WHO’S WHO… meet the team!

A group of staff leaders and volunteers – we’re here to welcome you.

Paul HoldenYouth Minister – happily married to Anna and father of wonderful children, Paul wanted to be a dolphin-trainer when he was younger. He’s content to be on dry land now though as our youth leader, sharing his passion for Jesus and often to be seen with a guitar slung round his neck.

Email: Paul.holden@kpc.org.uk


Jon Wilton Assistant Youth Minister

Jon loves cricket, ultimate Frisbee,  gaming (and winning),  playing the flute and he also builds robots which destroy other robots in Robot War tournaments!

Email:  Jon.Wilton@kpc.org.uk

Sue Houghton – happily retired, you may have spotted Sue in hi-vis on a bike around Knowle and Dorridge. Don’t tell her we suggested it, but if you’d like to embarrass Sue, ask her about her TV appearance when she was 15!


Sam Berry is one of our regular volunteers in the KPC Youth and Penny’s community. Not only is he super awesome, he’s an excellent drummer and if you happen to like coffee, you need to know that Sam is a barista extraordinaire!


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