Highlights from APCM on 14th October

Particularly if you didn’t make it to the meeting, please take time to read the full text of Geoff Lanham’s keynote talk (printable).
The main points and conclusions are summarised in the blue section below – but they need to be considered in the context of the full talk!

The composition of the new PCC following the APCM – including 7 new members – and key messages presented about our financial position are set out in the grey section.

Summary of Keynote Talk

Our current situation:
Strange times of restriction of contact with one another and a sense of disconnection
Although overall numbers seem healthy, we have an ageing membership as seen in our Church Roll.

Urgent priority:
Invest in capacity and innovation with younger adults, families, youth and children – to be reflected in clearly delineated areas of responsibility for our new Associate Minister.

God is leading us into a season of reflection which will be a preparation for future growth.

Pointers for change:

  1. Going forward, we cannot simply rely on attracting people into our building.
    Our confidence cannot simply be in our building or in 600 years of history.
    We want to be a beating heart that pumps blood round the arteries of our parish, bringing spiritual oxygen and life to our networks.
  2. We can’t sustain the same level of complexity in the number of worship services.
    Lockdown and restrictions have forced us to simplify what we do.
    5 services on Sundays carries with it the danger of consumerism.
  3. Our mission and evangelism have to be owned by everyone.
    We all have a stake in what others are doing in mission.
  4. Our building feels tired and unwieldy in places.
    It’s wonderful, but is it time to look with professional eyes at how the architecture could better serve our purpose?
  5. We lack a truly global vision.
    We need to be caring more about what God is doing around the world.
  6. Our Leadership pipeline is blocked (not growing new leaders).
    The challenge is to be bringing new leaders on so that the younger generations have their place with those who’ve been in place for longer.


A sense that we are being called to be a “House of Light” (casting light to be lived and shared out before others.)

Our goal is to all be pulling in the same direction under a united, common vision.


PCC Members

Revd Geoff Lanham (Vicar)
Matt Baggott (Churchwarden)
Roy Carr (Secretary)
Steve Mort (Treasurer)
Lynn Brown
Nick Brown
Sarah Chapman
Nick Houghton
Nick Humby
Carol Kay
Benjamin Neudorfer
Julian Phillips
David Pickering
Anne Smith
Rod Street
Kay Todman
Liz Welton

Appointment of a 2nd Churchwarden had been deferred until April 2021

Finance Position

2019 highlights:
5% increase in regular giving – thank you!
Lower staff costs because of vacancies
Operating surplus £25k
Reserves at 31.12.19 of £96k (policy is £60k)

Budgeted deficit £4k … before the pandemic
Regular and one-off giving sustained – thank you!
Income reduced – cash collections, fees and rentals
Costs reduced because of reduced activity levels
Expected deficit now £10k, reserves at 31.12.20 of £86k

KPC Report and Accounts 2019

APCM 2020 Finance Summary

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