Home groups

Are you involved in a small group at Knowle Parish Church?

If not, why not consider joining a home group? Please contact:

Home groups are places where it’s possible to get to know other Christians well and to share and grow in faith together – which is not easy if you come only to the main worship services.

They are places where faith can be nurtured; where we can encourage each other to grow in discipleship and where loving care can be given and received. They are also places where we can relax, socialise and have fun together, developing deeper friendships.

We have about 30 groups of various shapes and sizes.  They are widely different in character and make-up; some are particularly aimed at new Christians; some are neighbourhood based; some are completely mixed and some are all male or all female.  All of them are led by hospitable and caring leaders.

The groups usually meet once a fortnight; most in the evenings across a range of midweek days, but some meet during the day.

Groups often coordinate study material with Sunday sermon themes.


Home Groups are vital for our spiritual health – both as a church and individually.

Just like a bird needs two wings to fly, a church needs two healthy “wings” to flourish – the larger gathering every Sunday, where we listen to God’s word and join God’s people to worship, but also home group where we can flesh out what we are discovering about God in personal conversation, friendship and prayer.

Here are some reasons why you might consider joining a Home Group.

  • Personal discovery. The chance to learn about and deepen your relationship with God through bible study, discussion, prayer and worship.
  • Friendship. In Home Groups friends are made who pray for you and can encourage you in living out Christian life in your everyday circumstances.
  • Participation. Home Groups are where gifts are discovered and people find a way to be involved in the life of the church.

We have many Home Groups meeting in different places and times during the week. I hope you will prayerfully consider getting involved in one

Under Covid restrictions most are still managing to meet using Zoom. They also use various means of keeping in contact as allowed, which has helped us feel connected as a church family.


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