Our Vision

At our APCM on 28th April 2021, our vicar Geoff Lanham reported on progress in discerning the future vision for KPC – in which the PCC had been engaged since January. Since then 2 consultation meetings with the church congregation have been held. We received and considered feedback from these meetings.  As a result the proposed goals were refined and subsequently approved by PCC.

The Vision statement and goals are shown below. The various elements of the vision ‘structure’ are described in the mauve box below, starting from our existing Mission Statement as embraced at the APCM 6 years ago.  

Elements of vision ‘structure’

Mission Statement
This describes  what we do as an organisation,  It states why we exist and describes the business our church is in.  It is both outward and inward facing, in that it communicates to those both outside and inside the church.

This answers a different question: ‘What future are we trying to create with God?’  Vision  is about clarifying our ambition and articulating this desired future. As such it is inward facing, designed to motivate church members.

The goals below have come out of our Vision statement.

How to realise the goals.


A Vision Coordinating Group (VCG) has been created to organise activity to help us, as church, fulfil our vision. This group reports to the PCC and comprises Geoff Lanham, Steve Johnson, Matt Baggott, Liz Welton, Helen Allen, Catherine Robinson, Rod Street, Steve Mort and Sharon Bell.

We now have ‘Goal Groups’ (details below with contacts in each group) who will organise how we achieve the goals in each of the four areas and the VCG will monitor progress and manage the interdependencies between them. The aim of the Goal Groups is not to come up with all the ideas or do it all though. They will be talking with and involving the many people who are already involved in each of these areas of church life and whose ideas and input we want to encourage on how to progress the vision. They will be coming up with a plan for each goal and then ensuring they are realised.

Geoff Lanham
Rachael Johnson
Julia Savage
Stewart Wallace
Anne Smith
Mary Thorne

Steve Johnson
Jan Wilson
Jackie McGillicuddy
Tony Brown
Peter Coggan
Anna Johansson

Steve Johnson
Emily Spencer
Roger Kennedy
Gordon Hall
John Wilbourne
Sue Houghton
Amelia Jennings
Roger Marshall

Geoff Lanham
Nick Brown
Nick Houghton
Gill Harley-Mason
Liney Kennedy
Natascha Neudorfer

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