• is the local branch of the world wide Mothers’ Union.
  • is active in the life of Knowle Parish Church and supports church activities.
  • is friendly and caring to its members
  • welcomes everyone; member or visitor, man or woman, married, divorced, or single, whether a parent or not
  • holds regular meetings with speakers, meets for prayer and for social events
  • supports MU charitable work in the UK and developing countries
  • offers Lent and Advent Lunches to the community
  • supports the community through various activities

Normal branch meetings will be on Thursdays at 2pm, generally in St John’s Hall.
KnitWits meets in the Guild House at 2pm on the 4th Monday of each month.


MAY 12  Polesworth Mothers’ Union visits Knowle
JUNE 9 The Revd. Emily Spencer (Curate): A year since arriving in Knowle
JULY 14 The Revd Prof Walter Moberly: our former curate returns to Knowle
AUGUST Branch afternoon tea
SEPTEMBER 8  Reflecting on Mary Sumner and Mothers’ Union today
OCTOBER 13 Liney and Roger Kennedy: a Tanzanian Orphanage
NOVEMBER 10 Julian Phillips: The God of the Universe
DECEMBER  A Christmas special


MU fights poverty and injustice as well as tackling family issues. MU works through 4 million Christian in the UK and also over 83 countries. Their selection of charity cards helps support the valuable work they do so they can keep making a change. The cards are printed on sustainable material using vegetable based inks.

Where do the profits go?
Purchasing products from the Mothers’ Union helps to change lives. 100% of profit goes towards the charity’s work with families across the world. Every penny raised can help make a difference and bring lasting change.

Cards can be bought through your local rep Carol Kay. Contact muknowle@gmail.com. This also enables the Mothers Union in the Birmingham Diocese to receive 10% of sales and you get to save postage! (£3.95 otherwise for orders under £60)

I have also developed a Covid friendly stock file which you can browse at your leisure and take cards from which have been individually wrapped. This file will be held for 72 hours before passing on to anyone else. Payment by cash or BACS accepted.

See the full range at: www.mueshop.org/ where full packs of 5 cards are on sale there, but I can supply single cards if I have in stock, at unit price which is usually £1. Just note the code shown and let me know how I can help. Looking forward to hearing from you. Carol Kay


Who can join?
Everyone, man or woman, married, divorced or single, parent or not.  Visitors are always welcome to our meetings

To find out more:  Locally
Contact secretary Carol Kay muknowle@gmail.com or phone 07742 234417

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