 CY/U14Knowle?-16 Apr 1919
Kendrick, Donald Stanley3/404 GR/BX148 Paterson Court, Knowle83C-21 May 2004Hamley
Kendrick, Joan Alma3/404 GR/BX148 Paterson Court, Kenilworth Road90C-19 Aug 2011Hamley
Kenning, Albert Henry1/357 CY/U20Temple Balsall?-21 Dec 1925
Kenning, Beatrix Ann2/394 CY/AN14Jubilee Gardens Care Centre, Wyegate Close92C-24 Mar 2015WilkinAshes after cremation, top right hand corner of plot. Gordon Bragg funeral director assisted by Mike Wilkin, Verger.
Kerton, Joseph Henry1/442 CY/X24MCI, Knowle?-13 Jan 1921Midland Counties Institution.
Kibble, Mary1/47 CY/D5142 Knighton Street, Burmingham (sic)?-06 Jan 1902Address unreadable - there is a Knighton Road in Birmingham but not a Street.
Kimbell, Beatrice3/162 GR/K13Wroxton Nursing Home, OltonC-06 Feb 1987RamsdenAge not stated.
Kimbell, Charles5/2 MAP/5?-1865First name only. Row 16
Kimbell, Cyril William3/162 GR/K1317 Prospect Lane, Solihull81C-24 May 1984Seamer
Kimbell, Emma5/4 MAP/5?-1907First name only. Row 16
Kimbell, Henry10/27 MAP/10?-1889First name only
Kimbell, John10/10 MAP/10?-1857First name only
Kimbell, Jonathan5/3 MAP/5?-1909First name only. Row 16
Kimbell, Samuel5/1 MAP/5?-1894First name only. Row 16
Kimberley, Ada Elizabeth2/592 CY/AO19Hampton Lane, Knowle?-16 Aug 1951[Should be Hampton Road.]
Kimberley, Joseph2/592 CY/AO19Knowle?-14 Jun 1934
Kimble, Jonathan10/26 MAP/10?-1813First name only
Kimpton, William4/2 MAP/4?-1862First name only. Row 06
King1/96 CY/V8Rookery Cottages, Knowle87?-11 Oct 1956(Mrs) - No forename stated.
Died Solihull Hospital.
King, Alfred1/96 CY/V8Poplar Road, Dorridge?-15 Jan 1919
King, Charles1/154 CY/E10Riland Road, Sutton Coldfield?-17 Jun 1903
King, Eliza2/129 CY/BD6Station Road, Knowle?-05 Mar 1947
King, Florence1/154 CY/E10The Court, Temple Balsall?-01 Aug 1953
King, Lucy9/14 MAP/9?-First name only. Date ?.
King, Martha Elizabeth2/233 CY/AA9Knowle?-28 Sep 1923
King, Roger2/774 CY/AY24Brook House Maternity Home, Solihull0?-Baby two hours. Of Warwick Road Knowle. No date stated.
Kings, Margaret Rose2/1057 CY/AF30Birchmere Care Home, 1270 Warwick Road72B-03 May 2017ParkerOr Rose Margaret in Burial Register.
Kings, Mark William Clement2/684 CY/AG221 Whateley Hall Close, Knowle8?-21 Aug 1986Triple grave.
Kinnard, Louisa2/417 CY/BL14Solihull Hospital, Solihull?-22 Jun 1954
Kirby, Ann2/599 CY/AG19Knowle?-21 Sep 1932
Kirby, Emma2/584 CY/AX19Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-25 Mar 1941
Kirby, John Edward2/746A CY/AH23279 Widney Road, Knowle59?-07 Jul 1989New double.
Kirby, Jonathan2/599 CY/AG19Knowle?-20 Oct 1927Died at 1 Lode Lane, Solihull.
Kirby, Sarah1/233 CY/L14Station Road, Knowle?-01 Feb 1911
Kirk, Edwin Burton2/649 CY/BG2123 Milverton Road, Knowle?-06 Jul 1949
Kirk, Harriet Agnes1/401 CY/U22Knowle?-07 Feb 1928
Knibb, Edwin1/100 CY/R841 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-13 Jan 1939
Knibb, Ellen1/100 CY/R8Poplar Road, Dorridge?-28 Jan 1915
Knibb, Ivy Annie2/230 CY/AC8Dorridge?-07 Dec 1925
Knibb, John Edwin Cecil2/230 CY/AC8"Rosebank", Station Road?-06 Feb 1941
Knight, Ann Elizabeth1/368 CY/I20Birmingham Road, Knowle?-25 Jul 1908
Knight, Anthony Bertram3/345 GR/BS1922 Holland Avenue, Knowle71C-01 Sep 1999Russell
Knight, Fred2/992 CY/BG30"Brookvale", 111 Warwick Road94?-09 Mar 1990Golton
Knight, Frederick William1/424 CY/J23Poplar Road, Knowle?-14 Aug 1908
Knight, George2/709 CY/BH22Poplar Road, Dorridge?-15 May 1950
Knight, George Thomas Walter2/769 CY/AT2457 Newlands Road, Bentley Heath44?-19 Apr 1984
Knight, Jessie Maud2/796 CY/BH25Station Road, Knowle75?-12 May 1965
Knight, Louis James2/796 CY/BH25Station Road, Dorridge?-22 Aug 1951
Knight, Mary Louisa2/992 CY/BG3011 Broadfern Road, Knowle76?-01 Apr 1969
Knight, Minnie2/709 CY/BH224 Poplar Road, Dorridge83?-09 Mar 1961Died Solihull Hospital.
Knight, Owen5/1 MAP/5?-1873First name only. Row 11
Knight, Rose Ellen3/198 GR/Z9Flat 35 Fernleigh Court, Kelvedon GroveC-23 Jun 1989SandersAge not stated.
Knight, Thomas7/7 MAP/7?-1807First name only
Knightley, Winifred Joan3/585 GR/BF27 Mockley Wood Road, Knowle93C-17 Mar 2019Peachey
Knightly, Alfred George2/35 CY/BK342 Clifford Road, Bentley Heath81C-04 Apr 2005HamleyCremated remains, centre-top.
Knightly, Rosa May2/35 CY/BK330 Hampton Road, Knowle76?-15 May 1971
Knock, Ella Lily3/347 GR/BT111 Kenilworth Road, Knowle0C-18 Feb 2011MaguireStillborn.
Kough, Mary3/230 GR/N631 Giles Court, Rectory Road94C-26 Jun 2015Edgerton
Kough, Norman Frederick Bayley3/230 GR/N623 Langfield Road, Knowle69C-02 Dec 1991Dow
Laight, Benjamin2/701 CY/AZ22M.C.I., Knowle?-07 Dec 1943Midland Counties Institution.
Laird, William Ronald Edwards3/554 GR/BL1132 Starbold Crescent, Knowle76C-09 Dec 2016Ashton
Lambert, Horace Graham2/924 CY/BA2890A Kenilworth Road, Knowle75?-17 Feb 1981RusherAfter cremation, south side (mid of grave).
Lambert, Jonathan2/929 CY/BF28177 Tilehouse Green Lane83?-18 Aug 1960
Lambert, Kate Elizabeth2/929 CY/BF2894 Longdon Road84?-24 Sep 1963
Lambert, Ursula Anne2/924 CY/BA2892 Tilehouse Green Lane44?-23 Dec 1960
Lampitt, George2/441 CY/AS15Birmingham Road?-27 Jan 1939Died at Solihull Infirmary.
Lampitt, George2/961 CY/AQ29175 The Avenue, Acocks Green71?-18 Jul 1966
Lampitt, Louisa Ann2/441 CY/AS15"Lynwood", Warwick Road?-16 Dec 1937
Lampitt, Nesta Dorothy2/961 CY/AQ2922 Daventry Road, Dunchurch87?-21 Apr 1989Dow
Lancaster, Margaret Laura3/420 GR/K256 Crabmill Close, Knowle81C-30 Jan 2009Hamley
Lancaster, Peter Harry3/420 GR/K256 Crabmill Close, Knowle79C-23 Dec 2005Tillett
Lander, Francis4/3 MAP/4?-1918First name only. Row 05
Lander, Helen2/499 CY/BI17Solihull Hospital, Solihull?-14 Oct 1950Of Copt Heath.
Lander, William Frank2/499 CY/BI1749 Silhill Road, Birmingham?-28 Apr 1953
Landreth, Gordon James Thomas3/508 GR/B13Swallows Meadow Nursing Home, Swallows Meadow91C-10 Apr 2017Ashton
Landreth, Rosemary Ruth3/508 GR/B13Swallows Meadow, Shirley82C-20 Feb 2013Hamley
Lane, Clara1/411 CY/J22Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-21 Apr 1937Year unclear but Alphabetical Index shows 1937.
Lane, Edwin2/260 CY/BD9183 Station Road, Knowle3?-07 Feb 1953
Lane, Elsie Maud2/121 CY/BL6High Street, Knowle?-09 Dec 1954
Lane, Emma2/260 CY/BD9183 Station Road, Knowle?-25 Jan 1947
Lane, Victor2/607 CY/AD20M.C.I., Knowle?-24 Jun 1924Midland Counties Institution.
Lane, William David2/121 CY/BL6384 Tessall Lane, Northfield72?-28 Jun 1960[Burial Register says Lesshall Lane]
Langford, Florence Annie1/543 CY/J28St Johns Close, Knowle83?-09 Nov 1967
Langford, Francis Herbert1/543 CY/J288 Coppice Road, Moseley?-12 May 1938
Langmead, Patrick John1/491A CY/R2688 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle82B-16 Nov 2012Crockett
Lardner, Fanny1/88 CY/U7Women's Hospital, Birmingham?-08 Dec 1920
Lardner, Henry John1/88 CY/U7Knowle?-09 Aug 1918
Last, Susannah2/389 CY/AI14Knowle?-14 Feb 1929
Latham, Henry10/7 MAP/10?-1881First name only
Lattimer, Andrew Alan3/469 GR/R22 Whateley Hall Close, Knowle85C-13 Jun 2010HamleyRegister entry incorrectly states Whateley Pool Close.
Lattimer, Marion Elizabeth3/469 GR/R22 Whateley Hall Close, Knowle89C-19 Nov 2012Hamley
Laughton, Jean Margaret3/473 GR/J216 Whitacre Road, Knowle81C-14 Oct 2010HamleyIncorrectly shown as Whittaker Road in the Burial Register.
Lavender, Barbara Winifred2/856 CY/BG26Prospect Park Hospital, Reading32?-13 Apr 1961Late of Dorridge.
Lavender, Harold Thomas2/856 CY/BG26104 Dorridge Road, Dorridge?-28 Oct 1953
Lawrence, Albert2/558 CY/BF18Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-20 Mar 1946
Lawrence, Catherine2/1034 CY/BB31Job's Close, Knowle74?-12 Dec 1974Single grave.
Lawrence, Daisy3/331 GR/BQ920 Wilsons Road, Knowle84C-20 Nov 1998Stevens
Lawrence, Elizabeth2/558 CY/BF1891 Slater Road, Knowle84?-30 Jan 1963
Lawrence, Joseph2/180 CY/AY748 Hampton Lane, Knowle?-16 Oct 1943Lane should be Road.
Lawrence, Mary Ann2/180 CY/AY748 Hampton Lane, Knowle?-09 May 1942Should be Road not Lane.
Lawrence, Stanley Douglas2/966 CY/AL29Kixley Lane, Knowle70?-23 Oct 1987Single grave. Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Lawson, Daniel John2/509 CY/AY17349 Barston Lane, Solihull?-24 Mar 1954
Lawton, John Sinclair2/680 CY/AC22M.C.I., Knowle?-25 Jul 1928Midland Counties Institution.
Laxton, Agnes1/282 CY/G16Heronfield, Knowle?-29 Dec 1906
Laxton, George1/282 CY/G16Heronfield, Knowle?-16 Nov 1920
Layton, Diana Dixon3/283 GR/AU158 Pinfold Road, Solihull55C-28 Apr 1995DowAlso Carolyn Cornfield as Officiating Minister.
Le Bell, Amelia Pagan Lowe1/202 CY/H13Sligo House, Station Road?-14 Jan 1908
Lea, Albert Edward3/237 GR/AJ1611 Cawdon Grove, Dorridge79C-09 Apr 1992Stevens
Lea, Dora1/394A CY/Y2177 St Lawrence Close, Knowle83B-27 Dec 2001Parker
Lea, Mabel3/243 GR/AM16Ardenlea Grove Nursing Home, Lode Lane84C-21 May 2008Hamley
Lea, Mary Elizabeth3/237 GR/AJ1611 Cawdon Grove, Dorridge86C-14 Jun 2001Stevens
Lea, Victor William3/243 GR/AM1632 Lodge Road, Knowle73C-06 Nov 1992Richards
Leake, Elizabeth2/708 CY/BG22387 Station Road, Dorridge?-06 Aug 1949
Lee, Alice Elizabeth2/487 CY/BI16Lichfield Road, Abbotts Bromley?-16 Oct 1954
Lee, Annie Maria2/377 CY/AG13Berrow Cottage Homes, Knowle?-01 Feb 1943
Lee, Barry Richard Robert2/738A CY/AQ2318?-15 May 1992Double grave. No address stated.
Lee, Henry James2/487 CY/BI16231 Station Road, Knowle?-28 Jan 1950
Lee, Horatio2/480 CY/BA16High Street, Knowle?-28 Jul 1943
Lee, Louisa2/240 CY/AH9Knowle?-29 Mar 1930
Lee, Miriam Ann2/480 CY/BA161691 High Street, Knowle?-14 Mar 1949
Lee, William2/26 CY/BB3Solihull Hospital, Solihull0?-23 Apr 1946Baby.
Leek, Frank1/376 CY/F21General Hospital, Birmingham?-13 Jul 1905
Leeke, Ralph Boswell2/1012A CY/BC3286 Grange Road, Dorridge58?-22 Dec 1976Single grave.
Lees, Cecilia Amy2/1003 CY/BK31269 Widney Road70?-28 Mar 1970
Lees, Charles Henry2/868 CY/BJ27200 Widney Road, Bentley Heath55?-23 Nov 1957
Lees, Florence Clara2/868 CY/BJ27Swallows Meadow Nursing Home, Swallows Meadow94B-18 Sep 2001Hamley
Lees, George Thomas2/1003 CY/BK319 Kenilworth Road, Knowle72?-28 May 1970
Lees, Graham2/946 CY/BF29200 Widney Road, Bentley Heath59B-04 Nov 1997Williams
Lees, Henry1/239 CY/F14Sunnyside, Knowle?-03 Dec 1907
Lees, John2/946 CY/BF29200 Widney Road29?-24 Jul 1965
Lees, John Thomas2/826 CY/AB2557 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-28 Apr 1942
Lees, Maria Annie2/826 CY/AB25Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-14 Nov 1935
Leeson, Emma Dandridge2/1045 CY/AQ31120 Station Road, Knowle83?-07 Jan 1976
Leeson, James William2/109 CY/AK571?-02 Dec 1970After cremation. No address stated.
Leeson, John William2/109 CY/AK5Knowle?-03 Jan 1935
Leeson, Ruth2/109 CY/AK5Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-05 Feb 1953
Leeson, Thomas Roy2/1045 CY/AQ31118 Station Road, Knowle63?-03 Apr 1986Ganjavi
Leetch, Dorothy Brenda3/515 GR/A1473 Newton Road, Knowle51C-25 Aug 2013Trethewey
Legh, Patricia Mary Adrienne2/1002 CY/BL316 Deerhurst Court, George Road85C-17 May 2003GundleCremated remains, top centre.
Legh, Piers Richard Frederick2/1002 CY/BL3183 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle61?-10 Jul 1979Aveyard
Letts, John Barry3/442 GR/I5117 St Johns Close, Knowle80C-11 Sep 2011Parker
Letts, Margaret Patricia3/442 GR/I5160 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle69C-16 Dec 2007Parker
Leven, Charles Pence1/471 CY/M25MCI, Knowle?-23 Aug 1933Midland Counties Institution.
Levick, Mary1/182 CY/U12Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-27 Jun 1918
Levick, Thomas1/182 CY/U12Chessetts Wood?-11 Mar 1921
Lewis, Alfred William1/393 CY/X21MCI, Knowle?-27 Nov 1918Midland Counties Institution
Lewis, David Gilbert3/483 GR/G23Lansdowne, Stripes Hill89C-11 Apr 2011HamleyBurial register says OUT after the address but this is assumed to be part of the postcode ODT.
Lewis, Gladys Ethel3/282 GR/AR91644 High Steeet, Knowle90C-27 Apr 1995Dow
Lewis, Jean Winifred3/483 GR/G23Lansdowne, 1806 Warwick Road94C-08 Oct 2013Trethewey
Lidgate, Alexander John2/848 CY/AY26Hall Farm, Kenilworth Road?-05 Sep 1955
Lidgate, Annie Maria2/303 CY/AF10Hall Farm, Knowle?-28 Jun 1939
Lidgate, Elizabeth Ann2/303 CY/AF10Elvers Green Farm, Knowle?-14 Jan 1927
Lidgate, Frank Alfred Abbott2/774 CY/AY24Hall Farm, Knowle?-26 Jun 1948
Lidgate, Mary Dorothy Neville2/848 CY/AY26Hall Farm, Kenilworth Road93?-10 Jan 1979
Lightfoot, Joseph Laybourn2/618A CY/AQ207 Kixley Lane, Knowle72?-28 Feb 1992
Lightfoot, Joyce Mary2/618A CY/AQ207 Kixley Lane, Knowle73B-05 Sep 1995Hamley
Linden, Charlotte Eliza1/409 CY/L2236 Widney Road, Solihull?-20 Sep 1938Charllote spelled thus but assumed wrong.
Lindon, Daniel1/409 CY/L22Bentley Heath, Solihull?-26 Mar 1926
Lindon, Esther1/375 CY/E21Knowle?-28 Feb 1912
Lindon, Francis1/375 CY/E21Knowle?-10 Jun 1905
Lindon, Marjorie2/62 CY/AS442 Hampton Road, Knowle77?-09 Aug 1983Also ashes of.
Lindon, Sarah5/6 MAP/5?-1896First name only. Row 12
Lindon, Walter Richard2/62 CY/AS442 Hampton Road, Knowle?-04 Sep 1969Also ashes of.
Lines, Brenda Josephine3/521 GR/AM12Swallows Meadow Court, Shirley88C-14 May 2014AshtonPaterson (sic) Court.
Lines, Clara Francis1/470 CY/L25MCI, Knowle?-04 Feb 1910Midland Counties Institution.
Lisney, Ernest Louis1/480 CY/W25MCI, Knowle?-11 Nov 1915Midland Counties Institution.
Lissiman2/283 CY/BB10Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-08 Jun 1962Mrs. - Forenames not stated. Surname incorrectly entered as Lisserman - Alphabetical Index shows Lissiman.
Lissiman, Charles P3/72 GR/AD19144 Mill Lane, Dorridge66C-06 Jan 1978MainesAt south side of No. 63
Lissiman, Harold Christopher3/211 GR/Y8144 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath82C-27 Apr 1990Stevens
Lissiman, Thomas Christopher2/283 CY/BB10Station Road, Knowle?-18 Jul 1946
Lissimann, Charlotte Mary3/63 GR/AC19144 Mill Lane, Dorridge62C-14 Dec 1976RusherProbably incorrectly spellt - should be Lissiman.
Lister, Agnes Irene3/344 GR/BS17Sunhaven, 210 High StreetC-03 Aug 1999Dewes[No date of death or age stated.]
Littlehales, Pauline Winifred1/168 CY/P6The Holte, Barston Lane82?-05 Mar 1991
Littlehales, Richard Gough1/168 CY/P6The Holte, Barston76?-26 May 1983
Littlejohn, George Henry2/698 CY/AW22High Street, Knowle?-07 Sep 1942
Littlewood, Alice Edith2/852 CY/BC261797 Warwick Road, Knowle?-23 Jul 1955
Lloyd, Arthur3/22 GR/O1714 Brueton Avenue, Solihull91C-10 Aug 1990Sykes
Lloyd, Clara Elizabeth2/882 CY/AV27Chessetts Wood Farm, Knowle58?-13 Jul 1958
Lloyd, Elsie Maud3/22 GR/O1714 Brueton Avenue, Solihull85C-04 Dec 1973Rusher
Lloyd, Mary Ann Beatrice2/839 CY/AN2698 Kenilworth Road, Knowle66?-06 Feb 1956
Lloyd, Pauline Jean2/338 CY/BG1210 Blackbourne Road, Elmswell72C-17 May 2015ParkerAshes scattered in centre. No date of death stated.
Lloyd, William Henry2/839 CY/AN26Lyndon Croft, Ulleries Road88?-20 Jan 1977
Locke, George Jackson3/12 GR/AB164 Ebnall Cottage, Barons Cross84C-02 May 1971Staples
Locke, Lucy Annie3/12 GR/AB16Coldwell House, Holmer97C-22 Sep 1986Ganjavi
Long, Samuel Joseph1/461 CY/D24MCI, Knowle?-26 Apr 1904Midland Counties Institution.
Longmore, Henry2/409 CY/BD14Longdon Road, Knowle?-24 Dec 1945
Longmore, William Henry1/529 CY/Y28Longdon Road, Knowle50?-22 Dec 1963
Lotherington, Bruce3/287 GR/AR335 Milverton Road, Knowle90C-23 Jun 1995Richards
Lotherington, Jean Knight3/287 GR/AR335 Milverton Road, Knowle88C-18 Jun 2010Hamley[Burial Register also says interment in Section II Grave 907A, this is doubtful.]
Lovegrove, Ellen1/410 CY/K22Hampton Lane, Knowle?-09 Mar 1949Should be Road not Lane.
Lovegrove, Gertrude Violet2/913 CY/AO28102 Lodge Road, Knowle82?-09 Mar 1976
Lovegrove, John1/410 CY/K22Knowle?-28 Dec 1922
Lovegrove, Joseph Henry2/913 CY/AO28Lodge Road, Knowle70?-31 Jan 1962
Lowe, Annie Frances1/524 CY/W2716 Poplar Road, Dorridge67?-20 Feb 1964
Lowe, Ethel2/806 CY/AX2523 Kixley Road, Knowle?-25 Apr 1952Should be Kixley Lane.
Lowe, George2/104 CY/AP5The Vicarage, Knowle?-16 Jan 1937
Lowe, Harry1/524 CY/W2716 Poplar Road, Dorridge72?-14 Jul 1966
Lowe, James Joseph2/806 CY/AX25East Birmingham Hospital, Little Bromwich77?-09 Jan 1976Formerly of 30 Hampton Road, Knowle.
Lowe, John2/706 CY/BE22Wilsons Road, Knowle?-06 Jul 1946
Lowe, Joyce3/375 GR/BW823 Ardenvale Road, Knowle80C-27 Sep 2001Russell
Lowe, Katie2/706 CY/BE22Wilsons Road, Knowle?-20 Feb 1953Also says 18th.
Lowe, Mary Ann2/104 CY/AP5The Vicarage, Knowle?-06 Jan 1937
Lowe, Miriam2/104 CY/AP594 Station Road, Knowle93?-06 Apr 1982
Lowe, Sarah1/123 CY/M9126 Lodge Road, Knowle90?-08 Dec 1960
Lowe, Sheila May3/94A GR/AW1311 Purnells Way, Knowle74C-28 Oct 2021Ashton
Lowe, William Evan1/478 CY/U25MCI, Knowle?-08 May 1915Midland Counties Institution.
Ludlow, Helen Florence1/198 CY/D13Lovelace Hill, Solihull?-30 Mar 1940This grave is in the middle of these two spaces [198 and 199].
Ludlow, Walter Robert1/198 CY/D13Lovelace Hill, Solihull?-18 Oct 1941Grave same as wife.
Lunn, Eric1/559 CY/O2961 Grove Road, Solihull48?-29 Mar 1968Single grave.
Lunn, Marjorie1/560 CY/N2961 Grove Road, Solihull43?-22 Sep 1971Single grave.
Lunt, Gwendoline Ruth1/115 CY/E9Grimshaw Hall, Knowle?-14 May 1947
Luty, Charles1/418 CY/D23Knowle?-08 Aug 1904
Luty, Emma1/418 CY/D23Warwick Road, Knowle?-25 Sep 1909
Luxmore, Frederick Charles2/1014 CY/BF3263 Newlands Road, Bentley Heath67?-22 Jul 1976Single grave.
Lymer, Ellen1/232 CY/M14Knowle?-12 Jul 1913
Lyndon, Richard1/373 CY/D20Bakers Lane, Knowle?-11 Feb 1903
Lynes, Eliza2/320 CY/AN1282C-28 Apr 1969Ashes after cremation at the head of old grave. No address stated.
Lynes, Jane Elizabeth2/320 CY/AN12Station Road, Knowle?-18 May 1942
Lynes, John Winston2/320 CY/AN1255 Circus Avenue, Chelmsley Wood76?-17 Jan 1992After cremation.
Lynes, Margaret2/320 CY/AN1255 Circus Avenue, Chelmsley Wood73?-25 Jul 1987After cremation.
Lynes, Thomas2/320 CY/AN12Knowle?-17 Aug 1931
Lynes, Walter Henry2/320 CY/AN12110 Station Road, Knowle81?-08 Apr 1971After cremation.
Lyon, Frederick John1/384 CY/N21Hampton Lane, Knowle?-04 Apr 1911Lane should be Road.
Lyons, Alice Elizabeth1/546 CY/G28Knowle?-06 Nov 1936
Lyons, Elizabeth1/230 CY/O14Knowle?-21 Sep 1916
Lyons, Iris Constance1/546 CY/G2843 Landor Road, Knowle84C-17 Feb 2011RussellCasket middle right hand side.
Lyons, John1/230 CY/O14Knowle?-08 Jan 1923
Lyons, Philip Eric1/546 CY/G2881 Grange Road, Dorridge81C-14 Jan 2002ParkerBrick grave.
Cremated remains, centre middle.
Lyons, Philip Shirley1/546 CY/G2823 Milverton Road, Knowle?-30 Jan 1963
Lyons, Robert Kenneth1/546 CY/G28Spring Cottage, Lady Lane75C-24 Jul 2001ParkerCremated remains of, centre top.
Macdonald, George5/1 MAP/5?-1890First name only. Row 18
Macdonald, Margaret Elizabeth3/278A GR/AQ214 Alston Close, Solihull71C-28 Oct 2010Trethewey
MacDonald, Robin Alexander3/278A GR/AQ229 Trinity Apartments, Trinity Way81C-17 Sep 2017Ashton
Mackay, Olive Margaret2/926 CY/BC28Warwick Road47?-19 Oct 1960
Mackay, Peter2/894 CY/AH2895 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-16 Sep 1959
Mackinnon, Ann Isabelle3/547 GR/BM7Knowle Gate Care Home, Knowle95C-08 Sep 2020Ashton
Mackinnon, John3/547 GR/BM7Sunrise Residential Home, Warwick Road94C-24 Aug 2016Ashton
Maddock, Ellen Victoria3/3 GR/H16Ashley House, Cirencester85C-19 Apr 1991Sykes
Maddock, Roger Raymond3/3 GR/H1615 Wychwood Ave, Knowle57C-12 Feb 1967
Maddy, Ian Clive3/580 GR/BG3210 Henwood Lane, Catherine de Barnes59C-21 Oct 2018Ashton
Madeley, John William2/618 CY/AP20Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-21 Sep 1937
Maginnis, Laurie3/540 GR/AI845 Barcheston Road, KnowleC-27 Apr 2016AshtonNo age stated nor day of death, June 2002.
Mallabone, Lucy2/873 CY/BE27Poplar Road, Dorridge75?-01 Mar 1958Died in Eye Hospital.
Mander, Elsie Annie2/921 CY/AX2811 Kixley Lane, Knowle72?-08 Aug 1961
Mander, Florence Hilda1/425 CY/K23Birmingham Road, Knowle?-16 Apr 1909
Mander, George Henry2/921 CY/AX2811 Kixley Lane, Knowle74?-07 May 1962
Mander, George William1/425 CY/K23Knowle?-30 Nov 1911
Mander, Jane1/386 CY/P21Knowle?-25 Aug 1921
Mann, Arthur Donald3/31 GR/AG17184 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle77C-23 Jun 1992Honeysett
Mann, Roger Charles3/31 GR/AG17184 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle19C-25 Jun 1974Rusher
Manning, Thomas5/1 MAP/5?-1912First name only. Row 07
Mansell, Robert Ernest2/968A CY/AI291412 Warwick Road, Knowle32B-08 Jan 2010TretheweyOversize metal casket, 7' x 2' 6". Any second burial will require slabs over.
Mantle, Thomas2/453 CY/AE15Knowle?-19 Aug 1925
Manton, Elsie3/409 GR/BX1980 St Johns Close, Knowle101C-10 Nov 2004Leach
Marconi, Alphonsus Mary3/1051 GR/CG161 Newlands Road, Bentley Heath85C-04 Jul 2021Lanham
Margetts, Amelia2/563 CY/BK18Poplar Road, Dorridge?-24 Apr 1951
Margetts, George Henry2/563 CY/BK18Poplar Road, Dorridge?-03 Oct 1951
Margetts, Helen Winifred1/322 CY/K18Knowle?-26 Aug 1916
Marsh, Alice1/287 CY/E17Knowle?-03 Oct 1904
Marsh, Edward1/287 CY/E17Acocks Green90?-17 Mar 1956
Marshall, Alfred2/63 CY/AR4Forest Road, Dorridge?-06 Mar 1939
Marshall, Alfred William2/482 CY/BC16Forest Road, Knowle?-21 Dec 1944
Marshall, Catherine2/359 CY/BA13Nortons Green, Knowle?-19 Jul 1945
Marshall, Edith Ellen1/256 CY/S1534 Redlands Road, Solihull76?-09 Feb 1987After cremation.
Marshall, Ernest James2/82 CY/BM51597 Warwick Road, Knowle53?-26 Nov 1958
Marshall, Esther1/11 CY/N2Golden End, Knowle?-19 Dec 1907
Marshall, Frances Rose2/82 CY/BM5The Cedars Nursing Home, Cedar Park Road85B-05 Mar 1994HamleyFormally (sic) of the Berrow Homes.
Marshall, Frederick1/256A CY/R15Dunkirk Memorial House, Bishops LydeardC-19 Feb 2002DewesShown as Lyderd.
Marshall, James Edwards2/359 CY/BA13Nortons Green, Knowle?-08 Jun 1943
Marshall, John7/2 MAP/7?-1865First name only
Marshall, Mary Jane2/63 CY/AR428 Forest Road, Dorridge?-30 Sep 1947
Marshall, Thomas1/314 CY/T1846 Carrington Road, Birmingham?-11 Sep 1919
Marshall, Thomas1/11 CY/N2Knowle?-16 Apr 1929
Marston, Keith Philip3/454 GR/L423 Copt Heath Drive, Knowle68C-04 Apr 2009Trethewey[Both registers show Kieth not Keith.]
Martin, Levi1/453 CY/L24Workhouse Infirmary, Solihull?-14 Oct 1910
Martineau, Beatrice Ellen2/316 CY/AJ1286?-25 May 1988No address stated. After cremation.
Martineau, Charles Edward2/316 CY/AJ12The Moat, Knowle?-03 Feb 1945After cremation.
Martineau, Ellen Schurhoff2/316 CY/AJ12The Moat, Knowle81?-20 Dec 1957After cremation.
Martineau, Erica Irene Johanna2/316 CY/AJ12"Broadoaks", Chessetts Wood Road91C-22 Apr 1994RichardsAfter cremation. Grave full.
Martineau, Margaret Hilda2/316 CY/AJ1282?-25 May 1988No address stated. After cremation.
Mason, Alice1/274 CY/O16250 Selsey Road, Edgbaston?-14 Jan 1946
Mason, Charles Alfred2/220 CY/AM8Knowle?-05 May 1933
Mason, Charles Henry2/222 CY/AK8Knowle?-15 Nov 1932
Mason, Charles Rowland3/299 GR/BL15Bablake House, Birmingham Road88C-13 Mar 1996Hamley
Mason, Harry2/423 CY/BK15Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-12 Nov 1953
Mason, Mary Jane2/222 CY/AK825 Edgbaston Road, Balsall Heath?-26 May 1937
Mason, Mary Patricia2/988 CY/BC3014 Creynolds Lane, Shirley88C-24 Feb 2014TretheweyCentre top casket.
Mason, Reginald James2/988 CY/BC3022 Somerset Road, Edgbaston48?-16 Dec 1969
Mason, Rosa Elizabeth3/299 GR/BL15Bablake House, Birmingham Road87C-13 May 1998Hamley
Masser2/173 CY/AR7?-23 Sep 1953No forenames or address stated.
Masser, Leslie William1/77 CY/I7Lodge Road, Knowle?-11 Apr 1903
Masser, Nellie1/82 CY/N7Knowle?-22 Apr 1911
Masser, William2/173 CY/AR7Lodge Road, Knowle?-22 Mar 1938
Massey, Lucy Lizzie2/20 CY/AU3Solihull Hospital, Solihull?-08 Jul 1942
Masterman, Marion Ann Fraser2/131A CY/BA629 Gilberry Close, Knowle71B-07 Feb 1996Hamley
Masterman, Robert2/131A CY/BA629 Gilberry Close, Knowle72B-22 Jul 1994Richards
Masters10/14 MAP/10?-1813First name only
Masters, Alfred Leonard2/1010 CY/BD3110 Barston Lane, Solihull50?-03 Sep 1974
Masters, Edna2/1010 CY/BD31Meadowside, Ufford Place94C-25 Feb 2019PeacheyAshes casket.
Masters, Garath George Selwyn3/510 GR/B938 Stourton Close, Knowle69C-04 Apr 2013Parker
Masters, John Herbert1/33 CY/Q4Heronfield, Knowle?-23 Jun 1915
Masters, Mary10/15 MAP/10?-1865First name only
Masters, Thomas1/274 CY/O16Washpits Farm, Knowle?-14 May 1917
Mathews, Sarah Harriet2/355 CY/BE1330 Station Road, Knowle?-10 Mar 1949
Mathews, Walter2/355 CY/BE13Station Road, Knowle?-05 Jan 1946
Matthews, Eliza1/203 CY/I13Knowle?-04 Apr 1908
Matthews, John1/203 CY/I13High Street, Knowle?-17 Jul 1931
Matthews, John William1/298 CY/P17Poplar Road, Dorridge?-14 Sep 1917
Matthews, Kate1/203 CY/I1352 Station Road, Knowle?-02 Jan 1960Daughter of [pointing to John Matthews].
Maudit, Anne3/235 GR/F6?-No address, no date of burial, no age, no officiating Minister. Memorial Stone only. Ashes scattered previously in Knowle Churchyard.
Maxfield, Mildred Mary3/155 GR/X1426 Eastbury Drive, Solihull91C-12 Oct 2014Maxfield
Maxfield, Robert Laurence3/155 GR/X1411 Broadfern Road, Knowle68C-01 Mar 1984Seamer
May, Raymond Wallace2/120 CY/BM6382 Station Road, Dorridge44?-29 Nov 1962
Maylor, Jean Mary3/393 GR/BX319 Easenhall Close, Knowle66C-05 Oct 2003Crumpler
Mayo, Bernard Frank2/1047 CY/AM3018 Hampton Road, Knowle53?-16 Oct 1973
Mayou, Ada1/179 CY/X12Kixley Road, Knowle?-23 Sep 1947Kixley Lane not Road.
Mayou, Ellen2/405 CY/AZ14Solihull Hospital, Solihull?-23 Jan 1953
Mayou, John1/179 CY/X12Knowle?-05 May 1919Also shown as Mayhou in the Alphabetical Index.
McCann, Kathleen2/993 CY/BH3060 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle73?-07 Feb 1969
McClelland, Betty3/524 GR/AM8144 Starbold Crescent, Knowle83C-19 Feb 2021Ashton
McClelland, Hugh3/524 GR/AM8144 Starbold Crescent, Knowle81C-02 Aug 2014Trethewey
McCrainor, Gillian3/77 GR/AZ911 Maywell Drive, Damson Wood60C-04 Jun 2009Hamley
McCrainor, John Heatley3/77 GR/AZ91714 Warwick Road, Knowle58C-11 May 1978Rusher
McDonald, Paul2/172 CY/AQ724 St Annes Grove, Knowle0?-06 Jun 1972Baby aged 20 hours.
McDougall, Neil Alexander3/582 GR/BG567 St Johns Close, Knowle71C-22 Nov 2018Simpson
McEwan, Margaret Joyce2/614 CY/AL20Knowle?-23 Jul 1931
McGeoch, Annie2/484 CY/BE16Solihull Hospital?-15 Feb 1946Of Widney Road, Knowle.
McGeoch, William2/484 CY/BE16Widney Road, Knowle?-26 Sep 1949
McGorian, Delia2/138 CY/AT61441 Warwick Road, Knowle75?-31 Mar 1981R.C.
McGorian, Joseph2/138 CY/AT617 North Drive, Wootton Hall77B-30 Jan 2009#Func!R.C.
McGuigan, Cynthia3/98 GR/N205 Twyford Close, Aldridge81C-20 Feb 2002Dewes
McKay, Susan Ann3/267 GR/AP610 Beausale Drive, Knowle45C-07 May 1994Richards
McPike, Charles Frederick2/421 CY/BM1581 Longdon Road, Knowle?-28 Apr 1977R.C. East Birmingham Hospital.
McPike, Ellen2/421 CY/BM15Solihull Hospital?-17 May 1979R.C.
Mee, John2/755 CY/AD24Solihull Hospital76B-01 Sep 1987R.C. Dorridge.
Mee, Mary2/755 CY/AD2469 Blue Lake Road, Dorridge98B-07 Mar 2014Danny
Meeks, Hilda Rose3/47 GR/AB181675 High Street, Knowle73C-27 Feb 1976Rusher
Meere, Eliza Ann2/647 CY/BI2140 Slater Road, Knowle?-06 Feb 1951
Meers, Alfred Henry Harold3/408 GR/BX18108 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle90C-06 Oct 2004Hamley
Meers, Gwendoline May3/408 GR/BX18108 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle89C-19 Jan 2006Hamley
Megainey, Mary Ann1/339 CY/M19Infirmary, Solihull?-26 Apr 1913
Megainey, Peter1/339 CY/M19Infirmary, Solihull?-11 Jan 1913
Mellor, Catherine Mary2/323 CY/AR12Leamington?-08 Feb 1945
Mellor, John Firth2/323 CY/AR12Leamington?-23 Jan 1936
Meredith, Doris Ermengard May2/427 CY/BG1519 Kixley Lane, Knowle77?-23 Apr 1981At Moseley Hall Hospital.
Meredith, Joy Veronica2/435 CY/AY1519 Kixley Lane, Knowle51?-21 Dec 1982
Meredith, Wilfred Aidan2/427 CY/BG15Kixley Lane, Knowle?-01 Apr 1948Died at Solihull Hospital, Solihull. Register incorrectly stated Kixley Road.
Merrill, Gillian1/93 CY/Z835 Plymouth Road, Penarth55C-22 Jul 2006HamleyCremated remains.
Merry, Harry2/49 CY/BG4144 Station Road, Knowle?-14 Apr 1954
Merry, Mary Louisa2/49 CY/BG4144 Station Road, Knowle?-12 Dec 1952
Michell, William James3/188 GR/W11190 Widney Road, Bentley Heath84C-26 Jan 1991Reynolds
Middleton, Ann9/4 MAP/9?-1849First name only
Middleton, Edward5/1 MAP/5?-1850First name only. Row 02
Middleton, Enid Mary1/479 CY/V25MCI, Knowle?-04 Aug 1915Midland Counties Institution.
Miles, Elizabeth1/413 CY/H22Golden End Cottages, Knowle?-23 Jun 1950
Miles, Emily Elizabeth Beatrice1/419 CY/E23Knowle?-05 Dec 1921
Miles, Henry Roland1/419 CY/E23Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-24 Dec 1904
Miles, Reuben1/413 CY/H22Knowle?-20 Aug 1927
Millard, Barbara3/499 GR/C258 Ardenvale Road, Knowle86C-01 Jun 2012Trethewey
Millard, Kenneth Douglas3/499 GR/C258 Ardenvale Road, Knowle93C-21 Oct 2015Trethewey
Millard, Leonard William3/330 GR/BQ111 The Cedars, 21 Downing Close89C-18 Nov 1998Rusher
Millard, Marjorie Ethel3/330 GR/BQ11Jobs Close Residential Home, Lodge Road103C-14 Apr 2016Parker
Miller, John2/181 CY/AZ7Clyde Road, Knowle?-13 Nov 1942
Miller, Mary Crawford2/181 CY/AZ7"Catkins", Clyde Road?-06 Jul 1945
Miller, Pauline Marjorie3/285 GR/AR514 Barnbrook Road, Knowle62C-09 Jun 1995Richards
Millman, Joseph Leslie2/753 CY/AB24M.C.I., Knowle?-11 Jun 1929Midland Counties Institution.
Mills, Mary Ann1/309 CY/Z18Bentley Heath, Solihull?-24 Nov 1921
Millward, Eliza1/66 CY/W5The Vicarage, Knowle?-28 Jan 1920
Millward, Emma2/229 CY/AD8Knowle?-25 Jun 1926
Millward, Walter2/229 CY/AD8Knowle?-21 Jun 1927
Milne, Colin2/339 CY/BH12406 Station Road, Knowle?-27 Jun 1950
Milne, Eileen Mary Heaton3/25 GR/U171 Granville Road, Dorridge74C-07 Mar 1974Rusher
Minett, Emma1/557 CY/Q2977 Caldwell Grove, Solihull78?-15 Jun 1982
Minett, John Bromley1/557 CY/Q2977 Caldwell Grove, Solihull65?-12 Mar 1968
Mitchell, Arthur Howard2/58 CY/AW4Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-20 May 1941
Mitchell, Dennis3/302A GR/BM172C-09 Jul 1951
Mitchell, Ethel Blackburn2/378 CY/AF13Warwick Road, Solihull?-07 Nov 1952
Mitchell, George Frederick3/302A GR/BM17C-28 May 1993
Mitchell, Gladys Winifred3/188 GR/W11190 Widney Road, Bentley Heath76C-29 Mar 1988Sanders
Mitchell, Henry Horace2/378 CY/AF13The Rowans, Dorridge?-05 Feb 1926
Mitchell, Hilda Annie3/49 GR/AF18Berrow Cottages, 6 Kenilworth Road68C-27 Mar 1976Aveyard
Mitchell, Marilyn Doris2/598A CY/AH1930 Abbotts Way, Newcastle under Lyme55C-04 Nov 2002Hamley
Mitchell, Olive Annie3/302A GR/BM17C-31 Oct 2012
Mobbs, Annie Rose3/266 GR/AP717 Mockley Wood Road, Knowle78C-15 Apr 1994RichardsThe 's' of Rose is unclear.
Mobbs, Leonard Cecil3/266 GR/AP7Tawellan Home, New Road85C-09 Feb 2001Hamley[Duplicate number and incorrect Section 1 in Date Order Register. Address accuracy uncertain.]
Moise, John3/556 GR/BK1Royal Star & Garter82C-19 Feb 2017AshtonPreviously in Paterson Court.
Moise, Margaret Joy3/556 GR/BK1Sunrise Home, Knowle88C-19 Feb 2017Ashton
Mole, Beniah1/512 CY/J27Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-28 May 1925
Mole, Jane1/512 CY/J27Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-24 Aug 1925
Monk, Bertha2/380 CY/AD13Knowle?-27 Aug 1924
Monk, Levi2/379 CY/AE13Knowle?-17 Sep 1924Died at 19 Sherbourne Road, Acocks Green.
Moody, Beatrice May3/143 GR/AY831 Lady Byron Lane, Knowle71C-19 Apr 1983SeamerEast of adjoining No. 67.
Moody, William Hargreaves3/67 GR/AY731 Lady Byron Lane, Solihull72C-13 Apr 1977Aveyard[No tablet visible.]
Moon, Thomas2/867 CY/BK2717 Lodge Road, Knowle79?-07 Oct 1957
Moore9/13 MAP/9?-1869First name only
Moore, Dorothy3/584 GR/BG7Apartment 1, Trueman House, Grove Road94C-20 Mar 2019Simpson
Moore, Edward9/10 MAP/9?-First name only. Date ?.
Moore, Edward5/5 MAP/5?-First name only. Date ? Row 08
Moore, Iris1/520A CY/R2798 Kenilworth Road, Knowle89B-22 Aug 2012Russell
Moore, Louise9/12 MAP/9?-1877First name only
Moore, Shirley2/611 CY/AI20139 Lodge Road, Knowle?-17 Dec 1940
Moore, Wilfred Joseph2/893A CY/AH2748 Widney Road, Bentley Heath79?-30 May 1989R.C. - Monsignor.
Moran, Ann Irene Jean3/229 GR/P630 St Anne's Grove, Knowle44C-29 Nov 1991Dow
Morgan, Arthur Francis2/759 CY/AI24Jacobean Lane, Copt Heath?-28 Feb 1935
Morgan, Thomas James2/1053 CY/AO311 Alveston Grove, Knowle59?-18 Feb 1976
Moroney, Catherine1/70 CY/Z616 Hanbury Road, Dorridge78B-09 Jul 2003McHughNo date of burial.
Moroney, Denis1/70 CY/Z6Dorridge53B-17 Dec 1982R.C.
Died: East Birmingham Hospital
Moroney-Barnett, Gabrielle Lucy1/70 CY/Z6Solihull Maternity Hospital0B-08 Mar 1999MaguireStill-birth
Morrall, Annie Elizabeth3/380 GR/BW13Dudley Court Nursing Home91C-04 Sep 2002Parker
Morrall, Janet Mary3/348 GR/BT3144 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath58C-12 Nov 1999Roberts
Morrall, Jeffrey3/348A GR/BT45 Elland Grove, Birmingham47C-19 Feb 2021Ashton
Morrall, John3/348A GR/BT45 Elland Grove, Birmingham86C-19 Feb 2021Ashton
Morris, Anne Isobel2/408 CY/BC14"Holly Bush", Four Ashes Road?-05 Dec 1944
Morris, Caroline1/139 CY/U10Leamington?-21 Feb 1918
Morris, Evelyn Betsy3/85 GR/AY11Swallows Meadow Nursing Home, Swallows Meadow93C-30 Mar 2007Jones
Morris, Harold3/85 GR/AY11Kixley Lane, KnowleC-17 Oct 1978AveyardDied at Geneve Hospital, St Heler, Jersey.
Age not stated.
Morris, John2/836 CY/AK26Kenilworth Road, Knowle82?-04 Oct 1956
Morris, John10/17 MAP/10?-1855First name only
Morris, Marie Elizabeth2/236 CY/AD9Dorridge, Knowle?-15 Feb 1927
Morris, Stanley William2/668 CY/AM21Dorridge?-02 Mar 1932
Morris, Timothy2/236 CY/AD95 Manor Road, Dorridge?-16 Nov 1946
Mortimer, Mark1/5 CY/H2Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-10 Jun 1902
Mortimer, Mary Ann1/5 CY/H2Lapworth?-10 Jun 1927
Morton, Joyce Mary3/293 GR/BI1220 Whittle Court, Upper Holly Walk80C-05 Oct 1995Dow
Moseley, Ann1/60 CY/Q5County Asylum, Hatton?-24 Mar 1914
Moughton, Martha Lamb2/309 CY/AB12Arden Road, Dorridge?-14 Feb 1924
Moughton, William2/309 CY/AB12Dorridge, Knowle?-05 Oct 1922
Moulston, Hilda2/859 CY/BJ266 Copt Heath Croft, Knowle65?-02 Sep 1957Died at Solihull Hospital.
[Shown in Burial Register and Alphabetical Index as Moulstone but the final 'e' is probably an error.]
Moulston, Ivor George2/754 CY/AC24Knowle?-17 Aug 1929
Moulston, Leslie Lionel3/147 GR/V22105 Ullenhall Road, Knowle62C-02 Jun 1983Seamer
Moulston, Lily2/754 CY/AC24Grimshaw Villas, Hampton Road?-29 Jul 1946
Moulston, Marjorie Hilda Ellen3/295 GR/BK17Jobs Close, Lodge Road82C-11 Nov 1995Wilcox
Moulston, Olive3/147 GR/V2218 Stourton Close, Knowle98C-29 Oct 2018Ashton
Moulston, Sarah Jane1/362 CY/O20Knowle?-23 Jun 1916
Moulston, Thomas George1/362 CY/O20Knowle?-27 Jun 1933
Moulston, William Thomas1/406 CY/O22Knowle?-26 Apr 1924
Muir, Thomas Cameron2/948 CY/BD291 Grove Cottages, Knowle Wood Road63?-20 Sep 1965
Mullard, Catherine Ellen2/295 CY/AO10171 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle?-30 Aug 1950
Mullard, Willie Edward2/295 CY/AO10Knowle?-20 Sep 1933
Mullins, Emma Kate Willoughby2/1009 CY/BE312 Clarendon Place, Leamington Spa86?-15 Aug 1974Single grave.
Mullins, Philip Swinterne2/967 CY/AK295 Woodcote Drive, Dorridge65?-01 Dec 1987Sanders
Munro, Lily1/611 CY/N3046 Station Road, Knowle80?-11 Jan 1968Single grave. Near top of hedge by Guild House garden gate.
Munro, Niel2/675 CY/AE21Knowle?-17 Apr 1928
Murley, Eileen Margaret3/392 GR/BX217 Broadfern Road, Knowle73C-18 Sep 2003Russell
Murley, Richard Gaston3/392 GR/BX231 Deerhurst Court, Solihull86C-12 Dec 2008Parker
Murphy, Denis2/818 CY/AK2551 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle60?-11 Feb 1985
Murphy, Robert Samuel3/416 GR/P24159 Longdon Road, Knowle76C-15 May 2005HamleyDuplicate Register number 105.
Murphy, Sibyl Norton2/818 CY/AK25Chacombe Park Care Home, Chacombe88C-22 Mar 2016ParkerCasket centre up front by headstone.
Murray, Andrew Barrington3/549 GR/BL120 Broadfern Road, Knowle64C-16 Sep 2016Simpson
Murray, Athol Harcourt1/115 CY/E9Woodthorpe, Richmond Road?-23 Feb 1905
Murray, Edith Hannah1/116 CY/F9Grimshaw Hall, Knowle?-07 Feb 1948
Murray, John William1/116 CY/F9Grimshaw Hall, Knowle?-31 Jul 1953
Napper, Michael3/1002 GR/BY217 Fletcher Grove, Knowle84C-08 Dec 2019Ashton
Nash, David Cyril3/151 GR/P1424 Longdon Road, Knowle63C-13 Oct 1983Moberly
Nash, Dorothea3/151 GR/P1459 St Johns Close, Knowle98C-09 Apr 2019SimpsonBurial Register says interment on 17 March 2019 by Revd A Peachey.
Nash, Peter2/71 CY/AI4Knowle?-01 Feb 1936
Neale, Harriett1/228 CY/Q14High Street, Knowle?-24 Apr 1936
Neale, James2/405 CY/AZ14High Street, Knowle?-04 Feb 1943
Neale, Samuel1/228 CY/Q14High Street, Knowle?-25 Apr 1918
Nelson, William Frank3/446 GR/AB421 St John's Close, Knowle93C-11 Jun 2008Turner
Nevitt, Mary8/6 MAP/8?-1887First name only
Newberry, Emma Mary1/43 CY/G4Nortons Green, Knowle?-15 Feb 1902
Newey, Rosina1/126 CY/P9Knowle?-24 Mar 1916
Newey, William James1/126 CY/P9Knowle?-09 Dec 1914
Newman Hall, Alice1/127 CY/R9Inverness?-19 Aug 1935
Newman Hall, William Aidan1/127 CY/R9Knowle?-15 Oct 1915
Newman, Kathleen Mary3/455 GR/J483 Starbold Crescent, Knowle78C-07 Apr 2009Hamley
Newnes, Alice2/425 CY/BI15Solihull Hospital, Solihull?-02 Dec 1950
Newnes, William Robert2/425 CY/BI15Blue Lake Road, Knowle?-05 Feb 1951
Nicholds, Ann Veronica1/271A CY/R1622 Yew Tree Gardens, Henley in Arden72B-17 Jun 2011Ganjavi
Nicholes, Allin5/5 MAP/5?-1877First name only. Row 12
Nicholson, Edward Cameron2/177 CY/AV765B-22 May 1986No address stated. (Son of Lydia) Who died in Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.
Nicholson, Lydia2/177 CY/AV71702 Warwick Road, Knowle?-23 Jul 1940
Nickolls, David Bryan2/283A CY/BA1046 Woodrow Crescent, Knowle66B-18 Oct 1995Pitkeathly
Nightingale, Margaret Ann3/294 GR/BK1915 Pettyfields Close, Knowle60C-25 Oct 1995Richards
Nix, Albert3/64 GR/AS71620 High Street, Knowle76C-30 Dec 1976Aveyard
Nix, Annie2/952 CY/AZ291304 Warwick Road, Knowle94?-28 Feb 1966
Nix, Arthur3/111 NO PLOT88 St Johns Close, Knowle77C-10 Jan 1981Rusher[No tablet visible.]
Nix, Clara1/250 CY/L15Birmingham Road, Knowle?-24 Nov 1910
Nix, Ellen Mabel Alice2/688 CY/AL22Knowle?-19 Dec 1933
Nix, Evelyn2/375 CY/AJ13Catherine de Barnes, Solihull?-05 Oct 1929
Nix, John2/952 CY/AZ291304 Warwick Road, Knowle93?-18 May 1966
Nix, Kathleen Maude3/111 NO PLOTSwallows Meadow Nursing Home, Shirley87C-17 Nov 1994Richards[No tablet visible.]
Nix, William2/688 CY/AL22Birmingham Road, Knowle?-12 Apr 1949
Nixon, Emily1/472 CY/N25MCI, Knowle?-11 Sep 1912Midland Counties Institution.
Nixon, Lucy Adele2/830 CY/AE2614 Milverton Road, Knowle83?-08 Feb 1957
Noad, Ernest Henry2/861 CY/BL26150 Station Road, Knowle80?-01 Dec 1978
Noad, Marjorie Edith2/861 CY/BL26150 Station Road, Knowle80?-21 Feb 1979
Noble, Jack3/172 GR/AE135 Holloway Drive, Pershore73C-21 May 1998Hall
Noble, Sarah Elizabeth3/172 GR/AE137 Holland Avenue, Knowle61C-11 May 1985Moberly
Nokes, Beryl Stella3/169 GR/Y1349 Abbotts Close, Knowle63C-25 Apr 1995GanjaviCould be 28 April.
Nokes, Brian Crawford Godwin3/169 GR/Y1349 Abbotts Close, Knowle53C-10 Mar 1985Seamer
Noon, John1/427 CY/M23MCI, Knowle?-06 Feb 1943Midland Counties Institution.
Norman, Albert Edward1/495 CY/N26Knowle?-12 Feb 1920
Norman, Ernest Herbert3/8 GR/T1622 Hampton Rd, Knowle72C-11 Mar 1970
Norman, Grace3/8 GR/T16Swallows Meadow Nursing Home, Shirley86C-26 Feb 1993Hamley
Norris, Joseph Harrington3/308 GR/J2245 Kixley Lane, Knowle70C-05 Mar 1997Dow
North, John William2/738 CY/AR2365 Lodge Road, Knowle?-28 Apr 1944
North, Louisa Alice2/738 CY/AR2365 Lodge Road, Knowle?-23 Apr 1977After cremation.
Novakovic, Bzanko1/388A CY/R2165 Station Road, Knowle81B-15 Feb 2006Tillett
Novey, Khamis Vivien Elizabeth3/176 GR/Z1224 Kenilworth Road, Knowle75C-28 Apr 1986Ganjavi
Nurser, Fanny2/414 CY/BI1453 Lodge Road, Knowle?-06 Jan 1951Grave full of water.
Oakley1/538 CY/O282 Wilsons Road, Knowle0?-09 Apr 1945Baby - no forename stated.
Oakley, Caroline Louisa1/64 CY/U5Knowle?-16 Jul 1917
Oakley, Clifford Charles2/660 CY/AV2150 Slater Road, Bentley Heath?-16 Aug 1941
Oakley, William1/102 CY/O8Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-30 Jun 1931
Oakley, William Richard1/101 CY/P8Bentley Heath, Solihull?-27 Feb 1913
O'Hare, Frank1/485A CY/Y26C-15 Jan 2010Parker[No address, age. Officating minister assumed. Ashes buried in coffin of Valerie Jeanne O'Hare. Incorrectly entered in Section II book - Should be Section I.]
O'Hare, Valerie Jeanne1/485A CY/Y26Marie Curie Hospice70B-15 Jan 2010Parker63 Langfield Road, Knowle, B93 9PS [Incorrectly entered in Section II book - Should be Section I.]
Oldfield, Betty 3/389 GR/BW211 Longdon Croft, Warwick Road85C-14 Dec 2014Parker
Oldfield, Geoffrey3/389 GR/BW211 Longdon Croft, Warwick Road79C-12 Jun 2003Hamley
Oldham, Francis Gilbert Egerton2/606 CY/AC20M.C.I., Knowle?-01 May 1924Midland Counties Institution.
Oliver, Dora Eleanor Ann2/718 CY/BL23?-26 Nov 1991R.C. Funeral at Catholic Church, Lichfield. No address stated.
Oliver, Horace Charles2/718 CY/BL23East Birmingham Hospital77B-26 Jun 1978R.C.
Ollard, Annie1/397 CY/Z22Dorridge?-03 Jun 1928
Ollard, Bertha2/681 CY/AD22Leamington?-16 Nov 1928
Ollard, Henry Thomas1/397 CY/Z22Dorridge?-10 Dec 1930
Ollier, Margaret Patricia3/519 GR/A8Sunrise Senior Living, Warwick Road88C-18 Dec 2013Malcolm
Onions, Sarah Bourne1/525 CY/X27St Anne's Cottage, Knowle72?-18 Jan 1964
Orford, Raymond Leslie3/412 GR/M235 Whateley Hall Close, Knowle68B-3//Parker
Osborne, Kate Honour3/103 GR/V20The Elms, Copt Heath57C-29 Apr 1980Rusher
Overton, Alfred Leonard2/684 CY/AG221 Whateley Hall Close, Knowle81C-05 Oct 2001ParkerAshes in casket between foot and centre of existing grave.
Overton, Arthur E3/130 GR/AA1548 Whitehouse Green, Solihull85C-28 Oct 1982Moberly
Overton, Rose2/684 CY/AG221 Leam Crescent, Solihull89C-07 May 1993DowAshes in casket at foot of existing grave.
Owen, Ada Mary2/974 CY/AB2922 Lodge Road, Knowle78?-28 Feb 1977
Owen, Gordon Leslie Turnbull2/106 CY/AN5Dorridge?-08 Aug 1936
Owen, John Hugh2/974 CY/AB2922 Lodge Road, Knowle73?-11 Jul 1967
Owen, Mary Jane2/560 CY/BH1812 Poplar Road, Dorridge79?-10 Jul 1959
Owen, Reginald2/560 CY/BH18Poplar Road, Dorridge?-28 Aug 1948
Owen, Ruth Caroline1/430 CY/P23Poplar Road, Knowle?-05 Sep 1914
Oxley, Antony Francis John3/296A GR/BL2033 Broadfern Road, Knowle87C-30 Oct 2020Ashton
Page, Emmaline2/72 CY/AH4Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-28 Dec 1935
Page, Ernest Charles1/458 CY/G24MCI, Knowle?-11 Mar 1940Midland Counties Institution.
Page, Samuel2/72 CY/AH4West Middlesex Hospital, Isleworth81?-19 Sep 1956
Palmer, Alfred William2/443 CY/AP15Knowle?-23 Jan 1935
Palmer, Ann Maria2/604 CY/AB19Knowle?-11 Jun 1923
Palmer, Anne Elizabeth2/443 CY/AP15Warwick Road, Knowle?-12 May 1938
Palmer, Ethel Margaret3/270 GR/AP315 Paterson Court, Kenilworth Road81C-09 Nov 1994Hamley
Palmer, Frederick Harold3/244 GR/AM1753 Clifford Road, Bentley Heath76C-18 Nov 1992Dow
Palmer, John Ernest2/1030 CY/BG3357 Kenilworth Road, Knowle88C-20 Feb 2011ParkerCentre middle.
Palmer, M10/36 MAP/10?-1853First name only
Palmer, May Helen3/244 GR/AM1753 Clifford Road, Bentley Heath90C-26 Jul 2006Hamley
Palmer, Peter David2/1030 CY/BG33Folly Cottage, 5 Hospital Road77C-20 Apr 2007ParkerTop centre of grave, cremated remains.
Palmer, Philip William2/1030 CY/BG33Brookvale Care Home88C-05 Jul 2015ParkerCasket buried centre front by headstone. Was 57 Kenilworth Road, Knowle. Struck-out records suggests that original interment date was intended to be 20 May 2012. Previously entered in Burial Register as entry 336 but interment delayed and re-entered as 42
Palmer, William5/3 MAP/5?-1900First name only. Row 06
Parker, Alice Muriel1/169 CY/Q632 St Lawrence Close, Knowle69?-18 May 1983
Parker, Frederick Arthur3/322 GR/BO316 Paterson Court, Kenilworth Road88C-20 Jan 2005Hamley
Parker, Raymond Percival Everett1/169 CY/Q632 St Lawrence Close, Knowle79?-10 May 1991
Parker, Violet3/322 GR/BO316 Paterson Court, Knowle78C-03 Mar 1998Hamley
Parkes, Alice5/2 MAP/5?-1900First name only. Row 15
Parkes, Dorothea2/616 CY/AN2032 Hampton Road, Knowle?-22 Jun 1949
Parkes, James Thomas2/616 CY/AN20Knowle?-08 Jul 1932
Parkes, John9/16 MAP/9?-1885First name only
Parkes, Sarah1/108 CY/I8Lodge Road, Knowle?-10 Dec 1904
Parkes, Thomas1/108 CY/I8Knowle?-04 Oct 1917
Parry, Elizabeth Blanche1/197 CY/E12Doridge?-10 Nov 1902Blanche is unclear.
Parry, Simon Richard1/8 CY/K233 Slater Road, Bentley Heath?-29 May 1960Baby (Age 1 day)
Parsons, Ann1/83 CY/O7Nortons Green, Knowle?-10 May 1911
Parsons, Catherine5/1 MAP/5?-1835First name only. Row 01 (nearest path)
Parsons, Denis John1/157A CY/E6250 Station Road, Knowle68?-14 Jul 1992
Parsons, Frances Myra Mary1/345 CY/T19Mental Hospital, Hatton?-18 Jul 1924Mary is unclear.
Parsons, Henrietta Pamela1/345 CY/T19Knowle?-10 Mar 1919
Parsons, James1/83 CY/O7Chesetts Wood, Knowle?-12 Apr 1926
Parsons, John Barlow1/280 CY/I16Chadwick End, Balsall?-19 Nov 1908
Parsons, Mary1/150 CY/I101 Gordon Street, Leamington?-29 Mar 1907
Parsons, Mary Ann1/280 CY/I16?-28 May 1908No address stated.
Parsons, Myfanwy Margaret1/157A CY/E6Bablake House, Birmingham Road76B-12 Dec 2000HamleyDouble grave.
Parsons, Walter2/597 CY/AJ19Knowle?-22 Feb 1930
Parsons, William1/335 CY/I19Bakers Lane, Knowle?-04 Mar 1908
Parton, Alice Mousley2/204 CY/BE8Bentley Heath, Knowle85?-10 Feb 1959
Parton, William James2/204 CY/BE8Bentley Heath, Knowle?-01 Mar 1947
Partridge, Alice1/459 CY/F24MCI, Knowle?-19 Jun 1905Midland Counties Institution.
Partridge, Blanche Lillian Russell2/723 CY/BG23147 Four Ashes Road, Dorridge67?-24 Jan 1958
Partridge, Henry John2/723 CY/BG23Solihull Hospital?-19 May 1948147 Four Ashes Road, Bentley Heath.
Patterson, Annie Sarah2/318 CY/AL12Bentley Heath, Solihull?-20 May 1932
Patterson, Ernest Stanley2/324 CY/AS12Lodge Road, Knowle?-26 Oct 1937
Patterson, William Ernest2/318 CY/AL12Bentley Heath, Solihull?-15 Oct 1930
Pattison, Kathleen Bessie2/811 CY/AS2539 Alveston Grove, Knowle87C-10 Jun 2004HamleyCremated remains.
Pawson, Barbara Mary2/627 CY/AZ20Slater Road, Bentley Heath?-24 May 1943
Pay, Janet3/270A GR/AP23 Hollywell Road, Knowle69C-31 Oct 2010Parker
Payne, Alfred John1/319 CY/N18Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-20 Mar 1929
Payne, Bertha2/854 CY/BE2655 Kixley Road, Knowle59?-07 Jul 1959Mrs. [Should be Kixley Lane.]
Payne, Charles1/307 CY/AA17Knowle?-09 Feb 1927
Payne, Charles Henry2/530 CY/AB17Ladypool Road, Birmingham?-28 Mar 1938
Payne, Elsie Winifred2/528 CY/AD17Knowle?-24 Oct 1925
Payne, Ethel May1/319 CY/N18Knowle?-23 Feb 1917
Payne, Gladys Isobel2/499 CY/BI17Berrow Homes, 14A Kenilworth Road94C-28 Oct 2008HamleyCremated remains.
Payne, Martha Elizabeth2/530 CY/AB17Knowle?-03 Feb 1922
Payne, Matthew2/854 CY/BE2655 Kixley Road, Knowle?-09 May 1953Should be Kixley Lane.
Payne, William1/307 CY/AA17High Street, Knowle?-30 Sep 1944Died at Solihull Hospital.
Peace, Amy Beatrice2/276 CY/BI10Arden Road, Dorridge?-12 Aug 1952
Peace, Bernard Austin2/41 CY/BO4Brueton Avenue, Solihull91?-02 Nov 1979At St Gerrard's Hospital, Coleshill.
Peace, Florence2/41 CY/BO45 Brueton Avenue, Solihull81?-29 Jun 1967
Peace, Harold Edward2/277 CY/BH10165 St Bernard[s] Road, Olton?-27 Feb 1952
Peace, Joseph Robert Harrod2/278 CY/BG10Grove Road, Knowle?-21 Feb 1950
Peace, Margery May2/276 CY/BI10Leamington Spa?-23 Feb 1956
Peach, Agnes2/931 CY/BH28104 Station Road48?-15 Jun 1960
Peach, Annie Maria1/337 CY/K19Knowle?-27 Sep 1924
Peach, Arthur1/275 CY/N16Knowle?-24 Feb 1915
Peach, Arthur Henry2/332 CY/BA12High Street, Knowle?-22 Mar 1944
Peach, Betsy1/275 CY/N16Knowle?-20 Jan 1933
Peach, Dick5/5 MAP/5?-1900First name only. Row 13
Peach, Dick Ratcliff2/880 CY/AX2744 Poplar Road, Dorridge80?-14 Jul 1958
Peach, Florence2/880 CY/AX2744 Poplar Road, Dorridge81?-26 Jan 1961Died Selly Oak Hospital.
Peach, Fred1/275 CY/N16?-15 Jul 1965Cremation at foot of grave.
No address stated.
Peach, Katherine Maud1/337 CY/K19Jacknet, Knowle?-09 Jul 1909
Peach, Mary Doris2/942 CY/BJ29Formans Road, Sparkhill58?-19 Feb 1965
Peach, Sarah Jane2/332 CY/BA121622 Warwick Road, Knowle?-25 Jun 1956
Peach, William Arthur2/942 CY/BJ2989 Lodge Road, Knowle74?-19 May 1983Moberly
Peach, William Arthur2/338 CY/BG12104 Station Road, Knowle?-19 Mar 1949
Pearson, Brian Harold3/531 GR/AK820 Hampton Road, Knowle80C-03 Mar 2015Parker
Pearson, Mary2/1037 CY/AY319 Lady Byron Lane86?-14 May 1975
Peasegood, John Garton2/30 CY/BF3172 Station Road, Knowle67?-22 Mar 1972Single [grave].
Peel, Sarah Mary1/518 CY/P27Jobs Close, Knowle87?-19 Oct 1988
Peel, William Godfrey1/518 CY/P27Broad Oak House, Chessettes Wood Roads87?-11 Nov 1988
Pegg, Norman Harry3/39 GR/L18"Sunnymount", Kenilworth Road69C-03 Oct 1975Rusher
Pendry, Fanny Elizabeth2/537 CY/AI18Dorridge?-29 Nov 1928
Pendry, Geoffrey Harry Widcombe3/54 GR/K19140 Widney Road, Bentley Heath52C-19 May 1976Rusher
Pendry, Harry2/637 CY/BJ20Jobs Close, Knowle?-12 Dec 1969After cremation.
Pendry, James2/537 CY/AI18Dorridge?-09 Nov 1934
Pendry, Mary Haughey3/54 GR/K193 Clifford Road, Bentley Heath69C-16 May 1998Hall[Registers unclear - Age 64/69.]
Pendry, Minnie2/637 CY/BJ20Widney Road, Knowle?-21 Mar 1951
Perkins, Adam Jonathan3/406 GR/BX1626 Abbotts Close, Knowle13C-25 Aug 2004Parker
Perkins, Anne5/4 MAP/5?-1899First name only. Row 13
Perkins, Elizabeth Annie2/884 CY/AT2755 Jacobean Lane, Copt Heath57?-22 Sep 1958
Perkins, Mary2/208 CY/AZ8Jacobean Lane, Knowle?-16 Sep 1944
Perks, Frederick Charles3/391 GR/BT229 Abbotts Close, Knowle90C-17 Jun 2005HamleyDuplicate Register number 106.
Perks, Ina Bertem3/391 GR/BT229 Abbots Close, Knowle87C-17 Aug 2003HamleyBurial Register says Bertam.
Perring, Eric Clifford3/281 GR/AR113 Whateley Hall Road, Knowle81C-04 Apr 1995Hamley
Perring, Ruby Eunice3/281 GR/AR113 Whateley Hall Road, Knowle81C-24 Oct 1998Hamley
Perry, Roger John3/552 GR/BL762 Ardenvale Road, Knowle66C-26 Sep 2016Malcolm
Pettitt, Gladys2/942 CY/BJ29Station Road, Knowle84?-11 Sep 1992HoneysettAfter cremation, at foot of grave.
Pettitt, Phillip Charles2/942 CY/BJ2992 Station Road, Knowle81C-03 Feb 1993Wilcox
Peyton, Eliza2/619 CY/AR20High Street, Knowle?-04 Oct 1937
Phillingham, Margaret Eileen3/514 GR/A15Ardenlea Grove, 19-21 Lode Lane91C-26 Jun 2013Ashton[Burial Register incorrectly states Lodge Lane.]
Phillingham, William Harry3/514 GR/A1521 Landor Road, Knowle88C-26 Jun 2013Ashton
Phillip, Elizabeth1/59 CY/P5Knowle?-15 May 1928
Phillip, Mary Ann1/340 CY/N19Bentley Heath, Solihull?-27 Feb 1918
Phillips, Alice Serina2/211 CY/AW8"Endum", Warwick Road?-16 Jan 1941
Phillips, Charlotte1/59 CY/P5Knowle?-03 Oct 1913
Phillips, Edgar Sidney1/549A CY/Y29Knowle Hall, Kenilworth Road69B-28 Feb 2003Parker
Phillips, Edwin1/249 CY/K15Lodge Road, Knowle?-13 Aug 1910
Phillips, Elizabeth Ann2/234 CY/AB9Knowle?-17 Mar 1925
Phillips, Ethelinda Ross2/322 CY/AP12Milverton Road, Knowle?-02 Feb 1942
Phillips, Evelyn Nigel1/434 CY/U23MCI, Knowle?-05 Apr 1918Midland Counties Institution.
Phillips, Frances10/25 MAP/10?-1874First name only
Phillips, Frances Lucy2/101 CY/AS5Golden End Cottages, Knowle?-04 Aug 1948
Phillips, George2/322 CY/AP12Knowle?-19 Sep 1934
Phillips, Harold John2/328 CY/AW12Heronfield House, Knowle?-06 Sep 1939
Phillips, Henry2/265 CY/BI963 Mill Lane, Knowle?-04 Dec 1952
Phillips, Hephzibah2/504 CY/BD1726 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle?-21 Apr 1949
Phillips, Hilda Anne3/171 GR/AC1326 Wilsons Roads, Knowle74C-25 Apr 1985Seamer
Phillips, John Richard3/523 GR/AM975 Ardenvale Road, Knowle75C-15 Jul 2014McHugh
Phillips, Joseph William2/504 CY/BD17"Waratah", Widney Road?-28 Sep 1945Unreadable house name.
Phillips, Margaret Taylor Macfarlane2/549A CY/AW18Court of Lady Katherine Leveson, The Court78B-12 Apr 2018Ashton
Phillips, Samuel2/101 CY/AS5Golden End, Knowle?-24 Jul 1939
Phillips, Sydney James3/171 GR/AC1326 Wilsons Road, Knowle90C-18 Oct 1996Dow
Phillips, Walter2/234 CY/AB9Knowle?-10 Sep 1925
Phillips, William2/211 CY/AW8"Endum", Warwick Road?-18 Nov 1954
Philpott, Hentry4/1 MAP/4?-1889First name only. Row 07 (nearest hedge)
Phipps, Barbara Ellen1/256 CY/S1510 Wherrets Well Lane, Solihull78C-20 Jan 2012Tsipouras
Phipps, Florence Mary1/187 CY/O1258 Station Road, Knowle87?-27 Mar 1958
Phipps, Letitia10/6 MAP/10?-1893First name only
Phipps, Mary1/187 CY/O12Knowle?-29 Mar 1916
Phipps, Michael Charles3/350A GR/BT93A Kenilworth Road, Knowle76C-22 Aug 2012Parker
Pickering, Albert2/539 CY/AK18Darley Green, Knowle?-16 Dec 1930
Pickering, Anthony James2/145 CY/AM6Dorridge Antiques, Dorridge64?-27 Apr 1987(Tony) Son of Freda, at Warren Pearl Nursing Home.
Pickering, Freda2/145 CY/AM6Grove House, Gronant Road86?-06 Oct 1980Rhuddlan Registration District No. DIS-15-692825.
Pickering, James Thomas2/719 CY/BK2383 Longdon Road, Knowle?-24 May 1954
Pickering, Vivienne2/429 CY/BE15155 Tilehouse Green Lane, Bentley Heath?-25 Jan 1946[As per gravestone - also Aged 12. Burial Register says Vivia/en.]
Pickford, Harry3/101 GR/R2079 Lodge Road, Knowle66C-31 Jan 1980Rusher[3/101 (GR/20) and 3/139 (GR/21) are the same plot.]
Pickford, Olive Elizabeth3/139 GR/R2179 Lodge Road, Knowle69C-22 Jan 1983Moberly[3/101 (GR/20) and 3/139 (GR/21) are the same plot.]
Pickles, Steven Mark3/361 GR/BU914 Daytona Drive, Meriden35C-21 Jun 2000Hamley
Pidler, George Edward1/344A CY/R1951 Alveston Grove, Knowle0B-07 Aug 2006TillettAged 7 months.
Pierce, John Henry3/218 GR/K8150 Widney Road, Solihull78C-03 Oct 1990Dow
Pierce, Sylvia Cecelia3/218 GR/K866 Copt Heath Drive, Knowle88C-29 Apr 2015Trethewey
Piggot, Constance Irene Frances1/531 CY/W28Jobs Close, Knowle73?-15 Oct 1964
Pilling, Henry1/36 CY/N4Knowle?-25 Jan 1910
Pimm, Beatice Ellen2/689 CY/AM221 Kinwarton Road, Alcester78?-08 Mar 1961Late of Dorridge.
Pimm, Walter2/689 CY/AM22Dorridge?-27 Jan 1934
Pincham, John Goodman2/650 CY/BF21Poplar Road, Dorridge?-10 Jan 1948
Pincham, Mary Winifred2/650 CY/BF2121 Poplar Road, Dorridge82?-06 Apr 1967Grave full.
Pincher, Emma2/115 CY/AD5Station Road, Knowle?-20 Jul 1948
Pincher, Frederick Ernest2/115 CY/AD5Dorridge, Knowle?-20 Jun 1929
Pincher, Mary Ann1/12 CY/O2Bentley Heath, Solihull?-13 Jun 1916
Pincher, Mary Elizabeth1/528 CY/Z28Smallwood Hospital, Redditch82?-11 Apr 1967
Pincher, Thomas Albert1/528 CY/Z285 Grove Cottages, Knowle Wood Road67?-11 Dec 1963
Pincher, Thomas Willis1/12 CY/O2Bentley Heath?-18 Jan 1910
Pinner, Ilse Dora3/209 GR/AC8Bearnett House, Stourbridge Road100C-26 Jul 2012Hamley
Pinner, Joseph Abraham3/209 GR/AC8'Anthrulie', 12 Darwin Close78C-22 Feb 1990Dow
Pitt, Christopher William2/793 CY/BK2558 Widney Road, Bentley Heath75B-05 May 1970Died at Warwick Hospital, Warwick.
Pitt, Edna May3/558 GR/BK5Jubilee Gardens Care Home, Wyegate Close91C-12 Mar 2017Parker
Pitt, Eric Christopher2/192 CY/BL7103 Slater Road, Shirley?-05 Jan 1954[No Slater Road in Shirley, assumed to be Bentley Heath]
Pitt, Flora2/628 CY/BA20Slater Road, Bentley Heath?-08 Dec 1951
Pitt, Frederick Albert2/628 CY/BA20Slater Road, Bentley Heath?-09 Nov 1943
Pitt, Helen Jane1/107 CY/J8Dorridge, Knowle?-17 May 1906Could be June not Jane.
Pitt, Lilian Gertrude2/793 CY/BK25Widney Lane, Knowle?-09 Sep 1953Probably should be Widney Road.
Pitt, Mary Ann2/538 CY/AJ18Solihull?-12 Oct 1929
Pitt, Robert1/323 CY/J18Bentley Heath?-15 Mar 1915
Pitt, William2/538 CY/AJ18Lode Lane, Solihull?-03 Feb 1933
Pitt, William1/107 CY/J8Dorridge, Knowle?-18 Mar 1909
Playdon, Kathleen Mary2/24 CY/AY360 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle83B-08 Jan 1999Hamley
Plested, Ernest George2/981 CY/AV305 Kenilworth Road, Knowle60?-23 Jul 1971
Plested, Violet2/981 CY/AV305 Kenilworth Road, Knowle64?-16 Jan 1974
Plummer, Arthur James3/46 GR/Z18200 Longdon Road, Knowle68C-25 Feb 1976Aveyard
Plummer, Elizabeth May3/46 GR/Z189 Thorngrove Avenue, Hillfield76C-19 Dec 1989Dow
Poncia, Anthony Edward1/71 CY/Y659 Blue Lake Road, Dorridge78?-29 Mar 1983
Poncia, Mary Winifred1/71 CY/Y659 Blue Lake Road, Dorridge87B-25 Jul 1997MaguirePonca is an error, shown as Poncia in the Alphabetical Index and spousal record.
Pontifex, Bryan2/652 CY/BD21229 Station Road, Knowle?-04 Jul 1947Cremated.
Pontifex, Gertrude Emily2/652 CY/BD21229 Station Road, Knowle80?-05 Dec 1957After cremation.
Pontifex, Margaret Mary2/652 CY/BD21219 Station Road, Knowle90C-13 Jan 2013Parker
Pontifex, Ralph Corcoran2/652 CY/BD21219 Station Road, Knowle67?-20 Jan 1978After cremation.
Pope, Dorothy2/854 CY/BE2647/21 Belgrave Middleway, Birmingham67C-07 Mar 2003Hamley
Popelton, Will1/275 CY/N16?-06 Oct 1962No address stated.
Cremation at foot of grave.
Porter, Douglas Gerald3/212 GR/W8115 Purnell Way, Knowle75C-08 Jun 1996Hamley
Porter, Eileen Phyllis3/212 GR/W8115 Purnells Way, Knowle70C-30 May 1990Sykes
Porter, Lilly Beatrice2/837 CY/AL26Widney Road, Knowle80?-12 May 1956Died at Selly Oak Hospital.
Porter, Margaret Ellen2/843 CY/AT2658 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-19 Mar 1982No age stated.
Porter, William2/843 CY/AT2658 Poplar Road, Knowle64?-29 Dec 1955
Portlock, Alfred Edward3/74 GR/AT9Hollies Farm, Bakers Lane80C-10 Apr 1978Aveyard
Portlock, Mabel Florence3/144 GR/AS8Groby Road Hospital, Leicester83C-11 May 1983East of and adjoining No. 74
Portman, Arthur Robert3/291 GR/BI112 Kenilworth Road, Knowle69C-27 Sep 1995Hamley
Portman, Ernest1/400 CY/V22Knowle?-19 Dec 1927
Portman, Kate1/400 CY/V22Lodge Road, Knowle?-16 Feb 1950
Portman, Lucy1/553 CY/V2931 Winchcombe Road, Solihull85B-25 Oct 1996RusherAge not stated.
Portman, Patricia Margaret3/291 GR/BI11Bramley Court Nursing Home, 251 School Road82C-15 Jun 2011Neil
Portman, Ronald1/553 CY/V2921 Walmley Close, Solihull60?-31 Jan 1968
Portsmouth, Moira Heloise3/94 GR/AY1380 Widney Road, Bentley Heath51C-05 Sep 1979Hollingworth
Potter, Ophelia Sophia2/960 CY/AR296 Norton Green Lane, Knowle69?-08 Jul 1966
Potter, Thomas2/960 CY/AR29Job's Close, Lodge Road82?-03 Dec 1985Ganjavi
Poulton, Albert Henry2/407 CY/BB14Solihull Hospital, Solihull?-04 Feb 1944
Poulton, Desmond Russell2/908 CY/AJ2826 Wensley Road, South Yardley56?-05 Jan 1978
Poulton, Ellen2/198 CY/BK815 Copt Heath Croft, Knowle79?-18 Apr 1974
Poulton, Frances Edward2/198 CY/BK8Copt Heath Croft, Knowle?-01 Jun 1954
Poulton, Frank Cyril2/908 CY/AJ289 Bickley Grove, Shirley61?-08 May 1981RusherAfter cremation.
Poulton, Kenneth James3/105 GR/Z2039 Temple Road, Dorridge56C-27 Jun 1980Rusher
Poulton, Mary2/908 CY/AJ2888 Widney Road69?-28 May 1962
Poulton, Sarah Gladys2/407 CY/BB14"Roundmead", Crabtree Drive76?-11 Feb 1977
Poulton, William1/110 CY/G8Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-07 Jan 1903
Pountney, Kenneth Arthur3/486 GR/E1341 Crabmill Close, Knowle81C-15 Jun 2011Trethewey
Powell, Frank William3/428 GR/O271424 Warwick Road, Knowle61C-23 Aug 2006Hamley
Powell, James5/6 MAP/5?-1899First name only. Row 03
Powell, Stanley3/102 GR/T2040 Crabmill Close, Knowle47C-17 Apr 1980Hollingworth
Powell, Winifred Rose3/428 GR/O271424 Warwick Road, Knowle72C-23 Aug 2006Hamley
Power, William Christopher Joseph3/225 GR/X619 Milton Road, Solihull73C-28 Mar 1991Reynolds
Poynton, Albert2/1018 CY/BJ321312 Warwick Road, Knowle89?-17 Feb 1976Single grave.
Poynton, Alice2/150 CY/AH6913 Warwick Road, Solihull65?-16 Apr 1980Single grave.
Pratt, Charles Edward3/223 GR/AB6Woodside Court, Church Lane85C-18 Jan 1991RusherA one-time voluntary assistant verger at Knowle.
Age 85 or 88 (unclear)
Pratt, Eva3/223 GR/AB6Woodside Court, Church Lane91C-11 Feb 1998Hamley
Pratt, Francis Richard3/234 GR/H6131 Longdon Road, Knowle61C-01 Feb 1992Pitkeathly
Pratt, George4/3 MAP/4?-1895First name only. Row 04
Pratt, Henry Basil2/216 CY/AR863 Hampton Road, Knowle?-06 Aug 1938
Pratt, Sarah4/8 MAP/4?-1897First name only. Row 02
Pratty, Lorraine2/994 CY/BI3050 Chase View Road, Alrewas28?-13 Jan 1969
Preedy, Elizabeth1/355 CY/W20Golden End, Knowle?-01 Apr 1921
Preston Hytch, John2/287 CY/AW10Grange Road, Dorridge?-19 Dec 1942Not hyphenated.
Preston, Dorothy Amy2/947 CY/BE2927 Gloucester Place, St Marylebone79?-27 Aug 1965
Preston, William1/421 CY/G23Knowle?-01 Sep 1906
Preston-Hytch, Isabel2/287 CY/AW10Grange Road, Dorridge?-01 Mar 1940
Price, Albert2/803 CY/BA25Blue Lake Cottage, Dorridge?-28 Feb 1952
Price, Donald Edgar3/70 GR/BE798 Slater Road, Bentley Heath57C-07 Oct 1977Rusher
Price, Eliza1/293 CY/K17High Street, Knowle?-24 Mar 1954After cremation.
Price, Eric George3/17 GR/E1764 Elms Close, Solihull60C-29 Sep 1972Rusher
Price, George1/293 CY/K1734 Lodge Road, Knowle83?-14 Feb 1989After interment.
Price, Joseph1/293 CY/K17Knowle?-19 Sep 1925
Price, Joseph1/293 CY/K17Knowle?-08 Jun 1909
Price, Mary Maud2/403 CY/AX141686 High Street, Knowle?-18 Apr 1962Cremation.
Price, Mary Winifred3/70 GR/BE7123 St Johns Close, Knowle81C-28 Nov 2001LeachPlot Register shows 28 Nov, Date Order Register shows 27 Nov.]
Price, Reggie Cecil2/403 CY/AX14412 Haslucks Green Road, Shirley61?-19 Sep 19782nd burial.
Price, Thomas William2/403 CY/AX141686 High Street, Knowle?-17 Sep 1940
Price, Winifred Elsie3/17 GR/E1764 Elms Close, Solihull87C-22 Apr 2005HamleyDuplicate Register number 104.
Prichard, Henry Howard1/526A CY/Y2710 Jacobean Lane, Knowle78B-22 Oct 2002Parker
Prichard, Jill Emmeline1/526A CY/Y2710 Chetland Croft, Solihull81B-29 Jul 2015Crowe
Prickett, Wilfred Louis3/323 GR/BQ2123 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle84C-06 May 1998Dewes
Prime, Arthur Langdon Joseph3/161 GR/I1344 Poplar Road, Dorridge87C-01 Jun 1995McHughBurial Register looks like Zangdon not Langdon.
Prime, Sybil3/161 GR/I131 Maisemore Close, Church Hill68C-18 Apr 1984Seamer
Pritchard, Maria Fernanda2/714 CY/BM2244?-10 Jul 1979Single grave. No address stated.
Prosser, Donald Raymond1/353A CY/Y2018 Hampton Road, Knowle83B-13 Mar 2015Edgerton
Prosser, Douglas Henry1/353A CY/Y2018 Hampton Road, Knowle68B-24 Apr 2001Leach
Prosser, Freda Nora3/52 GR/G19127 Darley Green Road, Knowle69C-28 Apr 1976Aveyard
Prosser, Henry2/1005 CY/BI3170 Ardenvale Road, Knowle77?-29 Nov 1970
Prosser, Nellie May2/1005 CY/BI3118 Hampton Road, Knowle81?-21 Nov 1975
Prust, David John1/482A CY/Y2594 Ullenhall Road, Knowle44B-19 Sep 2003LeachDuplicate Register number 156.
Prust, Doris Gillian Anne1/482A CY/Y254 Alton Park, Callow End72C-04 Apr 2008Hamley(Ashes).
Prust, Norman Vivian1/482A CY/Y25Welland House Care Centre, Welland89C-17 Jan 2007TretheweyDuplicate Register number 156.
Puddicombe, John Richard3/424 GR/L2645 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle98C-18 May 2006Hamley
Puddicombe, Muriel Frances3/424 GR/L2645 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle93C-21 Apr 2009Hamley
Pugh, Albert2/820A CY/AH25East Birmingham Hospital79?-11 Sep 1985On grass path. 17 Austrey Close, Knowle.
Pugh, Dora Corbett2/835 CY/AJ2641 Ardenvale Road, Knowle68?-16 Oct 1956
Pugh, Ethel Amelia2/820A CY/AH2517 Austrey Close, Knowle88B-18 Aug 1997WilcoxDate unclear (15th?) but clear in Alphabetical Index.
Pugh, Percival Richard2/835 CY/AJ2619 Sherborne Road?-12 Dec 1961c/o 41 Ardenvale Road, Knowle.
Pugh, Robert Thomas3/507 GR/B155 Holbeche Road, Knowle70C-19 Feb 2013Tsipouras
Pullinger, Leslie John1/435 CY/V23
MCI, Knowle
?-25 Apr 1918Midland Counties Institution.
Pulsford, Henry Eric3/43 GR/T181 Foxbury Drive, Dorridge56C-13 Dec 1975Rusher
Pulsford-Jones, Mary Charlotte3/43 GR/T18Ferfoot, Old Hardenhuish Lane91C-06 Dec 2007Hamley
Quiney, Alice1/254 CY/P156 Orchard Avenue, Solihull?-18 Nov 1955
Quiney, George1/254 CY/P15Knowle?-02 Oct 1918
Quinn, Donald Douglas David3/447 GR/Z451 Langfield Road, Knowle85C-19 Sep 2008Hamley
Quinney, Ernest2/435 CY/AY15Hampton Lane, Knowle?-06 Feb 1942[Should be Hampton Road.]
Quinney, Susanna2/435 CY/AY15Hampton Lane, Knowle?-20 Jan 1962[Should be Hampton Road.]
Raby, Arthur Henry2/725 CY/BE23Barston Lane, Solihull?-02 Oct 1947
Radcliffe, Florence Louise2/896 CY/AF2732 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle87?-25 Oct 1960
Radcliffe, James Arthur2/896 CY/AF2732 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle93?-05 Feb 1960
Radford, Alfred Leslie2/149 CY/AI6201 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle66?-10 Mar 1980
Rainbow, Annie1/558 CY/P29Croft, Copt Heath69?-20 Mar 1968Single Grave.
Rainer, Carrie Patricia3/571 GR/BH44 Crabmill Close, Knowle88C-28 Jan 2018ParkerDuplicate register number.
Rainer, Reginald3/571 GR/BH44 Crabmill Close, Knowle90C-28 Jan 2018ParkerDuplicate register number.
Ramsay, Alastair Vaughan3/346A GR/BS229 Treherne Close, Knowle62C-12 Jul 2017AshtonPlot Register incorrectly states Alistair.
Ramsay, Irene3/332 GR/BQ710 Chantry Heath Crescent, Knowle88C-26 Jan 2009HamleySpouse name Ramsey.
Ramsay, James3/332 GR/BQ710 Chantry Heath Crescent, Knowle76C-23 Dec 1998Parker[Registers say Ramsey but spouse entry and memorial tablet say Ramsay]
Ramsden, Elizabeth Frances1/72 CY/D7Warwick?-15 Jan 1902
Ramsden, Richard1/72 CY/D7Siddinghurst, Chiddingfold?-12 May 1921
Ranson, Dennis Oswald3/495 GR/D9Summerfield Rest Home, 12 Burton Road90C-01 Nov 2017Parker
Ranson, Doreen May3/495 GR/D94 Hintons Coppice, Browns Lane78C-21 Feb 2012Trethewey
Ratcliff, Francis Gerald5/3 MAP/5The Warren, Avenue Road78?-17 Oct 1967North side of church, right hand side of main path, Row 7, to north-west of Wilson tomb adjacent to 42. (check Burial Register for '42' - off photo). [Also shown as Section 1 Plot 610.] Row 07
Ratcliff, Lucy Mary1/610 CY/M30"The Warren", Avenue Road83?-29 Dec 1967
Rawlings, Edith Doris1/218 CY/Z13Womens Hospital, Birmingham?-20 Dec 1920
Rayson, George Jules2/986 CY/BA3046 Kenilworth Road, Knowle21?-12 Mar 1971Single grave.
Rayson, George William2/987 CY/BB3046 Kenilworth Road, Knowle66?-06 Oct 1975
Rayson, Marguerite Charlotte Celine D'Lusty Elizabeth Marie2/987 CY/BB3046 Kenilworth Road, Knowle73?-19 Nov 1990MaguireR.C.
Read, Nicola Bianca3/289 GR/BI931 Abbotts Close, Knowle14C-16 Aug 1995Richards
Reader, Elizabeth1/68 CY/Y5Lady Levensons Hospital, Temple Balsall?-11 Apr 1922
Reader, Florence Margaret1/68 CY/Y5Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-03 Nov 1942
Reader, Lily Elizabeth1/105 CY/L8Station Road, Knowle?-02 Nov 1951
Reasin, Annie2/871 CY/BG2743 Hampton Road, Knowle?-19 Oct 1972Burial Register and Alphabetical Index show Raison, but also Reasin, see other interments in same plot spelled Reasin. At Solihull Hospital.
Reasin, Arthur2/871 CY/BG2743 Hampton Road, Knowle73?-05 Feb 1958
Reasin, Doris Mary2/871 CY/BG2788?-28 Sep 1987After cremation. No address stated.
Reasin, Samuel Arthur2/694 CY/AS2248 Sunfield Grove, Greet?-22 Dec 1949
Reaves, Margaret Ann2/632 CY/BE20Blue Lake Farm, Dorridge?-03 Jul 1946
Reaves, William2/632 CY/BE20Stratford-on-Avon?-22 May 1952
Reece, Florence2/739 CY/AP23103 Widney Road, Bentley Heath?-16 May 1951
Reece, Walter William2/739 CY/AP23103 Widney Road, Bentley Heath?-28 Mar 1944
Reekie, Gladys Joyce3/312 GR/BN3165 Longdon Road, Knowle78C-16 Jul 1997Hamley
Reekie, Iain Robert3/312 GR/BN3165 Longdon Road, Knowle84C-01 Feb 2005Hamley
Reeve, Arthur2/148 CY/AJ6Jobs Close, Lodge Road89?-30 Jul 1980
Reeve, Edith2/148 CY/AJ6Job's Close, Lodge Road92?-09 May 1980
Reeve, Elizabeth Sarah2/891 CY/AK27Arden Lodge, East Birmingham Hospital94?-03 Jul 1979
Reeve, Thomas2/891 CY/AK2732 Newlands Road, Bentley Heath75?-14 Mar 1959
Reeve, Thomas Michael3/366 GR/BU19114 Longdon Road, Knowle70C-24 Oct 2000Dewes
Reeve, William1/41 CY/I4Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-10 Sep 1903
Reeves, Annie Matilda2/583 CY/AY19High Street, Knowle?-04 Apr 1942
Reeves, Brenda June2/1059 CY/AD3041 St Lawrence Road, Knowle86B-27 Jul 2018AshtonFormerly Feix.
Reeves, Charlotte2/160 CY/AD7Chessetts Wood?-08 Jul 1926
Reeves, George Albert2/583 CY/AY19Oldwych Lane, Chadwick End?-04 Apr 1953
Reeves, Sidney Teesdale1/435 CY/V23MCI, Knowle?-06 Mar 1942Midland Counties Institution.
Reeves, William2/160 CY/AD7Chessetts Wood, Knowle?-10 Nov 1931Entered in Burial Register as Reeve but Reeves in the Alphabetical Index.
Reid, Stuart3/505 GR/A204 Hollin Brow Close, Knowle29C-16 Dec 2012Parker
Rensin, Mary Ann1/221 CY/Z14Lodge Road, Knowle?-28 Apr 1921
Rensin, William1/221 CY/Z141 Wharf Lane, Solihull?-19 Oct 1936
Reville, Diana3/555 GR/BL1328 Newton Road, Knowle77C-01 Jan 2017Simpson
Reynolds, Amy May1/521 CY/T2744 Newlands Road, Bentley Heath67?-20 May 1964
Reynolds, Elsie1/312 CY/V18The Locks, Knowle?-24 Feb 1923
Reynolds, Fanny Elizabeth2/780 CY/BE24Chappell Lane, Chessetts Wood?-29 Apr 1948Should be Chapel.
Reynolds, Frank Thomas3/159 GR/AF141 Clifford Road, Bentley Heath69C-12 Apr 1984Green
Reynolds, George1/27 CY/W4Knowle?-20 Jan 1920
Reynolds, George2/780 CY/BE24Chappell Lane, Chessetts Wood?-03 Mar 1949Should be Chapel.
Reynolds, Hannah1/27 CY/W4Knowle?-07 Aug 1923
Reynolds, Harriet1/27 CY/W4Knowle?-12 Aug 1963Three in the grave.
Reynolds, Harry Norman3/38 GR/J1829 Kenilworth Road, Knowle66C-09 May 1975Rusher
Reynolds, Henry Thomas1/521 CY/T2744 Newlands Road, Bentley Heath66?-17 Sep 1970
Reynolds, Hilda3/38 GR/J18Avon Grange (?), 9 Lillington Avenue89C-18 Aug 1999Cornfield[Burial Register omitted 's' from Reynolds. Two adjacent tablets]
Reynolds, Horace2/808 CY/AV25Solihull Hospital, Solihull?-05 Jul 1952
Reynolds, Howard John2/808 CY/AV2578 Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-13 Feb 1954
Reynolds, Janet Barbara3/114 GR/J1912 Atherstone Close, Shirley44C-22 Apr 1981RusherAdjacent to and in front of (west) No. 38. [No tablet visible.]
Reynolds, John1/312 CY/V18The Locks, Knowle?-20 Nov 1920
Reynolds, Millicent2/528 CY/AD17The Locks, Knowle?-02 Mar 1936
Reynolds, Millicent3/159 GR/AF1410 Penn Sparrow Nursing Home, 135 Cateswell Road89C-18 Dec 2002Hamley
Rice, Walter2/625 CY/AX2087 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-24 Jun 1941
Richards, Irene May2/949 CY/BC292 Villiers Street, Kidderminster78?-20 Mar 1985Moberly
Richards, Margaret Lucy3/290 GR/BH1167 Mockley Wood Road, Knowle75C-17 Aug 1995Hamley
Richards, Wilfred John2/949 CY/BC2932 Station Road, Knowle62?-04 Oct 1965
Richards, William1/511 CY/I27Carlton Road, Small Heath?-05 Jun 1924
Richardson, George Edward2/844 CY/AU26105 Darley Green Road, Knowle81?-23 Dec 1955Died at Solihull Hospital.
Richardson, Lindlay Frederick2/449 CY/AJ15Knowle?-07 Nov 1929
Richardson, Rosa2/844 CY/AU261959A Bristol Road South, Rubery77?-01 Jul 1959
Ricketts, Charlotte Ann1/24 CY/Z41B Raddlebarn Road, Selly Oak?-22 Mar 1924
Ridgway, Arthur Clifford2/657 CY/AY21"The Orchard", Kenilworth Road?-22 Aug 1942
Ridgway, Georgina2/657 CY/AY21The Birches, Redditch?-04 Dec 1950
Ridgway, Wilfred Sydney2/657 CY/AY2163?-25 Jul 1956Cremation. No address stated.
Riley, Mary1/370 CY/G20Golden End, Knowle?-22 May 1914
Riley, Richard1/370 CY/G20Workhouse, Solihull?-28 Oct 1907
Robbins, Alfred2/527 CY/AE17551 Birmingham Road, Knowle?-07 Nov 1939
Robbins, Arthur J2/426 CY/BH15Widney Road, Knowle?-30 Jul 1949
Robbins, Eliza1/159 CY/G6174 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle79?-04 Jan 1984
Robbins, Hannah1/295 CY/M17Elmdon Heath, Solihull?-30 Jul 1913
Robbins, Harold James1/159 CY/G6174 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle78?-15 Apr 1986
Robbins, Kate Maria2/527 CY/AE17Dorridge?-10 Nov 1934
Robbins, Lilly May1/502 CY/G26In Van on Swan Inn Premises, Knowle?-30 Oct 1913
Robbins, Sarah2/426 CY/BH1596 Widney Road, Bentley Heath83?-05 Nov 1957
Robbins, William1/295 CY/M17Grove Cottage, Knowle?-28 Jan 1914
Robbins, Winifred Blanche2/426 CY/BH15Ardenlea Court Nursing Home, Lode Lane94C-28 Apr 2004HamleyAlso cremated remains.
Roberts, Cecil Henry1/455 CY/J24MCI, Knowle?-11 Aug 1906Midland Counties Institution.
Roberts, Donald Petrie3/566 GR/BI57 Longdon Croft, Knowle85C-13 Aug 2017Parker
Roberts, Eliza2/210 CY/AX8"Fircroft", Copt Heath?-02 Oct 1942
Roberts, Eliza Jane1/496 CY/M26Canal Boat in Knowle Locks?-16 Feb 1917
Roberts, George1/446 CY/T24MCI, Knowle?-14 Apr 1915Midland Counties Institution.
Roberts, George2/210 CY/AX8"Fircroft", Copt Heath?-27 Dec 1941
Roberts, Grace Georgina3/1004 GR/BY19Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham83C-11 Aug 2020AshtonDate of death also shown as 1 December 2019.
Roberts, Harvey Frederick2/842 CY/AS26170 Kenilworth Road, Knowle77?-31 Dec 1955
Roberts, Hugh5/3 MAP/5?-1891First name only. Row 13
Roberts, John Herbert2/212 CY/AV8Grove Road, Knowle?-16 Dec 1940
Roberts, John Thomas William2/889 CY/AM27185 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath41?-19 Feb 1959Killed by train at Dorridge during fog.
Roberts, Louisa1/496 CY/M26Canal Boat in Knowle Locks?-08 Mar 1917
Roberts, Mabel Elizabeth2/18 CY/AS3Kenilworth Road, Knowle?-04 Jan 1940
Roberts, Mignon Iris1/437 CY/X234 Queen Eleanors Drive, Knowle85B-21 Mar 2000Parker
Roberts, Nora Kate2/842 CY/AS2695 Slater Road, Bentley Heath73?-29 Apr 1961
Roberts, Thomas Harvey1/268 CY/V16Copt Heath?-28 Feb 1920Killed in Knowle Parish.
Robertson, Michael Peter3/1056 GR/CG6132 Lodge Road, Knowle80C-25 Sep 2021Ashton
Robertson, William Gray3/201 GR/T9163 Longdon Road, Knowle70C-04 Aug 1989Norris
Robinson, Alice2/16 CY/AQ3Solihull Hospital, Solihull?-27 Nov 1962
Robinson, Anthony3/559 GR/BK780 Widney Manor Road, Solihull73C-09 Apr 2017Tsipouras
Robinson, Bridget Mary2/135 CY/AW626 Dassett Road, Bentley Heath79?-22 Jul 1981R.C.
Robinson, Edith Margaret Mary3/15 GR/AH1655 Meriden Road, Hampton-in-Arden85C-04 Jan 1979Rusher
Robinson, Elizabeth1/46 CY/D4Knowle?-27 Aug 1901
Robinson, Elizabeth2/879 CY/AY27Rehabilitation Hospital, Leamington SpaB-29 Mar 2002HamleyLate of 69 Hampton Road, Knowle.
Robinson, Elizabeth2/879 CY/AY2769 Hampton Road, Knowle93?-15 Nov 1988
Robinson, Irene Anne3/309 GR/BN931 Lodge Road, Knowle85C-08 Mar 1997Hamley
Robinson, Jeanne Caroline Pauline2/784 CY/BI241371 Warwick Road, Knowle?-08 Aug 1951
Robinson, John Arthur Richard2/16 CY/AQ3Grove Road, Knowle?-25 Nov 1939
Robinson, Pamela May3/518 GR/A971 Dorridge Road, Dorridge69C-04 Dec 2013Hill-Brown
Robinson, Percy Harry3/15 GR/AH1622 Longdon Croft, Knowle81C-07 Jul 1972Rusher
Robinson, Terence Frederick3/340 GR/BS974 Ullenhall Road, Knowle59C-29 May 1999Hamley
Robinson, Valentine Alfred Harry2/47 CY/BI436 Brackleys, Olton?-14 Oct 1966(Grave full).
Robinson, Victoria Gillian2/47 CY/BI488 Longdon Road, Knowle?-09 Mar 1953
Robinson, William2/879 CY/AY2769 Hampton Road, Knowle66?-02 Jun 1958
Robson, George1/436 CY/W23MCI, Knowle?-11 Mar 1920Midland Counties Institution.
Rodjohn, Anne Maria1/125 CY/O9Poplar Road, Knowle?-27 Mar 1915
Roe, Basil Edward1/352 CY/AA20MCI, Knowle?-29 Mar 1921[Midland Counties Institution]
Roe, David Norman1/170 CY/R6Sunrise Senior Living, 1270 Warwick Road85C-22 Jul 2014AshtonCasket centre near headstone.
Roe, Herbert James1/170 CY/R6Portersfield, 166A Kenilworth Road69?-28 Aug 1959
Roe, Hilda May1/170 CY/R6Portersfield, Kenilworth Road88?-11 Apr 1983
Rogers, Agnes Mary1/317 CY/P18Knowle?-25 May 1931
Rogers, Ann Maria1/426 CY/L23Union Infirmary, Solihull?-21 Apr 1923
Rogers, Mary1/317 CY/P1815 Newlands Road, Bentley Heath92?-08 May 1990R.C.
Rogers, William1/317 CY/P18Greenhill Cottage, Knowle?-29 Nov 1917
Rogers, William1/426 CY/L23Workhouse Infirmary, Solihull?-12 Feb 1910
Rogers, William Edwards1/317 CY/P1817 Dassett Road, Bentley Heath?-09 Dec 1980R.C.
Roith, Gisella Margarete3/337 GR/BS18 Cook Close, Knowle72C-20 Apr 1999Wilcox
Rolfe, Jemima1/143 CY/P10The Vicarage, Knowle?-01 Jul 1914
Rose, Charles Edward2/336 CY/BE12191Station Road, Knowle?-21 Sep 1945
Rose, Eliza2/113 CY/AF5Knowle?-03 Dec 1930
Rose, Florence Rosetta2/915 CY/AR28Waterfield Farm, Hampton Road71?-09 Jan 1962
Rose, Gladys May1/533 CY/U286 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-14 Jan 1965Age not stated. Entry transferred from Section 2 Register, Plot 526.
Rose, Henry2/113 CY/AF5Knowle?-19 Jun 1930
Rose, Henry Arthur3/89 GR/AX1232 Newlands Road, Bentley Heath79C-26 Mar 1994Richards
Rose, Hilda Mary2/336 CY/BE1239 Ardenvale Road, Knowle84?-30 Aug 1968Grave full.
Rose, Leonard1/533 CY/U28460 Station Road71?-02 Mar 1977
Rose, Lucy3/89 GR/AX12Waterfield Farm, Hampton Road68C-09 Jun 1979Aveyard
Ross, Annie Jelks1/91 CY/Y7Bentley Heath, Solihull?-22 Aug 1922
Rotherham, Leonard Albert2/944 CY/BH291571 Warwick Road, Knowle64?-19 May 1965
Roughhead, Hilda Minnie2/253 CY/AV9Station Road, Knowle?-16 Mar 1940Could this be Ruffhead?
Round, Lizzie Maria2/227 CY/AF814 Warwick Old Road, Leamington Spa96?-16 Aug 1972After cremation, casket at foot of grave. Otherwise [Surname known as] Burn.
Rouse, Edith Henrietta3/87 GR/BD1157 Lodge Road, Knowle87C-18 Dec 1978Aveyard
Rouse, Edith Norma3/87 GR/BD11Willowbank House, Tilesford Park90C-14 May 2017Simpson
Rouse, Evelyn Katie2/965 CY/AM29Frederick House, Frederick Road91B-25 Nov 2004Leach
Rouse, Fanny2/916 CY/AS28Mill Lane, Bentley Heath82?-29 Nov 1967
Rouse, George2/916 CY/AS28Mill Lane, Bentley Heath79?-27 Dec 1961
Rouse, John Raymond2/965 CY/AM299 Winchcombe Road, Solihull55?-17 Feb 1967
Rouse, Mary Irene2/9 CY/AJ34 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-13 Oct 1936
Rowell, Clarice Edith3/255 GR/AP1143 Abbotts Close, Knowle80C-10 Sep 1993Richards
Rowell, William Gordon3/255 GR/AP1135 Trevose Close, St Agnes92C-03 Jun 2004Leach
Rowlands, Michael James2/139 CY/AS672 Grove Road, Knowle19B-17 Mar 1998John
Rowlands, Sarah Ann1/452 CY/M24MCI, Knowle?-10 May 1911Midland Counties Institution.
Rowley, Ernest Peter3/360 GR/BU777 Fordhouse Road, Bromsgrove82C-29 Mar 2012ParkerPlot Register shows interment 4 April 2012.
Rowley, Henry3/280 GR/AR1243 Starbold Crescent, Knowle53C-31 Mar 1995DowWooden casket.
Rowley, Mary Patricia3/360 GR/BU749 Alveston Grove, Knowle70C-20 Apr 2000Parker
Roylance, Joan3/443 GR/G5101 Hampton Road, Knowle79C-19 Mar 2008Hamley
Roylance, John Stuart3/443 GR/G5Hampton Road, Knowle91C-27 Nov 2019Ashton
Rubick, Audrey Jean3/300 GR/BM21The Priory, 1 Shelley Crescent93C-21 Jul 2010Hamley
Rubick, Cornelius John3/300 GR/BM214 Beausale Drive, Knowle79C-19 Mar 1996Richards
Rudd, Elizabeth Margeret2/163 CY/AG7Bentley Heath, Solihull?-16 Jan 1929Died at Hatton.
Rudd, Ernest George2/95 CY/AY5Station Approach, Dorridge?-22 Feb 1943
Rudd, Helen May2/65 CY/AP439 Poplar Road, Dorridge?-09 Jan 1937Died at Queens Hospital.
Rudd, John4/6 MAP/4?-1887First name only. Row 07 (nearest hedge)
Rudd, Richard Henry2/65 CY/AP4Poplar Road, Dorridge?-11 May 1944
Ruffhead, Arthus Henry2/253 CY/AV9Station Road, Knowle75?-16 Apr 1957Could this be Roughhead?
Rusher, James Victor Francis11/2 MAP/11Sunrise Residential Home, Warwick Road88C-11 Mar 2016ParkerNorth wall of Soldiers' Chapel, next to path. [Former Vicar of Knowle]
Rusher, Mary11/2 MAP/114 Froxmere Close, Libbards Gate75C-16 Dec 2011ParkerNorth wall of Soldiers' Chapel, next to path.
Rusker, Emma2/398 CY/AS14111 Lodge Road, Knowle84?-20 Oct 1967Grave full.
Rusker, Hannah1/30 CY/T4Lodge Road, Knowle?-21 Jun 1916
Rusker, Richard2/398 CY/AS14"Lynton", Lodge Road?-11 Dec 1937
Rusker, Richard Cotterill1/30 CY/T4Knowle?-12 Jun 1919
Russell, Arthur2/86 CY/BI5Poplar Road, Dorridge?-30 May 1951
Russell, Eliza Annie1/56 CY/M5Dorridge, Knowle?-21 Apr 1923
Russell, John1/134 CY/Z9Knowle?-21 Jun 1926
Russell, John7/5 MAP/7?-1868First name only
Russell, Kenneth2/89 CY/BF5275 Widney Road, Knowle0?-12 Apr 1951Baby 7 hours.
Russell, Lucy1/420 CY/F23Golden End, Knowle?-09 May 1905
Russell, Mary Jane1/486 CY/X26913 Warwick Road, Solihull84?-13 Oct 1975
Russell, Mary Jane2/767 CY/AR24Rubery78?-03 Jan 1961Late of Wilsons Road, Knowle.
Russell, Maud Elizabeth2/86 CY/BI515 Poplar Road, Dorridge66?-24 Jan 1957
Russell, Molly1/503 CY/F26Poplar Road, Knowle?-11 Sep 1915
Russell, Susanna1/134 CY/Z9Poplar Road, Dorridge?-10 Sep 1923
Russell, Thomas1/420 CY/F23Poplar Road, Dorridge?-27 Jan 1932
Russell, William Thomas1/486 CY/X26Poplar Road, Dorridge?-13 May 1931Died at General Hospital.
Rutledge, Susan Pauline3/456 GR/H428 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle65C-01 May 2009Trethewey
Ryan, Edna May1/306A CY/Y1726 Lodge Road, Knowle76C-06 Apr 2001LeachAshes in plastic container at top centre rear, reinterred after husband's burial.
Date only shown in Alphabetical Index.
Ryan, George Charles1/306A CY/Y17Longmore Nursing Home, Shirley90B-23 Dec 2009ParkerOriginally from 26 Lodge Road, Knowle.
Ryder, Charles2/1055 CY/AM311431 Warwick Road, Knowle65?-22 Apr 1976
Ryder, Margaret2/1055 CY/AM311571 Warwick Road, Knowle95B-03 Dec 2009Trethewey
Ryder, Thaddeus1/65 CY/V562A Penn's Lane, Erdington?-05 Oct 1944
Ryder, Thaddeus1/65 CY/V5Gladstone Road, Dorridge?-25 Jan 1919
Ryder, William2/1055 CY/AM3126 Stourton Close, Knowle72C-07 Mar 2018Ashton
Sabin, Edward Llewelyn Edwin2/358 CY/BB131328 Copt Heath, Knowle?-30 Jan 1951
Sabin, Maria Antoinetta2/358 CY/BB131328 Copt Heath, Knowle?-03 Dec 1943
Sadler, Barbara Alice3/532 GR/AK917 Arden Grange, High Street88C-31 Mar 2015Edgerton
Sadler, Elizabeth Emma2/126 CY/BG656 Heath Gardens, Solihull89?-06 Feb 1964
Sadler, Frank 3/532 GR/AK9Sunrise Care Home, Warwick Road92C-20 Mar 2017Simpson
Sadler, Jessie Winifred2/304 CY/AE101700 Warwick Road, Knowle?-04 May 1961After cremation.
Sadler, John1/380 CY/J21Hampton Lane, Knowle?-08 Mar 1909Lane should be Road.
Sadler, John Charles2/126 CY/BG629 Jacobean Lane, Knowle?-22 Feb 1949
Sale, Carrie1/84 CY/P7Acocks Green?-31 Dec 1930
Sale, Gladys Louise1/171 CY/S681 St Johns Close, Knowle85?-07 Nov 1978
Sale, Henry Alexander1/171 CY/S6246 Station Road, Knowle69?-10 Nov 1964
Salisbury, James Ralph3/175 GR/AB12Victoria Central Hospital, Wallasey81C-11 Apr 1986Ganjavi
Salisbury, Rodney Barrymore3/157 GR/AB1427 Station Road, Balsall Common48C-29 Mar 1984Seamer
Salmon, Ernest George2/175 CY/AT79 Darley Green Road, Dorridge84?-05 Jan 1963
Salmon, Ernest Walter2/869 CY/BI2718 Poplar Road, Dorridge51?-07 Dec 1957
Salmon, Mary Ann2/175 CY/AT7Nortons Green, Knowle?-24 Dec 1938
Salt, Eliza Jane2/386 CY/AE14Copt Heath, Solihull?-13 Feb 1925
Sammons, Christopher William3/367 GR/BU21196 Longdon Road, Knowle84C-17 Jan 2001Parker
Sanchez, Fernando3/1008 GR/CF2Flat 5a Wilsons Road, Berrow Cottage Homes88C-30 Nov 2020Ashton
Sanders, Annie Barrowman2/91 CY/BD538 Station Road, Knowle?-24 Mar 1950
Sanders, Edgar2/91 CY/BD538 Station Road, Knowle?-23 Dec 1948
Sanders, George Frederick1/308 CY/AA18Bakers Lane, Knowle?-29 Jan 1923
Sankey, Gordon Briggs1/474 CY/P25MCI, Knowle?-06 Oct 1933Midland Counties Institution.
Sankey, Mary Ann2/176 CY/AU7Wychwood Avenue, Copt Heath?-07 Feb 1940
Sansome, Eliza Florence2/612 CY/AJ20Bakers Lane, Knowle?-28 Jan 1931
Satchwell, Thomas5/7 MAP/5?-1895First name only. Row 05
Savage, Arthur4/5 MAP/4?-1898First name only. Row 01 (nearest path)
Savage, Ernest4/10 MAP/4?-1924First name only. Row 02
Savage, Gladys Maud2/615 CY/AM20Knowle?-21 Nov 1931
Savage, Mary2/141 CY/AQ6East Birmingham Hospital83B-10 Dec 1981
Savage, Thomas4/6 MAP/4?-1907First name only. Row 01 (nearest path)
Savage, Violet Louise3/430 GR/M2939 Kixley Lane, Knowle89C-21 Nov 2006Tillett
Savage, William Edward Milliner2/141 CY/AQ6Moseley Hall Hospital, Moseley86?-28 Mar 1984Formerly of St John's Close, Knowle.
Sawyer, Betty Edna3/533 GR/AK115 Caledon Road, Beaconsfield86C-08 Jan 2017Ashton
Sawyer, Maurice Alfred3/533 GR/AK115 Caledon Road, Beaconsfield84C-19 Apr 2015Parker
Sayer, Alice Madeleine1/306 CY/Z17195 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle80?-22 Oct 1971
Sayer, Bertha1/306 CY/Z17Knowle?-16 Apr 1921
Schofield, Norres Benjamin2/898 CY/AD2728 Wilsons Road, Knowle?-04 Sep 1963Grave for one only. No age stated.
Scholes, Sarah Elizabeth2/383 CY/AB14Knowle?-24 Jan 1922
Schurhoff, Herman2/316 CY/AJ12Switzerland?-28 Aug 1929
Schurhoff, Johanna2/316 CY/AJ12?-27 Aug 1937Died in Switzerland. No address stated.
Scofield, James Norris2/800 CY/BD2528 Wilsons Road, Knowle?-12 Dec 1950The Burial Register spells surname as Schofield but the Alphabetical Index does not, nor does the first interment in this plot.
Scofield, Rosina2/800 CY/BD25Wilsons Road, Knowle?-07 Sep 1949Birmingham (sic).
Scoltock, Louisa1/286 CY/D17Sunnyside, Knowle?-04 Dec 1903
Scoltock, Samuel1/286 CY/D17Knowle?-09 Apr 1907
Scoltock, Samuel1/290 CY/H17Sunnyside, Knowle?-04 Dec 1906
Scott, Allan Brodie3/569 GR/BI8106 Starbold Crescent, Knowle84C-19 Nov 2017Simpson
Scott, Jack Hamilton James1/412 CY/I2232 School Road, Solihull3B-03 May 1996Russell
Scragg, Minnie Elizabeth1/563 CY/K29Wilsons Road, Knowle76?-26 Oct 1968
Scriven, Ada2/479 CY/AZ16Widney Road, Knowle?-27 Feb 1943
Scriven, Charles Norman2/941 CY/BK2983 Lodge Road, Knowle62?-05 Feb 1965
Scriven, Eva May2/941 CY/BK2911A Berrow Homes, Kenilworth Road83?-07 Jun 1990Sykes
Seaborne, Hadleigh Sydney2/490 CY/BL1610 Wilsons Road, Knowle64?-29 Aug 19611st interment spelled Seabourne.
Seabourne2/490 CY/BL16Wychwood Avenue, Knowle?-30 Dec 1952No forenames stated.
2nd interment spelled Seaborne.
Seal, Earnest Douglas1/454 CY/K24MCI, Knowle?-14 Dec 1915Midland Counties Institution.
Sealey, Richard George3/492 GR/D1344 Hampton Road, Knowle61C-01 Nov 2011Parker
Sears, John2/594 CY/AM19Knowle?-10 Nov 1931
Sedgwick, Mary Jane2/876 CY/BB27115 Lodge Road, Knowle79?-18 Apr 1958Died at Solihull Hospital.
Selwyn, Maureen Ann3/419 GR/L2421 Kixley Lane, Knowle65C-30 Nov 2005Parker
Setters, Arthur John2/767A CY/AQ24Willow Cottage, Middle May Field84C-27 Apr 2005HamleyAshes.
Sewell, Elizabeth1/415 CY/F2235 Wreatham Road, Handsworth?-17 Sep 1923
Sewell, Emily Rose2/881 CY/AW2774 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath91?-13 Dec 1967
Sewell, George2/881 CY/AW2774 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath77?-13 Jul 1958
Sewell, Phillip Bloxham2/685 CY/AI22Dorridge?-12 Jun 1933
Seymour, Almeric Montmorency2/238 CY/AF9Brislington House, Brislington?-21 Oct 1937
Seymour, Isabel Walroud2/238 CY/AF917 Old Farm, Stratford-On-Avon?-05 Feb 1927
Shankland, Eva Mary1/432 CY/S23MCI, Knowle?-02 Nov 1917Midland Counties Institution.
Sharp, Edith Mary1/606 CY/I30Rectory Gardens, Solihull78?-25 Apr 1963
Sharp, James William1/606 CY/I30Rectory Gardens, Solihull74?-02 Sep 1964North side of church near vestry door, adjacent to No. 607. [Vicar of Knowle]
Sharpe, Harriet Cicila1/236 CY/I14Milverton Crescent, Knowle?-30 Apr 1909
Sharpe, Helen3/394 GR/BX4Flat 4 The Cedars, Downing Close82C-06 Nov 2003Hamley
Sharpe, Leonard1/140 CY/T1061 Manor Road, Solihull?-22 Jul 1949Poor writing in both the Burial Register and Alphabetical Index; name is very unclear.
Sharpe, Mary5/4 MAP/5?-1888First name only. Row 08
Sharpe, Patricia Norah Clare3/544 GR/BM13181 Station Road, Knowle83C-05 Aug 2016Hamley
Shearn, Joseph William1/87 CY/T7Knowle?-11 Aug 1916
Shelley, Esther1/385 CY/O21203 Ashted Row, Birmingham?-15 Jun 1935
Shepherd, Alwyn Joyce3/463 GR/M3Sunrise Senior Living, Warwick Road81C-10 Jan 2010TretheweyGarden of Remembrance Register shows 5 Jan not 10 Jan.
Shepherd, Charles Richard2/460 CY/AE16Kings Arms?-12 Jan 1928
Sheppard, Josie Mary2/42 CY/BN4124 Browns Lane, Knowle43?-02 Mar 1967
Sheppard, Violet2/42 CY/BN4124 Browns Lane, Knowle75?-10 Apr 1967
Sherlock, Ethel May1/247 CY/I15New-Hall, Harlow?-13 Oct 1942After cremation.
Sherwood, Daisy2/508 CY/AZ17181 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath85?-12 Aug 1988At Solihull Hospital, Lode Lane, Solihull.
Sherwood, Elizabeth Ann2/825 CY/AC25Mill Lane, Solihull?-07 Nov 1936
Sherwood, Horace2/508 CY/AZ17Mill Lane, Bentley Heath?-02 Mar 1943
Sherwood, John2/825 CY/AC251 Lode Lane, Solihull?-07 Nov 1939
Shiner, David Neville2/111 CY/AI5Dorridge?-24 May 1934
Shipley, Edith Mary2/815 CY/AN2534 Ross Court, Curie Close82B-19 Apr 2001Vereker
Shipley, Harold2/815 CY/AN25Kilsby, Warwickshire?-19 Aug 1984Late of Station Road, Knowle (died at hospital of St Cross, Rugby). Son-in-law of Rev. J. W. Sharpe.
Shirley, Ada1/279 CY/J16Mental Hospital, Hatton?-28 May 1927
Shirley, Forence Mabel2/445 CY/AN15116 Station Road, Knowle74?-12 Mar 1958
Shirley, Hannah Rebecca2/393 CY/AM14Knowle?-12 Sep 1931
Shirley, Joseph Adolph2/963 CY/AO29Spring Coppice, Avenue Road67?-29 Nov 1966
Shirley, Kathleen Harriet2/963 CY/AO292 Spring Coppice Drive, Dorridge69?-14 May 1974
Shirley, Rueben1/279 CY/J16Station Road, Knowle?-03 Jun 1908
Shirley, Walter2/445 CY/AN15Knowle?-19 Sep 1932
Shirvington, Sarah5/1 MAP/5?-1862First name only. Row 13
Short, Herbert John1/454 CY/K24MCI, Knowle?-15 Oct 1908Midland Counties Institution.
Shott, April2/29A CY/BE215 Everitt Drive, Knowle0?-02 Jul 199123 days. Rear of No. 29 against west hedge (at Birmingham Hospital, Edgbaston).
Shotter, Jack3/213 GR/U89 Whitacre Road, Knowle?-Memorial stone only. Ashes scattered at Solihull (Robin Hood) cemetery.
No date or age stated.
Shrimpton, Albert George2/4 CY/AD3Dorridge?-28 Aug 1928
Shrimpton, Edward John1/42A CY/H320 St Annes Grove, Knowle0?-16 Mar 1978Childs (sic) grave.
Age 3 months.
Shropshire, Mona2/817 CY/AL2548 Station Road, Knowle76?-06 Feb 1985
Shute, James5/6 MAP/5?-1898First name only. Row 04
Shute, James Lister2/588 CY/AT19Peter Pan Nursing Home, Rustington?-14 Jul 1939
Shutt, Albert Edward1/526 CY/Z2732 Lodge Road, Knowle62?-27 Feb 1963
Shutt, Emma1/526 CY/Z272557 Stratford Road, Hockley Heath92B-01 Mar 1996HamleyNo age stated.
Shuttleworth, Angelina1/209 CY/O13Knowle?-23 Oct 1915
Silver, Frederick2/201 CY/BH8179 Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle?-17 Jun 1949
Simmonds, Ian Robert3/577 GR/BH101401 Warwick Road, Knowle74C-22 Jun 2018Ashton
Simmons, Dorothy Nora2/256 CY/AY9High Street, Knowle?-15 Jul 1942
Simpson, Hubert Arthur2/962 CY/AP293 Hayden Close, Dorridge53?-28 Jul 1966
Simpson, James Richard2/70 CY/AJ4General Hospital, Knowle81?-24 Feb 1961Late of Warwick Road, Knowle.
Simpson, Lucy2/70 CY/AJ4Ladywood?-26 Feb 1936
Sinclair, Peter Campbell3/73 GR/AR830 Milverton Road, Knowle31C-09 Feb 1978Rusher
Singer, Grace Campbell3/453 GR/N463 Newton Road, Knowle87C-02 Mar 2009Bradford
Singer, Leonard William3/453 GR/N4Sunrise Residential Home, Warwick Road89C-14 Nov 2011Bradford
Sirdefield, Bert3/474 GR/J24Longmore Nursing Home, 118 Longmore Road93C-25 Jan 2012Russell
Sirdefield, Gladys3/474 GR/J2462 Ullenhall Road, Knowle91C-10 Nov 2010Russell
Slater, Aileen Janet2/207A CY/BA8105 Lodge Road, Knowle77B-22 Sep 1995Richards
Slater, Charles Thomas Hugo1/38A CY/L33 Nailsworth Road, Dorridge?-30 Dec 1974Child's grave.
Age 6 weeks.
Slater, Chloe1/556 CY/S29Lodge Road, Knowle86?-24 Feb 1968
Slater, Donald Arthur Allan3/329 GR/BQ1375 Longdon Road, Knowle74C-24 Oct 1998Hamley
Slater, Edgar Arther2/728 CY/BB23Lodge Road, Knowle?-28 Aug 1945Spelled as Arther in both Burial Register and Alphabetical Index..
Slater, Elsie Joan2/207A CY/BA8105 Lodge Road, Knowle74B-18 Jan 1995RichardsDied at Solihull Hospital.
Slater, Frank Halford2/724 CY/BF2351 Hampton Road, Knowle?-19 Dec 1978After cremation.
Slater, Irene Edna3/329 GR/BQ13Beaconville Nursing Home, Ivybridge80C-03 Mar 2006Hamley
Slater, Robert Frank2/724 CY/BF2351 Hampton Road, Knowle?-20 Feb 1948
Slater, Ronald Myron2/136 CY/AV668 Longdon Road, Knowle68?-21 Jul 1981
Smallbrook, John4/7 MAP/4?-1887First name only. Row 07 (nearest hedge)
Smallman3/183 GR/L12?-1982No forenames, but listed as Mr in Burial Register, who died December 1982.
Address, Age and and Officiating Minister not stated.
Smallman, Gladys Maud3/183 GR/L12Jobs Close, Knowle87C-21 Sep 1987Ganjavi
Smallman, Stanley Cottrell3/1 GR/D16Sedgemere, Fen End60C-04 Oct 1965
Smallwood, Ethel Beatrice2/466 CY/AL16Heronfield, Knowle?-29 Oct 1930
Smallwood, Ethel Maud2/264 CY/BH915 Temple Road, Dorridge?-03 May 1950
Smallwood, Henry Francis2/466 CY/AL16Heronfield, Knowle?-02 May 1962
Smedley, Sarah1/377 CY/G21Station Road, Knowle?-20 Dec 1906
Smith, Ann1/294 CY/L17Bakers Lane, Knowle?-08 Dec 1909
Smith, Anne3/413 GR/O23105 Newton Road, Knowle73C-26 Jan 2005Slater
Smith, Annie Hilda2/975 CY/AO3066 Mill Lane, Dorridge65?-17 Mar 1988Piggott
Smith, Arthur Leslie2/744 CY/AK23M.C.I., Knowle?-29 Nov 1933Midland Counties Institution.
Smith, Arthur Percival2/571 CY/BK191284 Warwick Road, Copt HeathB-28 Jan 1954
Smith, Brian John3/487 GR/E1153 Langfield Road, Knowle64C-12 Jul 2011Trethewey
Smith, Cecil Howard2/489 CY/BK16184 Widney Road, Knowle?-26 Apr 1951
Smith, Christine Jeniffer2/513 CY/AU17Darley Green Cottages, Knowle?-07 Nov 1939Jennifer spelled as Jeniffer in the Burial Register and Jenniffer in the Alphabetical Index.
Smith, Clifford Alan Granger2/893 CY/AI279 Church Road, Edgbaston63?-20 Aug 1959
Smith, Constance3/68 GR/BA7Jobs Close Old People's Home, Knowle90C-13 Sep 1977Aveyard
Smith, David Enos2/756 CY/AE24192 Mill Lane, Bentley Heath51?-04 Jun 1958Room for third burial.
Smith, David Henry2/756 CY/AE24Childrens Hospital?-18 Jun 1931Baby. Knowle.
Smith, David James1/1 CY/D2Knowle?-17 Apr 1901
Smith, David John1/432A CY/R233 Whateley Hall Close, Knowle37B-13 Jan 2015Parker
Smith, Doris Harriet3/199 GR/X9Dorridge97C-11 Jun 2017AshtonFormerly Copt Heath
Smith, Edith4/5 MAP/4?-1889First name only. Row 07 (nearest hedge)
Smith, Edith Agnes2/883 CY/AU27Solihull Hospital, Solihull88?-11 Dec 1963
Smith, Edith Alice1/184 CY/S12719 Coventry Road, Small Heath74?-27 May 1957
Smith, Edward Thomas1/353 CY/Z20MCI, Knowle?-27 Nov 1918[Midland Counties Institution]
Smith, Edwin2/659 CY/AW2184 Grange Road, Dorridge?-18 Sep 1941
Smith, Edwin10/20 MAP/10?-1858First name only
Smith, Elizabeth1/601 CY/D30Bellmere Road, Hampton-in-Arden84?-28 Aug 1950Adjacent to north side of church at west end.
Smith, Ellen2/687 CY/AK22Dorridge?-12 Sep 1933
Smith, Ellen5/1 MAP/5?-1855First name only. Row 03
Smith, Ellen1/405 CY/P22Knowle?-05 Mar 1925
Smith, Elsie2/1013 CY/BE321311 Warwick Road, Knowle81?-29 Jul 1976Single grave.
Smith, Elsie Mary2/60 CY/AU470 Cranmore Road, Shirley